Kitten Capers

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Offline Allexar Nova

Kitten Capers
« on: December 10, 2017, 08:14:32 AM »
His slumber had been rudely interrupted, which in itself for Allexar was not altogether unusual. It seemed being steward of a blossoming court meant he was the go-to person for putting out fires and calming minor emergencies. So being woken at all hours of the day, night, morning or evening was becoming commonplace for him. He was glad though that this particular time he had been awoken only slightly before his usual rising time. However the reason for the waking was quite perplexing and staring down at the basket full of slumbering creatures, he couldn't help but be both envious and perplexed.

Envious of their quiet, uninterrupted sleep and perplexed by what they were doing on the doorstep to his rooms. Now he was faced with a choice that also perplexed him. What to do? It had not been the sound of mewling kittens that had awoken him, though clearly there were kittens on his doorstep in a basket. Sleeping.  It had been a knock. So, shifting his wings anxiously he peered down the corridor and wondered, was this a prank? Had a member of the court decided to gift him a basket full of kittens as some sort of message or joke? Or was there perhaps some other reason for their sudden appearance, a note perhaps of their reason for being on his doorstep, hidden beneath their tiny slumbering forms?

So what did he do? Chase after whoever had left them there? A quick probing of the corridor with his Summer sky turned up no clues, however many at the court were deeper in the abyss than he, so that didn't mean much. Sight shields were simple enough to create if one knew what they were doing.

Or did he risk waking the little things and reach into the basket looking for clues? Standing on his doorstep, staring at them he struggled to decide. Perhaps a shield would keep them contained at least while he looked for a note. He hoped they were weaned, for he didn't see a mother cat about and trying to hand feed this lot would be a time-consuming job. He was kind of glad they weren't puppies, for at least kittens seemed to mostly inherit the good sense to go to the toilet in the litter box.

Well, there was nothing else for it.

Gingerly he bent down and picked up the basket.

Offline Baian

Re: Kitten Capers
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2017, 11:04:06 PM »

Baian could feel something itching at her. It made her fingertips tingle and her back twitch. It was a sort of off-ness that she couldn’t rightly explain. But the other hearth witches understood when she tried. A kind of trespassing.

No. That wasn’t quite right.

Annoyed by it, she went in search of the tickle. Up and down the halls, following the trail of out of place things. Except the things were feelings instead of actual, physical things. It took her some time as she couldn’t storm or run or fly through the halls. A certain amount of decorum was expected of her.

It didn’t matter how wild Ili was or how wayward those the queen brought home might be, Baian had to be a professional. Plus it was much easier to sneak around and see what you weren’t meant to if you didn’t make a ruckus.

Not that Baian found anything terribly shocking. Just the Steward with a basket of kittens in his hands.

”Priiinnce.” Baian greeted shyly. Hands clasped beneath her tucked up wings. Tall enough to not quite need to, Baian stretched up onto her toes anyway to peek in the basket. A bright, happy hum escaped her. A delighted squeal just controlled so as not to startle his charges. ”That was it then! Where did you get them?”

Offline Allexar Nova

Re: Kitten Capers
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2017, 08:52:33 AM »
Allexar was shocked out of his thoughts by a greeting and an excited squeal. Instinctively he snapped up an aural shield around the basket, hissing to the new arrival " Quiet! They're sleeping!" and sounding all too much like an overprotective father for his own liking.

He didn't want them to wake. Not yet. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with them yet. He was currently more concerned with where they had come from.

Using craft to hold the door open, he motioned the young hearth witch inside,  the first room of his chambers was an office cum sitting room where very carefully he lay the kittens upon a tabletop.  Leaving the Aural shield in place while he spoke with the seemingly excited white jewelled witch.

" My Doorstep." He explained frankly, only considering now that perhaps he had overreacted to her sudden appearance, and the squeal had been a quiet sort of one... now he felt foolish. "What do you mean 'That was it then!'?" he enquired, glancing worriedly over at his slumbering charges while he awaited her answer. Witches did say the strangest things sometimes. He fidgeted slightly, feeling the need to pace, but restraining himself.

"I think maybe they were left as a prank... or ... I'm not sure, someone obviously didn't want them... or wanted me to have them. What am I supposed to do with a basket full of kittens? " he was talking to himself more so than to Baian... ah yes.. that was her name, sometimes he struggled with such things, though he knew her face and knew the faces of all those under his charge at court.

"I suppose they will be hungry when they wake up..."

Offline Baian

Re: Kitten Capers
« Reply #3 on: December 18, 2017, 07:18:00 AM »

Baian startled. Wings flaring before she tucked them tight. Tight tight. Retreating two steps from the hissing warlord prince with eyes wide as the saucers she so often washed. Not sure who used them for what since no one drank tea from cups and saucers in the eyrie. A habit thought to be too Dhemlanese by many.

”Sorry!” She begged in a strained whisper. Fingers knotting with each other, Baian tried to be small. But a hiss was all she got for a scolding. No pinching. No raging. Invited inside instead. She hesitated. She had been inside before, to clean. To snoop just a little. Mostly to clean. Never while he’d been inside too. Deep breath and in she went, ducking past him and the basket to wait inside. Perhaps he wanted to yell at her in private.

”A strange place for kittens.” He was restless. Baian tried to remember what she’d been taught about the things she should and should not do around the males. Each list a little different per caste. A whole other one for Mornivar. Stay away, was her father’s general advice. Restless didn’t mean murderous though. Plus he was the Steward.

She would be fine. So Baian crept closer.

”I don’t know. Something just didn’t feel right. The same.” She shrugged, looking into the basket. The were cute, all curled up with one another. ”There wasn’t a mother cat around?” Sometimes they abandoned their litters, Baian knew. Their barn cat had done it once. ”There is goat’s milk in the kitchen.” Was it a prank? Who would prank the Steward?


Offline Allexar Nova

Re: Kitten Capers
« Reply #4 on: December 25, 2017, 08:55:43 AM »
Allexar had to force himself to be still when he noticed how uncomfortable he was making Baian. He reminded himself that the witches in the court had not always been dealt with fairly by males, and given her sudden bout of timidity, he guessed he might be frightening her. He folded his hands in front of himself, shifting his wings slightly but keeping his feet planted firmly.
His mind however kept on racing,

Kittens! when was he supposed to do with a basket full of kittens! Eyrien children he could handle, but he hadn't even the slightest idea where to start with these small fuzzy babies.

"No, there wasn't a mother cat and the person who dropped them at my door got away before i could talk to them."

He explained.  At last, taking a moment to look at them snoozing. They really were quite sweet, and he had a sudden urge to pick one up and cuddle it. but that would wake the others and then they would climb all over his sitting room and do what kittens did. Play with things and knock things over.  But he could see that they were beginning to stir now and their time was running short.

"That sounds like a sensible idea, perhaps we should go and get some like you said." a moment later he added "Do you think I can just leave them here while we go to the kitchens? or should we take them with us... or perhaps find .... a kitten sitter."

Then his face curled into a smile at the absurdity of a kitten sitter and he found himself collapsing into a chair and chuckling.

"I really am not handling this well at all. Some steward I am." he managed to utter between guffaws.

Offline Baian

Re: Kitten Capers
« Reply #5 on: December 31, 2017, 09:06:48 AM »

Baian was quite glad when the steward settled. Sometimes she forgot the eyrie wasn't home, different as it was. It should have been easy to remember, high up along the cliff face. Full of people. But there was simply so much to do and remember and keep straight. She got lost in it all and forgot that there was a need for careful.

"We'll definitely need to feed them if there is no mother cat." Baian's wings ruffled in worry. Orphaned animals made her very sad. Luckily, she was very good with goats, and goat milk was good for everyone. "Maybe they thought the problem was yours, since you're the steward?" Baian wasn't exactly sure how it all worked. Courts and things. Personally, she would have picked Ili to leave the kittens with.

"A... kitten sitter?" Baian fidgeted, hands beneath her wings. He was... in a chair. Laughing. She wasn't sure which was more unsettling, the flaring anger or this. But she smiled, because it was as outrageous as he knew it to be. At least he wasn't as dour as some of the other males to skulked about. Eyes wide, Baian shrugged, and chose not to comment on his abilities as a steward.

"We could leave them in the infirmary? Maybe they are sick and that is why the mother cat left them." She hoped not. But she had seen animals abandon sick young before. She was not sure how sensible of a parent a cat made anyway. But cats also didn't put their kittens in baskets, did they? "Best to check anyway. Lady Cyprian is good at it, anyway..." Grinning, Baian left out the fact that she didn't know if the healer's craft worked on cats like it did on people.

Offline Allexar Nova

Re: Kitten Capers
« Reply #6 on: January 07, 2018, 07:40:22 PM »
Allexar considered the little hearth witch's idea for a moment, his finger steepled in front of him as leaned forward onto his knees.  His wings flared slightly for balance as he once again stood and announced
"What a capital idea! To the Infirmary!" he crossed the room to the basket and lifted it gently into his grasp. "Would you care to accompany me Lady Baian? Or perhaps should I meet you there after a quick trip to the kitchens.. or should we go there first?"

The Kittens were starting to rouse now, small mewling sounds coming from the basket as they sleepily began to crawl over each other in search, no doubt of their breakfast.

He awaited the ladies pleasure. A small adventure it would seem was the order of the day, a small mystery to solve and some small cats to care for. In this court who knew what tomorrow might bring. As long as it wasn't bigger cats... or worse.

Offline Baian

Re: Kitten Capers
« Reply #7 on: January 10, 2018, 09:23:11 AM »

The usually confident Baian was, at this moment, unusually unconfident. She’d been hissed and snapped at before, of course. And pinched plenty. But something about kittens and this rather uncommon warlord prince had her shy. At least the other one was the same at all times, instead of falling from one temper to the next.

Retreat, she thought, was the best option.

”I will go to the kitchen!” She offered cheerfully as he swept by to gather up the basket. Baian’s whole face smiled. People really were very strange. The male variety especially. She liked it, but she liked it a little less crowded this morning. ”It’ll probably be easier on lady Cyprian if we don’t all charge in at once.” Then everyone would get a chance to adjust.

Tucking her hands behind her back, she leaned forward and peeked in the basket once more. The small bodies inside wriggled against each other. Small mouths and toes working as they searched for that thing favored by all babies. Giddiness fluttered down her wings.

”I’ll meet you there with the milk and a rag!” She all but skipped out of the room, squealing quietly to herself. A quick dash to the kitchen was all it would take. She knew exactly where everything they needed was! But not too quick. She’d preferred to miss the healer’s tears if she could.

Offline Allexar Nova

Re: Kitten Capers
« Reply #8 on: January 18, 2018, 05:23:20 AM »

Allexar watched Lady Baian retreat from his chambers with little comment, saying only,

They really were quite sweet if you watched them clamber about for a while, but the Lady had been right, he had best ensure they were in good health before he took any further steps toward finding out where they had hailed from.  She had also been right about not crowding Lady Cyprian. He was still rather new to his position and was still becoming accustomed to the quirks and eccentricities of this court.

Lady Cyprian was someone he counted among those quirks and Eccentricities. However odd or awkward his encounter with Lady Baian had been, this next one would likely prove more so. At least his day would not be a boring one,  Though he knew that as always he had a stack of papers and other things awaiting his attention likely piled upon his desk. Right now he had a mystery to solve, Tiny cats to care for and perhaps find homes for if their original owner could not be found.

So onward he went with purpose through the halls of the eyrie toward the infirmary and the domain of Lady Cyprian. Once there, he used craft to float the Kitten basket in place while he politely knocked and awaited a response. Best not to just barge in. He didn't wish to startle anyone.

Offline Cyprian

Re: Kitten Capers
« Reply #9 on: January 18, 2018, 08:54:48 AM »
When the knock came Cyprian cringed, inside and out. Heart fluttering behind her ribs like a bird trapped in a cage she sent probes under the door. Just a whisper of masked Blood Opal to figure out who waited on the other side. The Steward. She reached for the handle very slowly. Why was he here? Had she done something wrong? Was she going to have to heal someone?

Her morning had been blissfully quiet. Too quiet, of course. She had expected just such an intrusion. Quiet spells were always harbingers of chaos to come. The handle was half turned when she heard the mewling. "Cats?" Came the one word question, in a voice husky with disuse and overly feminine.

What was this man trying to get her involved in? She moved with the door when she finally opened it fully, giving him admittance to the empty infirmary. First behind it while he entered the wide, clean space. It smelled vaguely of the many people that came and went. Too many, if you asked Cyprian. And much less vaguely of antiseptic. Eyes hovering somewhere around Allexar's knees the healer mumbled something to softly to be heard. Then sighed and tried again, "Need something?"

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