Site Rules
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Site Rules

Code of Conduct
  • Members must be 18 years of age or older.
  • While the site rating is 3/3/3 you are still required to mark certain topics with [CW], for Content Warning, in the Title, then include the tag for the sort of content included. For more information see our topic on tags.
  • OOC & IC are two different things. Do not bring one into the other.
  • The Golden Rule applies here. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Joining & Leaving
  • Please register with your OOC account first, and then your character subaccounts. For your character subaccounts please use proper capitalization, First Last, and no more than three names, First Middle Last. For help with managing subaccounts, see this guide.
  • We have an introduction thread if you should wish to use it. Otherwise register your character account and submit an application to jump right in.
  • Please let the staff know if you will be gone for an extended period. We have a LOA thread, or if you prefer you can PM any staff member privately.
  • If you have been MIA for a three month period OOC & IC, we will archive your account and characters. When you return everything will be moved back into active duty and your characters will keep their Jewels. Face claims are not protected, however.
  • Leaving the site: How to work your characters out of plots and what you would like done with them is covered in the application process. If you are leaving the site, however, the staff appreciates a heads up.

Game Play
  • The Golden Rule applies here too. Please respect the boundaries of other players by not killing / maiming / breaking / or otherwise doing damage to their character without prior permission and discussion.
  • We do not allow 'plot armor' here. IC actions have IC consequences. Do not get your character into a situation beyond their abilities and expect nothing to happen that may cause them harm.
  • Any character younger than 18 may not be included in sexually graphic threads. This rule extends into the Time Warp forum! You may not write explicit threads with adult versions of current child characters, nor may you write them with past versions of current adult characters.

Jewel Rules
  • You may request a Light or Random roll for your character. Dark Rolls must be purchased. You may also purchase Descent and other Jewel Items in the Shop.
  • You may request up to a Rose Birthright or a Rose Descent. Depending on what you pick, Descent and Birthright will be rolled for you along with Jewel Power.
  • All Jewels are Cut, but Uncut upgrades can be purchased.
  • We do not allow Black Jewels on Witchlight.

Graphics Rules
  • No pornographic images.
  • Image sizes: 250x375 avatar, 500x250 signature or an equal amount of smaller images.
  • No hot-linking images. Also known as direct-linking, hot-linking, is using an image already hosted on another site without first saving and uploading it to your own host. There are plenty of free image hosting services. Some, like tinypic, do not even require an account.

Other Rules