Grand Opening!
« on: May 02, 2017, 09:11:45 AM »
Welcome to Witchlight!
The Grand Opening

With the new skin (made by our very own Skye) comes the grand opening of Witchlight! And along with the grand opening come a few minor changes.

The first and foremost is:

You can now petition for Black Jewels, Triple Caste Characters, and characters under the age of 16. Just follow the link above and learn all about our petition system.

The free character transfers will also continue for another month. Enjoy!

On the horizon are a few more new perks. Such as an achievement system, to further reward you for all your hard work and many, many words. And a couple of surprises (shhhhh).

There has been a small tweak to the Rules and the Tagging system. Instead of [M] and [T] we will be using [CW] for titles, with an expanded tagging system which can be found here.

Please feel free to spread the word, and the love now that we are officially open. (We come with a clean bill of health!) Our ad is available in the advertising forum for anyone who wants to help get the word out.

Other than that have fun and carry on!