Soft Open
« on: March 01, 2017, 09:01:08 AM »

First, we would like to thank everyone for 1. their help & 2. their patience. It has been really amazing working on Witchlight with everyone.

And now, we can announce our
Soft Opening

How exciting is that!? Pretty exciting. During the soft open you will notice that we do not have a skin or graphics or specific color codes for Jewels. All of this is coming soon, but we didn't want to rush Skye through the process and give her plenty of time to cook up something awesome for us. But we also didn't want to wait too long to kick the site off.

Petitions for Black Jewels and Triple Castes are also currently closed since the rules for those require a months membership anyway.

Other than that, everything else it settled and open for use, including Territory Claims and Lore Submissions.

We are also having a special
Free Character Transfers!

You must still follow the rules found here but you do not have to purchase any crates in the shop to transfer in a character who wears Jewels up to the Ebon-gray.

The soft open will run for at least a month. An another announcement will be posted when we are reading to fully open, and when the special for free transfers will be expiring. Watch this space! And please, go have fun!