Fever Girl [CW]

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Fever Girl [CW]
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"Willoughby!" River's shoes flashed and clattered down the steps, jacket swinging out behind his body as he pulled it on. The cry for his cousin went out along the Purple Dusk, River just barely remembering that he didn't need anything darker to slam himself against his cousin's barriers. A frantic scrabbling for entrance. Come on, come on! No time to wait.

No time indeed, Willoughby being closer than River had anticipated.

"Thank my Mother," was the uttered prayer that precluded River snatching Willoughby by the arm and dragging him out the front door. He felt too alive. Too electric. Burning up on the inside. His hair a wild mess of a halo, pulled and tugged at. All his frustrated and excited emotions taken out on the brown strands. "Hurry up, would you." No patience. No time. Long legs practically racing him down the path to the gate.

Which slammed against the stone walls, blown open by River's Ebon-grey. The guards startled, and then back down - and away. No need to challenge a warlord prince leaving the premises, surely.

"I saw Wren's breasts." He blurted to his cousin as he rushed them through the gateway. "Or almost, sort of saw her breasts." Just a glimpse of round flesh around the cover of her arm. The image of her fingers curled around her side nearly made him crawl out of his skin. Or up Willbe. "Anyway. I need to fuck something or I'm going to die." Or explode. Or kill someone. Possibly both all at once. "Fuck, fuck," he muttered, rubbing his face with his free hand.

And never really letting go of Willbe, fingers dug deep into his cousin's sleeve. Left, left, right. Down some stairs - what a stupid place for stairs. Left, left, right. A great, sweeping house. The delicate scents of women, the more tangy scents of men, all but pooled around the doorstep. This was definitely the place. River hadn't been to this one yet.

"Have you?" He asked, finishing thought out loud. "She stuck her damn fingers in barriers too." He was dying. River nearly pulled the door off its hinges, practically falling into the red moon house. Clinging to Willbe, ready to climb into his lap, hands a little more liberal and familiar than they needed to be. "Think we'll get one this time?" Maybe ten of them. Fuck, did he have marks? "Do you have money, Willbe my fine fucking cousin? We're going to need a lot. I have some." Somewhere. He had to.

He was dying.

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Re: Fever Girl
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Head falling to the side in frustration Willoughby sighed. This was simply not meant to be. Fate intervened twice in a single day. Smiling sadly he kissed the back of his companions silk soft hand. It felt horrible to leave her half petted and just starting to want. They had only been at it a minute or two, at least. And the hour was early enough she could find someone else to finish the rub. 

Making River wait too long was a risk he would rather not take. You would have to be a madman to leave an Ebon-gray warlord prince hollering for you. ”I’m here, pup.” He called back, surprised by their sudden nearness. They almost collided in the entry hall as he left his new friend in a foyer. Falling into step behind his cousin Willoughby’s eyebrows puckered in amusement and question. River was prone to distraction but this seemed extreme. Hurry, hurry, rush, rush.

”What have you gotten yourself into?” Or what was he getting Willoughby into? Were they escaping or on a mission? He hoped it was the latter, or at least nothing serious enough to have them booted out for good. It was hard to tell, though, as he nearly stepped on his cousin’s heels in his haste to follow. The air pulsed and deep beneath his own Purple Dusk there was a warning of danger. No time to react with more than a hop to the side as the gates were nearly torn from the hinges. Something had riled River up!

Giving them a brief salute Willoughby shouted an apology to the guards. Just passed the gate the young men fell into a more equal stride. A clawing grip kept them side by side. His skin pinched raw, but he was too used to it now to complain. Now it was easier to talk. River started, and Willoughby choked down a violent laugh. ”How are they then?” He asked conversationally. The question went ignored while the pup finished his whimpering.

As a prince the erratic emotions his cousin dealt with were lessened by at least tenfold. He was jealous, to be sure, but he couldn’t really entertain the idea of putting a claim on Wren. River’s interest alone was deterrent enough. Besides, pretty though she was, he had a preference for sheets of dark hair and midnight eyes. Girls that liked being touched and touching. For their shared queen, his urge to serve was platonic.

”You should have said. I had a girl half ready back at the house. You could have been in the thick of her by now.” His voice echoed in the narrow alley they crossed. Rushing towards who knew where? River was leading blind as usual. Walking because he couldn’t keep still. It was a big city. They would find a place soon enough. And the talking would help til then. ”When would I have seen them?”

His days had been dedicated to watching Prince Redgrove work. He wasn’t entirely sure cake making was as critical to Stewarding as his new mentor suggested, but he supposed the skill didn’t hurt. There was no time for getting glimpses of queen skin or having his barriers fingered. Half bitter he shoved his hair up out of his eyes, ”How was that like?” He asked, a creeping need to know making his Web pulse.

Less desperate, though, than he was to see them both satisfied. Their hands locked and danced as Willoughby kept River’s hands from absently stroking places they ought not. ”Well, if you’d stay out of my lap they might realize we need company.” He chortled, shoving them towards a nice empty table. And sighing as his ass landed in a chair. Exhausted already and the fun was only now starting. ”No, I’ve no marks. I spent them all paying the tab at the last place.”

Which they were never allowed in again. ”We'll just start another one here. It's fine. Now, let’s behave ourselves, River, or you’ll frighten all the lovely girls away and have to wank your own prick tonight.”

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Re: Fever Girl
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Natalia had never been an early riser. It worked out just as well given her profession. Her evenings were far busier than mornings after all. Besides, preparing for her day was not a quick process. Her appearance was half of what she was selling after all. At the least, that was the bait that drew the customers in. It was her skills in the arts of pleasures that kept them coming back time and time again.

She was fortunate that she had been born a beauty. Her skin was deeper than most, a warm golden tan. Lotion ensured that her skin glistened even in dim light. Her use of cosmetics was a refined art. It was essential to accentuate every last detail. From the warm plum lipstick she chose to the touch of shine she added to accent the fullness of her lips. Her eyes were lined with dark kohl, intensifying the gaze of her deep brown eyes behind thick dark lashes.

Her crowning glory though was the mass of black curls that framed her face perfectly. She had pinned back the front strands to keep them out of her face, but the rest was worn loose. Her curls were wild and carefree rather than smoothly styled. Together it created a picture entirely appealing.

She wore a short black silk robe over dark lace lingerie, netted stockings and tall black heels as she ventured downstairs, hoping to catch the eye of some hopeful client.

Her dark eyes scanned the room before landing on not one, but two young men. Were it not for the fact that she had seen neither before, she likely would have thought the one was already being serviced, seeing as the other was practically seated in his lap with wandering hands. She watched as one pushed the handsy one into seats at a nearby table.

”Hello there,” she purred as she closed the distance between them. Natalia stopped as she stood across the table from them, pausing a moment before leaning forward. She knew full well that the motion caused the robe to open slightly, offering a glimpse of what was hidden beneath the fabric. All the more to tempt them with.

Her eyes scanned over the both of them, trying to glean what information she could. It was hard to judge exactly what they were after, seeing as the one almost seemed more interested in his companion than his surroundings. Perhaps they were a couple seeking a new thrill. It could be any number of things really, and truthfully, Natalia didn’t much prefer one option to another. That was her greatest skill - an openness and willingness for anything requested of her.

Finally, she simply offered them a smile. ”I don’t suppose there’s anything I could do for the two of you today, is there? I’d be more than happy to assist you however I can.”

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Re: Fever Girl
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River couldn't even be annoyed at the accusation. By now he was only occasionally prickled by the constant blame. Because very usually he had gotten himself into something. Or was somehow at fault. It was almost as if trouble followed him about, just waiting for River to fall backward into it. But mostly it was just ahead, with him charging straight for it.

"I can't be doing that in Wren's house!" Not unless it was with Wren. She'd know, he was sure. Would know and judge. And distract. How could he pay attention to some hapless housemaid with big dumb eyes when there was Wren just rooms away? Sweat gathered along his hairline. Tickled at his sides, a noise echoing down the shaft of his throat to rumble in his stomach, startling a dog drowsing in some sunlight.

The streets being oddly empty.

"Not her breasts, you idiot, this house." Pushing. Shoving. "And they were nice, of course." How could they be anything else but perfect? River pressed his face into the back of Willbe's head and whined, thinking about nipples. Light or dark? Blondes usually had pink ones, but Wren was full of surprises. The question about barriers had him sticking his hands in pockets not his own. A noise of utter helplessness muffled against his cousin.

"You don't want to know. I'm dying." More battling, River using his height to his advantage since Willbe had weight on his side. Crumpling into a chair and kicking at the table. River grabbed at a thigh, not sure if it was his or Willbe's, not caring either way. He just needed to hold on to something. Ground himself some how so he didn't fall down into his descent.

"I've got marks. And a chair of my own, thanks." Which he was writhing in, hand creeping upward. "I forgot about tabs. Fucking beautiful." Snarling at Willbe and his lecturing, River slammed the tender spot at the base of his skull against the back of his chair, letting the pain pull him outward instead of inward. Sharp focus, eyes pinpricks, wide, blind. There. Better. He stilled for all of a minute.

Just long enough for something out of one of Willowfuck's wet dreams to come creeping up to their table. All breast hints and warm smells. River liked her curls. But he liked her tits better, as the robe gaped slightly, her body leaning over their table like an offering for lunch.

"You don't have Jewels." As if she didn't know. River sank into his chair, ass all but hanging off the edge. Long body stretched out, as much an offering as her own. "I've never fucked a girl without Jewels before." A sharp elbow swung for his cousin. "Willbe, she doesn't have Jewels." What would it be like? Was she empty inside? No barriers to keep him out? Would he kill her if he tried slithering inside?

Did he even need to? He had a dick. Plenty enough for filling, right?

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Re: Fever Girl
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”Its Lady Crag’s place.” Willoughby defended, all to aware that he had quite nearly been ‘doing that in Wren’s house’. His brow knit together as a second thought occurred to him. ”Why can’t you, though? I still can, right?” Or had he been on the brink of an awful mistake? All of his court training turned out to be a waste of time now. Protocol was suddenly optional. And what he thought to be fact turned out to depend on the whims of a queen. Serving and serving and service were all different here! It was hard to know if this new edict was aimed at them both, or just a consequence of whatever role River was meant to have for their lady.

It must have been a hard one, whatever she had him doing! The poor boyo was a hot, growling mess. Made Willoughby glad for his apprenticeship. Justification to run off when unappealing, or too intense, a task arose. He was looking for the way to warm her up. At least to himself. He wasn’t sure there was such a thing as adjusting to River. She had to be theirs for a reason, though, yeah? Maybe she’d figure the oddball out.

”Look who's calling names! A blockhead that can’t handle ‘almost, sort of’ seeing a tit without losing his mind.” He was rough when he sank his hands into River’s hair a second later. To onlookers it was boyish roughhousing, but the touch was important. They had lived together a long time, he knew the warning signs of his cousin’s Edge. A little bit of hair yanking would help River focus, keep him from putting a crater where Little Terreille used to be. Which was, consequently also why Willoughby kept his thoughts on tits- particularly his speculations about Wren’s tits- quiet. The Blood affinity for possessive behavior was not something he wanted to test in River.

They were both distracted anyway. The unfamiliar setting with all its sights, smells, and scents was wonderful. Willoughby breathed it in and sealed his barriers tight. Then patted River from a crooked angle, not sure if he touched shoulder, chest, or Darkness only knew what with River creeping around him from behind. Humid, breath that wreaked of need ruffled through Willbe’s hair, tickling his ears. More flapping and flailing as they settled into chairs.

River promptly trying to kill his, or himself. He didn’t think Wren would be amused if they went home black and blue. Or having destroyed such a thriving piece of Walcourt’s business district. So he peeked with a healer’s diagnostic eyes for any signs of trouble. River was fine.  ”Better? Hang in there, boyo. We’re here now, won’t be long.”

He was right. Resting his elbows on the table Willoughby watched the slinky beauty join them. His leg started to bounce restlessly. Not fair! Not fair River would get the dark eyes and curvy hips first. Maybe period. He might not share at all. She might not want a second. And he’d left a fine piece back there dammit! ”Omph,” He clutched the rib River stuck his boney elbow into. ”I see that, River. Calm the fuck down, boyo.”

When he fully caught his breath again Willoughby tried to save the fumbled start of the conversation. ”As you can see, pretty miss, my cousin here is a very, very anxious boyo. He has the marks to pay, and he’s got  more control than all this jittering suggests.” With steady fingers he brushed the back of her hand. ”I’ll give you twenty marks now just to sit in his damned lap.” Stop him from wiggling around like a fish out of water.

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Re: Fever Girl
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Natalia couldn’t help but laugh slightly at the one young man’s reaction to her lack of Jewels. She had seen most every reaction over the years - people were pretty much always shocked to discover it - but few were so blatant as this. Still, it seemed he did have an interest in someone other than his male companion judging by his words. That was promising at least. Now it was just to determine if their intention was to share or if another girl was needed still.

”Indeed,” she agreed. ”I’m afraid I’m completely left to the mercy of you fine fellows.” That was one of her most appealing assets after all. She could make even the weakest of the Blood feel more powerful, just by the very nature of being herself. Yet she never feared. She was by nature an open person, and felt no reason to feel unsafe with her clients. After all, they needed her, all too often desperately. So she never worried about being harmed beyond repair.

Her attention shifted to the calm one, Willbe he had been called, as he chastised his friend, now identified as River. She was a little surprised to hear him refer to the jittery one as his cousin, but all the more intrigued by the revelation. The difference between them was astounding as one was all energy and the other steady as could be. It was a balance that made them seem all the more a pair, strange as that may be given the information she just learned. If anything, it just made her more curious and more hopeful for what this could lead to.

His words and gentle touch made her smile. ”I’d be happy to, so long as there’s no objections,” she agreed, pausing a moment to look at River. She would gladly take the money for something more simple, especially if it gave her the opportunity to figure out how best to service them both. She couldn’t help but be a little greedy after all.

When no objection came, she shifted around the table to slide into River’s lap, an arm snaking around his neck to hold her steady. ”Don’t fret boyo, when I’m through with you, you’ll be too tired for all this restless energy,” she promised, her breath warm on his ear as her fingers traced lightly across his chest.

Now, just to figure out what they were looking for today. First she had to see what they asked for, then what then what they really needed from her. The two were seldom the same. People were so rarely straightforward or honest enough to just come right out with it. But it was just as well for her - the game of figuring it out was half the fun. River was all emotion and reaction she had already learned. His cousin was the calm mind. That’s where she’d start. If he asked for another for himself, she would oblige, but first she’d try to catch him for herself. Two clients were better than one after all.

She’d simply dangle the bait and see if he bit, no harm in that after all.

Her gaze shifted towards the other one then. She crossed on leg over the other at the knee, her foot gliding up Willbe’s leg with the motion. ”And what of you? Is there anything I could do for you besides calming your dear cousin here?” Her smile turned mischievous then. ”Truly, I’m certain we can all three come to a mutually beneficial arrangement, no? At least, I know that I for one would be delighted to do whatever I could for the both of you.”

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Re: Fever Girl
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The girl, woman, little miss whoever, looked at Willbe. Did she think he would complain? Smiling lightly he shook his head and motioned towards the lap in question. He was used to putting River first. It was easier to relax once the pup was appeased. Or occupied elsewhere.

She fit into River’s lap like a doll. Much shorter than his younger cousin. Apparently comfortable in the seat of so much jewel power. Or a very good actress at least. All skin and bone the boy couldn’t have been as cozy as she made him seem. Then again, maybe the upside of River’s lap was less jabby than having his bony ass tossed against a thigh.

Leaning away slightly Willbe chuckled. ”I’m not so sure about that, missy. He’ll enjoy you trying though.” Maybe the cad would learn a thing or two this time.  Stop going at women like a dog after the scent of bitch in heat. He had certainly never seen River run out of energy. So efficiently named he was practically a well stream. Better at reining it in when he had been satisfied, but what man wasn’t?

Propping his chin on the heel of his hand he watched them shamelessly. Followed the curling loops of her fingertip against River’s shirt. And the line of her thigh up to where it met her robe’s skirt. Lucky River. Always getting first choice. He smiled to himself, because he knew it was true but also knew he didn’t actually care. There was no room for jealously in their odd companionship. Or else he’d have been a splat scraped from the wall ages ago.

He opened his mouth to finally ask the woman’s name but closed it again as she started speaking. Hand catching up the tickling heel that raked up his pant leg. ”We’ll see how the night goes. I’ll ask for what I need when I need it.” He assured her. Both she had suggested. He suppressed a shiver. She would give River outrageous ideas. Half incestuous gnat. He was still smiling though, because he knew he would watch and be watched without a second thought. Matching her sassy grin inch for inch he hummed as he spoke. ”You haven’t told us what to call you, yet, darling. I’m open to anything except, Mommy. Those are issues for other boys to help you with I’m afraid.”

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Of course River had no objections. His lap, among other things, were more than ready to be sat upon. He even sat up a little in his seat, heels digging in and shifting him upward so she didn't end up sliding right out of his lap. Her arm was warm against his neck, head leaning back against it. Much nicer than the chair back, that was for sure. She smelled good too. Clean, with a hint of sex.

"Will I?" River answered them both, eyes crinkling at the corners, cheeks folding into a grin. He sucked in a breath and twitched as her fingers found the edge of his Jewel, set in a sort of starburst of silver and hung beneath his shirt. "You can take it out, if you want." Curious fingers slid up around her hips, playing with the frilly ends of her... it wasn't a shirt, and barely a top. River wasn't sure what to call it, other than in his way.

Bright, bright eyes watched one leg slide over the other. Foot trailing up Willbe's leg until he caught it in the palm of his hand. Shivering, River stuck his face in her neck. Breathed in, flicked a tongue over the skin there. Shameless as one hand slid upward, the other tucking over the top of her thigh. Curious. Greedy. River glanced up at Willbe's, teeth sinking into the hem of her robe and pulling at it, until the skin was bared.

"I'll call you Mommy," River promised. He had no such hangups. The wild rise of his eyebrows flashing a signal to his cousin. He liked this one. Many were afraid. Many reached for the assumed stability of Willbe's caste and Jewels. River liked it when they weren't afraid. Or at least, not afraid enough that it didn't sour the air. Better their curiosity be stronger than their fear.

And he'd never fucked anyone who didn't wear Jewels. Girl or boy. Man or woman. He tested her barrier carefully. Curious but gentle. He'd leave the real clutching for Willbe. His Purple Dusk held up well enough. Maybe neither of them would really have to wait for turns.

"Here or upstairs, friends?" Of course River didn't care, pressed tightly upward against her weight in his lap. Heart hammering away. The table would make for a perfect place to prop her up. He'd barely have to move. Less waiting. Excitedly, his fingers squeezed. Eager but not violent.

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Re: Fever Girl
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She hadn’t expected objections, but since the lap in question didn’t belong to who made the request, it never hurt to be certain. She’d seen others get into trouble when some well-meaning friend paid for services that weren’t actually wanted. Some were too eager for offered marks that way.

Even sitting it was obvious that he was so tall he bordered on gangly, all that height extending into each limb. She appreciated his subtle shifting, doing his part to keep her from sliding right off onto the floor. She settled into her seat comfortably - there seemed to be something almost familiar about him, though she was certain they had never met before. It seemed to accomplish exactly what his cousin had hoped for. He stopped bouncing at least, suddenly much more focused on her proximity.

Natalia laughed at Willbe’s proclamation of doubt. She had never met a man she couldn’t tire in satisfaction so she couldn’t help but harbor a little doubt of her own. Perhaps this River was always like this and it had little to do with his pressing need. His grin and question were enticing enough for her. ”Well, I live for a challenge. Nonetheless, I assure you I’d never leave you unsatisfied, darlings,” she purred.

Her fingers caught on an edge in their gentle maneuvering, catching her by surprise. Her gaze caught his as he gave her permission to touch and look. She slid her fingers up to the base of his neck, slipping under the chain and pulling the pendant of silver out from its hiding place beneath his shirt. Her eyes widened slightly as she caught sight of the all too familiar Jewel. No wonder she had felt as though she knew him. After all, her peculiar friend wore the same.

Many would have looked at him with fear after that. After all, a lot of girls weren’t necessarily comfortable with those overly darker than themselves. Natalia however was cut from a very different cloth. After all, she never bothered to probe early on with a client - any Jewel was darker than her after all. It was most the reason why she didn’t bother discriminating between Jewels in the first place. The truth was that when faced with a Jewel this dark, her reaction wasn’t fear - it was excitement.

His fingers explored her body, settling at her hips and toying with the excess fabric there. Her attention shifted to the other male then, though River’s exploration of her body was hardly unnoticed.

The calmer one caught her foot in hand, earning a grin from her that quickly faded into a soft sigh as River’s tongue flicked against her neck, tugging away the hem of her robe with his teeth, eager to reveal more of her skin. His answer amused her, even as his companion distracted her slightly with his curious touches. ”Very well. I will look forward to your request.”. So straightforward. She liked that about him already.

Her smile widened as he pointed out she had yet to give a name. The smile turned to a wry chuckle as he suggested she might request they call her mommy, and turning into an outright laugh as River proclaimed he would do just that.

”You two are going to be quite the handful, aren’t you?” she teased. Oh, she was going to be in for a fun time. She could feel it. ”Natalia will be just fine.”

They were certainly an interesting pair. One all energy and curiosity. The other calm with watchful eyes. Both had their advantages, and it seemed that today she fortunately wouldn’t need to chose between them. It was then that she felt the gentle probe. She felt the curiosity behind it, leaving her no doubt just who it was. She didn’t recoil, mentally or physically, instead letting him gently explore. She had nothing to hide. If anything she hoped her own eagerness and excitement would please him. After all, while her job required a certain degree of versatility and theatrics, she certainly never had to fake it.

His question had her giggling gently, not unkindly. ”So impatient, boyo,” she teased. She could feel his excitement humming through him, all the way into his finger tips that squeezed her lightly. Natalia leaned into him, wrapping her free arm around his neck as well, shifting her hips so they were face to face. ”Don’t worry, I promise I’ll be worth the wait,” she whispered warmly.

With that, she slowly slid from his lap, one hand slipping away entirely while the other moved down the length of his arm to take his hand as she stood. ”Come, let’s go upstairs. I’m not in the habit of performing for free after all.” She pointedly glanced around the room at the scattered other individuals. She shifted her gaze to Willbe, her free hand gesturing to him as she took a step backwards, still facing them even as she moved towards the stair. ”Come, come, she encouraged warmly, leading the way.

She led them up the stairs to her private room. It was furnished well, though naturally the large bed with silken sheets was the primary feature, a matching chest at the foot of it. A large mirror stood in the corner, and there was both a chair and settee in the center of the room. A small but sturdy table sat in another corner with several wooden chairs. It was a cozy space, yet there was ample room to move.

Natalia ushered them inside, closing the door behind them. Either party was free to lock it if they so wished, but everyone in the house knew what a closed door meant, so it meant little that Natalia had no power to lock it herself.

”Very well boyos, how do you wish to begin?” she asked with a smirk, very much looking forward to whatever answer may come.

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All teeth Willoughby’s smile promised she most certainly would not. He had no intentions of leaving before he had his turn. A server passed and he cocked back in his chair to swipe drinks from the tray in her hands. And glance up the shortly cropped top the underside of her breasts peeked out from. A subtle probe told him they were all alcoholic. He didn’t know if jewelless witches drank. It would do nothing for River but he slide two of the heavy bottomed square glasses towards them anyway.

His own was downed with the flick of a wrist. Lips smacking the sharp tinge of whiskey away. Attention returning to their small part just in time to send a jolt of interest down his spine.

For a fleeting second Willoughby nearly lost his control. Slipping forward, palm skimming the table top to lean towards them. Body thrumming as she pulled River’s Ebon-gray from its nest along his hollow sternum. Dying for her to touch it- to touch his really but his turn hadn’t come yet. Now his dick was hard damn them both. He stroked a solid finger over the heavy ring his Purple Dusk was set into.

The same steady fingers circled around her ankle. A healer’s firm touch keeping the offered limb still as he watched River’s toying. Gleaming white teeth against the black robe, more skin the reward for meeting his cousin’s eye. Pervert. Didn’t matter who he thought it about. They were both too far gone at this point.

From another passing tray Willoughby snatched a second drink using a quick but clean thread of Craft to do it. Across the table he met River’s look with a knowing grin. The same glint moving into his mellow blue eye that always lived in River’s warm brown ones. It looked more dangerous on the healer, he lacked the boyish friendliness that softened his cousin’s features. In him it was a reflection of the raw need that consumed his psychic scent.

He was not a boy in the way River still was. No, Willbe was more experienced, his castes and age let him more mature. And more susceptible to the whiskey. It melded them somehow, the drinking, softened Willbe’s inhibitions enough to make the boys of one mind. A mind focused keenly on their pretty companion. He smiled as she promised to stay eager for his asking, when his turn finally rolled around.

”Yes,” He promised without apology. On their own they were both notorious for trouble. Together, well, a single hand mind not be enough. No use in denying it. He sipped the air with a probe as she gave a name. Noting that she didn’t ask for theirs. Maybe she had already decided what to call him. Willoughby didn’t care. She could call him mommy as long as she moaned it.

He joined her laughter at River. Far less kind than her amused giggling. It wasn’t his place to explain why the warlord prince was so riled. Not that Natalia was much help yet. His own composure wearing thin as he watched her sweet talk his cousin. Half a mind to wait as they decided to take the game to a more private setting. Wetting his lips he was the last to leave the table. Pulsing with want and curiosity.

River had the marks tonight, he reminded himself. Standing slowly he lagged behind. Hand trailing down the front of his pants to adjust the firm set of his impatient cock. Upstairs it was easier to concentrate. For him at least. He ignored the door altogether. Falling onto the settee with a sigh. ”Oh, however River wants it I suppose. He is paying.”

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Re: Fever Girl
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"More than one, I should think." River boasted as he buried his face beneath her hair. Nose pressed to the hollow at the base of her skull. His tongue tracing the knob at the beginning of her spine. "You did say you liked a challenge." His probes swept past her barrier, tasted her emotions. Not nearly as turbulent as his own, but he hardly ever expected that.

Excitement. And no fear. River pulled her closer. Tighter against his need. She liked it, his Jewel, and he liked that she liked it. He could feel Willbe stirring too. The air becoming thicker with it. Whining as she shifted in his lap. Wiggling. Arm tight around his neck, face close to his. River stared, face crinkling into a smile, giggle whispering between his lips.

"Oh yay."
He didn't mind being laughed at, as long as she was everything she promised. Even then he still wouldn't mind. Eyes rolling in the back of his head, River collapsed against the back of his chair, before being dragged out of it by the hand linked with his. "Come on, Willbe." No sulking, cousin. River tugged at him with a bit of Craft. Gentle as he could, which was hard, in this state. He wanted him there.

The stairs were hard to navigate, loose as his trousers were cut. The other faces falling away, the walls and banister a blur at the edges of his vision. The world looked like a haze, all cloudy lust and curves. Inside the room, River erected shields. Physical ones for the room, in case she screamed and startled someone. He couldn't handle people barging in. And they couldn't handle what poured out of him when they did.

Psychic ones, around their chalices. Just in case. He'd have to break his own shields to Break them.

"He's fussing." River mumbled, hardly noticed the room. Hands pulling at Natalia's robe, fingers bunching up the material until he'd balled it behind her back, trapping her arms. Barriers open, nearly all the way down. The deeper parts he protected. The things that had to do with Wren. Such an eager, good girl. River settled his mouth on her neck, up, and then over hers.

He was eager too. Had been eager before he'd even reached the red moon house. Half out of his mind with desperate want. For only half the reasons he'd given Willbe. She tasted like hot, warm things. Good, naughty things. Holding the robe in place with craft, River unbuttoned his jacket and shed it, loosened the cuffs of his shirt, and the buckle on his belt. He paused for a moment, mouth wet, to look at her. Strung tight from his bonds.

River wasn't sure if he wanted her clothed or not. Released her hands and tossed the robe away so she could decide for herself. Went back to kissing on her while driving her toward the bed.

"I want to fuck you now." He'd wanted to fuck her before. But now there was a bed, and a real offer. His kissing was good, at least, lips and tongue possessing more finesse than his cock did. Long, curious fingers slipping down the front of her. Was she ready, River wondered, inhaling through his nose, tugging at her hair.


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