Beginner's Guide
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Beginner's Guide
getting started!

Welcome to Witchlight!

We’re glad to see that you’re interested in joining us (or you already have), either way we are glad to have you! We hope to see you around the boards and plotting with us shortly!

The seasons here change every 4 months. You can find the current season and year in the sidebar, and when it will be changing over. The site is starting at AW (After Witch) 101 - pretty simple. It has been 101 years since the fall of Witch and the devastation (and rejoicing) it caused.

Ready, Set… Parent Account!

If you haven’t yet read our site rules, we suggest that you read them now here. We don’t have many rules, but we do require all members to be 18 years of age or older. So please just keep that in mind!

Once you’ve read over the rules and agree with them it’s time to set up a parent account, AKA your Out Of Character (OOC) account. For your OOC account, you can choose just about any name you like, but please keep it appropriate. The registration part is easy, first, along the top bar of links you will see a button that says “Register”. Simple click that button and enter in all of your information. You will then have full access to the forums.

Your First Character

So, now that you're registered, it’s time to create your first character! Before you do anything, you must first create a subaccount for your character. Which, thankfully, is an easy process. After you are logged in, along the top bar, click on “Profile”, this will redirect you to your profile page. From there go to “Modify Profile” and under that menu you will see “Manage SubAccounts”. After the details on subaccounts, you will see a button that says “Create/Link”. Once you click on that, all you have to do is fill in the character’s name and give the subaccount a password.

Once you have created your subaccount for your character, you can post your application in this board using the Application Template. We do ask that you post your application with the title “Last Name, First Name" and a description of "Birthright Jewel - Descent Jewel Caste | OOC Name”. Rules for rolling Jewels are found in the Application Template thread.

Once you have finished your character please post in the Ready to Review thread for the application to be reviewed.

If you are having trouble thinking of an idea for a character, or want to get involved in some plots, feel free to check out the Wanted Ads

And Beyond!

Here at Witchlight, there is more than just writing, we have a few extra fun things for you!

First of all, for every character you complete you get 25 marks, then for every post you make you get 0.08 marks per word, which means that for a 250 word post you would receive 20 marks (this is not capped so you are rewarded for the whole length of your post). You can just collect marks if you want but they can also be used to buy items in the shop. There are different items in different categories, so look through the shop and see what you can buy!

Just like you can buy fancy things for your character, we also have a player leveling system. So everyone starts out at Eighth Circle, and you can work your way up to First Circle. For more details check out this thread.

You can also get your own Member Forum. If you would like one, you can have a public or private forum, all you have to do it request one here. Feel free to get creative with the name! You will be able to moderate this forum. So pinning, deleting and all that fanciness will be under your control.

Also please check out our tagging system here.