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Whosits & Whatsits Galore
« on: January 17, 2018, 09:31:19 AM »

The day was growing cold and dark. Pink and gold lining the cloud smudges on the horizon. Evening was settling in. Along the dirt road, Perish's cart rattled. Pots and pans banging against the slats, chains clanking against each other. Inside things swayed and clinked. Leather groaned and wheels turned, stirring up dust. His horse blew hot sighs and bells jingled from Perish's antlers.

"'Bout time to stop, I think." He spoke to no one, really, except maybe his hose. Ears flicking back to look at him as his nose twitched and his eyes scanned the roadside for a likely place. But it was the bend up ahead that caught his eye. A long lean figure wavering in the dimming light. "Whatsit?" Reins snapped as he urged his horse on a little farther, curious as a dimwitted boy.

Be stupid to try and camp with a stranger on the road ahead though, he figured.

"Whosit, you?" Perish called when he got close enough to be heard. Collar pulled around around his ears, eyes nearly black in the promise of night. His voice wasn't deep gravel, but had that hoarse quality to it. Too many late nights carousing, windpipes worn rough with hollaring and drinking. Inflection not quiet local. He pulled his horse to a stop, the great cacophony quieting as the cart swayed to a stop. A cat might have meowed from the back.

It was a woman! Well, but his balls.

"Witch, whatcher about?" Wandering about all alone in the almost dark. Women. Perish the thought. He laughed to himself, most of it kept inside, a bit of twitching in his shoulders the only thing escaping. "Bout dark ya know."

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Re: Whosits & Whatsits Galore
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2018, 08:36:04 PM »
It was a long walk from Shalador to Dena Nehele. Granted, she had rested up in the departing territory even if she still looked too thin to be healthy. That was the side affect to the Red she wore and the constant need to eat. She had honestly thought that the place was set to become home: there had been a Court willing to take her in, she had food on the table, cloths to keep her warm finally, and instructions from the Healers how to tend herself now the snaketooth was missing. But no. That was not what the Darkness had wanted from the Widow and in the webs she had seen what she needed to do. So she and her traveling companion, who had begged her to go, packed their things and started the long pilgrimage to new lands.

While she personally counted the days it took for them to get to the border, still a ways from Grayhaven, she had distracted the little lutrani Queenling she carried with her with stories of home or alti legends that often kept the little girl occupied. Astera was a tiny thing taken too soon from her mother and while she had bad habits, Caera was set on correcting them in hopes that should the little one wish could return to her kind. Of course Cae would miss her if that was what she picked- but that was still a bit of time away yet. She felt the warmth on her back nestled into the pack she carried. At least Tera would could get a little warm sleep before they stopped for the night.

But where was the question.

Caera had kept walking in hopes of finding a village with an inn or tavern they could rest at or the night. She had underestimated the limited population of the Territory upon their arrival or so it had seemed. With a determined face she kept going hoping to find a decent enough place off the road the two could rest safely from prying eyes. Of course that was when she heard the sounds of the wagon behind her or, more likely, the jewels the man was wearing.

When he came to stop beside of her, Caera came to a slow stop in time with horse and cart. Hazel eyes turned up to the man who sat in the drivers seat and for a second she paused. She had heard of his time but had never fathomed meeting one. Dena Nehele was turning out to be full of surprises. At him calling her witch she chuckled, content with leaving it at that for the moment. "Much like you I'd assume," she responded lightly, an amused tone to her voice, "I am looking for a decent place to camp for the night."

Looking up to the horizon she nodded, her brow furrowing slightly as something moved in her pack. "Yes it is. I had hoped to find a village soon, but I think I over estimated the distances between here and there." Hazel eyes turned again to look up at Perish with a warm enough smile. "Do you know how far the next stop is?"

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Re: Whosits & Whatsits Galore
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2018, 08:41:50 AM »

"Ooh nooo, not I." Well, he might've. Known where the next village was. Perish wasn't sure he wanted to say if he could. And knew it wouldn't matter if he did. No one was making it there this night. Besides it was some suspicious. Strange witch wandering the roads unescorted. Dark than he, Perish knew. He could feel her thrumming somewhere deep below him in the Abyss, but wasn't to keen on checking how far down. Beyond his depth, at least. That was all he needed to know.

There was something tickly about that pack she wore too.

"Witches camping in the wilderness," Perish said, something in the way he tipped his head back and his dark eyes gleamed making it seem a joke, "not something I thoughts to see." Maybe it was a joke, antlers jingling with the bells he'd strung from them. It was more than a little obvious that he came from a wild sort, which ought to have wild women. In the wilderness. Nose twitching, Perish eyed her pack. What was that then? Made the base of his antlers tingle, it did.

"That's best you'll see before darkness." He pointed to a crook in the road. It bowed into a nice clearing. Small, set will in the trees, a dark circle at its center. "Used plenty, seems. Firepit already ready, yes?" Perish tied the reins to a much worn hook just for such purposes, and swung his body down from the cart. Not so old yet he couldn't manage just feats, never mind the greys. He didn't come any closer though. He likes his bollocks right where they were.

"Walk witcha." He commented quietly, grabbing the bridle of his horse and dragging him on. "Bout time to let this old boy have a bit of a rest. He gets him some cranky if he don't have his bag of feed on time." Perish too. The horses snorted, blowing hot breath and grassy snot onto his jacket. "Thankyee."

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Re: Whosits & Whatsits Galore
« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2018, 06:45:12 PM »
Even in spite of her Jewels the woman smiled. It was a warm smile, friendly enough, that twinkled in her hazel eyes. Yes she was an odd one and she knew it. Sometimes being the odd one out made all the difference in the world. Raising her right hand she brushed long strands of dark hair out of her face caring little if he noted she was missing a finger or not. It was as natural to her now as it was breathing. "A shame. I had hoped to catch a ride to Grayhaven once I was out in the country. But walking is good for mind and body." However as soon as the antlered man spoke up she quirked a brow, her smile turning amused and mysterious. "A new experience for us both then yes? A Lady on her own and a man with bells for adornment. They are fine quality though. I always appreciated such craftsmanship."

Looking to where Perish was pointing out the space she nodded her had. Yes- she had used spots like that before but had been lucky enough coming through Shalador to find a bed instead. It would do. At least the little one stirring awake in her pack would be comfortable. She was just about to reply when the man dismounted from his wagon, speaking with his horse, causing her to smile again. He was an odd one but so was she- it felt good to be in somewhat similar company. "It looks to me there is plenty of room for more than just one if you were interested in sharing? I have some food I can warm up, some tea to warm the bones."

When the little whining started coming from the pack she turned her head enough to look at the little nose peeking out to sniff the air no doubt looking for food at the mention of it. "And fish to gnaw on for you as well, little one."

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Re: Whosits & Whatsits Galore
« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2018, 11:45:14 AM »

"Thankye, thankye." Perish grinned, shaking his head and sending them to jingle again. "Made them myself, I did." It had been his youngest's idea. Sweet, sassy child. They'd heard stories, of course, of how their da had adorned himself as a young buck. Though it right funny to see him wear bells now, like an old fool. Well. Laugh was on them.

"Greyhaven a bit off yet, ladyship." Perish tilted his head back, studying the sky through narrowed eyes. "Some bit still." Somewhere beyond the dying sunlight the stars would tell him better. "Might find a ride in the morn, or closer to a town. Quiet, shy folk here." At least he'd seen so. Not all of them, o' course. But there wasn't any place where all were the same. That would just be madness. "Why I wear the bells, don't wanna get shot for the dinner pot, eh?"

Perish chortled merrily to himself.

"Share we shall. I've got a cook pot er two on the wagon." Which clanked and jangled with many such things. Perish glanced side-like at the witch, hearing the bit of noise coming from her pack. Definitely an itchy in there. His nose twitched, trying to figure it. Hard though, beneath the dark stink of the witch's Jewels. "Got a stowaway, do you?" Some sort of beasty, he reckoned, dragging his grumpy old horse toward the clearing.

The wagon bumped to a stop once it was in it. Huffing, Perish dragged the horse some more, around so the wagon was parked where he liked it. "Blustery old nag," he muttered to the animal, loosening straps and kicking wedges behind the wagon wheels. The nightly ritual second nature, Perish could do it half asleep, so it was easy to tend his horse and pay attention to his company at the same time. And start a little fire in the stone circle.

"I gots some fuel for it here. And them pots." He commented, pulling it out from a little cabinet on the side and shuffling toward the fire with it. "If'n you'll set up, I'll feed this old boy so he'll stop his fussing."

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Re: Whosits & Whatsits Galore
« Reply #5 on: February 08, 2018, 05:09:45 PM »
"Well you did a fine job,[/b]" Cae replied with a smile. She wasn't a good crafter- mostly because she didn't give herself time to practice. When one had other things on the mind it was hard to focus on stitches both knot or embroidered. Mending her own cloths had become a chore she tried to keep her eyes on, but with a missing finger it was harder to to. Cae would have been lying if she didn't own up to burning that thread to bits out of frustration for not being able to work. It was a chore, learning how to use a hand without a finger. No one realized how much they depended on them until they were gone. 

When the conversation turned to Greyhaven she frowned deeply. Well that was not good. Looking up at the sky she glanced in the direction she had been walking then sighed. She only hoped she got there before the snows fell. "I hope that I can find a lift then. Neither of us are ready for the cold quite yet and beating out the snows would ideal." Oh she wouldn't ask of Perish was going that way, not unless he offered. Cae could be a stubborn woman at times and this was no exception. Then his next set of words made him blink. "Wait. Someone would shoot at you? Surely they would feel you are one of the Blood and wouldn't do it."

"I will cook us a small feast then, well with what I can. Rations are low but we are more than willing to share." At the mention of we a little head poked out from under the packs flap, yawning wide showing sharp rows of teeth. Little paws rubbed at her face trying to brush the sleep away. I am not a stowway[/i] came the young kindred's reply, I am a lutrani

That made Caera chuckle. "He means where you were sleeping in the pack, little bit. There was no ill meaning to his words."  Wiggling in the pack a bit, caused the Widow to kneel, setting the pack on the ground and then reaching in to scoop up the little Queen. Once she was on the ground she shook herself off from head to toe then jumped off into the bushes no doubt to do her business. It made Caera smile. "She was being used as a pet before she reached the Court I was visiting. When I mentioned I was leving she wanted to go too. I think her home is closer to the northern border of this Territory."

Moving for the pots now that Astera was running free she picked out the ones she needed before moving to the fire Perish had started. She had been honest when she said ht would be a small meal, but truthful in her willingness to share. A small stew could be made with what she had and one she started once the proper items were called in. There was even a small fish for the Queenling she'd cook up once their stew was on. "My name is Caera, by the by. The little one is Astera."

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Re: Whosits & Whatsits Galore
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"Thankye, thankye." Perish's head bobbed in rhythm with the words, making the bells jingle softly. Dragging his horse and cart to the clearing with the witch. "Oh, I'm sure you'll find yer way up there just fine." People was always going up to the big house. Seemed trouble ran up and down hill for that place.

Perish paused, glancing over to see if she was joking, but her surprise seemed genuine. Grinning, he shook his head.

"I'm having fun at you, lady." He reassured her as he set his wagon up for the night. Making sure it and the horse wouldn't go wandering away. Oats poured for the animal and cupboards banged about the wagon. "I have some biscuits in here somewhere." He commented, watching the little stowaway rush off into the bushes. So that's what that tickling was. A little kindred queen.

Made sense now.

"Never seen a kindred used for anything they didn't much like." Perish found the biscuits and set them aside, working bells from from his antlers. No need to give himself up in the dark, in case anyone got ideas. The fire and wagon would be enough of a give away. Best be if he could sneak about.

"I did go forgettin' that part, did I?" Perish chuckled, joining her at the fire and stacking biscuits up on the stone. "Perish, lady, is my name. Perish Steelpoint, if'n you need." He eased himself onto the ground and helped shift some pots about to get the dinner going. Horse chomping in the background. "Where'n you come from, I wonder?"

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Re: Whosits & Whatsits Galore
« Reply #7 on: February 19, 2018, 11:28:51 AM »
"Is the house truly gray?" she mused, pausing only for a second in her work as she got the meal going. In Rhat people learned to make due with what they had and thankfully she had picked up on the traits of her people. The stew would be decent enough to do for the night. In the morning she would go looking for wild plants before taking on the road once more. There had only been a handful of times she had ever left Little Kaeleer and even then it was on coastal towns instead of exploring the countryside. Walking Dena Nehele and Shalador had been an experience. 

However when Perish looked at her, the grin coming to his face, she felt her cheeks blush. She knew very little of kindred or any of the Blood outside of normality. Perish was a first as was Astera who seemed to on cue came running back into the clearing when her business was done. The little Queen eyed the antlered man carefully as she hung back close to Caera though it was one little pat on her rump that got the girl moving again. "Oh..." he was having a go at her then. A little frown crossed her face as she turned her attention back to the stew. To be honest anything was possible anymore. Kindred were being used as pets or furs by the Blood. Who was to say they wouldn't shoot at Perish. "I see."

However at the mention of the biscuits the topic was changed and she was back to smiling again. "It will go well with this I believe. Thank you." As Perish finished with his bells and set to finding the biscuits, Astera got to exploring. She carefully circled him, sniffing at his feet while making sure she wasn't under hoof from the horse. After a moment she finally stood up on her back legs carefully resting her front paws on his leg unless the man moved. It didn't take long before she was making soft squeaking noises. "You can use your words, little one," Cae called out to her, now preparing the fish for the Queenling. "You will have to forgive her. She's too used to remaining silent in the presence of Blood to hide what she is."

He smells like deer. Are you are deer? You look like an alti but don't smell like one.[/i] Carefully Tera raised her right paw up at him hoping the man would pick her up. Why walk when one could be carried? She was small, after all. When Caera cleared her throat she shrunk down a little, glancing back to the Widow before looking up at Perish. You are Perish and I am Astera but you can call me Tera. I know my Craft... sort of.[/i]

"We're still learning," Cae added, patting a spot beside of her as the stew started to boil. "Food will be ready soon. It's a pleasure to meet you, Perish." As he pondered where they came from she chuckled, stirring the pot carefully to make sure nothing stuck then turning the fish over to cook a little more. "Oh from there and back again. From sea to here if one will." Her's was not an inciting story- which is how she wanted to play it out at least. "But most recently Shalador. And yourself?"

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Re: Whosits & Whatsits Galore
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She didn't like the joking, he thought. Well that was alright then. Perish didn't need to be laughed with to enjoy them all himself. And unlike to go changing himself for some witch on the road. Not when he hadn't bothered for his once-wife. Only some for his children. Grin a mite smaller, he went back to his work.

"Welcome." Bells stowed in a small canvas box. Some nights he thought about slipping the steel points back on his antlers. The countryside was restless at times, but he thought it might be bad for business. More inviting of trouble than defending from it. So the bells went over the points, and they were all tucked away for the evening. To be, or not, taken out in the morning.

"S'alright." Perish chuckled. Holding good and still for the wee queen. Reminded him of his Laurel. She had always been the most curious of his brood. Infatuated with strangers. Bold as the brass of his hair. Tilting his head down toward the wee thing, Perish grinned. "I be a cervini, little lady. Something in between, I'm guessin'." Some whispered they had been around before these naked Blood, but Perish didn't have much worries about such things.

They were all here now. Scooping up Tera as she seemed to be wanting such things, Perish handed her a biscuit from the sack before carrying the whole lot over the cook fire. Settling with the wee bit in his lap, Perish set biscuits out on the stones so they could warm some.

"A pleasure, a pleasure." Riddle speaking witch. Perish could respect a bit of privacy. He had his own secrets, to be sure. "Oh, from most places these days. 'Specially where they need pots mended, eh?" He pulled a couple bowls from his cabinet, and spoons to match them, setting them out for using once she was done. "Shalador is a nice place. Vines tangle in the antler though." He touched a pale spear and grinned.

"Did you enjoy your time there? Warmer sun than they get here." He patted the bundle of fur in his lap. Respectfully of course. She was a queen no matter her stature.


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