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Marketplace / Re: Transactions
« Last post by Kirei on Today at 04:11:05 PM »
Player Name: Kirei
Relevant Link:
Transaction: using 1 craft specialty point from bank for tomas (to equal 16 points)

Item Used and Removed
Applications in Progress / Re: So, Jin-ae
« Last post by The Darkness on Today at 02:42:10 PM »
The Darkness has granted you...
Cut 15
Cut 32

As requested, FIVE family rolls:
1: Summer-sky to Green
2: Rose to Opal
3: Summer-sky to Summer-sky
4: Purple Dusk to Sapphire
5: Opal to Sapphire
Applications in Progress / Re: So, Jin-ae
« Last post by kayndred on Today at 12:58:54 PM »
Let's do a light roll and 5 family rolls please :]
Strigavi / Re: Eulie's Boys
« Last post by Eulalie Reneux on Today at 06:16:51 AM »

Eulalie did not like their whispering about her. Perhaps she had been wrong in choosing these two to bring with her to the Keep. Eulalie trusted Vrai implicitly, a trust that was returned tenfold, even as he admitted knowledge to her lies. It was Isidore who worried her most. Always seeking for ways to slither between her and her Hand. For ways to goad or wound her oldest companion.

That it was due to jealousy did not flatter her. It was dangerous, the game he played.

”And who will hear footsteps in the hall while you posture at each other?” She corrected them both, though the look on Vrai’s face cut her heart. Sighing, Eulalie sat on her heels, the long skirt of her nightgown pooling between her knees, which stuck out of fabric, sun darkened. Of course Isidore took to tantrums. Eulalie lowered her lids to keep her eyes from rolling, filling the center of the bed now rather than curling on her side. ”Really, Isidore?” She huffed in exasperation as Vrai chased him down with craft.

Would he jump? Or fly away home?

Eulalie leaned in, eyes never leaving her cousin, she looked at him over Vrai’s shoulder, having sensed the approach of her eunuch rather than having seen it. Isidore looked back. Jaw and eyes sharp in furious challenge. Flashing a quick glance at Vrai, Eulalie fought down the urge to deny his suggestion. Let him go! But only Isidore could get them home. The ass. Eulalie sighed.

”Get in here.” She would not beg. Not Isidore, never Isidore. She would take a thousand eyrien spears and walk naked across all the islands of Paon before she begged him for anything. ”Come, and quick flirting with Vrai. You can have that side, and I will take the middle.” There, where the sheets were still warm from her body. That way he would have to climb over her to reach Vrai. Hopefully it would appease his ego enough for him to shut up and be still.

Eulalie’s stomach fluttered.

”We all need rest. Or I’ll be taking your watch for you.” So saying, she dragged the blankets up around her hips and slid back down into the bed. Stiff and unsure now which way to turn. Tugging the sheets up to her chin, Eulalie turned herself into a ball, toes curling into the hem of her nightgown, face tucked into the pillow, closed eyes turned toward the light Vrai read by.

Applications in Progress / So, Jin-ae
« Last post by Jin-ae So on Today at 02:52:47 AM »
Jin-ae So

The Basics

Full Name: Jin-ae So
Age: 108
Gender/Pronouns: Female/she/hers

Ethnicity: Dhemlanese
Birthplace: Anahi, Dhemlan
Current Location: Paon
Profession: prior student & nomad, now slave

Caste: witch
Birthright Jewel: Jewel (CUT ##)
Offering Jewel: Jewel (CUT ##)

Face Claim: Lee Ji-eun

The Body

Height: 5’4
Body Type: Slender
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Gold

Short and narrow, Jin-ae is barely into adulthood and looks it. Hair kept long, braided for work, family edict kept her away from the harsh sunlight, kept her fair and dark haired. The marks of work she bares are the muscles put on in training in hand to hand combat, archery and horse riding, and the callouses from learning mending crafts and drawing a bow. Typically in sturdy, warm clothing to combat the Northern chill, Jin-ae is still prey to the temptations of well done embroidery and shiny trinkets, although she owns very few items that don't have at least two uses. 

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 6 of 15pts
Calming Spells
Compulsions Spells
Spell Weaving
Craft Weaknesses: All shields, healing brews and webs, locks

At her core, Jin-ae is a kind, sharp girl. Coming from a family rigid in tradition, she’s one of the many Dhemlanese youth who believe that the future of Dhemlan lies in taking strides forward, even if they are small. Having worked within the confines of her family’s iron grip to learn as many uses for Craft as she could, Jin-ae understands better than most of her radical peers how significant a fraction of change can be.

There's a fire in Jin-ae that drives her desire to know, learn all that she can about Craft and it's applications in the world. For all of Dhemlan's traditions and history, she knows there is more beyond their teachings, and she wants desperately to see the realm and experience its wonder. Unfortunately, her desires and the rigidity of her family life

Personal Strengths: Archery, horse riding, hand to hand combat, being crafty with Craft
Personal Weaknesses: Impulsive, stubborn, competitive, disliking unbending rules and authority

The Backstory

  • Name | Mother | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Father | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Brother | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Brother | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Brother | Jewel to Jewel Caste


The Writer

Player Name: Kay or Kayndred
Player Pronouns: She/hers
Timezone: -8
Contact: Discord, email, PM

Inactivity Instructions: As the plot demands, death, adoption or writing out!
Roleplay Sample:
See Michael Villiers
Strigavi / Re: Eulie's Boys
« Last post by Vrai on Yesterday at 11:53:02 PM »
There was none of Isidore’s amusement on Vrai’s face when he turned to the hissing priestess. Only the same sort of shame a scolded puppy would show. Eyes just as wide as the other guilty party, but his mouth set down in a gentle frown. ”Forgive me. I didn’t mean to encourage his assery.” Once again Isidore had made him a fool.

Vrai didn’t know why he had become such an easy target. And being frustrated by his own personal weakness only made him more vulnerable to the warlord prince’s mouth. There was no competing for forgiveness though. Eulalie blamed Isidore. Who had to sling subtle insults and quiet threats as usual. This time Vrai was not on the other side of a thick door listening to the crack of a whip though. He was there, in the middle. Right between the cousins.

”Get down from there before you fall out.” He warned, catching Isidore by the ankle before he did something stupid trying to prove he was needed. ”You should go to sleep before its your watch again. And let the Lady get back to sleep.” He was such a child. Perching on the window as if he would launch back off to Paon on a stiff breeze. Eyebrows set in hard challenge at Eulalie.

Leaning towards her on the bed he shook his head at the sheets and whispered. ”Just ask him to stay. He’s being a child. If he leaves there’s no telling when he’ll come back to bring you home.” And that wasn’t a risk Vrai was willing to take. It made his stomach sick, asking his Lady to play into Isidore’s subversion. But if he suggested it, she could take heart in blaming him should it prove bad advice. So he always said what he knew his lady should have been thinking but was too proud or brilliant to admit to herself.

Then Isidore had rounded on him again. Always saying the most ridiculous things. Lips tight Vrai chuffed over the very suggestion. Ropes! How on earth could they have anything to do with the dirty tone the rest of his words took? The two did not merge in his mind. Sex and ropes. But he had never given either much thought before that moment either. As the possibilities came to mind his face flushed and he bared his teeth at Isidore like a dog ready to growl. Defensive. ”Go. Sleep. You can keep the pillow.”
Strigavi / Re: Eulie's Boys
« Last post by Isidore Nazaire on Yesterday at 11:52:39 PM »

The offer was tempting. A few hours of sleep. It sounded sweet. Made sweeter by the potent honey he had picked up on his short excursion to Little Terrielle for food. Body warm and languid now that Vrai was on watch. But the guardian in Isidore had doubts. There would be no sleeping on that lumpy couch. If he left for a private room how long would it take him to reach Eulalie if something went wrong? Cruel and unfair that she invited Vrai to share her bed without extending the offer! Vrai who just lay there as if touching her would burn him alive.

Isidore knew how to make Eulalie the one that burned. She would probably even like it now that she knew what to expect. Another time, perhaps, when he was less busy twisting Vrai’s nerves. The overgrown oaf liked to pretend at serenity and stoicism. Which made needling him all the more rewarding.

There didn’t come a chance to break him though. Not before he tickled Isidore to distraction with his sentimental mush. What a fool! Protecting him? No, Eulalie was protecting herself. That would require a level of love she might not even be capable of.

Yet here was Vrai, chocolate eyes unfocused as if he were daydreaming while he spewed about Eulalie lieing out of love. His ribs hurt with the force of his laughter. Rolling with amusement at the naivety such a grown man could possess! From the bed Vrai beat him with a pillow as if that would calm the sound. It did not.

The rise of a third hissing voice did though. Both men froze. Isidore could not see Vrai’s face once he turned towards Eulalie. His own struggled to keep from snorting out more chuckles. Elbow up near his face to block the worst of Vrai’s attack. Eyes going wide and wet with unshed tears of laughter. ”Always with the insults! It’s not my fault Vrai is such a comedian.” He chortled, earning another stiff whomp with the eunuch’s pillow. It planted firmly in his face and he stole it away. Her words cut deeper than the stuffed fabric ever could.

Always aiming to be rid of him. They could sweat over it. ”Fine. I will go then.” He said with sudden calm. Going to the window instead of the door. He got one foot on the window frame before Vrai tried to hold his ankle with a rope of craft. ”Come now, boyo, don’t get kinky with me. I’m very good at playing with ropes.”
Applications in Progress / Re: idksomething, Anders
« Last post by Red on Yesterday at 10:19:43 PM »
I accidentally made a big family in my headhistory. Could I please have six more family rolls ^_^
Rakuta Province / Re: Snakes
« Last post by Satyana Mitra on Yesterday at 09:45:47 PM »
It had been a surprise to receive the invitation to Neha Rajani's husband's racing event. Not that Satya had not anticipated it, eventually, but more because it was an event that put everyone at angles against each other. People had killed for less than a horse bet in Hayll, and Saty had wondered at the make a of a man willing to put up with that kind of tension and potential for bladed handshakes.

But it had been pleasant, if a touch boring, through no fault of the host, of course. It was more that Satyana could see, in every person she spoke with, the same make as someone else who visited her temple looking for guidance and blessings and not particularly caring how they got them. There were more than a few patrons who felt the path to alignment with the Darkness was paved in marks, after all, and it was only the chill hiss of her mother's voice in her mind that kept her from turning too sharp.

This outing was as much to please Neha and meet The Husband as it was to plant the seeds of potential patronage in willing minds. Any little misgivings could be forgiven, even if the only things she came away with were names.

At last, though, the day was winding down. Guests had begun to leave, and while Satyana had decided early on that the last person she would see was Neha, to bid farewell for the evening, it hadn't escaped her notice that she had not yet been approached directly by her host. She'd seen him out of her periphery, in and out of groups, mingling, but never in the same one as she and almost never facing her directly.

Until, of course, he decided to approach. Another thing to file away and add to the image of the man Satya had counselled on but not actually spoken to.

His attention did not go unnoticed, and there was a moment where she wondered what sort of notes he was taking about her attire. Was the blue too dark, the delicate gold embroidery too much? Was the neat, intricate plaiting of her hair ostentatious or intriguing? Did he price the pins there with a practiced eye, or wonder if her jewel was hidden among them, rather than as a ring or broach? It was something Saty wondered at, sometimes, the image of herself that other people built. Surely, just as she pulled someone apart, they too must attempt to divine her layers and motivations.

"You have had quite the attendance." She agreed, dipping her chin in kind, eyes unwavering. "I am honored to be remembered." And curious as to how frequently Neha actually mentioned her, or if her husband was simply granting an importance where there might be none. However much Neha spoke of their meetings, it could be just as likely that he had remembered her name immediately as not.

Satyana allowed a touch of genuine enjoyment to curve her smile honestly."I have. I did not grow up with horses, they are a pleasure to see." While she was more familiar with them after having moved, the locale that she'd grown in had been too narrow and densely populated for large animals, and horses were something of a novelty and a delight. It had been one of the more enjoyable parts of her day, observing the races rather than mingling with the guests.

Savitr's tone was not lost to her, although she let her expression remain vaguely lightened by the memory of the races rather than smoothing out into a mask. It was, after all, highly unlikely that Savitr had not noticed his wife's frequent forays to her temple. And if she had mentioned her 'many times' then it was reasonable to assume that he was as curious about the woman who had his wife's ear as Saty was about him. "She has made it well known to me, as well, that she desired our meeting." She replied, "She speaks on you so often I feel as though we have already met." She weaved her fingers together at her waist, interested at which part of her statement he would pick at.
Strigavi / Re: Eulie's Boys
« Last post by Eulalie Reneux on Yesterday at 08:57:26 PM »

She had not expected to sleep. Excitement buzzing through her barriers. Joy too. It lit Vrai’s face as he looked through the books of the Keep, and was mirrored in her own when their eyes met. But food had made her full, and the night had already run long. Or maybe there had been something in the feast laid out for them by Isidore. Her cousin had seemed tired as well. Weariness tightening the skin around his eyes in a way Eulalie was not familiar with.

But sleep she did, expected or not. Curled beneath the stale blankets. A sea of bed between her and Vrai. He read and Eulalie watched until her lashes dragged her lids to her cheeks and sleep claimed her. It was tumultuous. Full of hissing and whispers as she moved between states. Dreaming ears catching snippets. Vrai and Isidore sitting on either side of her discussing theories on religion. The curves of women. Violence.

Slowly the breathing that had lulled her to sleep changed. Tension and whispers pulling her from rest to wakefulness. Pulling the blankets in close, Eulalie did not open her eyes, and was careful to modulate her breathing so they would not notice. But how could they? Too caught up in each other. Isidore attempting to needle and Vrai defending both himself and Eulalie. She listened, face turning into the bed so she could hear better. Listened and learned. Pulse slowly until it was so shallow she was nearly light headed.

Finally it erupted. Isidore rolling about on the floor while Vrai beat at him like a puppy. Eulalie say up, arm sweeping the heavy curtain of her hair from her face. ”Ssst! Too late for that. Isidore why are you lolling on the floor like a dog?” Eulalie arched her eyebrow at him, looking down her nose at her cousin with disdain tightening her lips. ”Get up. And get out if you cannot control yourself.”

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