One of the smaller provinces to the west, a smaller mountain range and river form two natural borders for the province which then has four districts. Two of the districts generally produce a lesser known white wine while the other two produce some very fine pottery. All the districts work well together and in the center where they all meet a large production area had been built to assemble the provinces largest export. In the Old Tongue, Allmor means hollow or valley. Half of the province is made up of rolling hills which are reserved for farming and vineyards.
The smallest province, two of its natural borders are rivers. Due to the nature of the province being flood prone during the spring, dark pottery and rice seem to be the biggest sources of income. Houses here are generally built upon silts due to the nature of the river basin. In the Old Tongue Basn means river basin. There are two districts within this province.
The most sea locked provinces and the second smallest; this province borders Shalador and harbors a very mixed culture. Legend has it that supposed sight of the first of men to come to Dena Nehele at the furthest tip into the bay. This location is known as Founder's Point. The climate is moderately warm here and the land only grows hardy items well. One of the major exports for the province is olives and white pottery. Means bring to land. There are three districts within the province following the natural borders of the two rivers that flow through her.
This is the largest province in the territory. The land is fairly flat and is considered some of the best for farming because of its rich soil. Some of the northern land is reserved for the vineyards due to the proximity of Niwlen, but the rest is reserved for produce and grass production. One of the largest shipping ports is located on the coast of Founder's Bay here. This land is also the largest known killing field in Dena Nehele's history. In Means rich-land. Within this province are six districts.
Niwlen is the most northern and also the largest province. Greyhaven is also located within Niwlen just southwest of the longest mountain range in the Territory. Though not ruled by the province ruler, Greyhaven is the home of the Territory Queen, usually from the Ardelia family. The province capital is located closer to the southern border close to the mountain range. Niwlen means mist- aptly named for the mountain peaks. Two mountain ranges form the Northeastern and Southwestern borders. There are five districts in Niwlen. Niwlen is also known for the fine red wines and glass that were produced there.
The southernmost province and largest producer in salt water products. Penrhyn has been the only source of reliable income since the Burning. This province has one of the major ports of trade (outside of Glaniaf) in the territory and has been the quickest to rebound due to the nature of trade and her people. Generally the bulk of all trade into the territory comes through here. The province past time on the southern shore is surfing on wooden boards on the crystal blue waves. In the Old Tongue, Penrhyn means headland. There are two districts within this province.


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