Starting at the northernmost tip of Nharkava, the Waoud Lands wrap around the Rotomaar Lands covering the part of the territory to the west of them and moving south around the lake before extending to the eastern border of Nharkava. This area experiences mild springs with warm, breezy days. As the days pass into summer, they grow much warmer and the humidity level goes up significantly. When fall comes, the leaves on the trees change colors and begin to fall from the trees as the days grow cooler and the breezes return. The winter becomes cold and frosty, with rain turning to snow and the insulation that the leaves provide no longer being there. Rain falls throughout the year, though it seems to happen more in the summer than in the winter.
Starting at the northeastern border, the Rotomaar Lands consist of the lake, the islands within, and the coastline that separates them from the Waoud Lands. Their climate is very similar to that of the Waoud Lands though there is more of an extreme difference of temperatures between summer and winter as they are not provided the same insulation from the trees as the Waoud are. The summers are increasingly hot with rain gentle rain being fairly regularly. The winters can grow bitterly cold with a frigid breeze blowing off the lake.
The Berghi Lands begin just south of the Waoud Lands, spanning from the western border of Nharkava and extending southeast towards the river that serves as the border between them and the Māndreef Lands with the Moaseaan Lands to the south. This area experiences unpredictable weather during the spring as it can be wet or dry, warm or cold. The summer consists of sunny mornings, afternoon thunderstorms more often than not, and clear nights though the temperatures tend to be moderately warm. In the fall there are cool, crisp, windy days. Winters can be brutal in the mountains with brutally cold temperatures, deep snow, high winds, and sudden blizzards. Precipitation happens throughout the year though it rains the most during the summer. During the spring and fall it can either rain or snow, depending on the current temperate.
The Māndreef Lands begin just south of the Waoud Lands, spanning from the eastern border of Nharkava and extending northeast towards the river that serves as the border between them and the Berghi Lands. Their southern border consists of the Moaseaan Lands to the southwest and the Koratyn Lands to the south. This area consists of a flat terrain that is full of smooth, fertile land but incredibly unpredictable weather. Temperatures in the spring can go from frigid to summer-like in just a matter of hours with late, wet snowstorms being common. Summers are often hot and windy while rain becomes infrequent, though when it comes it is often in the form of sudden, violent thunderstorms. Fall can be as inconsistent as the spring though the days usually cool down in comparison to the summer with nights dropping to near freezing or below. It isn't unusual for the first frost to hit partway through the fall. Winters vary from year to year as well. There are some years when the weather is mild and doesn't snow until closer to Winsol. There are other years when the blizzards begin before the fall has even reached its end.
Starting at the southernmost tip of Nharkava, the Koratyn Lands are bordered by the ocean on all sides except to the north, where they border the Moaseaan and Māndreef Lands, and to the northeast where they border Centauran. Despite being mostly surrounded by the sea with a few rivers running throughout, the Koratyn Lands are almost completely comprised of desert with the exception of where the sand begins to give way to grass in the north. There are only two seasons here, with cool winters followed long hot summers. The land is made up mostly of sand dunes with oases being found closer to the rivers. Plant life consists mainly of ground-hugging shrubs, brush, and cacti. Rainfall is minimum and is usually collected by the tribe for future use.
The Moaseaan Lands are bordered by the ocean to the south, the Koratyn Lands to the southeast, the Berghi and Māndreef Lands to the north, and Little Terreille to the west. Like the Koratyn Lands, there are really only two seasons in the Moaseaan Lands though they are far less extreme. The summers consists of cooler days than most of the other places in Nharkava and warmer winters with very little temper fluctuation between the two seasons. Rain tends to fall throughout the year.


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