Hiding My Heart Away


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Hiding My Heart Away
« on: March 30, 2017, 08:45:03 PM »

Her time in her sister's Court certainly hadn't started as Pandora had expected it would... or would have liked it to for that matter. She had been looking forward to being a part of her sister's life again and had come to Baruch with a light heart and a new perspective. But then she had run into Nik almost immediately and it felt as if the ground had been pulled out from under her. So many feelings had rushed back with such intensity that it had left her shaken and unsure of how to react around him. She likes to think that she had managed to maintain her carefully neutral façade the entire time they had spent together, but reviewing what had happened in her mind she knew that wasn't the case. And she had certainly replayed that moment a thousand times since it had happened... remembering every new line that she had seen upon his face or the roughness of his thumb against her cheek. His hands had never been soft considering all the training he had done, but that had never been something that had bothered her. It still didn't now but that was neither here nor there. It couldn't happen again... no little touches that probably meant nothing to him but forced her to relive all the hurt she'd felt since her mother had told her to end things. She needed to put Nik behind her and focus on the future, considering she was now betrothed, but that certainly would have been easier to do had she not run into him again.

That was the main reason Dory had been going out of her way to make sure their paths didn't cross again, at least not until she was mentally prepared to share the same space with him. Clearly she hadn't been last time and that just couldn't happen again. She had been sticking around indoors mainly, instead of going on rides like she had always enjoyed doing unless she knew the guard was busy with something and she couldn't possibly run into Nik again. It was why she was currently holed up in one of the sitting rooms instead of out for a ride like she really wanted to do. The weather was cool but she didn't mind the chill that was in the air at this time of year, despite being deeper into the mountains now than when she was in Titos. The sitting room was safe at least, even if it wasn't as exhilarating as a ride would have been. Besides, there she had coffee and that was a must if she was going to be holed up inside for any length of time. She was hiding... she wasn't proud of it but she accepted if for what it was.

Her longing to be outside didn't fade though, which was why she had wandered over to the window in the first place. Her eyes roaming over the mountains as she sipped on the rich, dark liquid that was still causing steam to rise up out of the mug. Dory couldn't wait for spring when everything would start turning green again, even in the mountains. She was just about to return to the seat she had vacated only moments earlier when a blur of movement caught her eye. Nik... It seemed even in her hiding she was fated to come across him... though at least here she could watch him without the fear of him noticing. Her eyes followed him as he moved towards the training grounds and stayed put as he began his warm ups, sipping her coffee all the while. There had been a time when she'd love to watch him train with the other guards, to watch the way his muscles moved and stretched with every movement and to see the skill with which he could move. Once again, there was a part of her that wished for spring... albeit for an entirely different reason this time.

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Re: Hiding My Heart Away
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2017, 09:46:00 PM »
Aegeus had nothing to do.  His duties for the Court were done for the day and Kori had dismissed him so she could finish up some type of work.  He didn't like that she hadn't told him what exactly but he trusted her to do what she needed too.  They also had been spending a bit too much time together.  He even realized they needed some space, not that he was going to tell Kori that.  She'd do something foolish if she knew sometimes he needed a bit of space.  He couldn't have her doing anything like that.  He kept it to himself for now.  She'd figure it out one day.

Right now though he had a tray with a carafe of coffee, a godsend on days that drug on and on, a cup, cream, and a book he'd been intending to read for what felt like a lifetime.  The book seemed old and worn.  It seemed to have been read many times and the pages had even started to yellow.  It had been a gift from one of his cousins who'd been traveling.  He really enjoyed the thought of being able to travel, but had yet to do any himself.  Maybe he could suggest that to Kori sometime.  A Court outing, that would certainly promote some cohesion between them all.  Kori was still young and they needed to figure out their attitudes and temperaments to better Baruch.

He looked in one of the rooms and realized there just wasn't enough natural light for reading, the door closed and he continued his search for a room that fit his criteria.  He wanted natural light, something relaxing with a nice comfortable couch to lay on.  Maybe even with a reading nook overlooking the grounds.  That would be delightful since Aegeus seldom could stay in one position for long, needing to move and re-position often.  He opened another door and frowned.  This wasn't the biggest Residence, and he certainly didn't want to bother Kori again by asking to read in her office. "Maybe a shopping trip for the Ladies of the Court at the Capital?  That would certainly be interesting.  I bet Kori would like it."  He spoke to himself, his voice carrying a bit.

He opened a door to what he thought was an empty sitting room.  He was quiet, looking around somehow missing the girl at the window.  It was certainly bright enough.  He shrugged.  It would do.  He walked in, his mind wandering onto the trip he was planning as he set the tray down.  He started pouring himself a cup of coffee, creamer, then laid back.  He was in what he considered lounge clothes.  A simple sweater that his mother had made him, loose pants that could still be called formal, but only barely and socks that matched the pattern of his sweater.  He cracked open the book and started reading.
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Re: Hiding My Heart Away
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No matter how much she tried to convince herself to look away from the window, Dory couldn't bring herself to do it. It was almost as if she were glued in place, completely distracted by watching him move and remembering the way things used to be between them. There was a part of her that still wanted what they had, tried to convince her that they could get it back now that they were both in the same place but Dory knew it was foolish to listen to that little voice. They couldn't go back... especially not now that she was supposed to be getting to know Prince Stavros a bit better in preparation for their marriage.

She had been so distracted in fact that Dory hadn't even realized she was no longer alone in the room. Why was she doing this to herself though, she pondered as she took another sip of coffee and tried to convince herself it was time to step away. It was only making things harder than it should be after all and that just wasn't healthy. Dory had almost been able to convince herself to do just that when she noticed that Nik was no longer alone.

Mother Night... What was Kori doing there? Did they know each other or was it simply a random coincidence that her sister had stopped to talk to him right after Dory had been reunited with Nik? It wouldn't be unusual of course for Kori and Nik to have an awareness of each other she supposed... but wouldn't have Nik said something the other day? He would have right? Though her eyes narrowed slightly when she watched Kori move through the dummies and before she knew what was happening, her coffee mug slipped out of her fingers and shattered against the floor. "Mother Night," she said out of frustration as she called in some towels to soak up the dark liquid before it could destroy the floors too badly and to gather up the shards of mug that had scattered. Her thoughts were still on her sister and whatever it was that she thought she was doing with Nik though, as well as silently scolding herself for being as silly as she was in that moment.

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Re: Hiding My Heart Away
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2017, 08:44:33 AM »
An older Prince would have sensed the girl that wore Jewels equal to his.  An older Prince would have politely introduced himself and request to accompany her in her lounging.  Aegeus was not an older Prince.  He'd let himself become lax, knowing that Koralia was well guarded.  He'd allowed himself to lower his guard and not take his surroundings into question.  He'd allowed himself to be surprised and startled.  He'd put himself in danger or so he thought.

His body reacted on its own.  A sharp dive to the Purple Dusk, a three layer shield surrounding him.  Physical, Psychic, Physical blooming from him then retracting to become skin tight.  He hadn't recalled standing in the middle of the room.  He didn't recall breathing as if his life depended on it.  He certainly didn't recall using craft to move the sofa as he'd jumped up, hearing the thud of it against the wall just now.  Adrenaline rushed through his system as he looked at the scene.

A girl.  Protect.  A shattered cup.  Safe  He knew her.  He knew this Lady that was crouched, cleaning up what looked like spilled coffee.  He stopped.  His head turning, sensing the room around him.  He noticed it then.  The psychic scent he'd missed.  A Purple Dusk Priestess crouched before him.  His eyes widened in shock as he mentally berated himself.  Someone had to talk, before she screamed.

"Lady Floros...I...didn't realize you were here."  Aegeus' face lit up red with embarrassment as his Shields lowered.  "I'm sorry, if I startled you.  You caught me off guard."  His speech was low and calm, hoping to salvage the moment.  He'd certainly had been an idiot.

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Re: Hiding My Heart Away
« Reply #4 on: April 01, 2017, 09:24:33 PM »

Her embarrassment at dropping the mug was only intensified when she realized that someone else had been in the room with her. That was why her cheeks had turned a bright crimson shade and it absolutely was not because she had been spying on her ex while he had been training. Had her sister not made an unexpected appearance, she would have probably gotten away with it but instead she had managed to inadvertently startle a Warlord Prince that she hadn't even realized was in the room. To make matters worse, it just so happened to be her sister's First Escort, whom she didn't entirely trust.

While he tried to get himself under control, Pandora turned her attention to cleaning up the last of the coffee that had fallen to the floor. She took a moment to look longingly at the cup that had broken into pieces, considering she had not yet been done enjoying the beverage, but there wasn't much she could do about that now unless she wanted to admit to the staff that she had spilled all over their floor. One could barely tell when looking at it... but she would rather not face their wrath so soon after arriving.

"You did not though I apologize if my clumsiness startled you Prince Gabras." It was better if she blamed the spill on her clumsiness, even if it were a lie, as opposed to admitting what she had really been doing. There had been a part of her that had wanted to get to know this boy a bit better, if only to figure out just what it was that didn't sit well with her. It hadn't been hard to tell that her sister's psychic scent had changed, even after being apart for so long. The girl was still family and now Dory was determined to figure out just who she had been an idiot with. Prince Gabras was on the top of her list of suspects, considering how close the two seemed. "I also apologize for interrupting whatever quiet you might have been seeking in here." Especially since the sound of the mug shattering against the floor had been anything but quiet.

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Re: Hiding My Heart Away
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He hesitantly approached her, helping to pick up a few pieces of the mug.  A shame really, it did look like a nice mug.  He handed her the pieces slowly, trying to accentuate how much control he had.  He frowned.  He didn't understand why she was apologizing.  He felt more than a bit nervous.  After finding out that Kori didn't think Pandora liked him he just wasn't sure how to act around her. "I'm sorry I was startled.  I should have known you were in here.  It's been exhausting trying to keep up with Lady Flor...os," He'd caught it out of the corner of his eye.  Kori approaching an unknown man.  His teeth clenched.  He was not going to get jealous or overprotective.  That most certainly was a guard.  He'd seen him around.

"Why don't I make up my behavior by offering to share my coffee since you don't have anymore," his speech quickened as he turned from the window.  He was NOT going to watch Koralia make a fool of herself again.  He was NOT going to be hurt by her interest again.  She loved him, she'd admitted it.  He concentrated on moving the sofa he'd been laying on back to where it belonged.  "I was just reading a bit, but I think at the moment I could use a lady more than a book."  He produced another cup, one Koralia had gifted him and poured some coffee into it.  "You'll join me won't you?  I was looking forward to chatting with you sometime soon.  We serve the same Queen after all." He smiled warmly to her, trying to not look out the window as he did.
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Re: Hiding My Heart Away
« Reply #6 on: April 17, 2017, 03:12:26 PM »

Her eyes followed him as Aegeus bent to help her pick up the mug taking the pieces as he handed them to her and placing them all in a neat little pile on a table by the window until she could properly dispose of them. The only thing that distracted her from the task at hand was the little break in his voice when he said her family name and it caused her to glance out the window once more. Had he seen her sister? Was that what had stopped him like that? She had certainly been eyeing Kori the moment she had walked up to Nik, enough so that she had dropped the coffee mug to begin with, but she wasn't quite sure why that would have caused him to pause like that. Perhaps it was simply because to him, Nik was an unknown male by the Queen he served... or perhaps her suspicions had some basis after all.

When she saw Nik offer his arm to her sister, Dory made herself turn away from the window once again and instead focused on his offer of coffee. She certainly needed more now that hers had made an attempt to soak into the floor. Hopefully she had gotten it all up otherwise she'd hear it from the staff. "That sounds nice, Prince Gabras. Thank you for the offer," she responded graciously since she could certainly use some more caffeine. Besides, she had been planning on trying to get to know her sister's First Escort a bit more considering the fact that she wasn't certain she could trust the boy or that her sister was telling her everything.

Taking the cup that he offered, Dory took a small sip before settling herself onto the couch with her back to the window so that she couldn't be tempted to see what Nik was doing now... or whether Kori was being inappropriate with him at all. Being at Court with the man she loved but wasn't allowed to have was certainly not going to be easy. At least she didn't have to worry about her fiancé coming to make things even more difficult any time soon. There was not a planned visit that she was aware of any time soon and it might be best to figure out how to be around Nik again before one happened... But that was neither here nor there and she wanted to use this time to get a feel for Aegeus so dwelling on what was trying to call her back to the window wasn't the best use of that time.

"What book were you reading before I interrupted?"

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Re: Hiding My Heart Away
« Reply #7 on: May 16, 2017, 11:23:49 AM »
Aegeus felt nervous.  He wanted to make a good impression, but he wasn't sure what to talk about.  In all honesty he'd always been quiet and reserved with everyone except Kori.  Still, he kept a steadied hand as he handed her the cup and refilled his own.

Pandora.  She was polite, seeming to him to have a more refined demeanor than Kori.  His eyes failed to not look out the window as the two outside walked together arm and arm.  His lip twitched as he fought the frown that was trying to overtake him.  He turned his attention completely back to Pandora.  She'd asked about his book.

He took a sip of his own coffee, his face blushing fiercely.  He murmured then, "Just a book my cousin said I needed to read." He didn't want to admit to anyone close to Kori what the book was actually about.  In truth it was a rather interesting novel that seemed to be about his exact situation, even though certain parts were a bit more descriptive than he'd experienced.

"It's just a lazy reading book," he spoke quickly waving his hand.  He needed to get his attention off of the Book and Kori, "So Lady Floros...what startled you so much that you dropped your coffee?" Her hands appeared steady enough, so he figured it had to be something. Anything was better than the embarrassment of the book he was reading or looking out the window again.  He smiled nervously.
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Re: Hiding My Heart Away
« Reply #8 on: May 25, 2017, 07:49:05 PM »

Whatever Pandora had expected when she'd inquired about his book, it certainly hadn't been the rosy tint that seemed to cover his cheeks. She took a sip of her coffee to hide the brief smile that threatened to appear at his reaction and listened as he said that it was something his cousin had suggested. There was nothing wrong with reading the kinds of books that would have likely been the cause of the blush and though she might have been a little bit skeptical of this boy that served as her sister's First Escort, it had been a little bit endearing to see that he was embarrassed about something like that.

"Nothing wrong with a little bit of lazy reading from time to time. I personally find books to be one of the best ways to spend a lazy day," she responded, politely refraining from calling attention to his reaction anymore than she might have already. Though there was a part of her that was tempted to do just that when she heard his follow-up question. This time it was her turn to have a slight pink hue appear on her cheeks. "Nothing... I just zoned out a little bit and lost my grip on the mug."

It wasn't a complete lie as she had lost her grip, though it had been more of a reaction to what she was seeing when it had come to Nik and her sister. That certainly wasn't something that she could admit to though as no one in this court even knew that her and Nik had crossed paths before, let alone just what kind of relationship they'd had. Pandora realized that it was going to be harder to hide that fact than she had originally thought when she'd first seen him in Baruch, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to do her best to try. She would not allow herself to be distracted by him again... or to cause a scene like she had when she'd allowed the coffee mug to fall from her hands.

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Re: Hiding My Heart Away
« Reply #9 on: January 04, 2018, 01:53:25 PM »
Aegeus knew when to drop a subject, seemingly as well as Pandora did.  However they did have one thing in common at least and that was certainly making this a little easier to handle.

He gave her a warm smile before speaking, "I'm glad we seem to enjoy the same type of lazy day. Coffee and a good book makes everything just a little better."  He lightly chewed his tongue nervously, "So what types of books are you into? Maybe we can share good ones we've read?"

It was a nice compromise in truth.  They could talk about books and coffee, just not the book he was reading now, or the spilled coffee that had happened earlier.
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Re: Hiding My Heart Away
« Reply #10 on: March 19, 2018, 05:24:50 PM »

As much as she was a bit suspicious about his relationship with her sister, Pandora wasn't having a miserable time during this conversation. In fact, it was a nice distraction from what she had just witnessed outside between her sister and her ex. It was so strange having Nik around again and seeing him escort her sister in such a manner was something she just didn't know how to handle. After all, Kori knew nothing about her past relationship with the man that now served as a guard in her Court. Dory had never told anyone in her family about the relationship because she knew it would come to an end if she did. As it was, they weren't careful enough since someone found out and they told her mother and the relationship ended.

So now she had to figure out how to be around the only man she had ever given her heart to and act like it didn't bother her when it clearly did. If it didn't, she wouldn't have dropped the coffee mug in the first place and this conversation probably wouldn't have ever happened. The conversation turned from the topics they both seemed to be dancing around to something that was far easier to talk about... books. Dory had always been an avid reader after all and it didn't really matter what the genre was. There was nothing better than curling up with a book and losing a few hours to the worlds that lay within.

The time passed quickly now that they seemed to find a topic of conversation they were both comfortable with and though she was still a bit suspicious about his relationship with Kori, Dory found that she didn't hate him quite as much as she would have thought. He seemed like an intelligent enough guy so perhaps he wouldn't lead her sister down a path she shouldn't be heading down quite yet. In all honesty, it was probably the relationship she'd had with Nik when she was younger than made her question what her sister was up to with her escort. Only time would tell though...

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