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She was the most delightfully wicked creature he'd ever met. Jaxom had never fathomed how deep and dark the Abyss could be until he'd met Eloise. Even now he didn't think they'd done much more than begin their descent. The realm was very much their oyster, and Jaxom meant to see they got whatever they wished for.

He sat, the hand that cupped his thigh reawakening the ache in his body. A pleasant, far away smile as he pulled a cigarette from no where and lit it with a tiny blue flame. Inhaling, Jaxom's eyes searched the crowded room until he spotted a server. A careful mental brushing to catch their attention before he summon them with a look. Smoke spilled out of his mouth, hand covering Eloise's and squeezing.

His queen was quite busy prodding the room. He could feel the tendrils of her power brushing past his skin, hunting, tasting, do whatever it was wicked little queens did.

"Wine, please!" Jaxom laughed, taking the offered menu and waving it at the glasses before them. "Who drinks this?" He snapped the menu open, but his eyes looked over its edge at the wan figure Eloise hinted at. "This bottle here, and this." The menu floated, Jaxom pointing with the glowing end of the black cigarette. "Go away now." He drowned the half smoked thing in one of the glasses of water, body shifting subtlety closer to Eloise.

*And hardly a challenge, the unfortunate thing.* But the girl could have been a ravishing beauty and still stood no chance at Jaxom's heart. It had been thoroughly corrupted by Eloise, and belonged to no one else. Batting his lashes, Jaxom crushed her hand and then settled into his seat. Arm draped half over the back of it, he looked, a faint frown marring his features.

She deserved more than some washed out, mewling creature. Or some painted fop. What did she like, Jaxom wondered, eyes cutting toward her. He knew Eloise in a thousand ways, but he had never been her lover. Were they all pale copies of himself? Or did she like hulking beasts with more brawn than brains?

"Well, its he a darling." A thread of Red to point the way, careful not to actually touch the other male. A warlord of steady Jewels, brawny, with boyish good looks that had been bisected by a crudely healed scar. How that happened in this day and age Jaxom couldn't even fathom. He leaned close to her ear, his breath fanning her hair. "He's just the right height to slip into you without having to crouch."

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Even while her prowling eyes focused elsewhere she kept him in her peripheral vision. Like twitching with a hint of envy at the black cigarette that brushed his lips. In part because a lady could never indulge such a habit in public, not that she had ever been addicted to anything other than her companion. And also because little things like his cigarettes, the rim of his glass, and every nibble of his food got to slip passed the smooth skin of his lips. A place she would like very much to be.

His smoke curled playfully up above their heads, drifting off away from her, but the slightly bitter scent still lingered. She enjoyed the smell, though many did not. She liked when he smoked from her bedroom window or in a shared carriage. Then her skin or pillow or blouse would hold the familiar smell even after he had left. Because he was always leaving.

Deft fingers tightening against his leg in response to his touch Eloise did not stop the wandering of her eyes for the server. Jaxom knew what she would like. Or rather, he had taught her what to like. Their modest beginnings had not provided much experience for culture or high living. He had learned more readily than the lady, and she had diligently followed his suggestions and advice. Eventually she had learned which wines and dresses made one a pretty, and interesting dinner guest.

His laughter snapped her attention back to their table. The sudden retreat of her probes causing a silent stir of bodies. Tonight she was the only Queen in the place, and like fleas to a warm body the Blood in the room brushed hungrily against her power as it had passed by. Male and female alike their eyes turned her way as if she might be in need of them. Then just as quickly the gazes diverted. Alone her Red was enough to bring down the building should she have reason. With Jaxom half of the city could be set ablaze without either of them so much as scuffing a shoe. Not that mass murder was on either of their minds. Eloise liked the attention, though, subtle as it was.

There was no reason to answer him back. She was busy turning his words around in her mind. Unfortunate. Some would say most of the playthings that fell into Jax’s bed were quite unfortunate. No one had dared in a very long time to say such a thing to her- of course. But she knew the maids talked, or warned one another. Told their favorite ladies in the residence that he had done this or that dark thing. Hoping perhaps that a word might reach Eloise, the one that could spare the next. She had no intention of ruining his pleasure. They were stupid girls to be anything less than thrilled. He was quite well behaved and hardly ever killed anyone. It was hardly his fault the squealing things couldn’t be convinced to enjoy a bit of hurt.

Perhaps he would find some here. Someone more challenging. She rather hoped not. Prettier girls certainly strutted by. Girls she was sure he would be happy to sink into. And while she wanted him to be satisfied she begrudged any creature that was given opportunity to ride what clearly belonged to her alone. Nonetheless, there were other dicks in the world, and since the game was still too good to end she would have to pick one. Smiling lightly she followed the thread he laid out, face serene as she surveyed what Jaxom seemed to think she ought to want. If the warlord did nothing to stir her the warm breath that teased her ear was enough to make up for it. Head tilting towards him she traced tiny circles with the tip of her fingernail against the fabric of his trousers. In a whisper just loud enough to be heard over the music she answered, ”What makes you assume I don’t rather them on their backs? Maybe I like to be the boss when I fuck.”

”If you like that one, though, I’m sure he would be happy to oblige. Might even like an audience….” The hair the on back of her neck prickled excitedly in anticipation of his answer. There was just enough soul left in that rotten heart to make saying something so wicked feel daring. If he wouldn’t let her have his dick then letting him choose an alternative would be almost as much fun.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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Jaxom watched them all dance attendance, whether they meant to or not. Leaning into Eloise's power as she suffused the room. A Red ripple that teased and tantalized. Watched them all search for it when it retreated, some half-desperate, some not desperate enough by his estimation. It was hard to say no to a Queen. Harder still when she was a creature like Eloise, nightmares and dreams all twisted into one.

He was still hard enough to twitch. The steady circle of her nail on his thigh sending a pulse from the point of contact straight to the head of his cock. Jaxom's eyelids drooped. Expression carefully bland as she turned all her attention toward him. He could feel her eyes sliding up his neck and over his cheek. Lips close enough to kiss as she teased him.

"Wicked girl." Jax met her eye. "When are you not the boss, love?" He leaned in a little closer, cheek to cheek so they could whisper to each other without anyone hearing. So he could feel her warm, soft skin against his. He kissed her ear, lips barely touching, tongue just daring a taste. The urge to fuck her right there on the table making his zipper bite into his flesh.

"Whatever the lady desires, the lady shall have." Excitement ran through him like a tremor, a careful tendril of lust encircling their table. Just there for the tasting as their waiter returned with the things Jax had ordered. Set out with shaking hands before a quick retreat. "Would you prefer one more to your taste?" Craft popped the cork, his hands were busy. One overlaying hers, the other slowly gathering up her skirt with eager fingers.

"What do you like Eloise? Should we line them up and measure their cocks first?" There. The cool flesh of her knee. His hand slid under, up her bare thigh, fingers just brushing the heat of her before retreating. Not before he slid his tongue into her ear as a distraction. His thumb stroked her chin, fingers hovering just at her lips, taunting.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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That false disinterest had stopped fooling Eloise a long time ago. Or maybe it never had. She couldn’t quite remember. Not when he was so carefully fixing his face. Keeping it serene and subtle despite her nearness. In spite of her nearness. Another layer to their slow torture.

”More often than I care to admit.” To anyone other than Jax at least. She would whine and complain about her lack of station until he went silly with boredom. Not tonight, though. On the last day, when he was ready to leave anyway. No use driving him off early when she was so close to sweet victory. Well, no. With Jaxom it would likely be a piercing, aching, devilish victory. ”And if I’m a wicked girl what does that make you?” Other than a troublesome wretch?

A strange love story. That was the short version of all the things said, unsaid, done, and not done between them or for one another. So many people went around shouting about their dedication and passion for their lover, or the one they hoped to bed. Whatever they had paled in the face of what Eloise and Jaxom shared. Their affection was not some pretty thing that made people smile dreamily. Dark, hot, squirming, and immortal. The server felt it, trembled as he was forced to face the intensity of it to do his job.

Color rose slowly in Eloise's cheeks. A bodily flush that started in her chest then spiraled outward in ever growing circles. The hot flick of his tongue darting passed her skin pushing the air from her lungs. Counter to his lusty threads she ran her own so that they could twist into a wall. A creeping pocket to hold them, strong enough to make the other patrons look away. Liar.” She accused with a sweet grin. ”Some things have been kept well away from this lady… while even the lowest Jenny in my service gets a taste.”

Her eyes stayed impassive as she studied the wine bottle. The hand under his pulsing with the want to pull him closer. To squeeze it for whatever relief there might be. None, probably, because Jax was clearly the High Lord of Hell in disguise. Eyes slipping to his lips she spoke softly, ”Now, now. However can a girl develop a preference if she isn’t allowed to sample everything available?” More toying. More word games. While his hand trailed to her knee, slipped across her thigh.

What did she like? She was fairly sure she knew a few moments ago. Damn him now for turning the tables on her. Well. Fuck. Losing might be more fun… He would like winning. They always liked to feel like they won. ”Ah.” Her cheek pressed hard against him as her whole body reacted to many small teases at once. Hips shifting forward towards the hand already gone, the heat she wanted for her mouth put to the sensitive skin of her ear instead. She snapped at the fingers taunting her, and hissed at him. ”They won’t measure up though will they? You’re a horrid wasp, Jaxom Basterfield. A gnat to come all this way just to tease.” The fingers on his leg had turned down in sharp claws. For a second her tendrils of desire flamed. Quite literally. Everyone noticed the sparks of fire even if no one was brave enough to look.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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”Oh?” He’d never known her to be coy. Not with him. Disgruntled, forward. A tease of a level that would have scandalized a territories worth of red moon house workers. But not coy. Maybe she was having a pout, which he would let her. Poor thing surrounded by the small and useless. ”Well matched and well pleased, last I checked.” A subtle promise.

The sort of declaration he was good at.

He laughed. Accepting the creeping vines of her desire as his due. They belonged to him, for all she shared them out. She had been his first, and she would he his last in the ways that mattered. Ways that had no fleshly boundaries.

”The lady has but to ask.” He tempted. Taunted. Daring her to put voice to her desires. Blunt, bold voice. For her to give in to him. Beg, cry, plead. She held him in such thrall otherwise. This was the only place could balance the power. Torture her as she surely ruled him. Everywhere around them squirmed.

Good. Because he wouldn’t. Even as she gnashed her teeth and clawed his thigh like a hell cat. He thought he heard someone squeal when her power flared. Everything sharpened. Heat rose and the air cooled. It was the scream of a rabbit as the hawk took. He throbbed, robbed of half his control in one sudden flash.

”They won’t, no. Just like all your girls break beneath me.” A low growl underlay his words. The crowd shifted. Stilled. No one breathed. Jax’s Red opened beneath the room. The Prince was watching. Waiting. Poised on the threshold. He licked his fingers, one at a time slow as drowsy babe.

”The girl can always change her mind about what she likes later. When she finds something better. Something more to her taste.” His wine glass turned in his hand, but he didn’t drink. Waiting the command. Hunt or heel. Jaxom looked at her without turning his head. Looked and looked.

And smiled.

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If his face was not so beloved she might have clawed him. It would not have made her feel better, though. Not really. His laugh ringing in her ears, her own amusement rising to the top of the heap of emotions she felt. Wicked, wicked Jaxom. Well pleased indeed.

”Ask?” Her blue eyes widened in mock surprise her voice a seeping wound of hot want. Now, now, tempter as he was Eloise did her best to bolster up her weakened resistance. Slipping to the very edge of her chair she set both palms on his knee, leaning towards him slowly, just until the front of her dress started to hang away from her body. ”And spoil all your fun?”

She could suffer for her benefit. Since it was a very self-serving sort of suffering, anyway.  Giving almost as much pleasure as pain. A perfect balance that kept them both from stepping over the ledge and ending the game.

Nostrils widening as the gravel in his voice raked down her spine. ”How inconvenient for us both.” She pressed her own thighs tighter but leaned closer. Reveling in the threat as she felt the depth of his Red gaping in the Abyss Eloise shivered. Did he realize how badly she wanted to test her Red against his own? Was she stronger or would she break beneath him too? Her nails stopped their digging, palms flattening against him again. Sliding further up his leg as she considered the consequences. She had Jaxom, that was the same as having a Red of her own…

Jaxom would never. Nibbling the tip of her tongue she admired the attractive picture he made. Too impish to be debonair, not spiteful enough to be roguish. Cuttingly elegant- suave even. Sharp. The definition of everything the proverbial Spear should be. Eloise ravished him with her eyes, unabashed in the least that her own tongue flicked against her upper lip as he lapped his fingers clean.

Terrible, awful, insufferable boy.

”I suppose being… open to new experiences makes life that much more enjoyable.” She ceded. Too warm to string more pretty words together for his benefit. Let Jax be the clever one. Ignoring her own glass she slipped her fingers over his to bring his glass to her lips. After a short sip she tilted her head, testing his barriers to gauge what was left of his control. ”Though I’ve done well enough in life relying on the good opinions of others… And I hear you like it rough, too darling.”

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"Yes." Jaxom growled, eyes turning into polished silver mirrors. "Yes ask and ruin it all." He leaned back in his seat, head tipped back to watch her approach. To peer down into the darkness that dwelled between her dress and soft flesh. Carefully still. There, there were the pale curves of her breasts. Only just visible. He smiled, showing too many teeth.

"Don't you like spoiling things, naughty girl that you are?" Nasty, wicked girl. He hardened again beneath her gripping, clawing hands. Thigh muscles tightening. The urge to descend and pick off every male in the room was very nearly overpowering. But then he'd have to attend something other than the lips so very near his own. Something other than the bright, curious eyes watching him.

Judging him.

"Very inconvenient." He bet she liked it, whatever she saw. Jaxom could guess. Certainly Eloise came closer. And so did her hands. Jax's eyes narrowed, daring her to finish crossing the distance. Not much farther, closer than she might have thought. Instead she wrapped fingers over his, drawing his glass to her lips to drink. He watched, breath held, temper just barely leashed.

Jaxom lowered his barriers at her touch. He lived deep in his Green, power at the ready, half a step away from falling full force into his Red. He could think of a dozen uses for that tongue of hers, neither afraid to have them done with an audience, or doing away with the audience all together. Would she mind, Jaxom was curious to know? Or would the blood upset her?

"I like it a lot of ways, my girl." He let go of the wine glass. Let her keep it, or let it fall to the floor. Jaxom didn't care either way, he could afford the cost of damages. His fingers circled her forearms, thumb and middle finger very nearly meeting. He could feel the bones beneath her flesh. The pulse of blood in her veins. "Are you saying you like it rough, El?" He squeezed, muscles flexing. Jax wasn't strong enough to break anything, just enough to hurt.

"Should I find you a big brute to take home?" It was fraying, the steely control he usually exhibited. But Eloise had always been bad for his better thinking. His senses sharpened, weaving through the room, caressing possible candidates. "Someone to fuck you so hard you can't stand it? Or at all come morning?" Until she couldn't tell the difference between pleasure and agony. Too wrung out and broken to know there was a difference at all.

"I'll even help him hold you down, since your claws are so wicked." And her Red more than match for anyone who would try to tame her. Anyone but him.

And Jaxom planned on keeping it that way. Because he had no intention of taming an inch of her pretty self.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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”Sometimes…” She admitted without hesitation. Frustrated that she couldn’t slink closer without moving into his lap. He would have liked that too much. Might even take her right there with everyone watching. Or not. A flick of energy could blind or slaughter them all. Jaxom didn’t deserve that bit of relief, though. Not without earning it. Back dipping in like a cat that wanted petting she took his compliments, ”With you I much prefer being the spoiled thing.”

A very naughty, spoiled thing since that seemed to be his preference.

So near now to that dangerous edge. That dark eyed creature lurking the far backs of his pupil. Its pooled power both a terrible promise and beautiful threat. His webs were her webs and hers his. Barriers cascading down at her interest. Blatant, violent lust churning beneath the surface of his cool faced facade. Eloise poured a measure of her own to the mix. Less vicious a need, but just as strong; A more sultry sort of desire that took longer to satisfy.

There were people here, though, that she knew ought not to die over their game. Not because she cared in the way most would. It wasn’t even her conscious that warned. It was more of her wanting. People would work themselves into a fit if there was a bloodbath. Then she might never get a court of her own!

So she stroked his cheek with one hand, thumb daring to flick over his bottom lip as her palm slid by. Craft spared the wine glass. Slowing its drop to the floor when they both let go. The wine made a murky puddle as the glass rolled away beneath the table. Eloise was too busy to ensure it remained intact the duration of its journey. Her dear terrible boy had laced his long, strong fingers around her wrists. Tight, just tight enough to be too tight. ”Why don’t you find out?”

Yes, yes, yes. His questions set her squirming.  Not away from his grip but against the very end of her chair. Could she stand anyone else now? All her senses were so sharply laid on Jaxom the existence of anyone else seemed offensive. ”Since you’re my very favorite,” She purred as her resistance crumbled, unable to stand the distance anymore. Wiggling once then shifting from chair to tense lap. Knees crossed tight as she draped her legs over his. Side pressing to his chest. Finishing her promise in a heavy whisper, ”you can watch.”

It wouldn’t matter who the poor sod Jaxom chose was. As long as he was there, close enough for her to smell and hear they might as well have been alone. Did it pay, at all, to include a third party? Would the fool that agreed live to see another day or would Jaxom clean house by morning? Wrists turning in their prison to reach for his chin she smirked. ”Unless you’d rather be the hot thing thrumming inside of me tonight.”  Was an invitation a forfeiture? To Hell with it, Eloise didn’t care.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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"Maybe I will." Nasty girl. Jaxom licked his lips. He was keen to find out, watching her squirm as his grip tightened. No end in sight to the debauchery in his lady. Jax was curious if the dark well of her desire ever ran dry, or did it extend all the way into the Darkness itself. What sorts of things would he find in her pretty little head? Below the churning desire that wanted a man long between her thighs?

Writhing girl. Jaxom watched her come closer, curious how the edge of her chair felt against her cunt. Was she rocking against it? Relieving some of the ache with the bite of hard edges? He hurt, himself. The throbbing sort of pain that only knew one release. Not sure if he would find it, not with Eloise or himself. How long could it build up before it destroyed him?

"Favorite." He purred back. He better fucking be. Jax helped her. Squeezing her arms tight, pulling them upward over their heads, half listing her into his lap. Sweet pressure. Too much pressure. Crushing him against his own leg. Jaxom kissed her neck, lowering her arms and kissing her wrists. Sure at any moment he would come or pass out. "Can I?" A dozen lurid ideas running through his head, their heads, barriers all tangled up together.

Arms pinned behind her back, just like he held them now. Bone crushing grip. To keep her still while whoever had her. Jax at her back making sure she couldn't escape. That they couldn't flag. Hard cock between her shoulder blades as she took a right good fucking. It was too much. Jax covered her nasty, naughty mouth. Kissing her with all the pent up fury in his body. What the fuck did he care? Let them watch.

"Why not both?" His power circling an ankle. Another prince. Smaller, willowy, almost girlish. Quite done with the game. Jaxom wanted his cake, and to eat it. Or eat her. "There is plenty of you to go around, all at once even." He'd made his choice, marks falling out onto the table. Letting go of her arms, Jaxom scooped her up, knocking the table and chairs away. The door... that way.

Youth following behind, collared by Jaxom's Green, and the sweet promise Eloise's Prince held in his arms. Eloise herself.


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