time for new adventures!

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Offline Tzirek

time for new adventures!
« on: November 15, 2017, 12:53:13 PM »
Tzirek was bored.  So bored.  So very, very bored.  Which was a truly unfortunate thing for a Corvian to be.  Especially as wonderful and talented a Black Widow as herself.  Being the Court Seer for the human's Territory Court had been such fun.  But then her webs had shown her the blood and death and fire to come.  Humans turning on each other, murdering each other.  She'd wanted no part in that, so she'd shredded the web that had given her the vision, and flown off. 

Maybe that was a rude thing to do, by human standards.  They would probably have expected her to try to warn the Queen.  To stay and probably die along with the rest of the Court.  They'd call her a traitor for fleeing.

Stupid humans.  What was the point of dying for someone else?  There was still so much life to experience!  Let the stupid humans call her a traitor.  Better an alive traitor than a dead loyal Seer.

That was no reason not to take precautions however.  Humans could be so unreasonably violent when they got upset, and there were many Jewels darker than her own Purple Dusk in Little Terreille.  Best to get away from the Court.  Away from the city and the towns nearby.  Maybe make a big change all together.  Yes.  That sounded like a good idea.  A new Territory.  Somewhere new and interesting.  With new types of humans to bother.  Nharkava sounded nice. 

It took ages to fly the width of Little Terrielle, since she didn't want to chance the Winds.  But Tzirek had little better to do at the moment, and it was interesting to see the countryside.  It wasn't easy to tell exactly when she crossed the border - human borders were such odd things after all, but eventually Tzirek could feel the difference in the land around her.  It was more... active.  More alive than in Little Terreille.  It reminded her a little bit of Dea al Mon in that way.  With luck, the people here would be more welcoming.  She spotted a likely candidate and spiraled down in large, lazy loops to get a better look. 

Offline Atlas

Re: time for new adventures!
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2017, 09:44:21 PM »
Fat gray muzzle crinkling up around his teeth Atlas sniffed. *Smell someone.* He told his man friend. But the prince was preoccupied doing more strange people things. All people liked to hurry. It was strange. They had so many years, but still rushed through them. Atlas thought naps in the shade and swimming were much better than picking flowers or fixing broken limbs. But this people needed Atlas, needed his goodboy shields for making safe!

The NewSmell was strange too. Not a people. Not really a smell. Like a psychic scent that tickled his nostrils. He panted to see if the smell would leave a taste in his mouth. It did not. Something familiar in the strangeness. Kindred. Not canine, like himself, something different.

Atlas twitched his ears forward. Listened to the sound of the wind as it changed. Bird warnings. Something smarter than them was coming. There were no other Kindred for a long way. Tail wagging he stood up, turning to his psychic tools. An unfamiliar Purple-Dusk tinted the air. His tongue lapped out, wetting his nose. Swallowing the air in giant gulps. Female.

Bristling slightly at the warning of her caste he rose slowly to oversized paws. His man did not notice as he wandered to the base of a tree. Big tree! He could climb trees. When he wanted to. Craft let him jump high! Excitement made his tail wag harder, drumming against the ground while he waited nicely. Paws on the grass. Waiting for the white not-cloud to find a good branch for landing on. The closer she came the more he wagged until his whole furry rump wriggled against the ground. *Hi bird! Hi! Where you coming from?! Want water? We have water!*

They did! A nice shiny little pond of it! There were golden fish inside. If Atlas was fast he could snap them up out of the water. But he was too big to be fast.

Offline Tzirek

Re: time for new adventures!
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2017, 07:29:25 PM »
There was a human down there, a little way off.  A rather oblivious human it seemed, considering how it ignored its kindred companion.  The kindred at least seemed smart enough to notice her.  She liked being noticed.  So she indulged in a bit of fancy flying before finally coming to alight on a branch that was probably high enough to avoid any casual jumps the wolf might engage in.  She tested the psychic taste of him.  Even though it wasn't an actual physical flavor, she ran her tongue along the roof of her beak.  Male, that was obvious, and deeper in the Abyss than herself.  Well that wasn't a problem in and of itself.  She had wings and he didn't if things went sour.

She was hopeful it wouldn't though.  He seemed excited and eager.  And that was always fun to play around with.  And maybe he knew this area and would be willing to tell her of it.  He obviously knew at least one of its humans.  'Hello there wolf!  My name is Tzirek.  I've been flying very far so some water would be nice."  She made sure to send a feeling of pleasant gratitude with her words.  Humans couldn't read corvian body language, there was no reason this wolf could.  While she knew better than to think she was a total expert, his body language was similar enough to that of the non-kindred dogs she'd encountered serving in the human courts to feel pretty confident in her assessment of his moods.

Are you from here? she asked.  And who's your human?

Offline Atlas

Re: time for new adventures!
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2017, 03:14:29 PM »

*Tzirek! That’s a nice name. I’m Atlas.* He crooned, excitement still shivering down his spine. Once in a while new was dangerous. But Atlas had strong shields. Which was good. Because he usually sniffed the danger at the last second. Almost too late.

Tzirek did not smell dangerous. He knew better than to really give her a sniff though. Canines never minded. Well, most of them didn’t mind. You could tell so much through such a small deed, after all. Physically and psychically. Other species tended to think it was rude. People sometimes let him smell their hands, usually when they were scared. He was a bigboy! That made them nervous. Especially the first time he said hello. Some of them would scream. He still liked them, though! And he liked Tzirek too. She had an energy that felt like fun.

Head cocked to one side he watched her up in the branches. White was a very unusual color for a bird. For most animals, really. Except wolves. His mother was- maybe had, it was a long time since they saw one another- a white wolf. And some of his siblings too. While he answered her questions he used a little of his Summer-sky to call in a wooden bowl. In a flash it skitted across the ground, dipping in the pond until it was filled to the brim. Then sloshing half the contents out it skimmed up the tree. Atlas was good at moving things too. Almost as good as he was at shields.

*The realm, yes. Nharkava, no. I was born in Glacia but I have people everywhere to visit. This one is a healer. Nice prince. He likes Kindred!* But he was busy. Always busy doing human things. *Where do you come from? I’ve never seen a white Corvian before.*[/purple] Maybe he hadn’t seen any Corvians before. He was too excited to remember.

Offline Tzirek

Re: time for new adventures!
« Reply #4 on: November 24, 2017, 07:20:59 PM »
Tzirek let out a guttural Corvian laugh at Atlas's introduction.  Yes, this wolf kindred would be entertaining indeed!  'Atlas is a nice name too' she said.  It'd be nearly impossible to say out loud, but so were many human names.  Silly mammals and their too-mobile mouths. 

She watched in amusement as Atlas used his Craft to fill a bowl of water and lift it up to her.  He really hadn't had to do that, she would have been willing to fly down to drink, but she appreciated the effort.  She used her own Craft to steady the bowl and dipped her beak into it.  The water was cool and refreshing, just the thing after a long flight. 

'Glacia?' she said, letting her surprised show in her mental tone.  'You've traveled very far then to end up here in Nharkava.  I'm sure you have many fun stories.  I love collecting fun stories.'  She fluffed her feathers and preened a bit as he noticed her coloring.  'Corvian Black Widows are often white like me.  It's a very striking color, don't you think?'[/purple]

Offline Atlas

Re: time for new adventures!
« Reply #5 on: November 28, 2017, 04:24:13 PM »
Muzzle splitting in a wolfish grin Atlas stood, placing two paws on the warm bark of the tree. It felt good under the pads off his toes. Warm. Healthy. Strong. *It’s like a book of maps.* He boasted. Not that he would ever know for sure. Reading was not a thing wolves took to easily. A friend told him so, and so it must be true.

*Yes. I like to meet new friends. * He said with an enthusiastic sound- a low whine that wanted to be a bark. Turning back to the ground he padded in a circle before sitting again. *I do have a lot of fun! One day I might go to the other realm and see what’s there. My mother roams that side.* So he would be welcome, he reasoned.

Eyes wide with curiosity Atlas watched as Tzirek carefully ran her beak over the length of a few feathers. Smoothing them nicely. She liked that he noticed she was different. They all liked being noticed, and complimented. They being females. Some things transcended species. *It is! I like it very much.* He wished there was something to set him apart from every regular wolf. People didn’t trust his lesser cousins, so they rarely reached out to see if there was intelligence behind his approach. Hence the good shields. *Have you come here to stay, or is it just a visit? I don’t think I’ve seen any flocks of Corvians in this forest…*

Amiri wouldn’t mind. And the Opal Warlord Prince liked the Kindred too. As long as they didn’t chew his boots. Atlas swatted at his nose with a paw as he remembered the rough smack that mistake had earned him.

Offline Tzirek

Re: time for new adventures!
« Reply #6 on: November 30, 2017, 09:15:26 AM »
'I've seen those!' Tzirek said with some excitement.  Books were a pain to deal with, but she liked the ones with pictures, and there had been a large one of maps in the library at the old Territory Court.  Idly she wondering if it was still there, or if it had been burned in whatever had exactly brought the court down.  Not that it really mattered.  It wasn't like she was planning on going back.  Better to focus on the here and now.  'Humans love drawing lines on maps and naming things this land or that.  Very silly.'  She bobbed her head in a nod to punctuate her point, even though that point at least in her mind was self evident.  Humans did so many silly things.  Then again, that was why she liked them.

'I don't travel with a flock' She fluffed her feathers and shook her wings slightly in a dramatic gesture before saying in her best dramatic proclamation tone 'I saw that was not to be'  Then she let her feathers settle and her beak gape slightly in a corvian grin.  'So I'm just traveling for now.  Gonna see the Realm, collect fun stories.  Wait until my webs insist it's time to settle down.'  It was obvious she hoped that would be some time in the far, far future.  'Are you here to stay?  Or do you and your human travel as well?

Offline Atlas

Re: time for new adventures!
« Reply #7 on: December 03, 2017, 02:53:56 PM »
Catching his new friend’s excitement Atlas drummed his tail against the grass harder. A few squirming waggles bringing him closer to the base of the tree again. ”Ooh! They don’t let me get close to the books.” Atlas informed. His bright pink tongue rolled out of his open snout, a drop of saliva evidence as to why he should be kept away from delicate paper. Or delicate anything really. Too big to pad around their houses without bumping every table leg and chair in the place! ”They do! It’s how they mark their territory I think.” Much less effective than a bit of pee, Atlas thought. Other beings couldn’t smell words on a page. Couldn’t tell what was for who if there wasn’t some tangible marker.

Pupils shifting wider in appreciation of her ruffling Atlas gave a very un-wolfish nod. He liked to use people body language. They smiled and gave him good bites of their food when they thought he was cute. ”How clever! Reading Webs must be infinitely useful.” He wouldn’t know. He liked to roam at his leisure and enjoyed most surprises. There had never been need to seek a black widow’s skill.

”You should have a fine time exploring. Wings are much faster than paws. Even big ones!” He lifted one of his own wide paws, as large as a human’s hand. ”I go when the mood strikes. Sometimes Amiri comes. Sometimes he stays while I see other friends. I have people in every territory!”

His muzzle curled, exposing long teeth, as he gave a nostril clearing snort. Maybe he was allergic to Corvians? Or Black Widows… Or his pounding tail was kicking up dust. ”What about you, Tzirek? How long do you think you’ll stay?”

Offline Tzirek

Re: time for new adventures!
« Reply #8 on: December 05, 2017, 10:46:34 AM »
Tzirek couldn't blame humans for not letting her new friend near books if this was how he usually acted.  'It is easier to get near books when you can ride on a human's shoulder' she admitted.
 Or when you could fly in through unattended windows.  Sometimes, being small helped.  "Books can be neat, but I doubt you'd find much interesting in them"  Which was not an insult.  Wolves, even kindred ones just had different skills and priorities than humans.  He could do interesting things that humans or even she could not.  Wolves supposedly could smell really well, and used smell to mark their territories and identify each other.  Which, she supposed was useful for them.  Scent was a sense she tended to miss out on a lot of nuances with, even compared to humans.  She supposed when you didn't have wings, it made tracking food a lot easier.

"Wings are faster" she agreed, bobbing her head.  "But I bet you can run longer than I can fly." Even with Craft, flying used a whole lot of energy.  "That's why I've not been that many places," well, and because she tended to get too fascinated with the humans in one place. 

She gaped her beak in a Corvian smile and tilted her head slightly at Atlas.  "Well, I'll definitely stay as long as you have interesting stories to tell me"  She gave a throaty sound that approximated a laugh.  "After that, we'll see."  After the disaster at the Little Terrielle Territory Court, she was loath to bind herself to anywhere for very long.

Offline Atlas

Re: time for new adventures!
« Reply #9 on: February 10, 2018, 12:49:46 PM »
”Or when you actually fit in their houses.” Altas said with a few hard sniffs that mimicked the sound of human laughter. He was good at those noses. Sniffs and snuffling and yaps that reminded them of themselves. They thought it was funny, or even better- cute! Then he got free food.

Which was best food. The kind you only had to do easy work for.

If books were something Mother Night wanted Atlas to take interest in, she would have given him thumbs. Or so the wolf reasoned. Ignoring the fact that he had mastered his ability to manipulate the physical plain to make up for exactly that lacking appendage. Knobs easily turned, brew packets held, and herbs pulled up by the roots. Anything to be useful to his friends!

”We can find out! I’ll race.” He said with his muzzle snapping open. By wolf standards Atlas was slow. Too heavy for quick bursts of running to be effective. But he could go great distances at a nice slow lope. ”You have to find human friends to go many places safely. Well, maybe it’s different for birds. They get ascared of me if I just pop in.” He said with a petulant whine. Not all humans were good humans.

Spinning in an excitable circle Atlas gave a bark. He was happy. He had a lot of stories to share! ”Maybe we’ll go make some of our own too! I know a special place. A Kindred place where the humans never go. It has a whispering tree.” It was stories of the place that had driven him to explore Nharkva to begin with. An ancient tree high in the mountains. Some primitive form of Craft oozing like sap from it’s tired limbs. Telling dream secrets to those that wandered beneath its boughs.

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