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« on: December 11, 2017, 10:20:24 AM »

Inspired by: flying foxes
Written by: Jones

Average Lifespan: 15 to 17 years maximum
    Birthright: 2
    Offering: 5
Average Height: 12 inches from head to feet, wingspan averages 4 feet 11 inches
Average Weight: Ranges between 1.5 and 3 pounds

Origin: Despite their strong flight abilities, Ascella are not a geographically diverse species. Their natural range encompasses the forests on the border of Askavi Terreille and Raej. Kindred families have fled over various points in history so they can be found in both Realms and most territories.

Unlike many cousin species the Ascella are very large and covered in a shaggy wool. This fur tends to be thicker along their spine, and forms a mantle or mane around the neck. Various shades ranging from pale buff to black are all perfectly normal. In males the mane is typically a different color from the body- gold, buff, orange, and red are all common.

They are tailless, their long membranous wings anchored on their ankles instead. In general the wingsails are the same color as the body fur, even though they are only haired close to the body. While rather short their wings are rounded giving them advanced maneuverability in the air despite their rather slow flight.

Colonies of Ascella are primarily composed of nonkindred. Usually a single Kindred family lives with the colony, guiding their lesser cousins. The species survives on fruit trees, preferring the nectar and flowers but also eating the fruit when necessary. They are an important part of the ecosystem since they do a great deal of pollinating.

Several colonies might use the same fruit groves, where they will gather daily. Then in the evenings they roost separately. The Kindred families tend to congregate during these meal times, almost tribal in their territorialism of the space. Allowing new families into the ‘camp of colonies’ is very rare.

 Since there can be several hundred members in a single colony it is considered the responsibility of the Kindred family to keep their group from feasting on groves beyond the point of regeneration. They could easily overharvest a wild orchard in lands not tended by a Queen.

Young Kindred usually remain with their family until they have made their Birthright. Caste training within the same family is not encouraged, since branching out is the best way to find a Kindred mate. The Ascella choose lifemates, though breeding with nonkindred is common before that mate is found. New mates usually search for an unclaimed foodsource of their own, then return to take nonkindred members to their new roost.

For those with the drive to serve, finding an appropriate court is a tedious task. It is a difficult choice since most will not mate after being separated from their colony. They take court service as their aim in life instead of a family and procreation. So they will not settle for less than a heartbond with the Queen they serve. An individual may spend their entire life roaming from court to court, never staying more than a few weeks, in search of that connection. Black Widows are invaluable to them for this reason.

There is a long standing tradition of friendship between the Ascella, Corvians and Eyriens. An unspoken expectation that an individual will seek out Queens amongst the other flighted races before turning to ground dwelling courts.

Warlords and warlord princes are the most common castes. They provide protection for their families and are considered highly honored castes.  Healers are also common, most other females do not have a caste. Individuals are very rarely dual caste. There has never been an Ascella Queen which is why the species never developed a court system. 

Names and Naming Traditions:
Naming conventions may vary from one camp to the next. Combinations of virtue, landmark, and color are typical.
    Goldengrove, Mountain Shadow, Patience, Silver Creek, Riverbend Courage, etc
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Re: Ascella
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