An Offering of Gratitude

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An Offering of Gratitude
« on: January 26, 2018, 04:59:34 AM »
This wasn’t real.

It couldn’t be, right? It certainly didn’t feel real.

It had been nearly a week now since the raid. Since the Queen had died. Since Eun-Seong had suddenly found herself the District Queen. It still didn’t feel real. It was like she was in some horrible dream and she just couldn’t wake up.

She wasn’t ready, she certainly didn’t feel ready. It wasn’t that she hadn’t taken her apprenticeship seriously, but she hadn’t thought to have even a chance to rule until she was centuries older. Things never moved this quickly. Not in Dhemlan at least.

Close as they were to the Askavi border, raids weren’t uncommon, but never could they have predicted something this tragic. Eun herself had been apprenticing under her for over a century now. They’d had losses, of course, mostly guards. But there’d never been even a close call where the Queen was concerned. Not in the years Eun-Seong had been with the court at least.

Not just the Queen either, but the majority of her companions of the riding party. Including the Court Priestess. Fortunately a talented Priestess had been nearby on other business and volunteered her services. She’d even agreed to stay on in the role of Court Priestess. It was a relief because the court had been absolute chaos since news of the attack reached them.

There still seemed a thousand things to do in order to begin putting things back in order. It seemed never-ending, and Eun felt nowhere near ready. For all that she held the title and caste of Queen, she had no idea how to rule.

Right now, her Steward was probably trying to hunt her down to for a signature or tell her some task that needed done urgently or some such.

Which is exactly why she was avoiding him at the moment. It was too much. It was all too much. Too much far far too quickly. She didn’t have time to think about anything, and there was never time to so much as take a breath it seemed. She was suffocating in her duties and it hadn’t even yet been a week.

So she was hiding. Well, more accurately, she was searching for someone in an effort to distract herself.

The Priestess, in fact. Sang Rhee. She wanted the chance to thank her, properly. In the midst of all that had been happening, she wasn’t sure she’d gotten to exchange more than a couple words with the woman. That hardly seemed fair after she had done so much for them. Things were crazy enough as it is, she couldn’t imagine how much worse it might be if it weren’t for Lady Rhee.

It didn’t hurt that no one would be looking for her in the Court’s temple.

“Lady Rhee?” she called out tentatively, glancing around. She was fidgeting, hand in hand, full of anxious energy. Everyone wanted something from her, something she didn’t know how to give. Everyone was looking to her to be this pillar of strength, and she was anything but. She was just a scared girl who was in so far over her head. At least one on one, it was a little less intense.

At least that much she could handle... probably.


Sang Rhee

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Re: An Offering of Gratitude
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2018, 07:06:39 PM »

No one had planned for this. Which was, Sang supposed, rather unfortunate. Plans kept the unexpected from being quite so traumatic. Of course no one wanted a queen murdered, but plans were useful, and contingencies should have been in place. At least, Darkness be praised, there had been an apprentice on hand.

And herself.

The girl was just that, a girl, but a queen was a queen, even when she was also a girl. So there hadn’t been utter despair, and what males remained hadn’t backslid into total uselessness. And girls, Sang thought, could be so very useful. Like plans. So of course she had made herself available after news had reached her of the tragedy. Word send back to the Dark Gate that she would be delayed indefinitely.

No worries, she had plans for such instances.

”Yes, Lady Baek?” Pristine as usual, Sang appeared from the back shadows of the temple and bowed, Priestess to Queen. She had been slowly, and tenderly, turning the previous Priestess’s space into her own. Small, subtle changes that suited her personality and methods better. Along with her tastes. She never had cared for purple. ”How may I be of service?”

Poor child. Looked as nervous and a fawn in spring. The first real taste of the world, Sang suspected. Not quite ready to take the reins, yet here she was. That was alright too. Sang had plenty of practice in guiding the unsure.

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Re: An Offering of Gratitude
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2018, 02:16:03 AM »
A small smile fluttered across her lips as the Priestess walked forward, though it disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared. A hint of relief that was fleeting. How could she feel anything more than sorrow and fear after what had happened? It felt wrong. Everything felt wrong. Part of her was still convinced this had to be some sort of nightmare she just couldn’t seem to wake from. Surely she couldn’t be responsible for an entire district’s worth of lives. Not her. She hadn’t been a child for nearly a century, and yet, even so, she was so young by her people’s standards.

”I simply wanted to thank you, for all you’ve done in our time of need, Lady Rhee.” Her voice was soft and solemn, her eyes fixed on the ground. After a moment of pause, she glanced up at the older woman.

She felt so small, especially standing before someone so certain, so very competent. Eun-Seong felt like anything but that. She had never shirked her apprenticeship duties, but there was an unspoken understanding, that there’d be no place for rule for youths. She should have had centuries to grow into the role, to prepare and build her confidence. Somehow, that fixed in stone plan had gone to chaos.

Eun cleared her throat slightly, her voice resuming a normal volume, even if nerves still shook it now and then.
”Truly, I cannot imagine what we might have done without your knowledge and aid. That you’ve been willing to stay and continue to offer your support as this court finds its footing once more is a sacrifice I cannot thank you enough for.”

Her face warmed, though it was hardly noticeable against the warmth of her complexion. She felt like a child, babbling on and on. Especially with Lady Rhee standing there looking positively regal. It took little more than a glance to see how composed and collected she was, even in the midst of disaster. Oh how desperately Eun wished she could just be more like the Priestess. So sure of herself at all times it seemed. Even a fraction of that confidence would be more than Eun could muster.

”Forgive me, I suppose I am a bit in awe of you, Lady Rhee.”

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Re: An Offering of Gratitude
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2018, 11:47:01 AM »

"But of course, Lady Baek." Sang bowed her head respectfully, as if to accept the thanks upon her crown, like a kiss. Answered the now gone smile with a gentle one of her own. The young queen did not seem to notice, looking more to the neatly swept floor than Sang herself. Sang could not remember every being so young and unsure.

Holding a hand out, sang gestured for her to come into the temple properly. She had made a small, private area in the back for sitting. Sometimes people needed to speak, and often found the words hard when faced with the altar that judged so many of them. Chalice waiting to be filled with blood or Jewel or both.

"Come, sit and be comfortable." Sang herself sat. Neatly on the edge of her seat, ankles crossed, hands resting on her knees. "It is no sacrifice, lady, to help you, and so help all of Dhemlan." Their borders had to be protected at all costs. Especially if their neighbors thought there would be weakness now that they had slain the previous queen.

She laughed softly, but not unkindly. This girl queen! Sang would lay a hand on her shoulder. Steer her toward the glory of Dhemlan.

"None of that, my dear lady. You are queen here, and the glory is yours. The rest of us do but serve." Soothing words for the rattled nerves. It must have been quite a shock to the girl, as it was to all of them. But she was a woman grown, for all her timidity. Sang would have to teach her how to hide that internal insecurity from their enemies.

"Soon you will forget that this ever was not your place. Ruling is what you have been training for all your life." Sang leaned forward, over her thighs. The young were so deliciously sweet. It was why she enjoyed taking apprentices so much. "The shock is great now, but soon you will settle into your role, and those around you will learn how to help you work effectively."


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