Brave Enough


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Brave Enough
« on: February 03, 2018, 05:57:52 AM »
my heart has had enough of the give and take
even though it hurts

There were rumors of kittens rippling through the eyrie. Ili’s Steward had found them and the last Itzelian had heard they were still in the infirmary. A safe enough place for them all things considered and Itzy had hesitated on going to see them herself. Partly because she hadn’t wanted to crowd Cyprian further and partly because she hadn’t wanted to risk running into Morn or Ili’s latest acquisition. Both terrifying possibilities alone, even more so together.

They’d bickered or something like it from what the hearth witches were whispering. Bickered and then Eremiar had flung Morn out the window. He had wings, of course he’d live but Itzy had inched closer and interrupted the gossiping lot, just to be certain he hadn’t broken his neck on the way down. It was an instinctive worry she kept telling herself, absolutely nothing to do with her being pulled to him.

Nothing more than wounded pride, the Hearth witches had said before moving on. Wounded pride was nearly as dangerous as physical injuries when it came to males in her experience. They certainly snapped and snarled the same.

Still, she knew, avoiding any of the court’s males by hiding in her room also meant not getting a chance to see the kittens. And the need for something to fussy at that couldn’t chastise her for not doing it right was strong. At least if she couldn’t have one she could get a moment to play with them before new owners whisked them away.

Yes, she could manage slipping away to the infirmary without bolting at the first sight of any of Ili’s males. They would all be away, raiding the kitchens or beating each other with sticks in the practice yard. Or being thrown out of windows by Ili’s red menace. Anywhere but the same hallways if she was lucky. No one to notice her practically bouncing with excitement at the very least.

“I wonder if the kittens have names yet?” Itzelian mused aloud before shaking her head, “No, probably not. Not until someone takes them I suppose.” She could risk thinking out loud, she had to or her excitement would have set her to skipping. And skipping down the hall was a sure way to run into someone unawares.



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Re: Brave Enough
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 11:44:27 AM »

"Interested in kitten, Itzelian?" Morn asked, lounging against the wall like a lazy mountain cat stretched across a ledge. He'd been going down the side hall when he'd smelled her. Heard her too, muttering to herself about the damn kittens everyone was talking about. Useless, mewling things who required too much milk and attention.

"They like petting, you know," he taunted her. He had not quite forgiven her for their last encounter. Or any of their other encounters that hadn't ended in his bed. Or the next nearest. And his damn cloak still smelled like her. He snaked an arm out to catch at the skipping queen. He had taken a moment to drink in the sight of her bounding down the hallway so boldly.

Such energetic movement always did very nice things to women.

"Want an escort? Never know where that menace might be lurking." Morn smirked, a cruel edge on the corners of his smile. His spine was still stiff with wounded pride at being tossed out a window like a piece of trash. He'd caught himself before too much damage had been done, frustrated that he hadn't even noticed the attack coming. "I hear he's taken a liking to the kittens too." Or his queen had.

Some thing. Fucking monster.

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Re: Brave Enough
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2018, 02:35:32 PM »
My heart has had enough of the give and take
Even though it hurts

So much for her good mood and any hope of seeing the kittens today. Why did Morn have to keep plaguing her? She’d done the decent thing of avoiding him after the last time. Why couldn’t he do the same? The taunting registered and Itzelian swallowed down a lump of fear. No running this time. She’d spent enough time working up the nerve to come out here in the first place. “You sound a bit jealous.” Jaw set, Itzy dared enough to meet his eyes, not shying away from his attempts to get at her. The offer of an escort had caught her once, not again. Thrice damned male, no wonder Eremiar had thrown him out the window.

“How did you enjoy flying, Mornivar?” She asked sweetly, trying her hardest not to bolt right back down the hallway. She belonged here as much as he did. Even if common sense said run and a more stubborn part of her urged her to continue verbally poking the warlord. “Oh yes, a kitten or two for his Queen. He knows how to be kind without expecting anything in return.” Not that Itzy had any intention of finding out if that kindness extended to anyone besides Ery. Let her and Ili keep their dark jeweled menaces.

She belonged here and he could keep limping around like a wounded puppy. He had scared her badly enough the last time and she was tired of running.


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Re: Brave Enough
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2018, 09:12:28 AM »

"Jealous? Over kittens?" Morn scoffed. The sorts of pets kittens got were not enough to settle him. Or rile him, if that was what he was after. And that was what Morn was always after. She was feisty today, though, Itzelian was. She was always full of hisses, but today she seemed bolder than most.

Maybe a little too bold.

"I always enjoy flying." He would get his revenge on that damned warlord prince. He scoffed. "You think he knows what kindness is? I hear he keep lady Erylian locked up in his room and never lets her out. Who knows what he does to her in there." Mornivar knew what he would to do any queen he got sequestered in his room. But she would enjoy it from him. He had his doubts about that other one.

"Why don't you come here, Itzelian, let me walk you down to the kitties, since you're so interested?" Brat. He offered his hand, wiggling fingers at her. Might as well smell the real thing, instead of ghosts left on his cloak. "I never did get to finish escorting you to breakfast the other day." Insulting brat. He still wanted at her though. Sure if he played his cards just right, he could get her into his rooms, and his bed. Or hers. Both were the same.

Maybe this time she'd keep the insults to herself. Or, more of the insults. Brat.

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Re: Brave Enough
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2018, 10:12:07 PM »
My heart has had enough of the give and take
Even though it hurts

“Yes kittens.” Itzy repeated with every intention of driving home just how ridiculous it all seemed. She’d just wanted to see the kittens and maybe squirrel one away, not deal with Mornivar and his thrice damned ego. The combined annoyance was enough for her to resist the urge to run.

At least for now.

Mornivar’s bruised ego was not her concern, much as it gnawed at her. He was not hers. His ego was his own problem and any petting he wanted he could go elsewhere. “Oh that’s wonderful to hear.” And it was Itzy’s turn to scoff. Eremiar was something else but bold enough to hurt Erylian? She’d never believe that. “Of course you would believe that he keeps her locked up. He’s kinder than that.” Ili would’ve dealt with him otherwise. If not herself, then with the help of Rain’s Grey. “And Ilithian would never let anything happen to Erylian anyway.”

The sweetness was gone the moment she heard and saw the offer. The last time had gone terribly, terribly wrong enough that Itzelian had retreated for weeks. And here he was again. Her confidence wavered for a moment before she finally accepted the offer. “Very well.” Just best to let him have what he wanted and then he’d go away. “I suppose I can let you do that much.” Itzy was doing her best to keep the reservation out of her voice. It wasn’t that far to the infirmary, she could play nice until then.

Maybe she could settle her own urge to grace him with the barest of pettings too. It was a thought to entertain as her hand settled into his, determined not to get dragged along this time.


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Re: Brave Enough
« Reply #5 on: March 23, 2018, 11:58:41 AM »

"That you think him kind shows your naivete, Lady Itzelian." Mornivar sneered over her scoffing. Absolutely outraged that the whole eyrie was having a good laugh at him thanks to that monster Ilithian had brought home. He did his best to hide it, however, not wanting everyone looking at his bruised ego. He would get his revenge.

"It's not like she can really meddle in a relationship between another queen and her warlord prince." Though he didn't doubt she would try. Ilithian seem quite determined to meddle wherever she could. He just wished she would bend some of that energy into his bed. Rain was much too possessive however, always hovering like a great big shadow. Or rain cloud. Morn smirked.

He had a feeling Itzelian would be funner in bed anyway.

Mornivar watched her weigh his hand. Waited patiently for her to decide. He could simply try again if she refused. But Itzelian showed good judgment. Hand sliding into his after only a moments hesitation. Something about her psychic scent riling him. Did she still expect the worst of him?

"How kind of you." She really did make it difficult. Morn closed his fingers over Itzelian's, drew her in closer, sliding her hand up his arm once he had her near enough. At least for a public hallway. He settled his wing behind her own. Close enough to touch if they weren't careful. Taller than he, but Morn didn't mind. He was intimidated by strong women. Physically or otherwise.


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Re: Brave Enough
« Reply #6 on: June 17, 2018, 10:34:25 PM »
My heart has had enough of the give and take
Even though it hurts

He wasn’t hers, whatever ruffled ego and temper he could sort on his own as far as she was concerned. Even if her fingers itched to try soothing what Ere had unsettled, especially not when he was sneering at her. “She could if she really wanted to.” And knowing her friend, Ili usually wanted to. It was always in their best interests, so said Ili and most times yes, yes it was. Other times, Itzy was skeptical but she’d been lucky to dodge most of her attempts at meddling.

Kind. She almost snorted at the notion. Now that was new, even if Itzy knew Morn likely didn’t mean it. Still, it was a nice-new and she tucked it away to mull over later while her fingers flexed and settled on his arm. Maybe she could forgive him for scaring her the last time he’d offered to escort her. Maybe. Ere throwing him out of a window had entertained and startled her in equal parts, enough to draw her out of her hidey-hole at any rate. Fighting down the shudder dancing up her spine, Itzelian fixed him with a wry half smile. Playing nice, she could do that or at least she could try to.

“Yes, unless you’re having second thoughts?” there was the sweetness again, easing into casual teasing as she started down the hall. “I’d hate to keep you from...whatever else you had planned today.” Likely terrorizing the maids with his pinches or annoying Ere enough for a repeat incident. Ili really needed to find less troublesome males for her court.


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