[M] When You Need Me

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[M] When You Need Me
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Stifling a sigh Wren tried not to fidget in her seat. A leather bound book sat open on the desk. Pen in hand, tapping idly against the glass inkwell. Her fat round script marked the previous days date at the top of the otherwise blank page. Stupid, stubbornly blank page.

tap, tap, tap Her pen spout rang out. Leg ready to tap out the same beat.

The diary had been with her a long time. Pages refilled countless times. Journals dating back to the beginning of her black widow training. A natural hobby for someone so reticent and reserved. The perfect, safe outlet. There had never been a day when it wasn’t easily written in. Except the day before. The last visit with her mother.

An evening of awkward silence had followed. Another meal shared with River while others sat across the hall trying not to watch them. Occasional brushing of hands to ease the tension. Wren’s temper having peeked to find only one room had been reserved for the pair. River too had things on his mind. He did not say what, and she did not ask. Both grappling with their innermost thoughts.

Wren was nervous it would only stir her sorrow or temper to force conversation. Worse even if his were riled. She didn’t know how to help him, or how to help herself! Miserable, stupid girl playing at queening.

The pen was set aside slowly as something in the air caught her notice. A feeling. A tingle. Around her finger the Sapphire reached out to the land. Strengthening the natural connection that always existed between it and the queen. Here, in Rodgau the link was most intense. Mira was like a thrumming pulse she had to close out or risk drowning in. Home and familiar. Now, though, she sought the link on purpose.

Felt something strange. The chair scraped against the wooden floor as she stood. Half crossing the sitting room, hands curled over themselves and tucked over her heart. Reading the land with foggy eyes that stared in River’s direction without seeing his form. She felt it. The pouring of a strong offering into her land. Too strong. Too much to be natural. Only an unholy amount of queen’s blood could cause such a stir. ”River.” Her voice sounded breathless. Calling though she didn't realize she had.

Then there was a vibration. A jolt in the Abyss, below her Grey. She wanted to move closer, but fear held her in place. ”Something’s wrong.”

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Re: When You Need Me
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He was too tall to be made small. River tried. Thin enough maybe, but he couldn’t fold up quite right to fit on the couch. Across the room Wren brooded, the tapping of her pen against the inkwell throbbing at his temples. Heels up, toes down, head nearly between his knees and fingers locked behind his neck.

The room was big. But not big enough. Too small for two of them. River wanted closer, but Wren only wanted farther away. Disappointment and frustration leaking from her barriers when they’d been lead inside. One room for the two of them. Not a mistake Willbe would make. River, of course, had defended him, blaming the inn staff. Secretly he wondered.

It took him a moment to realize the tapping had stopped. The pounding behind his eyes easing as the sound ceased. Just a dull throbbing, blood whooshing in his ears like wave-song. Slowly, River looked up, the chair grinding against the floor drawing his attention. Eyebrows knots of confusion over his eyes, he watched.

”Wren?” He unfolded himself. Heels down, hands falling away from his neck. River stood, her call like a hook in his belly, yanking him forward. He didn’t like the way her fingers curled over her Sapphire, and then over her heart. But the breathless way she said his name made him shiver. Sent him all the way into his Ebon-grey too.

”I’m here,” he promised, long legs vanishing the distance she couldn’t cross. Fingers curling around her elbows. His power rose, sealing the room. Gleaming protective shield to keep anyone out. Everyone. ”No one can reach you here.” His probes followed his shield, falling out around and spilling into the surrounding area. He could feel it too. Something wrong. A siren call.

A shifting at his level of the Abyss. River snarled. It raced up his throat and tore through his nostrils. Slid through bared teeth.

But that was not the threat.

”What is it?”

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Re: When You Need Me
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It sounded funny in his mouth. Her name.  In that second River became her tether to reality. To the tangible world. ”Okay.” She accepted. Leaned into the nearness of his body. Safety. His touch promised it, shields provided it; Wren could smell it on his skin and hear it in the noise he made. It meant that she did not have to descend into the combustible violence of her own power. Not while his guarded her. Nor did she have to pull up from the deep probes she penetrated the land with. Swirling angry spears of power that raced through the dirt. Not yet skilled enough to pinpoint the exact place where the blood seeped into the soil.

”Ok.” She whispered. Letting him shield. Contain. Protect.

Wren searched the long way for answers. Threads stretching out, district by district. On the level of the Yellow, distaff to distaff- Queen to Queen. *Are you safe?* She asked, court by court. Looking and warning as the answers trickled back, *Guard yourself. Danger lurking.* Every lady answering her call without question. All only momentarily surprised to find the thread led back to Wren instead of Irisviel. They were all accounted for, all except for one.

Narrowing her Craft she swarmed Nin. Unfamiliar far flung part of Home. Mind buzzing with threads not meant for her, but so beneath her Grey they could be. She didn’t listen though. She was there to taste the soil of a garden she had never seen. Left wondering how much blood a body could lose before it gave out. The stain of injured queen mingled there, with the hint of Aeon’s Ebon-grey. Only once she had learned all the land could tell her did she turn her attention to Walcourt. A singular tap at Irisviel’s psyche. To let her know she waited.

For instruction and explanation... Guidance and reassurance.

”Something bad.” Mouth open to explain more she changed her mind. He hadn’t liked hearing her say mother would die. What would he do if she told him what she sensed? Would he leave her here to find out more? Try to take her back to Walcourt? She wanted to stay. Right here where it was safest. As her adjusted again Wren realized her hands had tangled in the front of his shirt. Clutching at the fabric. Almost familiar. She had seen this before... In the doubly tangled web. It made her heart sting with cold. ”Oooh no.” She groaned. Mistake! Mistake. She had chosen wrong. Missed the chance. Not foreseen the danger.

Her forehead rested on the back of her hands. Body feeling heavy as she slowly wrapped back up into herself. An odd bubble of thought rising to the top: River really was obnoxiously tall.

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Re: When You Need Me
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River's hands crept up her arms, surprised at her willingness to lean in to him. No hisses against his nearness. No drawing away from his touch. Of course he took advantage, leaning in to her leaning in. Fingers curling around her shoulder blades. More than willing to take possession of every inch she gave, purposefully or not.

They both raced outward. Wren sending out threads River was not privy to. Aware but locked out. Distaff threads. Not for him. He did not pry, probes to attend to rather than secret woman talk. Probes that shamelessly licked up every body in the inn, tasting and testing them for threat. Barriers clenched tight against him. Useless gauzy things he could tear open if he wanted to.

Some fled the inn itself, instead of hiding behind barriers. River chased them with his power, breathing hard against Wren's temple, breath whooshing down over the crown of her head. Pressing in tight as she clung. Wrapping her in his arms, holding tight not just to protect her, but control himself. Clueless as to what was happening. Would the guilty run? Or just the fearful.

"Very bad?" He whispered against her hair, burying himself in the braids he'd rubbed to disarray. Nervous he sent a probe toward Walcourt. Willbe. Flicking up the outside of his cousins barriers. Distress. Healers work. River retreated, not wanting to disrupt the delicate work his cousin was about. Slowly sinking back toward Wren, though his power did not retreat. Sealing the room, guarding the stairs, silently tracking those that ran from the dark thrill of power that chased them.

"What, what?" River worried, sneaking fingers into her hair and tugging, trying to get her to look at him rather than her hands. "Wren?" She was safe, safe! What could it be? "I didn't kill anyone," he promised. Chased but did not kill. "They ran, and I have them, but I didn't do anything else." Everyone always so afraid he would slaughter them all on a whim. He could, but he wouldn't. Not unless he needed to.

"I'm sorry." Not sure why he was apologizing, just knowing that he'd done something wrong, somehow. Existing, probably. She was always so upset with him! But he still wanted her, badly. To serve and protect and have. Lips itching to test hers. To bare her breasts again. See more than a peek.

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Re: When You Need Me
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There was no answer, because she didn’t know. Very bad, but how bad? She would have to tell him. But she was scared. What if she couldn’t control the temper that started? What if he found out some other way? Then he would be angry and hurt. She had never felt so useless. The limp threads she had sent out held loosely in her mind’s eye. Unwilling to let go in case she as needed. Holding the Gray to Gray hardest of all. Wishing Iris might swoop in with all the answers.

Should she pet him? Could you pet them wrong? She was sure you could. Could touch a way or place that wasn’t meant for platonic soothing. How? Where? What if she excited him? Her face flushed. She didn’t want to deal with that right now. Maybe not ever.

He pulled at her hair. Coaxing her back from the brink of a panic. She put her palms on his cheeks. Just as bony as the rest of him. ”I know. I’m glad you haven’t hurt anyone. You can let them all go. Whatever has happened was not here. It was in Nin.”

Her mind screamed step away. The air was heavy with their mixed emotions. Warning boiling from the both. But the rest of her was unwilling to cooperate. Hands smoothing lower, a shoulder, the back of his head. Hair as soft as it had been the day before. Why did things that ought to make him feel better feel so good to her? Ridiculous!

She was short though, and he was very tall. Too tall not to feel like a child reaching up to be held with her hands stretched up to reach his face. So it copied the other, both resting on his shoulders. Almost level with her own eyes. Not really petting, but gripping. Comforting squeezes? Was this right? Was this okay? His wild eyes told her nothing. ”I’m not mad at you. I just realized... I read the wrong web. Maybe. You don’t need to be sorry.”

Not mad. Nervous though. Shivering with... nervousness. Yes. That sounded like the right emotion. ”Are you alright? Am I doing this right? You have to hold onto yourself, River, I don’t know what I’m doing.” She whispered. Wishing desperately that she did. That she could open herself for him to scoop out what he needed. People would already be afraid, those dark enough to feel the vibrations in the Abyss. They didn’t need River making things any worse. Losing control while they were too far away for Iris to help them. Stupid, stupid useless queen. ”Tell me what you need.”

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Re: When You Need Me
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River's face creased beneath her hands, cheeks crinkling into a grin of pleasure. He nosed closer, sending the nervousness around her outer barriers. Hints of it staining the air and thickening his shields. She was safest there with him. Safe from him too. He wouldn't hurt her, not really. Maybe a little if he held on too tight, or kissed too hard.

"Nin. Alright." He didn't know where Nin was. Not sure he really cared, lowered his head so she could better reach the back of it. Her fingers tickling his neck and scalp. Not here, she said. Slowly, River let the runners fade into the distance, drawing his probe back in, looping a long arm around her waist. Pulling her closer. Tight. Flush against him. Warm queen's body to distract his own.

River rubbed his face against her temple. Tried her cheek with his lips, leaned in over her. Not too tall. He could still find that spot behind her ear. Body quivering. Here. His. She felt very good against him, especially with her hands on his shoulders, holding him tight. Keeping him grounded. Out of the way, so he could feel all of her against all of him.

"Okay. I let them go." River nuzzled, fed more power into his shields. His. Reassurance whispering from somewhere just above him in the Abyss. Grey to Grey, distaff to distaff. He could feel it only because it was familiar. Two matching queens in the house he lived in. Only one was for him though. Only Wren. His. All his. "There were two," he remembered, as if it excused the thing. Took away her guilt. He didn't want her to feel guilty.

"It's not your fault. Whatever happened in Nin." Far away Nin. Far away from his Wren. "Ahhh," he sighed as she trembled against him. Fear? River swept along her barriers, probes like currents, begging to be let in, to be made aware. So he could serve however she needed him. "Yes, it's right." Very right. Full of want and passive possession. Wishing she would stretch up again, wrap her arms around his neck, his mouth on hers, there in that spot, kissing it with parted lips.

"You're right." Very right. He ruined the rest of her braids, burying his fingers in her hair. His. Tongue tasting his. Mouth sucking at his. Want, want. All the frightened little bunnies outside forgotten. Hiding in their burrows. Shivering with fear. Best place for them. Closer and he'd gut them like a fox in the hen house. "You, is always," River panted against her throat, skin wet from his ministrations, words only half-sensical.

He was going to kiss Willbe when they got home.

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Re: When You Need Me
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Oh... No, no, no. Petting was supposed to make them feel better. Better enough to go away! Not that she wanted him gone right then. Just behaved! Not wrapping his arms around her waist. Or kissing at her cheeks and- Mother Night not there ! Wren clamped her knees together as he sniffed towards her ear. Couldn't risk wiggling free so she tucked in tighter, blushing hot face rubbing at his jacket until her nose wedged under his lapel. As if hiding in his clothes would save her from the crushing plumes of lust that poured off him.

Mother Night! What had she done now?! She knew she would screw it up. Do it wrong. It was her own fault, she was sure. For liking it. The ego stroke of his interest. Stupid Wren! At least he seemed to listen. Not to calm down, but to turn the intensity of his focus elsewhere. Onto her. ”Okay.” Her voice was small. He let them go. Good. But she couldn't say so. Terrified to give him praise while he was wound so tight. Maybe if she was very, very still he would settle?

Iris whispered along the provided thread. Nothing as helpful as actual words. Of course not. A heavy sense of reassurance was all she got. Things were ok. This would have to be ok too. Because the only thing controlling River was River. She had to figure this out on her own. She shivered again. Latching at the provided distraction she nodded, slow and careful against his too thin chest. ”That's right. Do you know what I saw in them?” Would he care now that he was… her face burned just to think the word- aroused. He was there though, hard against her hip. Mother. Fucking. Night.

Funny how his praise did such wicked things to her inside. Things she couldn’t think about while he stroked her barriers. ”I can’t let you in!” She almost cried into his sternum. Too much emotion flooding every layer. He would be confused! More confused. Babbling as he caught her with his mouth. She played dead. Or close to it. Still under the tickle of his warm wet tongue. Eyes closed because... shit. She didn’t even have a reason. Tried to remember to be very, very still. While her knees parted so that one of his could slip between them. To be very, very quiet. While she sucked a trembling breath between her gritted teeth.

What if she couldn’t? What if she got scared? He wasn’t some nice polite man she had paid to lead the pleasure! She could tell him to attend, but the word didn’t even sound right in her head! ”Okay. Okay, I’ll let you in. You can’t be upset and you have to be gentle.” She was more than nervous in there. She was almost afraid. Not of River, not really. But afraid of all the ifs and maybes giving in or pushing away might bring. Afraid too of the hot and needy he was coaxing out of places that should have forgotten to want touching by now. A wreck. She was a wreck caught in limbo. So she cracked her barriers open for him to see. To find the want her body had and the not want her mind reasoned at her, and fear of choosing either that was making her head spin!

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Re: When You Need Me
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She came closer, face rubbing against his chest. River liked it. In turn he came closer too, until there was no closer to get. She smelled amazing. Warm and sweet. Like endless fields of grass. It reminded him of home. Nose stroking the fold of his lapel.

”One was about your mother.” River whispered. Face buried in the crook of her neck. He wanted more, still. But he wasn’t sure. She was very still. No hissing or snarls or no. But not really any welcome either. But he wanted so badly. Still deep enough in his Jewel that everything sang, bright and glowing along the edges of his consciousness.

”You didn’t tell me what was in the one you didn’t finish.” The words were slow. Pulled up and up from somewhere else. Somewhere where he was less River. Less less. Less aroused. Less ready. Ready for Wren. For service. Sex or murder. Somewhere where he could think coherent thoughts about more than just those two things. About the webs they’d wove.

About being inside her barriers while she wove them.

”Why not?” He giggled, pressing more kisses to her neck. She didn’t taste like grass. Not at all. So much better to focus on her throat. Long, delicate, all his. Tender thing to rain kisses on. To suck. But never to bite. ”I’ve been there before,” he reminded her, muffled, voice rough, thigh sliding between hers as she relaxed. In. In. He wanted in. More. Her.


”Yes, yes!” Whatever she wanted! Sex. Murder. Gentle. He could be gentle. River rushed in, her parting barriers like a broken damn. His own sung, trembling and ready to fall away the second she touched them. He swarmed her, more shields. A careful one strung around the deepest part of her. Safe, safe.

Probes sliding along her webs. Testing. Tasting. Fear that wasn’t fear. A maelstrom of emotions that threatened to drown him. So many! All of them confused, many contradictory. River whistled through his nose. Not mad! He was fine. She was fine too. Safe. Safe with him.

”Shhhh.” Too much. Too much! He reached for Willbe again. Willbe would know! River knew too! There was a trick to it. A trick! Fingers sliding down, past her back. Below it. He could lift her too. Set her on that desk she’d been writing at. Lift her skirts up. Ease bother their turmoil. There was a trick! ”Pull!” River remembered. ”My hair. Hard. Or kick.” A wall too far away. Willbe too far away. River too full of wanting and Wren too full of confusion.

”Want, want, want.” He giggled, lips searching for hers. Maybe a kiss would steady her. Help her decide. ”Pull, Wren.” Someone at the stairs. River spun another shield. This floor was theirs now.

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Re: When You Need Me
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Talking didn’t help. Not Wren, anyway. His voice soft and his breath warm where it brushed through the downy vellus hairs of her neck. People always wanted her because she was a queen. This was very different. Not just the want to serve or guard. The wanting of a man for a woman.

She thought he ought to have been too young for that. Then again she had never actually asked how old he was. Knew only they were near in age, but she was older. Willbe older than them both. All the serenity she tried to command come so naturally to that one.

”Yes. It was about my mother. I could only see her ring at first, when I had to decide.” It felt like drowning. Except it made her stomach clench instead of her lungs. Stomach and lower places. Wren sucked her lips. Tried to remember what she was talking about. ”I only saw my hands. At the time. Curled up like a minute ago, in your shirt. But I didn’t know.” The panic started to swirl up again. Bubbling over the want. His. Hers. Theirs. ”I didn’t know and now a different queen was hurt or worse and I might have been able to stop it.”

There was no time for the guilt to rise again. Swallowed down as his childlike laughter rang in her ear. Quiet despite short shallow breaths. Panting maybe. Focus sharp on the feel of every soft lipfall. Then they parted again. And he sucked a whimper out of her. Not pained, but not ready to be willing either. Confusing. So confusing!

What was the question? Her eyes slid back into focus and she tried to tilt her chin up. His smirk was too much. She buried her face again. ”What?!” Where had he been? What had he seen? There was no space between them anymore. Not even enough for her to breathe properly. His arm a vice to keep her close. No moving. No moving. Not while he sounded like that and pressed delicate places.

Agreeing right before he lied. Slipping by her barriers in that feline way he had. So fast the air stuck in her lungs as she gasped. He shushed her. An Ebon-gray shield flowing around her inner webs. Where he flicked and played and touched everything. It was not the first time her web was shrouded. That memory floated up too. She had asked that man not to kiss her, he did nice things. Made her feel very nice things. But she hadn’t wanted to feel his mouth on hers, and he hadn’t been offended. She shooed the memory away. To hide the rest. The second request. The one Holt had answered with a sassy laugh. Told her she didn’t have much choice, he was good at his job. And the satisfying was part of that job.

Away,  away, away. She wouldn’t think of that anymore. This was not like that. She wasn’t doing any of that now. Was she? He was laughing again. Her arms had slid up to curl around his neck. Toes curling in their stockings. ”I couldn’t!” She mumbled. Letting his lips brush her jaw. Instinct turning her parted mouth to his. What was she doing? She didn’t even know anymore. Fingers tangling in his hair. Would one kiss be so bad? Be too much? Or would it be alright? Make him hers, hers? She did pull his hair. To bring his face lower. Unschooled kisses exploring the lip she had watched laugh and pout so many times in the last month.

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”I liked it.” River told her between breathes in the story. Her hands clutching his shirt. Dragging his collar against the back of his neck. Pinning them together. It had been nice.

He liked the rest of her story less. Whining against her shoulder. No! No more queens! Distressed, he squeezed her, just a little closer. Rubbed against her, trying to bring his focus away from the bodies outside his shield and back to the one inside it.

”Willbe has her.” He muttered, tongue tasting a hollow, pieces falling into place. ”He was healing.” Big healing. River shook the memory away, deepened his shield. Pressed it farther down the stairs. This was his queen, and they could not have her. His and only his, the curve of her hip the perfect place for him. Not to rest but to rock. To coax a little pleasure out.

Bucking when she whimpered, all other queens forgotten.

”Hmm?” What what? River didn’t know. She was warm. Sunlit meadows. Fresh water. Sweat salt. Want, want, want.  In. In where she let him. Panting as he explored. Hungry. More. Want, want, want. Memories rising up out of her emotions. River chased them like a hound after a hair. Pleasure without kissing. Sex. Sex full of finely placed shields. Much better than the one he had managed.

Sex. River groaned as Wren hid the memory from him. But her arms had snuck up around his neck while he had been chasing her memories. River sighed. He liked when she held on to him instead of pushed him away. Even as she refused to do as he asked. To save them both.

”Okay.” If that was how she wanted it. Wanted it. Him. Want, want, want. River let go of her hair. Both hands low, lower, cupping her ass, pulling at her. Kneading. Her cheek slipping past his lips as she turned toward him. Not away. No hissing. Whimpering, River gave in. Caught her mouth in his, claimed it. His. Tongue sweeping in to really taste her.

Soft lips, hard teeth. His Wren. Tugging his hair. Not hard enough to bring clarity, just enough to bring him close. River did as she asked. Let her have his mouth too. Distracted them both while he wrapped careful craft around. He had practice now.  Lifting her up until he could slip his hips between her thighs. Halting steps forward until his knuckles scraped against the desk.

Here. He set her down, never letting go, her weight settling onto his kneading fingers. Grunting as his hips bucked against her, mouth more demanding. Sucking at lips and tongue. Trying to swallow her. Show her. Wren. Wren.

”Wren!” Such soft lips. Sweet kisses. How badly he wanted to fuck her.

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”Good ol’ Willbe.” Wren said on a sigh as her neck craned to give him better access. They felt good there; at her throat. His lips. Nose still tucked to his chest. River smelled like clean things. Linen left to sun dry on a line. Wild flowers with dew clinging to their petals. Nearly overpowered though, by the scent of lust. Mingling to envelop her senses. Judgment clouded as she became the narrow focus of his wanting.

A choking sort of giggle pressing through her teeth as he rubbed himself along the hollow where her leg met her pelvis. Poor boyo. Her hands petted. Knowing it brought him little if any relief. Not the sort is taut young body craved at least. Small fingertips slipping through the gaps between his shirt buttons. Brushing the soft skin they found while the heel of her palm twisted against the center of his chest.

Want. Stirring sleepily up from the center of her. Flower turning its wilted face up to the sun. Searching for more. Not sure how much she could take. How much he could take. So the same way she had pushed her fingers into his shirt she pressed a probe at his barriers. If there was resistance it was fleeting. His need swamped her down. Crushing. Poor, poor boyo.

It was flattering, to be the center of his attention. The solution to a problem instead of a greater problem.  He had warned her. Given her an out. She thought, if she was careful she still could. But it was hard to want less when he wanted so much! When it was bubbling over into his rocking hips. Gasping again her hips bumped the neediest part of him. Trying to escape the unexpected grip. Strong fingers squeezing. She was flushed properly now. From roots to toes probably. Rising to the tips of them- her toes- to reach.

Reach a warm mouth that knew what it was doing. River was the better kisser. She thought, with a hissing in her chest, that he must have had a lot of practice. Her on lips were slower, unsure. That must have been alright; he didn’t stop to complain. Wren wiggled and writhed. Tried to keep up with is clever tongue but fell short. Then he let her have a turn. A few slower moments for her to suck his bottom lip between her own. To flick the tip of her tongue along is palette.

So engrossed with the exploring, she was startled to find herself suddenly lifted. Her knees dragged up to wrap around his waist. Hard bones pressing at her thighs through his slim frame. Hands shifting to cling to his shoulder blades. Chest pressing hard. The tiny points on both tight and aching. Nearly as desperate for touching as the very center of her. Now it really wanted touching. Rubbed against the hard length of him. Too many layers between for any real relief.

When had so much want built up in her?

River must have tasted it. Humping at her the second she was on the desk top. The heels of her feet digging in just above his buttcheeks. Locking him in place. So he ground against the spot she liked best. Blushing still as his calculated kissing turned to something hotter. Consuming. How much did she want? She could have cried.

”River.” She answered back. A little more? Could he give her a little more? If she stripped now and satisfied them both would he tell? Her forehead fell to his collarbone. Fingers plying at his shoulders again. He would tell Willoughby if he saw her naked! And who knew who else! There was no closing her knees now, though. No pushing him away. Maybe he could rub out his pleasure this way. Then she could slink off to a shower or bed and find her own respite. She knew how. It didn’t even take long.

Then again, she ran her fingers down his arms until they met the curve of her own bottom. River had fingers too. He could probably be taught.

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Re: When You Need Me
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Good old Willbe indeed. River had a kiss for his dear cousin when they got home. A hard wet one for work well done. Conniving work. Naughty Willbe, River thought, tongue tickling its way up Wren’s exposed neck to wag behind her ear. Good Wren. So surprisingly welcoming.

”Are you laughing at me?” He questioned, tone too deep to be a whisper, too soft to be a growl. Not really caring if she did laugh. Quickly and easily distracted by the fingers she slid through the gaps between his buttons. His whole body lunging toward the touch. Skin to skin.

River moaned. His lust a torrent. It rose to greet her as she pressed into his barriers. Hot, needy, greed. Her presence inside his barriers only fueling the fire. Less worried about her worries or confusion. She was there, soft in his arms. Almost pliant. Almost willing. A wanting all her own waking beneath her roiling emotions. Too much thinking.

So River tried to chase the thinking away. With his mouth. Over hers. Kissing. On her neck. Sucking. With his hips. Thrusting once he got her onto the desk. His desperate rocking caught and held by her heels. River didn’t stop, the movement simply contained to a point she liked best. He sighed and trailed kisses on her jaw, eyes sweeping her body.

”Mmm.” Was his answer, fingers flexing as she slipped hers down the meet them. Squeezing the handful of flesh he held in each. Want roaring. He was so very ready. Half spent, almost. Groaning he worked his hands free of her skirts. Nearly ripped his jacket in half pulling it off. Actually ripping his buttons loose trying the undo them.

Exposing he pale, thin chest she had want to pet before. Heart hammering beneath the gleaming Jewel that hung from his neck.

”I hope it’s not a favorite.” As he tore her dress open at the neckline. A shield sliding between fabric and skin as he used craft to open her dress up. Expose her to him as he was exposed. Bare breasts making him whimper. River buried his face between them. Panting hard and twitching. If just a glimpse days ago had nearly undone him, this was pure, blissful torture. Want. Want. Want.

He tried to devour them. Hands and mouth. Squeezing and pressing. Licking and sucking as he had done with her neck. But better because the nipples strained to be in his mouth. Between his fingers. Ass still wriggling under her heels. Want. Want. Want. Breath rasping through his teeth. Around her nipples. Whistling down his nose.

Heavy, whimpering panting.

Offline Wren Cloverbridge

Re: When You Need Me
« Reply #12 on: February 13, 2018, 09:09:20 PM »

Kisses were not what she intended to give Willoughby Willowbanks when she saw him next. Not even close. That was for later, though. In another day or several. Depending on what Rodgau- and Iris of course- needed her to do.

Right now she was too busy being stupid. Caught up in the moment. Overwhelmed by so many emotions; it was much more pleasant to give in to the physical sensations instead. A smirk before her lip disappeared between her teeth. ”Yes.” She didn’t lie. Not while his tone made her knees quake. Not while he dominated every iota of her being. Hands on her body, psyches linked to the chalice and back. Besides, it was amusing, the frantic way he thrust at her through their clothes.

On the inside, behind his barriers, River was all warlord prince. That silly grin he wore so often and his unexpected docile nature hide it well. Of course Wren had always known. The intensity she found there was not a surprise. He was more man there too. Riled up. Impatient for release. Throbbing with furious lust.

Mother Night help her she enjoyed it. Lapped at his neck and ear and shoved the tip of her tongue passed his teeth.

Liked too much the way he tasted. A hint of salt over a... a... she didn’t have a word for the earthy notes his skin held. Hers. That came close. He tasted as hers as he smelled and felt. Pinching fingers at her bottom. All that need on the inside burning to get out. There was no chance to help him with his suit. Or his shirt. Buttons spilling to the floor and bouncing away. They sounded like tiny applause she thought.

While they were parted for a moment she looked over him with curious interest. He looked so damned young out of his dapper suit! Almost completely opposite of the darker thing that  lived behind his barriers. A scrawny boyo. Skin tight over thin muscle that barely concealed his rib cage. Her thumb ran over the Jewel pendant, pressing it into his skin then letting it swing free again before moving down. Tips of her nails catching the hem of his pants. Hanging there at the button but not quite pulling. Out of the way of his constant humping.

There was only a second of warning before her bodice parted. Wren drew her elbows in with a distressed hiss; trying to cover her breasts as they spilled from her ruined corset. Rounder than such a slip of a girl had a right to possess. Turned up at the tips as if they were designed to want. Her hands were too slow. His face delved into the gap between them. She raked her fingers through his hair instead. Down the back of his neck as he turned a feverish mouth to delicate, sensitive places. ”Holy shit.” Her back arched. Bum hopping off the desk for a second. More, more, more. Wiggling her hips Wren slid to the very edge. Knees parted wide. Useless skirts laying in folds around her thighs. If it had been a favorite she didn’t know. It was what they packed for her to wear. She couldn’t even say if it was new or worn a dozen times.

She was not close. Not yet. Too tense and nervous and unsure for climax. River, on the other hand, could. It was glorious. Not just the feel of every suckle rippling from the base of her nipples down her spine to a much more sensitive bud. It was the sounds he made. The sounds he made her make. The difference in sensation between a pinch and lick. Not knowing which would come next. Something darker in her too, liked it all. Liked his head bowed there, and the feel of control curling around his soft head of hair gave. Her boy.

Young, selfish, virile and desperate.

”Just do it.” She thought she was begging, it felt like begging when her hips squirmed to meet the impact of his thrusts. But it sounded like a demand. Only softened because her hands shook and her face burned raw. ”Do it now before my mind changes.” Fucking fuck her the little shit!

Offline River Well

Re: When You Need Me
« Reply #13 on: February 14, 2018, 05:17:09 PM »

River’s teeth flashed as her thumb stroked  his Jewel and setting. The silver metal biting into his skin, Jewel warm to the touch. Throbbing like the rest of him. Alive. Writhing. Feeding shields he only half remembered laying. Frightening the remaining guests of the inn.

Flaring as her nails trailed down his skin. A hiss through bared teeth, stomach twitching beneath her touch. Goaded onward by her touch. To bare her flesh and taste it. Tongue, lips, fingers. His, his. Nails at his scalp, fingers in his hair. Tugging, scratching. But not hard enough to bring him focus. Just to tease him. More, more. Pulling curses from her.

Good curses that made him giggle in the valley between her breasts. Made him harder. So hard it hurt, the only thing that kept him from writhing in agony was Wren. The place between Wren’s legs what he rubbed himself. Rubbed her. Over and over again until the zipper on his trousers chafed and he was sure he was going to die. Mouth more fervent. Hungrier.


Wren liked it too, River thought. Arching beneath him. Fingers tickling his neck. More, they asked. Hot yearning washing away all her thoughts. Sticking his tongue in her belly button, River pushed at her skirts. Head bobbing, compliance in every line of his body. Fuck her he would. One hand working at his button and zipper while the other reach under her skirts.

Fingers and palm sliding over the place he had been rubbing against. River made a strangled sound in his throat and sucked at the skin of her stomach. Ready enough, he wondered, fingers sliding between skin and under garments. Pulling them downward even as he managed, finally, the button on his trousers. His own arousal forcing the zipper down. Freeing him.

”Alright. Alright.” River vanished the damp fabric between them. Leaned up, elbow propped near her shoulder. ”Wren...” He kissed her cheek, jaw, fingers brushing that ever so private place. Thumb stroking downward over the center. Ready enough. He could do little but serve.

A swift, searing kiss, and he was in. Bowed over her, hands pulling her thighs farther down as he thrust inward, burying himself with a groan. Over and over again. Mouth at her breasts once more. Eager suckling as he fucked her, just liked she asked, just as he knew how. No finesse. Just raw want over and over again.

Hands traveling from hips to breasts to hair. Her name whispered against sweet tasting nipples. Too fast! Too soon! It built up in him. Raging. He tried very hard to keep her with him. Careful not to bite no matter how desperate he grew. Want. Want. Pantings and gasping against her skin. Her mouth. Quivering with it.

Offline Wren Cloverbridge

Re: When You Need Me
« Reply #14 on: February 14, 2018, 09:42:33 PM »

He was easy to please. That, at least, was one small benefit of her reclusive nature. Left them always wanting more. Made every bit she gave more precious. Of course she had never given this much. Never in this way. No lovers in her past. Just a man she’d frightened by kissing once. When she was still a girl. The Sapphire and her caste enough to make him sit still while she tried. He hadn’t liked it though, and his fear ruined the experience. So she had never tried that sort of thing again. Until the Virgin Night she had paid for.

There was no frightening River though. And the act itself all the payment he wanted. She could feel it in their link. Let his urgency become her urgency. His need strengthen hers when a thousand worries tried to overwhelm her again.

He had enough want for ten people.

Burned her with it. Seams of his pants nearly rubbing the insides of her thighs raw. She clung to him anyway. Ankles still locked tight. Keeping his angle precise. There, where his hardness could slide over her softness just right. If she could only relax! That had been the problem last time too. Heard it whispered as an instruction before more Night of Fire was given. That had helped.

This time there was no brew to make her body behave. There was only River and his Wellspring of wanting. Hot tongue slipping over hard nipples. She stretched, half under him when he ducked his head lower. Tickled her naval, making her choke on a gasping little laugh. An arm moved behind her back to brace herself as his hands disappeared. Both between their bodies. She tried to keep still. Not to shame herself writhing under the hand that took up where his hips left off. Firm strokes to contrast the sharper feel of his mouth along her abdomen. Head tipping back. Skin kept from skin by a thin layer of cotton. Until it wasn’t. Wren laid back, the arm that had kept her propped up a moment before sneaking up to cover her eyes. Hips shifting to help him pull her panties lower. 

They were gone, already, when she realized he was checking- trying to see if she was wet enough. Her face was already as flushed as it was capable of getting. River slipped back up her body. Kissed her own name into her cheeks. Coaxing her to peek out from under her forearm. Her other hand roamed down his side. Hesitating at his hip. Almost reached to explore him further.

But then he touched again. The most intimate place of all. Prompting her knees to pull up higher. A whimper pressed into the hard kiss he leveled on her. Almost enough to distract from the penetration. Almost.

Wren’s head cocked back on a strangled cry. Half pained, wholly startled. Too tense. Too nervous. She had forgotten the sensation of being filled. Through their link she claimed his pleasure for her own instead. Duller than it was for him. Hips straining against his grip. Trying to reposition herself. To find another angle. Take less of the length he thrust into her. Again and again. Tactless and aching. She latched at the link they shared, focused on the building release it brought him. Trembling as his mouth found her breast again. Rocking hips and shaking limbs.

Her hands cradled his face for a deeper kiss. Sucked his tongue into her mouth. Slippery just like she was slippery. The slickness easing the initial friction of River’s rabid fucking. Or else her muscles had managed to do what the rest of her could not. Relax. Let him in. Want, want, want. She found his hand, curled her fingers around his to drag it back to the place he had touched before. Mind begging for the touch while her voice begged for more. ”Not yet, not yet. Please not without me.” He couldn’t finish without her! She would be too embarrassed to ask for what she needed then. And she needed. She needed bad.

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