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Questions and Answers
« on: February 11, 2018, 08:44:20 AM »
Lili slowed her walking and placed a hand on her chest, trying to rid her mind of the picture that she and Kyle had come back to. A dead male and a garden full of violence and fear. The strength of it had been nearly overwhelming and she stumbled back against Kyle but didn’t turn her eyes away from the scene. Something awful had happened here, and a Queen’s blood had been spilled. Ophelia’s blood. Her heart clenched at the thought of that, at the macabre beauty that had sprung from the blood that had been shed. Had she and Kyle not ran off, she might have been there to help. To do that job she had been hired to do, terminated contract or not. She was a Healer damn it! but also a Queen now she shook her head and glared at nothing. Now that she had revealed that she was a Queen as well as a Healer, she couldn’t go back to being just the one. Especially not with when Kyle needed her as much as he did.

She glanced up at the back of the man she loved as they walked through the Residence towards Ophelia’s rooms. The events in the garden worried her and she wanted to make sure Ophelia was alright. She couldn’t sense the Yellow Jeweled Queen, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t here. It was possible, if she were hurt, that someone had shielded her rooms. If that someone had a darker Jewel than neither Lili or Kyle would be able to sense the former Queen of Nin. When she said as much to Kyle he protested, saying that it wasn’t safe, that he needed to get her out of here, but she wouldn’t have it. He finally relented and after shielding them both, which she was more than capable of doing herself damn it, they made their way towards the Queen’s rooms.

She sighed softly. She’d known this would be how it was if she ever outed herself. Especially with Kyle. She was still going to miss her privacy and independence. When they reached the doors to what used to be Opehlia’s rooms, Lili knocked gently calling out to the Yellow Jeweled Queen.

“Lady Shore, are you in there? We saw blood in the garden and I wanted to make sure you were alright.” She paused for a moment and continued. “I know we’ve never been really close, but I just wanted to make sure you were alright…” still no answer. After probing the door for any kind of shield or trap, she used Craft to open the door, allowing Kyle to go first, even if she didn’t like it. When she entered the room after being told it was safe, she did so, surprised and even more worried to find it empty.

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He’d wondered if they would come back. Shielded his scent, just in case, but upon hearing the soft voice that called out into the room, he began to wonder if there was a need. A Queen. Yes, he’d sensed it the last time he was here, catching the muffled scent as though from a great distance.

It was stronger now. And he was here.

Aeon probed back, a gentle acknowledgment of the Queen’s presence. A shock of dark hair, shot with silver, appeared from behind the wardrobe. He regarded the pair through crooked spectacles.

“She’s fine,” said Aeon, amicably. “I took her somewhere safe. Sorry about the body—there was no time.” Or, depending on one’s perspective, there had been just time enough.

He stepped out from behind his cover, rumpled but otherwise in good spirits.

“I’m Aeon. I’ve committed myself to Lady Ophelia’s service for the time being, so I came to collect her things.” His gaze lingered on the Queen; the other one may well not have been there at all, for all the attention Aeon was paying him.

“You are wearing your gift without fear, Lady. It suits you.”

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Re: Questions and Answers
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Lili froze as the man stepped from behind the wardrobe, and she felt Kyle stiffen beside her. She raised her arm, signaling Kyle to stand down, giving him a silent nudge on a direct Sapphire thread. She remembered the feel of this power, the weight of it pressing down on her while she was laying in her bed. At the time, it hadn’t been directed at her, so she hadn’t felt overly threatened by it. In fact, there was something about it that comforted the side of her that was a Queen. As if something inside of her knew instinctively that the owner of that power could be trusted by a Queen, would shield a Queen if it was asked.

When the man, Aeon, spoke and informed them that Ophelia was alright, she felt a weight lifted from her shoulders. When he mentioned the body, she shook her head.
“Thank the Darkness. I'm glad to hear that she is safe. When I saw all that blood….” she paused and shook her head.“I wasn’t concerned about the body. If he was the one who hurt Lady Shore, then he got what he deserved.”her eyes widened as she realized he had given his name, but probably didn't know hers. "It's a pleasure to meet you Aeon, though I wish it were under better circumstances. I'm Lilika Pyralis, and this is Kyle Medin." she gestured to the man beside her.

Her eyes widened at his comment, his bluntness taking her by surprise. If he was the one she thought he was, the one that had visited before, it was no surprise that he would know her secret. His Jewel was far darker than the charms Red limit, but she hadn’t expected him to mention it so casually.  She smiled, the gesture a bit shy and sheepish, while her eyes held a tint of sadness.

“Thank you, Prince. It’s a gift that I’m still getting used to and it comes with some heavy responsibilities. However, it was time, past time really.” she glanced around the room mournfully. “Though, had I been braver sooner, maybe none of this would have happened…”

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Re: Questions and Answers
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Kyle was on edge. He had every right to be, and it was expected of him. He could sense the violence, the Blood. He had called in his sword as soon as they'd returned. He didn't have time to lament whether or not the spilled blood was his fault.  He had to protect Lili, and ensure whether Lady Shore was alive.  He couldn't leave until he made sure the Yellow Queen was alive.

However he'd wanted Lili to return to his cabin. He wanted her hidden away. This reminded him too much of Lady Fields and he didn't want her here and in danger.  She'd objected.  And the seconds it took to argue, Kyle had 'decided', forced really, to allow her presence.  The compromise was that she would shield herself and he would shield her, though he didn't tell her he doubled it.  His own shield was similarly leveled in two. Kyle searched, gently probing out for anything, it seemed no one was here and nothing was coming back from his probe. His warrior instinct, finely tuned, was sure something was wrong and he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.  What had happened?  Where was everyone?  Rumors hadn't even started to spread yet, not that he'd heard.

Kyle looked at the door, probing into the room gently at first, respectfully. That changed when he found nothing.  He watched as Lili opened the door.  His hand was on his sword as he walked in, looking for anything, any sign, any chance she was here.

Kyle growled as he was allowed to sense it.  Kyle could sense the Prince, and how far he outranked him by Jewel.  He stepped in front of Lili, a grim acknowledgement that he was her shield and would die for her. Of course she easily handled him and her proficiency in it showed as she yanked him away from the Killing Edge before he even had any traction towards it. He still only stepped to her side, not giving the other Prince a direct line to the Queen in the room.

"Prince Medin." Kyle said politely to his Queen, his eyes never leaving the other man's but showing him respect due to Caste and Jewels. He didn't speak again until his Lady had finished.  "Yes, Prince Aeon.  It is appreciated that you were here in time to save Lady Shore. You must be the Dark Jewel male she spoke so fondly of." His speech was dry and monotone.  His body however was still unsure about the male, ready to fight if need be.  His hands were no long resting on his weapons though, and were clearly visible. "Is she well and recovering? There was a lot of blood."
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Re: Questions and Answers
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Aeon listened as the Queen spoke, although his gaze traveled now along the glistening edge of her Prince’s sword. Hers, then. They smelled of one another, and Aeon knew the look in the man’s eyes because he had once worn it as his own.

“Lady Pyralis,” he said warmly, bowing to them both. “Prince Medin. Rest assured, the evil at work here was not your making. I have been tracking these men for some time under the instruction of Lady Crag, following the murder of… Lady Fields.”

Hard to say, even now; if he had known of the Territory’s ailment sooner, he might have been able to save her, too.

But never mind.

“Did she speak fondly of me?”
Aeon smiled, but there was a hint of something else—bitterness, perhaps, or sorrow. “Yes. I have been here once before, to see her. She was a great help to me.”

The Prince’s hand slid from the hilt of his sword, and Aeon relaxed his shoulders in response. Then he smiled at Lilika, eyes crinkling at the corners.

“You have been very brave, Lady Pyralis. And I am relieved to see you are not alone in your journey.” A nod to Kyle, then. “She is well. I took her immediately to Walcourt, and the Healers tended to her most wonderfully.”

But she was shaken. Hell’s fire, even Aeon was shaken; there were so many Queens in Little Terreille, and he could not ignore the lingering worry that all of them were in danger.

“There will be more of them, Prince Medin.” He spoke seriously, eyes glinting like hard steel. “Keep your guard up, and your sword to hand. If you see anything suspicious, please call for me immediately.”

His thirst for the Queen killers’ blood had not been slaked. Would never be, not until they were gone, whispers in Darkness. A wondering hand trailed the edge of the vanity mirror. He’d sat here, the night he visited her.

It vanished, bench and all. The wardrobe followed, and then more, until the furniture had nearly gone from the room.

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