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Parbelavi / Re: Kitten Capers
« Last post by Allexar Nova on Today at 08:52:33 AM »
Allexar was shocked out of his thoughts by a greeting and an excited squeal. Instinctively he snapped up an aural shield around the basket, hissing to the new arrival " Quiet! They're sleeping!" and sounding all too much like an overprotective father for his own liking.

He didn't want them to wake. Not yet. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with them yet. He was currently more concerned with where they had come from.

Using craft to hold the door open, he motioned the young hearth witch inside,  the first room of his chambers was an office cum sitting room where very carefully he lay the kittens upon a tabletop.  Leaving the Aural shield in place while he spoke with the seemingly excited white jewelled witch.

" My Doorstep." He explained frankly, only considering now that perhaps he had overreacted to her sudden appearance, and the squeal had been a quiet sort of one... now he felt foolish. "What do you mean 'That was it then!'?" he enquired, glancing worriedly over at his slumbering charges while he awaited her answer. Witches did say the strangest things sometimes. He fidgeted slightly, feeling the need to pace, but restraining himself.

"I think maybe they were left as a prank... or ... I'm not sure, someone obviously didn't want them... or wanted me to have them. What am I supposed to do with a basket full of kittens? " he was talking to himself more so than to Baian... ah yes.. that was her name, sometimes he struggled with such things, though he knew her face and knew the faces of all those under his charge at court.

"I suppose they will be hungry when they wake up..."
Applications in Progress / Re: Merit
« Last post by The Darkness on Yesterday at 10:44:39 PM »
The Darkness has granted you...
Tiger Eye
Cut 8
Cut 46
Heyasi Province / Re: Some Mornings
« Last post by Iseul Yi on Yesterday at 05:39:31 PM »
        It was the breath we took when we first met.

That was more like the Ji-hun she remembered- a bit optimistic and insightful. There was still something more reticent about him now, shy almost. The way he squirmed in his chair. But she could see more clearly now the boy she had known was not gone. Just grown. Maybe it took time to ease from escort to self? It was not a position men were born to the same way a healer was always a healer. She was hopeful in more time he would be more comfortable in her company. Free to speak and be who he wanted. Safe, even, to do so. ”It could very well be a start.”

 ”I would be honored to make an introduction. The lady is…” Iseul hesitated, choosing her words with care. ”she has…” Surely her struggle was a clear sign she should stay silent? Nearly giving up she smiled apologetically at him as the aroma of dark coffee enveloped their table. She wanted to tell Ji-hun, though, without telling him, that more progressive minds in court would only buoy their queen. Perhaps even the whole territory in time. There could be no dynamic growth without forward thinkers gaining a foot in the door. ”Hmmm. You’re an easy person to speak with. I believe the lady will agree. The court as a whole would benefit from more of such a personality.”

She was certain Lady Cho would find Ji-hun pleasant. Would he find the lady as fascinating as Iseul did? Or even… more interesting than Iseul was? That seemed a certainty too. They were only friends, she reminded herself, as a heavy little rock of self doubt settled in her chest. Hidden but not dissipated as he smiled at the sugar blossoms in her cup.

”Ah, you know me, always on the cutting edge.” She smiled under his wink. Reminded too of excursions from the acceptable path. Rooftop people watching under Sapphire shields. Fighting another blush Iseul recalled too the way that same Sapphire had shielded that most intimate part of her, webs remaining strong behind his protection. Did he offer to travel with her out of politeness, or did he really want to? Following his lead she sat up straighter, cupping her hands around the warmth of her cup.

On the surface there was a residual pattern from the sugar. An outline of petals, as if it was reluctant to fully melt away. She blew lightly and it faded. ”Perhaps I should find out. It’s been a long time since I left the city and I’ve always wanted to travel more. See Busei during a trade fair, or the terrace farms in Quehan.” In the Province court, and districts before it, there was too much work for such frivolity. Now, however, she had good reason to visit each province in the line of her duties.

Taking a first, tentative sip she licked the inside of her lip. There was something wholeheartedly refreshing about the flavor of a strong coffee. Ji-hun watched her across the table. Drawing her own eyes to him over and over again. Each time she looked away though, his gaze making her bashful. Not sure what he was looking for, or if could be found in someone as meek as she tended to be. Not sure how she would feel if it was not.

Glad for the distraction she shook her head lightly. ”Three right now, but it depends. Healers have a harder time with the exams than other castes.” She mentioned, a hand falling away from her cup, palm up in a short gesture before returning, ”So the pool of apprentices for courts can be slim. The smaller courts need the most useful girls, so I tend to end up with the ones that are struggling with concepts or scored low.”

She was rambling. Felt the weight of her conscious telling her to stop before she made a fool of herself, but if she was quiet he might not have a reason to look at her anymore. ”You saw Danbi Bac in the infirmary this morning. She’s been with me five years, so she’s like my right hand. She starts a district contract in Anahi soon, though. There’s Lady Park as well, who started here last year. You saw the newest, Byeol Weon, in the hall yesterday.”

There was nothing wrong with Byeol’s skills or bedside manner. Nothing to prompt her last mentor to send her to Iseul. And the healer worried her newest team member was there for more than instruction. ”What about you? Do escorts train apprentices?” She asked.
Applications in Progress / Re: Merit
« Last post by Merit on Yesterday at 04:38:16 PM »
Randy roll please ^_^
Applications in Progress / Merit
« Last post by Merit on Yesterday at 04:37:39 PM »

The Basics

Full Name: Merit
Age: 5
Gender/Pronouns: male/him/his

Ethnicity: Ascella, Kindred, SL
Birthplace: Askavi
Current Location: Askavi
Profession: wanderer

Caste: Warlord
Birthright Jewel: Jewel (CUT ##)
Offering Jewel: Jewel (CUT ##)

Face Claim: batty bat bat

The Body

Height: one whole foot!
Body Type: winged and furry
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: bright brown

Anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs. Describe what sets your character apart on sight: any notable facial features, scars, or tattoos; how they dress; what kind of body language they use; how (or if) they display their Jewels; et cetera. Be sure to double-check and abide by the racial characteristics laid out in our lore section.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15/15pts
Telekinetic Manipulation
Passing Through Objects
Sight Shields
Power Blast
Psychic Communication
Craft Weaknesses:

Personal Strengths:
Personal Weaknesses:

At least two five-sentence paragraphs. Bring your character to life; you can tell us about their habits, their goals, how they react to—and interact with—others, what they’re like when they’re happy or angry, and so on.

The Backstory

  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste

Aim for several descriptive paragraphs or a detailed timeline. This section should contain the circumstances of a character’s birth (unless they are unknown), a bit about their childhood, their Birthright Ceremony (if applicable), their Offering Ceremony (if applicable), and any other important milestones they might have encountered, like a Virgin Night, a death in their immediate family, or anything impactful that shaped them into the individual they are today.

The Writer

Player Name: dergon/cole
Player Pronouns: she/her
Timezone: -6
Contact: PM or discord
How did you find us?: I was in the closet

Inactivity Instructions: Archive. However works best.
Roeselare Province / Re: Take Flight
« Last post by Elia Anil on Yesterday at 12:38:00 PM »

"I'm sure we could find something to rent." There was a glint in his smile that expanded the sentence without words. Or take. Elia wasn't above a bit if property poaching in order to spend a long cold night with one, or both, of his women. And the cold of Glacia was just the right place. It was cold, so they would have to stay close, wouldn't they? Elia certainly thought so.

"Very funny." It wasn't funny at all. Elia canted Mori a look, arm taking hers again. Saucy vixen. Sometimes he wanted to lock her in a room and keep her there for her own good. And his. But he knew it was futile. And a road that would quickly lead him to just where he didn't want to be. Bereft. Because Mori wasn't the sort of witch to stand for such nonsense. Damn independent streak.

"Should I?" Elia pulled a door open and all but stuffed her inside the eatery. THe smell of warm food and rich drink surrounding them. Good. He was hungry. Always hungry when certain people were about. He'd feed her and feel a little better for all the time spent apart when he couldn't. "I don't know if I should." He grinned, bristling only a little when someone came to seat them.

"Are you sure? Maybe you have forgotten, or didn't notice." Stalked them to the table, dismissing one and pointing to a booth. He wanted to crowd her. Feed her himself, maybe. No tables between them, or gaps between one seat and the next. They'd been too long apart for proper tables. "That one." Tucked into the corner. Private. Safe. Good.

The Waoud Lands / Re: In Daylight
« Last post by Nyree on Yesterday at 11:31:22 AM »

Nyree shrugged her shoulders. The same lecture he gave her every time they got too close. Touched on accident. Or his temper ruptured for whatever reason. Usually because she had been annoying or foolish. Or someone else had. Or other reasons she couldn’t fathom because she’d never fully grasped the inner workings of the male mind.

”No.” Was the answer she sent along with that shrug. Quiet enough that he could ignore it if he wanted. But it was Nyree’s declaration. She was tired of tip toeing around him and heeding rules to the extent she had - which admittedly was not much. She trusted him, and he would just have to accept that. She wasn’t going to be careful because she didn’t want to. Hell’s Fire he’d warned and nagged and protected during his rut. And still hadn’t hurt her, even when he had gotten her onto her back and driven himself inside just as he’d warned.

”I meant you,” Nyree complained, smiling as she bit her lip. She liked when he grinned like that. It made her toes curl in the scorched grass at his feet. It was almost better than his scowl. Really Nyree couldn’t pick which way he looked the most handsome. Maybe this way because it was more rare. More precious.

”Okay.” Nyree pressed her cheek to him, eyes half closed. Sweet Enele. Patient Enele. She felt it welling up inside her, like an underground stream slowly burbling to the surface. Rising up and bubbling over. But she kept it to herself, let it spill over within her barriers rather than without. Afraid to frighten him with it. To cause him guilt or doubt or pity. No pressure. No demands.

”Just the branches. Got it.” She could do that, she was sure of it. Nyree stretched her fingers out across his back and eyes the tree. It looked taller lying flat than it had standing up. Strange. She would have thought it would look smaller. Branches. She could cut branches away. It was like pruning, she thought. Nyree looked up at his lips touched her temple. Warm, and a strange sort of soft-hard. ”Yes. Two hands. No shirt.”

She plucked at the offending garment. Men did not wear shirts when they cut wood. Nyree knew this. She’d seen it. Unless it was raining of very cold, they did not wear shirts while cutting wood. She thought it was a good practice.

Her chin left his chest as he kissed her forehead. Leaned back beneath the pressure until his mouth swooped down to press against her own. All of her melted, body leaning limply into his. It was nice. It made her feel good. Not hot like last night, a more gentle sort of good. Happy. It made her feel happy. Arm around her waist. Lips close enough to kiss again if she wanted. Nyree squeezed him.

”Nope! But I can, I’m pretty sure.” Happy. Nyree grinned at him. The happy expanding like a glow. It was okay to let the happy out. Happy wasn’t threatening. Hopping up on her toes, she kissed him back. Quick, like the peck of a bird. Happy. Wiggling free of his arm and bounding to the box, hatchet snatched free and angled ruler dug for. Nyree held it up to the light, hatchet dangling from one hand behind her back, and looked at it quizzically. How did this help? ”This?” She asked, holding it toward the tree, turning it this way and that, one eye closed to focus on it.

It bisected the tree. Cutting it into sections. Separating it from itself. This made the lines and the hatchet would make the cut. There would be no pain. The tree wouldn’t feel it. It was like pruning. It was good. Nyree licked her lips, her power spiking, suffusing the ground, rushing toward the grassy patches they had killed in their anger.

”You know..” Nyree turned, held the tools out to him. ”I’ve changed my mind. Is it alright if I just hand you things?”

Heyasi Province / Re: Some Mornings
« Last post by Ji-hun Seo on Yesterday at 01:56:30 AM »

Something in him broke away at her laughter. Floated toward the rough and red painted rafters. It was so... unfettered. How could something in him not spring free in sympathy? Laughing mouth covered by her hand. Ji-hun studied the way her fingers curled against her palm. The way her eyes nearly shut in her mirth.


”One might beget the other,” he suggested once she settled. He wished she would keep on laughing forever. The sound of it was simply amazing. Ji-hun fidgeted, restless with the thought of it. Embarrassed. ”I do not know that I will ever meet the esteemed lady, but if I do, I will mention big bowls and small tables.” Little word smith. She might have made a dangerous courtier in another life.

Ji-hun was glad she was exactly as she was, however. That she could even believe the territory queen would care about his words. Give weight to his ideas. But Iseul had always done that. Found worth in what others scoffed at. Namely his ideas.

Ji-hun licked his lips, pressing them tight and drawing them inward before he did, watching as she selected a flower of her own to try. Head bobbing he poured, filling two cream colored cups with heady black coffee. In Iseul’s cup he set a couple of flowers to floating, smiling as they swirled and slowly dissolved. Very clever. His own he diluted with milk until it was nearly the same color as his skin.

”Sounds like a very progressive sort of place,” Ji-hun teased with a wink. Just the sort of place he had been forbidden to take her when they had been younger. Not that he had paid much attention to such things. He had taken Iseul where she pleased. It was only the method that changed. ”Unfortunate. Perhaps we can take a trip and find out.” He offered, relaxing back in his seat and drinking his coffee. Still hot and bitter. But it washed the lingering sweetness from his tongue.

Chased the last of the chill from his bones.

Ji-hun watched her for a moment. Eyes steady over the rim of his cup, fingers slipped through the chipped handle. She had been very busy in their years apart. So had he, but it felt different, since he had mostly stayed in the same place. Done the same things.

”Do you have many apprentices?” He asked because the real questions that weighed on him were not ready to be asked yet.

The Waoud Lands / Re: In Daylight
« Last post by Enele on December 15, 2017, 03:36:53 PM »
Too much confidence in him, Enele worried. The collar of his shirt was still damp with her over spilled emotions. So he kept the worry to himself. Relishing her high opinion of him instead of lecturing the foolhardiness of it. Just this once.

She felt so good in his arms.

Even if they were not always the safest place for her to be. It would be alright. They had survived yesterday with no real damage done. ”Not on purpose. I could be though… its better to be careful.” He still wasn’t ready to confront a large portion of the things he had saved for later. Something deep in the pit of him revolted against the idea though. Never! He would never hurt Nyree!

It felt too much like protect. Too much like serve. So he saved for a different later.

Better than the supple give of her flesh beneath his fingers was her laugh. A grin spread across his lips, flashing teeth that closed around the tip of his tongue. ”Yes you are.” Naughty, naughty Nyree with her tempting hips bumping against his. While it took a lot more than a few bites to make him sore, Enele was still well satisfied. Could be for a while. It was a luxury he enjoyed. Not an indulgence he took part in as often as rumor suggested.

He hadn’t touched a woman since the healer. Had not thought of it until the rut swelled up in him. Might not have for another few months otherwise.

Now, though. Now there was Nyree who liked it. Didn’t push him off after or smack his mouth during. Things would be different. Very different.

Starting with her secrecy. ”Things?” His eyebrows lifted. Unbelieving. More so when she suggested they didn’t matter. They were things she was thinking about. They mattered to him for that reason alone. Nyree had always had steely barriers, though. Keeping him out. Wolf at the door and all that nonsense. ”When you’re ready, then. I’ll listen.”

He was a good listener. Saw things a stroke differently than average. Never gave up, or thought there wasn’t a way. Everything was possible. Maybe not possible to him personally, but possible some way. And he could be a good quiet listener too. No judgement, no advise, just an ear. For Nyree, he would be whatever helped most.

”Well, we’re only cutting the branches. The way a tree grew decides how it splits. The grain makes all the choices.” He explained. Remembering the cold afternoon in which he had learned. Splitting logs into long boards to repair a wagon. This was the same, but less tedious. This tree would be a roof beam. Maybe a few boards would come from from it too.

Kissing her temple he chuckled as she cursed her brother one more time. She tucked in closer. A mischievous smile on her face. Making her look young and innocent again. ”Mmm. I suppose I do need to two arms to swing an ax.”

Slipping his arm from her shoulders to her waist he kissed her forehead. Hard enough to dip it back. So he could press a swift kiss to her lips too. Then he sighed. ”Have you used a hatchet before? I can make the wedges if you rather just watch.” Work was good for the soul, cleansing. He had none of the soreness she suffered to keep him from it… And he wasn’t sure how much was too much for her.

The Waoud Lands / Re: In Daylight
« Last post by Nyree on December 15, 2017, 11:11:46 AM »

"I didn't." Though Nyree thought she might not have minded if he had popped Mooki in his fool mouth. Just once. She felt a little guilty at her lack of concern. It hadn't even surfaced when Enele had pushed her brother. She'd been there to catch him, keep him upright. Pull him away from a fight he had no hope of winning.

Squirmed because she knew there was little she could do if a fight really did break out between the two of them. She'd just have to trust Enele to be careful. And Mooki to be smart.

His arms felt so good.

"You're not dangerous to me." Safe, safe, safe. Maybe not her heart, though she didn't think Enele would even hurt that, purposefully. Nyree thought he was worth the risk though. Knew, just knew - like she'd known the sex would be good - that he wouldn't hurt her. Casually ignoring the fact that he'd shook her. That was different, and it hadn't hurt. The biting didn't count either, because Enele had told Mooki true. She liked it.

And that, she liked that too. Chortling against him as he squeezed her. The embers of desire glowing but not flaring. Too wrung out emotionally to slip so easily into lust. But it was always there, warmer now that he allowed the distance between them to be bridged. Now that he'd showed her just how good it could be. Her hips rocked toward him, fingers twitching against his skin. "Naughty," Nyree whispered.

"Things," she hedged, not wanting to break the peace between them. Knowing he wouldn't have any answers. He hadn't before, when she'd asked directly. Why was it wrong? He'd said she wasn't broken, that she didn't need to be fixed, but Nyree couldn't help but wonder. Was that true? Honest truth? Or the sort of thing you said out of pity?

He'd given into his wanting. Admitted out loud there was wanting at all. That would have to be enough.

"Stupid things that don't matter."
Nyree would take everything he offered until he woke up and changed his mind. Maybe if she believed hard enough that it was right, she could make it right for both of them. "I'm good at growing them, I don't know about cutting them up." But she'd try because he offered. Because she had demanded a better death for the tree than to lie forgotten in a clearing. Nyree hummed, dismissing for brother for the time being. She didn't want to think about him and vitriol that had poured from his mouth.

"Stupid Mooki," she whispered to herself. Wiggling her fingers into the folds of his shirt, Nyree grinned up at Enele, glancing down the length of his arm. A slow glance that took in every curve, every twitch of muscle and stretch of skin. "If I'm to go over there, you're going to have to let go of me or come along." She shrugged her shoulders beneath his arm. Bouncing it against her neck. More than pleased with its possessive weight.

Everything. She'd take everything. For as long as he did, she would take everything he offered.

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