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Applications in Progress / Re: Reid, Linden
« Last post by The Darkness on Yesterday at 09:23:10 PM »
The Darkness has granted you...
Cut 65
Cut 52
Applications in Progress / Re: Reid, Linden
« Last post by Siera on Yesterday at 08:46:46 PM »
Can I have strengths based on his family roll here?
Applications in Progress / Reid, Linden
« Last post by Linden Reid on Yesterday at 08:45:07 PM »
Linden Reid

The Basics

Full Name: Linden Reid
Age: 30
Gender/Pronouns: He/him

Current Location:
Profession: Your character’s court position or skilled trade

Birthright Jewel: Jewel (CUT ##)
Offering Jewel: Jewel (CUT ##)
(NOTE: You must post below with your player or character account to receive Jewels or family rolls.)

Face Claim: Luke Mitchell

The Body

Body Type:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs. Describe what sets your character apart on sight: any notable facial features, scars, or tattoos; how they dress; what kind of body language they use; how (or if) they display their Jewels; et cetera. Be sure to double-check and abide by the racial characteristics laid out in our lore section.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts
You have 15 points to spend in craft strengths to begin with. More can be purchased from the Shop or earned during the course of play. Replace Craft with a spell and the # points you would like in the [], up to 8 per spell. Please remove this blurb from the application.
Craft Weaknesses: Aspects of Craft your character underperforms at

Personal Strengths: A list of admirable or valuable traits or skills your character possesses (optional)
Personal Weaknesses: A list of detestable or imperfect qualities your character possesses, or skills they’re miserable at (optional)

One or more detailed paragraph(s). Bring your character to life; you can tell us about their habits, their goals, how they react to—and interact with—others, what they’re like when they’re happy or angry, and so on.

The Backstory

  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste


The Writer

Player Name: Siera
Player Pronouns: She/her
Timezone:-5 GMT
Contact: Discord or PM
How did you find us?: Magic!

Inactivity Instructions: Up to Mae

Character Applications / Re: Character Archive, Retrieval & Transfering
« Last post by dergon on Yesterday at 07:04:55 PM »
Character Name: Hazel Berry
Unlink Account: Y
Adoptable: N
Character Applications / Re: Ready for Review
« Last post by dergon on Yesterday at 06:08:59 PM »
Character Name: Avery Savoy
Link to App:
Character Applications / Re: Ready for Review
« Last post by dergon on Yesterday at 05:46:31 PM »
Character Name: Jaxom Basterfield
Link to App:
Applications in Progress / Re: Basterfield, Jaxom
« Last post by dergon on Yesterday at 05:46:27 PM »
@Katarina for lore and court stuff
Wanted Ads / Re: Do you hear the people sing?
« Last post by Siera on Yesterday at 10:13:39 AM »
I want linden!
Applications in Progress / Re: Hunter, Sullivan
« Last post by The Darkness on June 25, 2017, 09:54:27 PM »
The Darkness has granted you...
Cut 60
Cut 2
Applications in Progress / Re: Hunter, Sullivan
« Last post by Katt on June 25, 2017, 09:20:11 PM »
Could I get a Random Roll please.

Welcome to Witchlight

We are an AU Black Jewels RPG that is taking the world that we all know and expanding it by combining the old lore with new lore to truly make it our own. Come join us and play in our sandbox!

We are officially open! We are looking forward to the wonderful stories our members create and welcoming any newcomers to the site.

We have an RPG Rating of:


Spring - AW101

Please keep the season in mind while posting. The seasons will change on 09/01.

Wanted Spotlight

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Twin Brother to Jemma Russo



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