Hitting the Nail on the Head


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Re: Hitting the Nail on the Head
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"Wisht." Jae Eun rolled her eyes at him and brandished the spoon as if it were her own hammer. "Of course he loves his mother, he cooks as well as his father." She laughed, setting the spoon back in the pan and pulling it from the stove. It went on a round stone in the middle of the table. Floated there carefully by Jae Eun because there was no escaping Ju, his hand warm on her hip and his eyes intent.

"There, and there," she told him, pointing to the proper cabinets. Jae Eun reached over and opened the drawer that held a basket of utensils, pulling them out. "I do not always forget. I am not dead so I must be eating, yes?" She sighed, laying the utensils on the counter, her expression thoughtful. "I do not want him to be so forgetful either." Jin Woo was much more important, and Jae Eun was careful to make sure he knew it.

Shrugging, she gather them back up and took them to the table, laying them out while Ju took care of the plates and cups. She had been in the house for many decades, and always she found a better way to arrange the kitchen.

"Did you want to go fetch him? He will probably be in his room, playing with the medallion you gave him." Her head tilted. "Or in the garden fighting the chickens for beetles."

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Re: Hitting the Nail on the Head
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Lunch had gone well considering everything.  The boy had been as quiet as Ju, he didn't quite know what to say to the youngster.  So he spoke of the mountains, the creatures he'd run into, and locations he'd visited.  Stories of his travels.  Ju had hoped he'd left a good impression on Jin Woo.  He folded his shirts he'd just pulled out of his travel bags.

Of course he'd had another chance at dinner.  That had shown Jin as more excitable.  He seemed interested in more stories and finding out more about the man who had just shown up.  He'd helped Jae Eun clean up as he listened to the adventures of the small boy who was starting to open up just a little.  He was sure he was seeing a tradition, one that Jae Eun and Jin Woo had made without him.  So he had listened to them and watched adoringly.

"Jae Eun," he paused, looking vulnerable, "I'm sorry."  His heart felt full.  He hadn't expected to ever have a family waiting for him.  If he'd known... he frowned.  No, if he'd known he would have come sooner.  He looked at the bedroom that he'd spent so few nights in.  He felt an itch to walk in the fresh air but suspected that wasn't quite a good idea right now.  It felt too much like running, something he didn't do.

He sat down on the bed where he'd made love to his darling witch so few times, how he'd left before she'd woke, regret weighing on him.  He felt the day crashing in on him, his only balance was that he was here now with Jae Eun and Jin Woo.  They needed him to stay.  The guards would let him join wouldn't they?  Doubt supplanted itself in his mind.  If they didn't he may actually have to join a court.  His frown deepened. 

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Re: Hitting the Nail on the Head
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Jae Eun frowned. A soft wisht escaped her lips at his apology. She finished hanging the clothes she had been putting away in the small wardrobe that guarded on corner of the room. Closing its doors, she crossed to him, her hand stroking his dark hair. He looked so lost, and her heart welled with pity.

"What do I need with your apologies, Hyeon-Ju?" Jae Eun cupped his cheeks in her hands and tilted his face upward so that she could look him in the eye. Gold to gold. "You never made me false promises, hmm? No you did not. You have always been honest, I cannot claim ignorance or neglect." She smiled and kissed his furrowed brow.

"Am I to demand apology for my son? How dare you give me such a gift, Hyeon-Ju." Her smile softened, fingers stroking his cheek. He needed a shave still, she could feel the stubble chafing against her palm. She had missed that roughness. "All is well, my love. Here you are. I am well. Jin Woo is well. Are you well?" She asked him with a tilt of her head.

Perhaps she should be apologizing. Maybe Jin Woo was not such a gift to his father as he was to his mother. A warrior who wandered might not like the weight of an family. The light burden of a waiting woman was different than the knowledge of a child.

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