Needed Drinks
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To be quite honest, Caera wasn’t entirely sure how long she had been wandering. She had woken on the beach in a place she didn’t remember going to bloody, battered, and missing a certain finger which stung. It was the ultimate insult to a Widow- cutting off the finger that housed the snaketooth that natural Widows wielded. The fact they had even considered that her life could be ended so easily was a sever misjudgment on their part. Mentally she ran through the names in her head, a list of the people she’d end first once she was able to make a silent return. At the end they wouldn’t know what hit them till it was too late. Yes, the Green Black Widow would have her revenge.

It was cold in Shalador- well, not as cold as it had been a few weeks prior when the snows still threatened to fall.  Spring was coming albeit slowly with winter wanting to linger on the outskirts of growing grasses and budding trees. Cae hadn’t dared to go to people she knew after she had heard of her supposed ‘death’. It was all a mystery to everyone since no body had been found but as a loud voice in Rhat breaking away from its territory… well it was only assumed of the causes to her sudden vanishing. Bastards. Mother Night had granted her another life, one she had no plans on bringing to an end till it was time, granting her a change of pace with how she’d go about playing the political cards. This was her test she had decided. If her patience could pay off then clearly something good was bound to happen to her and right then Caera needed something good.

The village she came upon was quaint in that Shaladorian way. They were a good people- while she had no claims to the Territory, she had friends that had migrated from Shalador in to Rhat or had family that had been previously from Shalador that she adored. Caera never felt alone when around them or unloved, but now? Now she felt like all eyes were upon her in the most unfriendliest of ways. Or was that just paranoia? Caera didn’t know who she could trust. Pulling the too thin jacket tighter about herself she shivered, picking up her step and hurrying along the street looking for any place she could stop for something hot to drink. Oh the Widow wasn’t an entire fool. She had some coin hidden away she could call in to pay for food or drink, but that was quickly running out. Being so dark she went through food quickly. She had always been too thin for her Jewels, but now she looked just plain gaunt. Things were going to have to change and soon.

Ducking her head she hurried along unaware of the person in front of her. She felt the force of bumping in to them before looing up, jaw hanging open as she tried to stammer out an apology. Perhaps she was colder than she thought considering the way her teeth chattered more than words were formed. Damn- she should have stopped earlier.