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Inspired by: Mermaids & Merfolk
Written by: Salem

Average Lifespan: Medium Lived; 1000 years
Average Height: 7'0
Average Weight: 250 lbs - 260 lbs

Preferring to strike quickly and disappear into the shifting waters, the Aycayia have a long history of being isolationists. The long coastlines of Terreille and Kaeleer along with the surrounding oceans and lakes have been their traditional homes and this has led to numerous legends and folktales concerning their existence and involvement with akheia. From stories of them luring sailors, fisherfolk and lone swimmers to their deaths with song to stories of them offering gifts and favors to the fortunate. These stories are not entirely untrue and the Aycayia make no effort to refute them.

With enough access to water, there are few places where the aycayia won’t go and their population is rumored to be largest around the coasts of Dea al Mon and the kindred territories of Kaeleer and Shalador, Askavi and Zuulaman in Terreille.

A quick flash in the water or during a storm could easily convince the average person that maybe maybe the aycayia are fully human, they are however anything but fully human. Aycayia are ultimately semi-aquatic humanoids. Long and lean and standing close to seven feet tall, aycayia have long pointed ears and sleek, smooth, rubbery skin that follow a range of colors and patterns similar to those of marine animals. Their hair is much the same as their skin, tending toward brighter colors. All aycayia have large patches of scales on their shoulders, hips and over their throats.

The aycayia have wide mouths, large eyes and clawed and webbed fingers and toes. Many bear long curving horns and they are far from shy about decorating them. A long shark-like tail extends from their lower back and it acts as a rudder to make them extremely agile in the water. Outside of water, their tails become a hinderance as they are forced to hold them above the ground to prevent them from dragging.

Aycayia are all fairly androgynous, differences in sex only becoming apparent during pregnancy and until their young are weaned. All members of the race wear their thick hair long, styled to suit the individual aycayia and the traditions of their pod. This results in them spending vast amounts of time basking and grooming themselves between hunts. The aycayia are particularly fond of jewelry and shiny baubles, adorning themselves with them and they will jealously guard their hoard from thieves.

Clothing among the aycayia is sparse, either woven from the fibers of sea plants or strung together out of pieces of salvaged fabric from sunken and raided merchant ships. Usually the aycayia prefer to remain naked as even the lightweight wraps and sashes they wear drag and catch in the water. Shedding clothing and heavier bits of jewelry is commonplace before the aycayia take to the water to hunt, being replaced with ornate carved bone masks to protect their faces & eyes. The more elaborate the mask, the higher ranked in both the pod and court they are.

Aycayia are communal creatures, living in pods of up to twelve individuals that are lead by the oldest aycayia - regardless of the presence of a queen - in the group. Being semi-aquatic, the aycayia spend their days in the water, while nights are spent in coastal caves or in caves within reach of the river. While it is not wholly necessary for the aycayia to remain in constant contact with water, they do require regular access to either drinking water or places to soak daily. The aycayia are capable of closing their ears and noses when diving, relying solely on sight. Capable of diving on a single breath for up to an hour, aycayia must surface for air or risk drowning.

Just as they are communal, aycayia are also hoarders. Their love of precious metals, stone and fabrics mean that the spoils of raids are often squabbled over intensely. The size of their hoard directly correlates with their social standing in Aycayia society. Queens are naturally given the pick of the spoils and their hoards are often the largest. Aycayia crafts are based around sea glass, bone, shells and whatever can be scavenged from sunken ships. These beautiful objects are traded as currency among the Aycayia and their weapons too are made of a mix of bone and steel that is salvaged from ships that run foul of them.

Should one of the walking Blood steal from an Aycayia they will be hunted down until they return the stolen items or are punished. Punishment that usually results in death and eventual consumption as they are not picky about feasting on akheia.

The aycayia do venture on land, though those excursions are rare. Sex and sexual intimacy are considered to be bonding exercises and many Aycayia will engage in it casually, often taking multiple partners as they see fit. This casual attitude toward sex has lead to the stories of aycayia dragging doomed sailors into their dens and fathering half-human children. It is possible for Aycayia to interbreed with the land based Blood but it is generally frowned upon as any children produced from the union will be confined to land as they often will not take fully after their Aycayia parent or may be drowned by other members of the pod if they are discovered when they do.

Many aycayia are employed as craftspeople, traders and messengers between the various pods. The strongest aycayia in the pods are considered raiders and hunters and even the queens among them are allowed and even encouraged to select and lead raids against akheia ships.

Names and Naming Traditions:
The names of Aycayia are often long and flowing and they have no surnames to speak of, instead referring to themselves as members of their individual pods and courts. Ayacayia names are gender neutral by nature and can refer to any among them. It is also not uncommon for them to have two names, one for use among their own people and another for use among the akheia.

This name generator should provide a solid starting point for aycayia names.


The Aycayia name for the land dwelling human blood.
"These akheia have no respect for themselves."

The Aycayia that have mated with the akheia and have been shunned from their pods. These solitary aycayia are likely the source of the legends of merfolk popping up in and around rivers.
"Stay away from the akheia or you will be branded krenaiai!"

proper noun
The title of an aycayia pod leader. This title is sometimes held by a queen but not always.
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