Cause it's a girls night

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Cause it's a girls night
« on: May 28, 2017, 07:22:38 PM »

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Artemis had been training under Katina Lagana and living amongst the Sect of Erebus members at the Temple for a little time now, but she had yet to really find her core group of friends like she always had in the schools she had been in. She was used to being adored and having people hang on her words or wonder what it was that she wanted to do or liked because clearly that would be what they needed at that time. Being new and surrounded by mostly older women was an experience that she didn't necessarily like. She would find a new group of friends in the people that came to begin their training there, but for the time being her cousin would have to suffice.

Kareena was... sweet. She wasn't exactly someone Arty would have hung out with in the past unless not given a choice, but she couldn't be picky at the moment and she knew that her dear cousin would probably jump at the chance to do something with her. After all, why wouldn't she? The problem was, Kareena was so innocent and nice and well, that didn't really fit with what Arty was used to. She was used to the people she ran with prior to arriving for training, the core of whom were from high-ranking Houses and had their sights set on bettering their position just like Arty always did. They were... well perhaps ruthless wasn't exactly the right word but she's certainly heard people describe her as such in the past. Ambitious is a far better description as far as she was concerned.

Her cousin lacked that but at least Arty was confident in the fact that the girl would do pretty much whatever she wanted her to do. There was no backbone in that one and most likely there never would be. She could find a way to use it to her advantage... or drop her once there were better people to spend time with. She was good at faking like she actually cared about people though, an art that she only continued to hone while training under the High Priestess. After all, she couldn't stand the woman and would gladly stab her in the back if it meant that she'd be able to ascend to that position, but that certainly wasn't something she was going to broadcast because then her mentor would constantly be looking over her shoulder.

Lessons were done for the day though and she was determined to enjoy her evening, even if that meant spending time with her cousin. Surely she could think of something for them to do that wouldn't remind her just how dreadfully boring Kareena was... Arty wanted to go into town for a bit, though it would have been easier if they could just take the winds but she only wore a Summer-sky and that wasn't a risk she was willing to take just to have a bit of fun. It meant they'd have to take a carriage but spending a little time out would be better than none at all. Maybe they could even find some boys to flirt with, as that would give her a bit of a laugh considering how bad Kareena was at that kind of thing.

First thing first though... she needed to convince her cousin to go out with her that evening. It was why she found herself standing outside Kareena's door, raising her hand to rap gently against the door. When it opened Arty plastered a smile on her face, as if she were actually happy to see the girl, and spoke. "You have any plans this evening cousin?"

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Re: Cause it's a girls night
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2017, 10:22:07 PM »

Even though Kareena had been at the Temple for quite some time now, she still couldn't believe her luck. She had always known that her family would have the influence to get her into the Sect, but she liked to think that she also got in based on her own abilities as well. Kareena may have been young but she had already started working on her craft and she had two aunts who were already members. But likely she got in because of her family, Kareena may have been good at her craft but she didn't think she was that good.

But she wasn't going to let her family down. Kareena would spend all of her days practicing if that would make her family proud, she couldn't afford to let them down now. That was why, once her lessons were down for the day Kareena found herself back in her room with all of her books spread out in front of her. She would memorize every last word if that meant she stood some chance at making her family proud.

It was why she really didn't have any friends here. There were plenty of young girls, she even had a cousin who was training here as well. There was only a year between them, which made them close, or at least Kareena thought they were. Artemis didn't always want to do things with her, but she always just figured her cousin was busy. She was after all in training too, so she also had her studies to focus on. Even if Artemis wasn't busy all the time, Kareena didn't know if she would want to be around her cousin more often. He cousin was different then her, and she did things Kareena didn't always want to do. Of course, she didn't complain and always went along with Artemis being with her cousin was better than being alone.

A sudden knock at her door had Kareena jumping up. She wasn't expecting anyone, so the knock shocked her more than it normally would have. Standing up and carefully stepping over her notes Kareena made her way to the door opening it to see her cousin. "Artemis! I'm surprised to see you." Her cousin must have had a better day than she had if she didn't have to study. She looked back at her notes spread across her floor. "Well I was planning on studying...." She still wanted to study, but she also didn't want to let Artemis down, she too was family so. "But I don't have to if you want to do something?"

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Re: Cause it's a girls night
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2017, 07:44:21 PM »

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It took long enough for her cousin to answer the door that Artemis had wondered for a second if perhaps she wasn't there. There was no question as to whether or not Kareena actually had plans, since Arty knew that clearly wouldn't be the case, but if she wasn't in her room then it would mean the black widow priestess would have to go off in search of where she might be studying. After all, that was all her cousin ever seemed to do. What a boring life... there was so much more to be experienced than simply the inside of a book but that was just one of many differences between the two girls. Kareena was a quiet little mouse who bent easily to the will of others and Arty... well she preferred to be the one bending people to her will.

Her cousin truly did seem surprised to see her, though that didn't really surprise Arty considering the fact that she didn't go out of her way to include the girl. In all honesty, if her friends were around then she never would have bothered with her cousin at all... not unless she wanted a good laugh due to putting her in situations that were out of the girl's comfort zone. It wasn't like she could be overly choosy right now though. Everyone in the sect was so damn serious and she wanted to have a bit of fun. Arty knew she would eventually find a group worthy of her time, but tonight she wanted to go out and Kareena was her best option.

"Do you ever do anything besides study?" Arty asked when she heard her cousin's plans for the evening. She tried her best to keep from sounding judgemental, but she wasn't certain how successful she was at it. That just seemed like such a boring existence to her. There were so many more interesting things to concern oneself with... like boys and power, which were both things she wanted more of. Which brought her back to one of the reasons she wanted to go out in the first place. "I want to go out tonight so your studying can wait. Let's go into town and see what interesting things we can find."

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Re: Cause it's a girls night
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2017, 12:27:08 AM »

Kareena had always hoped that maybe one day she would be one of the popular girls, but as she got older she started to realize that it was exactly her. She enjoyed studying and she was far to worried about disappointing her parents to even think about doing horribly in school. It was something that she had gotten mocked out quite a lot but her parents always assured her that those girls were only temporary and she would only have to deal with it for a few years. Kareena clung to that, hoping that it would all nly be temporary, that one day she could be confident in her own skin, like Artemis.

She had always admired her cousin and her cousin's ability to seemingly not care about school and still pass. Plus her cousin was just so confident in herself. That was what she wanted and it was part of the reason Kareena hung out with her. Maybe one day some of the confidence would rub off on her. She could dream it would anyway.

But at Artemis' words all Kareena felt was weak. If she wanted to be more like Artemis she couldn't spend all her days in her room studying, she should go out and have fun. But she didn't know how to do that, Artemis was always the one that dragged her out to places and Kareena never had the courage to go there alone. With Artemis standing at her door though, with an invitation Kareena knew that she should take her cousin up on the offer after all it wasn't every day that her cousin invited her out with her. Taking one last look at her notes all over her floor Kareena was seriously considering saying no before her cousin spoke again, not really giving her a change to say no.

Not wanting to disappoint Artemis Kareena nodded slowly. "Okay. I guess we can do that. But do I need to change?" She wasn't exactly dressed in the fanciest clothing and she had no idea what Artemis had in mind. Artemis always had the better fashion sense out of the two of them anyway so Kareena trusted that her cousin would not let her embarrass herself by wearing the wrong thing.

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Re: Cause it's a girls night
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2017, 08:24:27 PM »

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There was a moment that Artemis thought her cousin might actually surprise her and say no, but that didn't happen. It just furthered her opinion that Kareena had no backbone though she wasn't complaining because in this instance it benefited her. The girl's inability to say no was occasionally annoying but it was also something she used to her advantage. Her cousin was so easy to manipulate after all and it was something Arty had made a knack of doing over the years.

A satisfied smile appeared on her lips when Kareena did as Arty had wanted, though she had to bite her tongue when she heard the girl's question. Arty's first instinct was to say yes, she needed to change because as far as the younger girl was concerned, Kareena always needed to change. The always reason she didn't answer as such was because she doubted Kareena had anything in her closet that was even worth changing into. Sure they could go to her room and Arty could choose an outfit for her, but that would take time and she would rather just get away from this place while she could.

"No, you look fine." she responded and hoped she actually sounded like she meant it. "We need to secure a carriage ride into town so it will take longer to get there than I would like. Are you ready to leave?" She hoped the answer was yes considering the fact that she didn't want to have to wait any longer. The carriage ride would take some time and she wanted to get there with enough time to actually enjoy themselves before having to return. Arty wanted to find some boys to flirt with... which would take time as well since they would surely run into ones that weren't worth her time to begin with.

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Re: Cause it's a girls night
« Reply #5 on: September 25, 2017, 09:35:08 PM »

It was against her better instincts to go out with her cousin tonight, but even if she really wanted to Kareena didn't think that she would be able to say no. She really didn't like disappointing people and she knew that if she said no that Arty would be disappointed. Getting out and doing something besides studying would probably be good for her though, Kareena was always told that she spent way too long studying. When Arty smiled as she agreed, Kareena knew that she had made the right choice, maybe tonight would be fun.

Kareena looked down at her clothes when Arty said that she didn't need to change and she was pleased. She knew it maybe wasn't the fanciest outfit but she was comfortable in it and if her cousins said it was okay then it must have been better than what she thought. It was something that made Kareena a little proud of herself. She looked up to Arty and never wanted to do anything wrong in her eyes, so any sort of approval from her cousin was something to be proud of.

Looking around her floor, Kareena knelt down to start tidying up her notes and books. She had a specific system as to how she organized everything and she didn't want anything to mess that up. "I just have to put my things away." She tried to hurry as she put things away, she didn't after all want to keep Arty waiting but it was still a process that took some time. When she finally finished putting everything away in the proper piles she stood back up and brushed off her skirt. "Sorry. I just didn't want anything to get mixed up. I'm ready to go now!" Walking out of her room Kareena shut the door behind her, ready to go on what ever adventure Arty would take her on.

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