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Artemis had been training under Katina Lagana and living amongst the Sect of Erebus members at the Temple for a little time now, but she had yet to really find her core group of friends like she always had in the schools she had been in. She was used to being adored and having people hang on her words or wonder what it was that she wanted to do or liked because clearly that would be what they needed at that time. Being new and surrounded by mostly older women was an experience that she didn't necessarily like. She would find a new group of friends in the people that came to begin their training there, but for the time being her cousin would have to suffice.

Kareena was... sweet. She wasn't exactly someone Arty would have hung out with in the past unless not given a choice, but she couldn't be picky at the moment and she knew that her dear cousin would probably jump at the chance to do something with her. After all, why wouldn't she? The problem was, Kareena was so innocent and nice and well, that didn't really fit with what Arty was used to. She was used to the people she ran with prior to arriving for training, the core of whom were from high-ranking Houses and had their sights set on bettering their position just like Arty always did. They were... well perhaps ruthless wasn't exactly the right word but she's certainly heard people describe her as such in the past. Ambitious is a far better description as far as she was concerned.

Her cousin lacked that but at least Arty was confident in the fact that the girl would do pretty much whatever she wanted her to do. There was no backbone in that one and most likely there never would be. She could find a way to use it to her advantage... or drop her once there were better people to spend time with. She was good at faking like she actually cared about people though, an art that she only continued to hone while training under the High Priestess. After all, she couldn't stand the woman and would gladly stab her in the back if it meant that she'd be able to ascend to that position, but that certainly wasn't something she was going to broadcast because then her mentor would constantly be looking over her shoulder.

Lessons were done for the day though and she was determined to enjoy her evening, even if that meant spending time with her cousin. Surely she could think of something for them to do that wouldn't remind her just how dreadfully boring Kareena was... Arty wanted to go into town for a bit, though it would have been easier if they could just take the winds but she only wore a Summer-sky and that wasn't a risk she was willing to take just to have a bit of fun. It meant they'd have to take a carriage but spending a little time out would be better than none at all. Maybe they could even find some boys to flirt with, as that would give her a bit of a laugh considering how bad Kareena was at that kind of thing.

First thing first though... she needed to convince her cousin to go out with her that evening. It was why she found herself standing outside Kareena's door, raising her hand to rap gently against the door. When it opened Arty plastered a smile on her face, as if she were actually happy to see the girl, and spoke. "You have any plans this evening cousin?"

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