A Fluffy Surprise

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A Fluffy Surprise
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There was a lot to say about the Tanni world. First there were more than Manu expected, which had been daunting at first for the young Warlord Prince, but he had quickly become adjusted to at least keeping a respectable distance. Not everyone knew what his type was though there had been a few who quickly pointed out there were others like him in the world and had been there for quite some time. From where the red fluff ball had been living deep within the mountains his kinds experience with other Kindred was very, very limited. Much to his delight it would hopefully make it easier for him to slide in to whatever group he could in order to make well for his people. Sure it wasn’t exactly something someone as young as him should have been doing but Manu was the oddball amongst his tribe. Who better else to talk to the tanni than him since he had a curiosity about them? Clearly no one else was till now.

He had worked his way south from the mountains finding the weather to get warmer as he went. Food was also harder to find except in the markets or farmer’s fields. It was an interest mix of course- there weren’t as many things he was accustomed to the further he went but clearly there were some things his stomach enjoyed. The fruits and trees might have been the same though oddly enough the taste was quite different. There were even a few things he had never seen before that his tempted little fingers took in order to taste. Some things he hated, some he liked, but the little red berries he found were the best ever. He didn’t know what to call them except yummy enough to fill his tummy.

Which is why when Manu had found a patch of the berries in a little garden that it was quite hard for him to convince his stomach not to participate. In fact he had paced around the garden for a few nights before temptation gave way to just one, then a dozen, to him going every few nights waiting for the little sweet things to ripen. Manu had learned the hard way that when they weren’t ripe they were bitter sour and not to his liking. That night, however, he got more than he had bargained for. For once it was a cool night there far away from his mountain home. There in the little garden it gave just enough coverage from the cloudless sky which made the stars shine bright. He had seen the bright starts from between the leaves of his tree canopy home, just rarely from there being nothing in the way. Perhaps that was why, after eating himself stupid he had stretched himself out full length to look up at the stars through the plants leaves.

It was comforting knowing his kin were back home looking at the same stars too. His time away from home had taught him one thing and that was to be grateful of what he had learned there, but being amongst the tanni would give him quite a valuable lesson too- their structures, their way of living, was quite different and promoted better living. In truth if the Ailuridae could start learning to farm or work with the local tanni then their population might just start to bounce back.

But that was a question he was waiting to find an answer for. It was just going to take the right person to be able to answer it. With a groan he stretched out long and not so lean, his tail twitching a little as he stretched. Maybe tomorrow he would search the town some more… if he could get up in the morning. His poor tumtum was so full! Perhaps he shouldn’t have eaten the last ten or so sweet fruits. Yawning wide he allowed his little eyes to close, soon snores taking him over. Yes. That night he would sleep well.

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Re: A Fluffy Surprise
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She was so glad to be home. After the events that occurred during Lady Ribeiro and her trip over Apricium, all Alejandra wanted was to come home, relax and process the things that she had seen and learned. She had been apprenticing with the territory Queen of Shalador for a little over a year now, and she was still surprised by the new things she was learning, day by day. She wondered if she would ever be as good a Queen as Lady Ribeiro. She didn’t know the answer yet, but she was going to try her hardest to be a Queen that not only Lady Ribeiro would be proud of, but a Queen that she could be proud of as well.

When they’d returned, she had told Beltran about what had happened, and he had been even more unhappy that he hadn’t been allowed to go. He’d risen to the killing edge so fast that she had barely been able to calm him. It was bad enough that he was her brother, her twin, but he was also hers, and that only served to strengthen the connection they had to each other. Once she had coaxed him away from the edge, she’d needed her own time to unwind, and she knew of no better way to do that than to work in the gardens. She’d insisted that she would be alright alone, since they were within the protective walls of the Residence, but given what had happened to their older sisters, Beltran wasn’t taking any chances, not after the murders that had happened while she and Lady Ribeiro were on the road. She’d finally agreed to allow him to accompany her to her small plot of land that Lady Ribeiro had given her to help hone her Queen’s gifts, on the condition that he would stay out of sight. She wanted….needed to be alone. He’d agreed to her terms so here she was, making her way to her small patch of land, eager to feel the rich earth beneath her hands.

As she approached the part of her garden where the strawberry guava berries were planted, she felt the presence of another, it didn’t feel quite right but it was someone or thing that was definitely Blood since she felt a pull from her Purple Dusk Jewel. If she felt it, so had Beltran, and just as she was about to say something to him, she felt a Sapphire shield go up around her. She didn’t think that presence was dangerous but she knew Beltran wouldn’t take any chances. When she felt him come closer, intent on checking out that part of the garden before her, she lifted her hand to stop him. ‘I don’t think there is anything to fear from whatever it is. Don’t ask me how I know...I just know. If it’ll make you feel better I’ll shield, just...stand down.’ she could feel Beltran’s anger through their link but she also felt him back up a bit. As promised to wrapped a skin tight Sapphire shield around herself and continued to walk toward the berry bushes and blinked in surprise at what she saw. The animal looked like a mix of cat and fox, with fur that was predominately red with a few white stripes on it’s tail, ears and face. The fur on it’s belly was a very dark brown, nearly black and it was sleeping between two bushes, obviously having stuffed itself silly on the small red fruits.

She called out to Beltran on a psychic thread to let him know she was alright and what she had found then turned her attention back to the animal, who was obviously kindred since she could feel the call of his Purple Dusk to her own. She gave the small animal a gentle nudge with a bit of psychic energy and spoke softly. “Excuse me Prince….but I think you’ve eaten all of my berries.”

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