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Teatime Anytime
« on: June 18, 2017, 10:32:54 PM »

Selinda yawned and stretched as she looked out her window at the sun that had just barely started to peek over the horizon. She loved her shop and her job and everything that came with it, but she also loved these few short moments at the beginning of the day where nothing important needed to be done, before she went downstairs and started to prepare the shop for business. She didn’t mind the work, enjoyed it even, but contrary to what most of her customers thought, tea and her shop wasn’t all she thought about...just most. With one last stretch she checked her clothing in a nearby mirror, then made her way down the stairs that exited into the store’s supply room. Bri would arrive soon to help her with the opening chores but there was no reason she couldn’t get them started.

She walked out of the store room and moved behind the counter, filling several pots with water and setting them over small tongues of Witchfire. These pots would be for the customers that ordered specific teas instead of the pre-made ones she always kept brewed. Once that was done she moved over to the bakery section of the store and started getting things ready for Bri. Where Selinda was passionate about teas, her sister was just a passionate about baking and her talents kept Cuppa full of delicious smelling baked goods that complemented her teas perfectly. She turned her head when she heard the backdoor of the shop open and close, and called out to her sister. “Bri! I’ve got all the baking stuff ready for you when you’re ready!”

Bri yelled her thanks as she came out from the back and started to get the baked goods ready for the day. As her sister busied herself with the baking, Selinda went about brewing the teas she kept made and ready to serve and then went to set that tables and do a bit of cleaning. Once the first muffins came out of the oven, it was time to open. She walked over to the front door, waving to the few people who had already gathered outside and opened the door, welcoming each by name, as they were all regular customers. One older woman even stopped and asked her when she was going to find a nice man and settle down, and Selinda just laughed softly.

“If I can find a man who will put up with my tea obsession, maybe I’ll snatch him up, till then, I’m content with where I am.” The woman patted her cheek lightly and went to the counter to talk to Bri. Selinda breathed in the mornings air, still a bit crisp even though Spring had already arrived, and smiled. Today would be a good day.

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Re: Teatime Anytime
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2017, 08:58:19 PM »
When Graham had left the inn he and the little lutrani at that morning, he was pleased to note at that moment he didn’t have a shadow. Not that the man didn’t mind the little queen following him around, but there were times when he needed a break and right then was one of them. Besides, it had been quite some time since he had been in this particular place and he wanted to scout it out before heading to speak with anyone of high importance. Besides, he really needed to get his mind in order before going in all hot about what had happened back home. It would be horrible for everyone involved if all the men at the court rise to the killing edge. There was no fixing any problems from that.

He had gotten up early that morning, the air still crisp and nipping at his nose. Spring had come but Winter didn’t seem to want to leave quite yet- Graham wished it would. As much as he liked cooler weather something moderate would be welcome then. Something he could use to burn the heat of his temper out in rather than sit inside and sulk all day. Those were days he pulled out the flask for just a sip which often sent Mara in to a frenzy. She hated the brandy he kept on him, and he did drink more than he should at times, but a little something to get the blood flowing never hurt a man. In fact when he was sick he often drank something harder to burn it out of his system. But she insisted on there being better ways than a drink to do that which often caused him to sigh. Mara was just as bad as his mother at times.

Graham was just about to turn around to head back to the warmth of the inn when he saw the little teashop. While he had never been one for tea, his mother had, and seeing the items in the store window brought back fond memories of when he was a child an- were those muffins? His stomach growled in complaint, it had been far too long since he had a muffin and Mother Night look at their size! Before he knew it his feet were moving taking him in to the warm shop where the smells of amazing things washed over him. Yes- two muffins, one for him and one for Mara would do well. Graham couldn’t remember the last time he had seen the queen have a sweet treat. Something like this would work well and go well with… tea? Looking about the shop he shuffled up to the counter, stepping out of the way of some patrons heading for a table. When it was his turn he pointed to the muffins with a wide, boyish grin across his face. “Okay. What types do you have because I’ll be needing two.

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Re: Teatime Anytime
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2017, 07:22:35 PM »

Lindy heard the bell over the door chime, signaling that someone had either left or come in, but she was so busy behind the counter that she didn’t take the time to look up to see who it was. It was a little too early for most people to wander in, so it was probably one of her regulars. She was in the process of stacking dishes under the counter when she heard someone approach, causing her to straighten up, a brief look of surprise crossing her face. It was, in fact, a new face. She smiled welcomingly, excited by the prospect of meeting and selling to someone who had never tasted the things she had to offer.

She couldn’t help but laugh at the boyish grin that he flashed her way before asking what kind of muffins she currently had. She had seen that look on many a face of those that walked into her shop, even regulars still got that look when Bri was experimenting with new recipes. She glanced over at the display counter and then back to the man. “Well I suppose I don’t have to ask how I can help you today, but I would like to say Welcome to Cuppa Tea. As for the muffins, I think Bri has cooked up chocolate, raspberry, carrot, apple, and lemon. The raspberries, carrots, and lemons come from our family lands and the apples came from a local grove...before the trees were burned.” a bit of sadness laced her words as she spoke, but her smile never wavered.

She moved to stand behind the display counter and made a gesture with her hand. “We also have an impressive number of scones, cookies, and tarts as well.” she reached into the case and pulled out a small apple tart and placed it on a plate and slid it across the counter to him. “Please, on the house. You’re my first new customer in a while, so I figure you’d probably like to sample something before buying. Would you like a cup of tea to go with that as well…..”

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Re: Teatime Anytime
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She was a pretty lass- fair in complexion and dark of hair. Her eyes shone with love for what she was doing as well as warmth for those that resided in the little shop. Even her laugh was infectious- a sound he hadn’t heard much back home as Magda had come to burn the trees. It made his heart ache seeing the faces of friends who had once been so joyous to work the orchards now not sure where their futures would take them. Even his own family was starting to feel the strain of having nothing to trade with considering his father had been a broker for many of the orchards in making sure their produce was sent out throughout the realm. He’d fix this though. Somehow he’d fix all of this.

Well I can certainly say you had me at raspberry,” he said with a matching chuckle, eyes already darting to the display case to see if he could pick the particular one out. There were too many to pick from and his stomach said he wanted them all. Opening his mouth to comment again what pleased expression he had was soon replaced with concern. “They burned them here too?” This had to stop. There had to be another way to save what was left of peoples livelihoods without burning the entire damn territory to the ground. His expression probably said as much. Graham had never been good at hiding his emotions.
As the woman removed the tart from the display case he shook his head. He knew an apple treat when he saw one and after what she had said she couldn’t just take it from her. “Ah- here. I insist on paying for that. Apples are going to be a rarity around here I’m afraid- you’re going to want to keep those for coin.” Digging in to his pocket he pulled some lose coin he had out, counting away to see how much he had on his person without calling more in yet.  However at the mention of tea he chuckled again, “I’ve never been much of a tea drinker. My Mam could tell you everything you wanted to know about teas, but not me.” Looking up he gave her a wry grin, “Perhaps you can recommend one?

I actually have a friend that would love some tea as well. She’s tiny, see. I’m not entirely sure what would be best for her since she’s so small.” Then Graham paused, glancing about the shop before looking back to Lindy. “Do you sell little teacups or anything like that too? Like, doll size maybe?

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