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Wanted Ads Archive / Hawke's Reach
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Little Terreille Archives / I See Fire
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Walking the rows of burned out trees was depressing. Once there had been life here- birds chirping in the leaves, bees buzzing about the blooms, rabbits and other creatures looking to snag a treat from the groundÖ but now there was nothing. The life had been sucked out of Redgrove quicker than it could have been spared. Did the Queens even care? Graham doubted so. If they had cared then there would have been a push to find another way to solve the tree rot rather than burn the orchards down. While his own family didnít raise the trees, he had grown up working in the orchards because when it was harvest time all hands were on deck. He had climbed many a tree back in the day before his training had started using tiny hands to pick the ripe fruit off the limb. His fatherís own business of trade centered around shipping the fruits to other parts of the world and, dare he even say, possibly the other realms. But now? Graham snorted. Now that was all a dream.

The Warlord Prince knelt, picking up a stick as long as his hand that was charred black from the fires. Redgrove was going to go under if something wasnít done about this. There was no coming back from this quickly. For trees to grow then mature enough to bear fruit took years! Some of the farmers here didnít have the coin last years in order to restore their businesses. Graham couldnít even tell if the Queens had backup plans for keeping all the families there afloat. From what he could tell so far, from what his father said, no word had come. Graham doubted it ever would.

Tossing the stick aside he growled. In this situation it was hard not to rise to the killing edge. Queens were supposed to take care of the land and her people. This was clearly opposite of everything that a Queen stood for and as a Warlord Prince it was his duty to do what was needed in order to protect. Not just protect a Queen, but protect the people from bad Queens. In this case the Queens overseeing the Redgrove area were clearly in violation of their contracts. The question was, what was he going to do about it?

Well. The fury growing in his gut was certainly making it clear what his true nature wanted to do, but he at least like to think he was a smarter man than that at times. So he had sent word to his siblings out in the world to come home- they needed to have a talk and fast. It was just a matter if he could hold out until everyone returned.

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