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Title: The shards
Post by: Eulalie Reneux on August 12, 2018, 11:25:51 AM

Eulalie had left him sleeping. Hair damp from a cold shower, body forced to slumber by the brew she’d demanded he drink. The crying had been too much. Soul sick with what he’d done. Not listening when Eulalie had told him the fault did not rest on his shoulders. Unable to bear it she’d had a draught made, and seen it drank. Promising to sit there at the edge of his bed until he slept.

And she had. As still and silent as stone. Thinking about his words. About his hand on her shoulder. His head leaning in as if he would kiss her there. His favorite smell. Thinking too about the screaming. Georgi’s fingers in Vrai’s hair. The way his body had worked into the stiff arch of her apprentice. The way he had cried at being stopped. And then cried at having done it at all. Thought and thought and grew angry. Angry at them all.

She had sent for her cousin, a young eunuch rushing off to see it done. Her Second she kept with her, sweeping down the halls to her office. Once inside the privacy of the room, Eulalie shuffled the papers on her desk and tried to think.

”I want her eunuch brought to task. What is his name, Gabriel?” Her mind churned like storm wracked sea. That one had a bad history already. This was yet another gross failure of judgment on his part. ”He has been too much absent from his post, which is at Lady Louise’s side. See to it. Find him. I want him separated from the others until this mess is sorted.” Nostrils flaring, Eulalie dismissed him to see it done. It would be the lash for Georgette’s eunuch.

She felt him outside her door not even a minute after her Second left. Could practically picture the swagger he used to move down her halls. As if they were his halls. It did nothing to soothe her temper. Heart and soul churned into a maelstrom by the days events. A thousand nasty pictures through her mind’s eye to remind her of all that had been irrevocably changed and broken. So much destroyed, and for what?


Isidore’s ego. Eulalie just knew it. Her fucking cousin. Ruinous bastard. She would kill him.

She met him at the door, barely letting it swing back behind him before she struck. A palm to his cheek. Teeth bared as if she would leap upon him and sink them into his flesh. A part of her wanted to. It was quick fire in her veins. Scorching and violent. She wanted revenge on him for every petty display, every challenge. Everything that he had destroyed.

”What did you do?” She hissed. Part if the story told to her in dulcet tones by her Second, aware that hallways had many doors and corners to hide ears behind. ”He is my Hand! My Hand, Isidore! You have no right to meddle here, not with my eunuchs and especially not with my First!” Her Left! Strongest, dearest of all of them. ”Do you know what you have done?!” Eulalie raged, emotion destroying her ability to be reasonable or logical.

To be anything but fury. Pinning the bulk of the guilt on Isidore, who deserved it all and all the punishments that would come with it.

”Do you, you fucking fool?”

Title: Re: The shards
Post by: Isidore Nazaire on August 12, 2018, 12:43:33 PM
”Already?” Isidore’s eyebrow curved upward at the eunuch. Not one of any relevance. He had expected Eulalie’s Right. Nevertheless he knew before any instructions were given that he was being summoned to his cousin.

For a little while he had tried to follow Vrai’s crooked path. To see if Eulalie really swept in to coddle her eunuch. There was no sport or entertainment in the game though, so he had abandoned the trail for work. Ledgers had to be poured over and compared. Proving that he gave the temple their fair share of his earnings.

It was much easier to simply tag the eunuch with a spell and settle a probe outside Eulalie’s armory. Whatever he’d gotten up to hadn’t been enough to drag the Mother Priestess out. So Isidore had gone about his business.

Until he heard the screaming. Up through his Webs in the psychic plane. Familiar because he’d watched other raiders plow through Virgin’s webs a thousand times. That wasn’t the sort of pain he enjoyed, so he’d never done the deed himself. And it made him squirm inside to think Vrai was even capable of sniffing one out. He didn’t know who, or even for sure that the eunuch had done it. The likelihood it was a string of  coincidences slim.

He felt Eulalie running off to fetch her Hand just before the breaking. A ripple along his psyche as a Jewel shattered. Isidore had settled in with a large ledger that didn’t seem to quite add up on the first try. Recalculating the numbers. Assuming, bitterly, that he would have hours to wait before Eulalie had him sent for. There would be a scolding, no doubt. Vrai was her favorite dog, after all.

With a smirk he made his way behind the eunuch. Hands in his pockets. Cheerful, because if she was calling him already she wasn’t fucking Vrai after all. He had known the sorry fool was full of shit. In the same moment that the door opened she slapped him.


Isidore slipped a hand from his pocket and touched the mark left behind. Raw, red heat. His dear, beloved Eulalie hissing at him like an animal. It was very exciting. He couldn’t help smiling, even though he knew it would antagonize her anger.

”Pardon?” He had hardly done anything at all! His grin lessened and his eyelids lowered. She was so beautiful when she was angry. Or maybe he’d just forgotten in the last two years what she looked like not angry. ”Of course he is, I certainly don’t have use for a eunuch.” He spoke under her accusations. Standing up right he looked down his nose at her yelling. Pushing further into the room so the door could be shut with his Ebon-gray. It seemed his dear cousin needed a little stress relief. Clicking his tongue soothingly he turned the tables. ”What I’ve done? I thought you said he was your eunuch. All I did was give him a chance to back up his bragging. Babysitting him isn’t my responsibility.”

He wasn’t afraid of her anger. Or her rage. Their Jewels might be a match, but he had the training in combat and defense. Could pin her to the floor until she was done her temper tantrum. ”It was only a dose of opium… not even a pinch of safframate. Honestly I’m shocked he’s done fucking already. It was measured to stand my Ebon-gray for a few hours.”

Shoulder’s hiking up he addressed what he supposed was the real elephant in the room. ”He broke a girl. I heard her. That’s not my fault, though. Is it Eulalie? There are plenty of women in the building. He chose a virgin and then didn’t shield her.” She wanted to claim Vrai like a pet. She would have to take her measure of the blame. ”Unfortunate for the girl. I’ll pay the fines for Vrai, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

He wondered who the girl had been. Only because he wondered what had made Vrai choose her from all those available.
Title: Re: The shards
Post by: Eulalie Reneux on August 12, 2018, 02:46:44 PM

He smiled! He dared! Ah, but it did not stay long. Slipping as she railed at him. Eyelids heavy over his eyes. Eulalie could not tell what he was thinking, but he had better have been thinking quick. Sure he was looking for a way worm free of the blame. He never wanted to face the consequences of his actions! Always made messes he expected her to clean up. Not this time. This time Eulalie would make him pay.

”Do you not?” Eulalie hissed. She did not fear him. Standing where she had planted herself, she let him come. Let him lock the door and step closer to her without giving him a single inch or retreat. ”If he is not yours, why do you insist on coming here and disrupting his time, and mine?” Vrai needed no babysitting! He never stepped outside the doctrines. His behavior was always impeccable, unlike Isidore’s. Until today. But that was not his fault.

”You fuck.” Eulalie snarled, grasping at him with her right hand. The urge to sink her snake tooth into him riding hard on the edges of her rage. ”You drugged my hand, you fucking worthless fuck.” Her left snaked out to slap him again. Vrai was not meant for fucking! Hardened by Isidore’s drugs or not. ”Why do you even have opium on my islands, Prince Nazaire? Opium measured to your Jewel?” They were for the soul sick of the mainland. They claimed it soothed pain, but she had heard the tales of their dens of debauchery.

”It is your fault, Isidore! You drugged a eunuch! What does Vrai know of virgins or sex? Nothing!” She wanted to hurt him more. To inflict upon his body the agony that she felt in her soul. Vrai! ”You dosed him with something measure to your Jewel! She slapped at him again. What had he done? Why had he done it? ”This is all your fault, Isidore. All of it. You usurped his will with your damned drugs and left him loose in my temple. This. Is. All. Your. Fault.” The words punctuated with jabs to his chest.

”You’ll pay for all of it, because he’s innocent in this. There will be no fines for Vrai to pay since he’s committed no crime.” Unfortunate about the girl! Unfortunate for them all. He had ruined it. Isidore had ruined it all. What was she going to do? Her flawless friend! The one person Eulalie had always been able to count on. Sleeping beneath drugs and brews. Sullied, now.

No. No. He was innocent in this. Eulalie would be sure he remained pristine. Her friend.

”Damn you, Isidore. Damn you to hell.” Tears as hot as her rage streaking her cheeks. She would kill him for this.

Title: Re: The shards
Post by: Isidore Nazaire on August 12, 2018, 04:33:21 PM
With a cock of his head Isidore snorted at the fresh accusation. There were so many things he wanted to say. Years of neglect and taking the blame weighed on his chest. She was as demanding and demeaning as his father had been. ”Would you prefer I keep my investments to myself? I was here to do work in the tithes office and only stopped to watch the guard drills for a minute when Vrai started in on me.” There were five witnesses that had seen Isidore start to walk away before the eunuch goaded him into more conversation.

His darling was too emotional to see sense, though. It made his dick hard, all that snapping and growling. The warning of her snake’s tooth just under the skin. Clutching his arm as if she would pierce him at any moment. His upper lip lifted in a warning smile. ”Careful, my love, you gave me that precious black widow for a wife. So now I’ve two of them to cry over my body… and recognize the signs of venom. I can’t keep your secrets if I’m dead.” And he would scream them into every head on the island while the poison took him.

She wouldn't really kill him though. Just another vicious slap that made his spear twitch between his legs. Smiling again. ”Don’t ask stupid questions, Eulie. You know damn well what I had it for.” Potent powders in their small glass straws. Stoppered on both ends. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up when life got boring on the islands. His eyes dared her to ask why he’d need such a thing. He would put that blame on her too.

”Is that what your mad about? Your poor eunuch had a hard on? It wasn’t going to hurt him any! He just needed laid…” Maybe that was the problem. She didn’t want him touched. It was no secret she didn't put her hands on him in public. She’d always been controlling. ”Mother Night, Eulalie why not just cut his dick off then? What’s it to you if he uses it?” He had heard enough of her whining to pick up the hint. Vrai! Vrai! Vrai! [

”Usurped his will?” He repeated with a laugh. ”Please! If he doesn’t know about virgins or sex that’s your fucking fault too! Plenty of eunuchs deal with both on a regular basis. You make him First above all Firsts and don’t teach the basics of being human?” When her hand raised he stepped expectantly into it this time. Another smile as his left cheek burned for a second time. Eyes lowering to watch her poke a pointed fingernail at his chest.

He shook his head. She made no sense. ”If he’s committed no crime then what are you upset for?” It wasn’t the broken girl. She didn’t even give a name. But she cut him with her cruel condemnation. Still he couldn’t stand the sight of her tears. So upset, his poor cousin. Isidore came closer, hooking her elbows with his fingers. ”Shhh, calm down. It can be my fault if that’s what you need.” He wanted to pull her closer, but she was always full of demands he was never quite good enough to meet. So he went a step farther. ”I’ll take care of everything. Just tell me who the girl was. Did she survive?”

Title: Re: The shards
Post by: Eulalie Reneux on August 12, 2018, 05:08:35 PM

”You wouldn’t dare.” But he would. Isidore, her cousin. Loyal to her only so long as it served his purpose. What did one queen matter? There were dozens more. Two wives, he reminded her. His investments. A whole world out there to tempt him into betrayal. Oh how she hated him, hand gripping his arm all the tight. Nails set to his flesh since she could not sink her snake tooth into him.

Hated him.

”Don’t call me that!” She screamed. Voice raw and rough. All of the emotion with only half the volume. ”Don’t.” She jerked his arm. ”Don’t.” It felt like everything was unraveling. Isidore drugging Vrai! Isidore bringing drugs to her islands at all. How much? How many? How often? How could she trust his judgment if he was high on heathen drugs? He was supposed to be her raider captain! He was her raider captain.

And she could trust none of them.

”He did not need laid, Isidore! None of these things were issues until you gave him whatever you gave him!” But was that true? She thought of Vrai in the crypts with Georgette. Dancing with the girl’s ailing mother. Making paid whores in mirrors dance for him so he would feel something. But he had not. Never acted this way until Isidore set hooks in him. Saw his face falling into her shoulder again.

Hips bucking into Georgette.

”He did not need to know!” She screamed at him. ”He does not need to know them still! You think his cock has anything to do with his humanity? Does breaking a witch make him more?” He had been too much on the mainland, Eulalie decided. Too much with the depraved. He needed purified.

She hated that she cried. It had been so long since she’d shed tears. She had no room for weakness. No time. She hated more that he came closer, hands on her elbows, pulling her closer. Eulalie bit her tongue, head shaking. She would not let him do this. Would not let him comfort her, not even to fix his mistakes. She stiffened in his arms. Everything was ruined. Shambles.

”It is your fault.” She gasped, pulling at his hands to slap the tears from her face. Clawing lashes and cheeks to wipe them away. Eulalie choked. Teeth clicking shut hard. Breathed through her nose, deep into her stomach. Breathing the calm in and the emotion out. A struggle. An impossible struggle. ”She did. It was... Georgette.” Sweet Georgette who had tended the poor and sick. Had struggled to feed her ailing mother, and then struggled harder to find her place in the temple.

Georgi. Georgi who Eulalie hated.

”How could this happen?” The question for herself more than Isidore.

Title: Re: The shards
Post by: Isidore Nazaire on August 12, 2018, 06:21:23 PM

Isidore’s smirk hid the wrenching in his chest. He would call her what he wanted! Refusal, rejection, reprimand. Why did the people he liked best always hate him so easily? He smoothed his hair down with one hand. It was fine. He had Salome waiting for him at home. She was angry he had been keeping Tait hidden. Which was Eulalie’s fault. Maybe a few days apart was enough for one of them to start missing him.

”It shouldn’t have been an issue at all! The stuff is harmless, Eulie. It only makes you feel good, it’s not even a strong as the honey we shared. Makes the sex better so I keep some around when things get boring. That’s it. If I thought he was capable of that...” Isidore’s hand flew out to motion vaguely at the door behind them. Well, no, he still would have done it. Still thought Vrai deserved the suffering of a hard dick and nowhere to put it. The girl, though, she didn’t deserve that horror. And he didn’t think Vrai, who had never done more than annoy him, deserved to live with having done it. Those were things too late to change, and therefore useless to dwell on.

There was no real defense. Isidore didn’t think he needed one either. No more at fault in all of this as Vrai and Eulalie. Her excuses were petty, but he’d pretend at guilt if it spared her a few tears. ”He was mocking me. I did what I did thinking you’d be on him in a minute. I so much as sneeze hard at one of you and the other two are swooping in. Until I felt the girl break I thought he was in his room wanking.”

The yelling continued. He tried not to raise his own voice. Caste and Jewels enough to set anyone on edge. Playing with Vrai was evidently the worst offense he’d managed so far. He knew she was protective of her pet not-man. But this? Isidore felt the bitter bile of jealousy rising in his chest. Especially as she refused him again. Fighting the gentle tug of his fingers to draw her in. ”Alright.” It was his fault. Let her be angry at him then. It was nothing new.

”Stop that.” He fought her fingers from her face. Afraid she’d scratch her face open or lose an eye. In the struggle he jerked into his chest, pinning her with a hug instead of craft. Eyes falling closed in real sympathy as she named the unfortunate creature. ”Ah, of course. I should have guessed.”

That made sense. They were not alike, Eulalie and her apprentice. Not much, anyway. But the girl had been training as another Mother Priestess should she outlive Eulalie. He understood how Vrai could have ended up there. In that room, with that girl. He made soothing sounds, keeping Eulalie tucked tight. Like it or not. Knowing she definitely did not.

”Why would she even let him into her room? Were you the first in? Where is the girl now?” Isidore would fix it, as he’d promised. But first he sighed, chest brushing Eulalie as he sucked in air. ”It must have been Mother Night’s design, one way or another. How else could so many things align just so, for such a tragedy?”

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Post by: Eulalie Reneux on August 12, 2018, 06:57:28 PM

Isidore and his sex. Eulalie laughed, a hollow, ugly sound. Was that what he needed then? Drugs and women from off island? Or queens on them? She’d been meaning to ask him if he’d been able to consummate his marriage, but now she knew he probably had drugs for that too.

”I suggest you keep them to yourself from here on out, Isidore. And out of my temple completely, understand?” There was a world of difference between the Green and the Ebon-grey, and Isidore seemed to have forgotten that. Eulalie couldn’t, remembering Vrai’s pain. So desperate to spill his seed he hadn’t realized the girl had fled the body he humped. She very much doubted the opium had made he sex better for either of them.

”Vrai isn’t for such base things, Isidore. And we come because we are a triangle.” Left and Right, they supported her. She needed them. And as her First, Eulalie needed Vrai especially. Because she loved him, she needed him desperately. Oldest friend. He was the bedrock of her life. Not some beast to be prodded. Not some man to hide away in his room and fondle himself.

It made her slap him again. The blow just as sharp as the others, even though he accepted the responsibility of his sins. He would still see the lash. He deserved it. He was a monster. Elbows caught. Then body dragged against his. Eulalie fought him, he didn’t get to dictate anything to her! Much less what she did with her own person, or to her own person. And she wanted none of his comfort. He was as false as any of his caste.

”Why? How?” What had she not seen? Damn the girl! Eulalie had tried to warn her away. Vrai had spoken as if she were nothing more than a silly child. But he’d said she need a virgin night. Romantic follies. She’d thought he meant Gabriel. Eulalie moaned against Isidore’s chest, calves flexing to push her deeper into his hard chest until she thought she might bruise against him.

”Why would she not? He is my Hand.” Her hands knotted in his shirt. Physical comfort. Hadn’t this been what Vrai had been looking for? Crying in Georgette’s skirts. Driving into Georgette’s body. He’d even touched Eulalie. ”In her room still.” Where Eulalie had left her, locked behind Ebon-grey shields. She let her cheek rest over his heart. Let his arms hold her so tight she thought she’d never be free of him. ”The Darkness did promise change.” Eulalie simply hadn’t expected such destruction.

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Muscles twitching at her laughter Isidore waited for the insult that would follow. Eyes narrowing into suspicion when none came. Oh how it drove him crazy! Not being able to see into Eulalie’s barriers as he did with most others. Darkness knew he didn’t want to know what she was thinking about him.

”He’s the only person I’ve given any too. You took the honey on your own.” All he’d done was show her the vial she was interested in. And just as he’d expected it had been a wild break from the boring sameness of their regular conversations. Even this one, with its serious undertones was boring. More of the world falling on her head, and more of his catching it- and the blame.

On the mainland there was an adage about equality. Something to do with geese. He couldn’t remember the details. ”Can’t help noticing no one is culling the priestess of those ‘base’ desires. There are brews that could burn out your libidos.” Another slap. More smiling as he throbbed again. Tucked securely up into his waistband. Where she wouldn’t have to feel the press of it when he wrapped her into an embrace.

Of all the women in his life he hated loving Eulalie most. The one they made him swear he would serve, yet the one that mistreated him at every turn. For things he’d had no part in deciding. Caste and Jewels seemed to matter less, though, when she thought he knew something she did not. Suddenly leaning in to his touch.

That had been Vrai’s weakness too. Goaded on by the promise that there were secrets he was not privy to. ”Like I said, I couldn’t figure why he didn’t go straight to you. I suppose he knew there wouldn’t relief that way. And if he couldn't have the master, the one he really wanted, then why not the apprentice? A pretty little consolation prize that happened to be ripe for the picking.”

Young, vulnerable, and push over if ever he had seen one. She was probably even glad to see the Hand at her door. Fool child. With a sigh he started planning a place to stow her away. Letting his fingertips knead slow circles on Eulalie's back as she gave in completely to his hold. Soothing her even as his stomach clenched around her answer. ”Who did you get to tend her?” There were several good Black Widows around. He could convince any of them to keep the secret. ”No one will know what happened. I’ll take the girl, but she’ll have to stay here another day or two while I get some place ready.” An apartment, maybe in Corlay so he’d have reason to travel there more often.

He kissed the top of Eulalie’s head. Breathed in the scent of her hair. ”I wouldn’t have hurt him, Eulalie. I swear. I know how much he means to you.” Had known it since the day he met them, already a trio of friends. And he lived everyday since under the pitch black shadow that he could never be more than someone she tolerated out of fear.

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Eulalie did not want to think about the honey. That had been a disaster of a meeting from start to finish. The rest of her night a haze she barely remembered. The brews caught her attention, however. Eyes sharpening as Eulalie tucked that information away. Her life would be more serene without her own sexual impulses. She’d had no one to break her bones to teach her self control.

No, Eulalie had fought for that in her own way. Twisting it into self denial. To live without the urge would be a relief on many levels. To feel nothing but what was needful. ”I’ll look into it.” She promised. Most women were not a threat during sex. They had no spears to pierce webs with. But dark Jewels were just as dangerous. Eulalie knew it first hand, having accidentally shredded webs herself, leaning to hard into the psyches of her lovers.

At least she did not have to worry when she leaned into Isidore. Not about his safety. Just her own. He was liable to take advantage of any weakness. Always he tested her boundaries, trying to find a crack, a loophole, a way to get in, to get more. She was less afraid of him now that she knew his spear would not rise for her body. All his desire pretense or perversion.

”It is not like that between us.” No relief from her. Was she so cold? Or was it simply about sex? There were too many half known secrets for Eulalie to be sure. Too much that had been kept from her over the years. Trivial things that denoted a pattern. She was not comforting. Arms working their way around Isidore’s ribs, Eulalie turn her face into his chest and shook her head.

”I didn’t send anyone.” She was still holding out hope Georgette would die. She could feel more tears burning to escape, but Eulalie had shown enough weakness, so she swallowed them down. ”I will send Morgane. She is clever at such things.” And Eulalie thought she might be trust worthy. And if she were not, well. The Summer-sky was a weak Jewel when you looked right at it.

”Good, you can have her. And her eunuch. But he must face the lash first for abandoning his post.” Surely he had been found and detained already. Eulalie would have to choose the eunuch to do it. She did not know if Vrai would be well enough come tomorrow, or even the day after. She let her hands join behind his face, trying breathing in his strength.

”Instead you have hurt two people with your foolishness. Neither Vrai or Georgette will ever be the same thanks to your ego.” Neither would Eulalie, but she would not tell him that. She would tell no one.

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Infuriating woman! ”Don’t fucking say that.” He growled. ”It isn’t natural, Eulalie! If Mother Night wanted us that way, then we would be born so.” Look into it indeed. He would do some culling of his own if he found a healer altering her that way. One finger at a time until there was no one left in Paon to craft a brew stronger than cheap ale. What the princes allowed to be done to themselves was none of his business. He’d not have the women chemically mutilating themselves to match.

”My point was that no one thinks of you or any other priestess as less holy just because you enjoy a good fuck once in awhile. There’s more to sex, and more reason to want it, than just lust or desire. You can’t cut away a person’s need to feel like a person.” You couldn’t squash it out either. They had been trying for years. Isidore just kept forgiving them and pretending at the monster they’d trained him to be.

When it came to Vrai’s motives all he could do was make assumption. He didn’t know what a eunuch’s need felt like. Or why Vrai had ended up with Georgette of all people. He knew why he would have chosen her if the shoe were on the other foot. The thought had crossed his own mind. Fucking sweet little Georgi. They were not alike. Not really. But she was still Eulalie’s student, and closer to her than anyone not her Hand. Where Eulalie was closed off and sacrosanct Georgi was warm and approachable. ”That’s not what he implied.” Isidore told her truthfully. ’Every. Single. Time.’ He had said.

The lying wretch.

Isidore could kiss him on his idiot mouth. Enjoying the soft knob of her nose in his chest as she shook her head. He made a soothing sound and kneaded the center of her back. Too worried she would tear herself away if he set them any lower. So tempting though. His poor, distraught soulwife. Her tits were like nice, firm melons brushing against him. He couldn’t help remember how perfect they’d felt through her dress the night she’d lashed his back.

Stomach clenching around her answer he tried to mask the disgust he felt. ”You just left in there alone, darling?” Well. They called him a monster. Oh well. That could be to their benefit. He sucked his bottom lip, thinking. ”I’m going to send for Rochelle. She’ll clean up the girl and any hints of Vrai from the room. If she survives until then your widow can do whatever she needs to. No one will be the wiser.” They could put the charges on a runaway slave or some slum-living miscreant. He would hunt someone out to take the lash.

He couldn’t stop thinking about that girl on the floor. Eulalie really was a vicious woman. Leaving the girl to suffer alone while tucking her rapist into bed. Casting all the fault on him as if a bit of a high was the cause of all her problems. While condemning others for their part not a moment later. Mother Night. ”Abandoned his post.” Did the eunuchs not get their own rooms, then? Were they made to follow their ladies everywhere night and day? No wonder Vrai had gone crazy. A eunuch without his priestess and a priestess without her eunuch. It made Isidore’s bitterness grow. ”So Vrai was left to wander alone, looking for his priestess while Georgi was left alone and unguarded by her eunuch. But it’s still all my fault, hm?”

Island justice. And she hadn’t even offered him the lash.

”Well when you put it that way… Next time I‘ll just punch him.” He let her go. Falling into a chair with a huff. Fingers on his own scalp. ”It’s a tragedy, really, but Vrai will be fine. He has the Mother Priestess to help him find absolution. Georgi… well she never liked it here anyway. I’ll see her cared for.”

Face resting in his palm for a moment he sighed. Thanks to his ego. This would be his fault in her mind for the rest of their lives. Another wound to that self same ego. A bruise on his soul. But no one had ever given a shit how many times in his life Isidore had looked up and realized he would never be the same. "I should have stayed another night in Corlay." Maybe Caprice would have sucked his dick.

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”How is it any different than taking drugs to make the sex better?” She hissed at him. As if he had any say in what she did with her body. He was her raider captain. Her cousin. That was all. Neither gave him rights over her body. Determined to fight him at every restriction, at every claim. She had to tread a careful path with him public. In private, at least, she should be able to speak freely.

”No one is trying to remove his personhood.” Her fingers clenched. She did not want to hear this. It rode too close to what Vrai had been saying, or trying to say to her. Eulalie set her jaw, teeth aching. This was not her fault. She had not made the rules, merely followed them. Vrai was not for touching, not even himself, apparently. Mother Night. The horror of it drove Eulalie deeper in to Isidore’s arms until she thought he was the only thing holding her upright.

”I don’t know why he would imply otherwise.” Except to needle Isidore. They had a strange relationship, her Hand and her cousin. One Eulalie had never puzzled out, or dedicated much time to studying. Vrai claimed hatred, but Isidore seemed more indifferent, if curious. Isidore, whose hands stroked the knots from her spine and made soft, comforting noises at her.

”I did.” Eulalie admitted, shivering at the memory of the screaming. Of Georgette’s finger breaking as Eulalie dug them from Vrai’s hair. ”Very well.” She would leave it to Isidore and whoever this Rochelle was. She turned her cheek against his chest, nose pointed into the crease between his body and his arm. Settling deep against the comfort of his embrace. And then slowly growing stiff in it.

”It is not as simple as that.” His comment sounded too much like condemnation. None of this would have happened if Isidore had not drugged Vrai. Or if Georgette had kept her door shut and her hands to herself. Eulalie had warned her! ”Do not try to avoid your punishment now, Isidore. You have already accepted the blame.” She warned him, stumbled when he abandoned her. Eulalie caught her balance, arms suddenly empty of him. Turning, she watched him throw himself into a chair. Her chair.

”Yes, yes you should have.” Eulalie did not bother asking why he had been in Corlay. He would lie or pout. Up to no good, probably. Causing more incidents she would need to fix. Which he would probably try and blame on her. He’d killed Adele for her. Taken a war bride because she allowed him no freedom. Harassed Corlay because she allowed him no friend. Poisoned her Hand because he dared implied fucking Eulalie. He was disgusting.

All of Eulalie’s sorrow burned away. It had no place, not here in front of Isidore who would twist it to suit himself like he did everything else.

”Get out of my chair.” She snapped. ”Do not think you are forgiven or your debts paid due to kindness. You still owe this temple a blood debt.” Eulalie was tempted to do it herself. The armory was just through that door, her eyes drawn to it. ”Would you like whipped beside Lady Louise’s eunuch? So you can pretend comrades in innocence with him?” She taunted.

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”The difference is making the sex better bring two people closer. Helps make their bond richer. Denying yourself natural instincts is a slow, miserable death.”  You could ask any Warlord Prince of Paon about denial. And apparently its Mother Priestess. She seemed full up on it tonight. ”That’s why you cut them before they’re old enough to know what they’re giving up.” How could any man under twenty understand the consequences fully? They didn’t think of households and children. Not when they were all being groomed for what seemed like a special role.

She just wanted to fight with him. Needed Isidore to be the one that was wrong. He felt her tensing. Fighting herself too it seemed. ”That’s all this temple has ever done to anyone.” He hissed before he could stop himself. Made perfectly good women fit into the box of devout priestess and cut young men so they could resist their own nature. With a sigh he took the words back, and asked the question he felt she really wanted to answer. ”What is you want from him then?”

Isidore didn’t care. Not really. The answer would sting and make him jealous no matter what she said. She could want and embrace the wanting of her eunuch but she’d never do more than pretend to be thankful for Isidore. She’d fight herself and her nature on that until she couldn’t anymore. Then that would be all his fault too.

And he’d love every second.

”I don’t know either.” They weren’t really friends. They couldn’t be. Not when there was Eulalie between them. Each having her in a way the other envied. So he took his time easing Eulalie’s troubles and muscles. Wishing he could touch a bit more without risking her rejection. He even listened without comment as she admitted to such a terrible thing. Choosing one victim of circumstance over the other. A grown man over her apprentice. ”I’m sure she won’t know or remember better if she makes it.”

Georgi might be lost, if not to The Darkness then to the Twisted Kingdom. Which was for the best really. He couldn’t imagine living severed from the depth of his power. Which he used in that very moment to reach down the mountain to the kitchen of his estate on the beach. Summoning Rochelle’s loyal skill to serve a lady that would appreciate none of it.

Snorting again Isidore slipped away from her assertions. Eyes rolling up, flashing their whites at her. ”I’m not avoiding anything. Just making sure I have the facts in order.” What could they do to him anyway? He didn’t like the growing attitude in her tone. Turning from tears to temper. He wished he didn’t love her and could just take his fortune to the mainland.

The problem was they would hate him just as much there. All the same fear and mistrust. Dozens of questions he’d have to explain. On Paon he was a legend. Their hero, for all that they feared the fierceness that had been schooled into him. They respected his prowess as a warrior and hunter.

”Stop looking at me like that.” He told her without a glance. The heat of her anger- her hate- burned right through the hand he held over his face. He didn’t have to see her to know she was scowling. Wishing him dead. Maybe he should have stayed on Corlay. That Citrine was a bitch and he didn’t trust her an iota. But he could bend her and that Green like a blade of grass.

Eyes flicking up at her sudden burst of renewed outrage he laughed. Rising from the chair with his own frustrations a hot noose around his neck. Making the places she has struck on his face burn red. ”Go on then. And you can lay Vrai right between us. You can’t punish me without explaining why, and if you do that I promise you they’ll want Vrai’s blood too.”

He met her nose to nose. ”I’ll be your villain, Eulie.” Why not? That was what they wanted. Men that were monsters to raid and pillage the mainland. Catching her roughly around the waist he backed her towards the chair he’d emptied. ”I told you before. If I’’m to be lashed, you will hold the whip. I’ll rip off the hands of any other soul that tries.”

This time it was his glance drawn to the armory door. ”And yes, darling, I will like it.” Every single strike.

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”It is their choice, Isidore. The temple does not cut the unwilling.” But he would never understand devotion. Isidore could not live without his passions. He was the sum of them. All his hungers tied to his caste. Eulalie doubted even the cut could cull them from him.

”Isidore!” Her chin cut across his chest as Eulalie looked up at him. His name reprimand and warning. She was beginning to think it unwise to allow such dark Jewels on Paon’s warlord princes. Or was it just Isidore who held secret loathing in his heart? Was that her fault too? Eulalie had had little to do with him, and nothing at all with his training. Maybe that is where the issue lay. Forced to be friends too late. But he took it back, asking another question of her instead.

”What I have always had from him.” Everything. His trust. His devotion. All of it overshadowed now by the little secrets and the betrayal. Would they all abandon her this way? Isidore for anyone and Vrai for her apprentice? Where would her Second stray to? Eulalie knew it was unfair. They did not belong solely to her and she had no right to possess them in such a way. Not her eunuchs at least.

And Isidore was her cousin.

Yes, Eulalie wanted more. But she would never ask it of Vrai. He had always been pure beyond purpose. He dwelled in the eye of Mother Night. And Isidore only got hard for queens and filth.

”No. I don’t suppose she will.” Eulalie shivered, remembering the screaming. Imagining she could hear it still. Shivered and was left by Isidore so he could sprawl in her chair. Was he disgusted with the thing she had done? He seemed invested in Georgette. In the saving and care of her. It make Eulalie suspicious. They knew so little about the girl. And no one knew who her father had been. Eulalie could not help but wonder id she had been staging some sort of coup. Slowly usurping Eulalie’s males. Picking away at her strength.

She should have pushed her into that damn puddle.

”I think you forget, Isidore, I can do whatever I like.” She ruled Paon, and the people would follow her, even if she lead them right over Isidore’s back. How could they love him more than her? He was violent and corrupted. Eulalie was their Mother. She took care of them, bot Isidore. She steeled herself as he rose. Wind fast he was in front of her, leaning over her. Eulalie lifted her chin, unafraid, and met him head on.

”You are a villain, cousin.” Obviously daydreaming he was a savior. Eulalie hissed as he grabbed her. Rough where he had been gentle before. She gripped his arms to keep from stumbling, and did not struggle as he backed her toward the chair. He could not, would not, hurt her. Her teeth flashed, eyes like volcanic glass as he dared her. Threatened her.

”Is that what you want, Isidore? For me to punish you so you can buck and beg?” Thrust at her with his limp cock. She didn’t know why he pretended at wanting her. Eulalie would happily give him the lash for his sins. Open his soul up for learning and ease some of the violence harbored in her own body. ”The door is right there.” She whispered. No one would interfere. Eulalie didn’t need the honey to goad her to it. Not this time.

That was there too though, just inside her cabinet.

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Over her head Isidore’s eyes rolled more violently than ever. Choice. As if any teenager was capable of reason. Of making a decision that would shape their body, life and mind for the rest of their lives. He didn’t argue. There was no point. They both knew why it was done before they reached majority.

Isidore could see the taint in Paon. Perhaps because he did spend so much time on the mainland. By Eulalie’s order. Some of their reality was hard to swallow. Some suited him fine. It was the bubble he had been raised in. The familiar. And he would not abandon it or even work for drastic change. Just complain when complaint was due.

”Then why are you afraid? Perhaps he’ll be dejected or a little self-loathing for a while but I can’t imagine this will affect his feelings for you. Does it change yours?” He wouldn’t be surprised to find that was the real problem. People didn’t like change. Even if the thing changing was only their perspective or perceptions. Isidore suspected it was rooted deeper than that, though. He thought Eulalie was angry her Hand was outside of her own control for even a moment.

Those were just his guesses. He wouldn’t know for sure. There wasn’t even a sliver of possibility she would tell Isidore what she was really thinking. It didn’t even cross his mind to ask. Conversation moving along to even darker things. A broken girl discussed between them as if she were a lame horse they had to deal with.

It wasn’t that Isidore didn’t care. In his own small way. It was that protecting Mother Priestess had been the core of his training since before he was big enough to hold a spear. Keeping whatever secrets she demanded of him, upholding public opinion of her… those were the only morals anyone had ever taught him. All others beaten out until he could kill on command without remorse. Until he’d learned to love the beating.

Which was why he could just as easily flip the mental switch from caring husband to battle ready brute. How else could he answer her fierceness? Always trying to manipulate him with threats! That was the way he’d been trained. To meet hissing with growls. Fight fire with fire.

”You judge my ego.” His smile was sharp and humorless. ”Darling, no one should have that kind of power. It’s why Mother Night gave us one another. Balance. The fact that you think you can do as you please without consequence is probably why you couldn’t reach into that Abyss for the Black.” Probably why her apprentice was being scrubbed clean by the most loyal hearth witch in the realm. Why her devoted and devout eunuch had torn through a hymen and webs in search of physical relief.

That was what Isidore wanted now too. Half flaccid again with the insults. ”Yes. Just as I was trained to be.” He agreed with bared teeth. ”Because it’s the only way for bitches like you to play the role of hero.”

She was not afraid of him. And it made his heart pound faster. Blood rising hot along his throat. Staining his cheeks in a deep flush. Making his eyes heavy and hungry. ”That’s how you like me best isn’t it, darling?” Yes. Yes he wanted to feel that leather tongue strip his back. Hands rolling and squeezing on her hips. Torn between his passion and his anger. He spun her so he could crush her back to his front. Hooked around the waist with one arm instead of hands on her hips. He needed one free, to tug his waistband up. Free the trapped part of him that had failed before. ”I’m not honey drunk this time, and I will put a stroke in you for every lash.”

Oh Eulalie. He would take a thousand lashes and give double back. Her hair was stained with Vrai's stink. But there, behind her ear, he could smell pure priestess. His tongue wanted very badly to taste the spot. "Think of how good it will feel. That whip in your hand." His own tracing down to touch her palm. Stir the memory. "My spear in your center. All that tension gone in the end. You'll sleep so well."

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”No.” Yes. She would never unsee what she’d walked in. Never forget the way he had sobbed into her skirts because he hadn’t been done before she’d separated them. But to admit to Isidore was to have that shift in her gravity exploited. Already she was uncentered. He would press, and needle, and squeeze until he saw her completely torn from what made her whole. Safe. Strong.

It would be too much.

He was too much. Eulalie drew in a sharp breath. It hissed between her teeth and filled her lungs until she thought her body would come apart at the veins.

”You think I am ignorant to consequence or incapable of forethought?” Eulalie never asked why she had not reached the Black. She knew why. Knew she wasn’t worthy of the darkest of Jewels. It hurt that he thought so as well, but his judgment of her leadership outraged her more. ”I do everything for the people on these islands.  They are my first consideration!” She made her choices for their souls. If she had no thought to anything she did, she would have left Isidore wifeless, or chosen a harridan for his mate!

Maybe she had done that poorly too. Misjudged her cousin as she had her hand. He had certainly not thanked her for Salome.

”Bastard!” Eulalie slapped him again. ”It is not that way and you know it. And it never would be if you kept your misdeeds to the mainland and not brought them here!” He should have been above reproach as well, at least on Paon. Raider Captain. He had killed good men for the title and now he used it to funnel drugs onto her islands.

Misdeeds and perversions. Eulalie watched him grow hungry with the promise of the lash. Remembered how he had reacted the last time. Mouth on her flesh, without a care for the welts rising along his back. He had been fierce with lust. And limp. Oh how she had wanted him, and he had not risen for her. It made her hips fight to be free of his fingers.

”Yes begging and limp is just how I like you.” She sneered. The honey had burned her bones to ash and destroyed her control. Beating her anger out on his flesh had been cathartic. But afterwards she’d been mired in disappointment, lacking all relief until Vrai had found her a suitable slave. She snarled as he spun, nails vicious in the skin of his arms. He pinned her tight to him, hand brushing her back as he reached between them.

To free himself, it seemed. Hard and straining as he pressed it to her. Eulalie gasped. Knees nearly buckling.

”Neither am I, cousin. What makes you think I’ll want your spear again?” Because she did. Heart racing in wanton desire now instead of anger. Body stirring. It started low, in her center. Warming. Sending heat upward to harden her nipples. Damn him to the darkest hell. Eulalie snatched her hand from his stroking fingers. Jean Valerie was a clever tongued priest, but Isidore was... Isidore. Only he in all Paon could match her Jewels and her temper.

But he was her cousin. And a brute.

”Why should I reward you after? It seems the punishment will be pleasure enough.” His soul would never be scourged.

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He answered without hesitation. ”Yes. You’ve been sitting on a pedestal since you were five years old. You’ve never faced real consequences, so how can you possibly understand the lives and needs of anyone else. You can’t think beyond the walls of your own fabricated reality. You’ve never set foot anywhere but Paon.” She was naive! Not just to the greater world but even to her own motivations. He didn’t blame her for any of it, not really. There was no accusation in his declarations despite the way he aimed them like weapons. They were the consequences of others. Molded to fit from childhood. Except he had seen far shores, other cultures and ways of living.

”Are they?” Isidore didn’t believe for a second Eulalie thought of others first. Their good opinion was something she craved but she served her own ego and desires. Lashing those that were discontent with her choices. ”Then why alter them to fit your expectations? Why force them to conform to what you think is best when they’d be happy to be themselves?” Maybe they should take a walk. Ask the child she had left alone and broken if she could feel Eulalie’s consideration.

Chest tight at the word Isidore growled. He was not a bastard! His blood was as Paon pure as any other. And he would kill anyone that said otherwise. Even Eulalie. He had killed men that were like brothers to him, and women he loved, for far less. ”You’re so full up on lies you don’t even realize when you’re telling them anymore.” This time he didn’t smile when her hand rang out across his cheek. It still felt good but his amusement had faded. ”You would have just found some other reason to sling accusations at me. You might hide your cruelty and sex from Paon with that thick guise of moral authority but I know the true you. If I’m a villain you’re just as guilty. I’ll play the role, because I love you and sparing you from your self-contempt feeds my ego.”

Their tempers both flared. As did his desire. How could he hope to dampen it when she was making sweet threats? Tempting him to chase with her struggling to get free. Slapping him with insults when her hands couldn’t reach his face. ”I believe the begging part. Don’t worry, darling, the limp was just a side effect of the honey.” He assured her, the evidence hard on her backside.

Smiling at her reaction he held her tight. Amused again by the game. The way she had bucked as if her legs would give out. It only made him harder. ”You never needed it to want me before. Just to break down those petty inhibitions chaining you down.” She wanted it. He could feel it in the same thread of tension that made her breath faster. The way she jerked her hand away but not her body.

Her next question was the easiest to answer yet. Eyes lowering he rested his forehead on the back of her neck. Head tilted to fit, the bridge of his nose curving perpendicular to the round of her neck. ”To reward yourself. I’m a very generous lover Eulalie. And both your Hands are away. No one in the whole wide world would know but the two of us.”

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”There is no where greater than Paon.” Why must she leave her islands? The people outside of it did not matter. ”I don’t need to go anywhere else to know my people. And my reality is not fabricated!” What did he think she did all day? Or what she had trained for if not this? Years and years of study and training. Pain, tears, exhaustion. She had earned her place, earned her Jewels!

”I only force them to live within our religious boundaries, Isidore. Lest they become no better than what lies out there.” No better than him. Corrupted by the influence of the outside world. He’d been ruined too, Eulalie saw now. Too much time spent with outsiders. Tasting the filth of the mainland. She worried about his soul. He was her cousin.

Her cousin. How she loathed him. His tongue as much a lash as any she kept locked in her armory. Flaying the skin from her soul and the tenderness from her heart. She was no such monster! Eulalie’s jaw clenched, eyes turning away from him. The burn behind them nothing more that rage.

”Now who lies?” He did not love her. He could kill a dozen queens and bring her a thousand gilt stallions. It did not mean he loved her. Just that he knew where he was best served. ”You love only yourself, Isidore.” Always chasing his own pleasure without a damn given about anyone else. The same behavior he accused Eulalie of. He was a rotten, filthy bastard.

”So I see. I was beginning to worry about your poor wife.” Eulalie hissed. He was disgusting. The arm around her waist almost bruising as he squeezed her. His wife! He had two now. Mother Night how was he so hard already? ”You’re disgusting, Isidore. My inhibition are neither petty nor chains. I will not apologize for not wanting my cousin.” Blood of her blood. Eulalie shivered. Skin squirming as he pressed his face to her neck. Sighing, she ran her fingers through his curls.

”You think very highly of yourself.” Generous lover. She snorted. He felt impossibly good pressed to her this way. Solid. Almost safe. Strong, surely. Eulalie stroked his hair again, fingers tugging at his curls gently. She hated him so very much. Everything he did and said cut her to the core until she didn’t know if she was bleeding to death or screaming with rage. Maybe both. Cheek turned toward him, Eulalie closed her eyes.

No one would know, except for her, and Isidore. What would he do after? What would he say? Think? He would he worse, she just knew it. What concessions would he want once he’d had her body? Why did he even want her? More power. More claim on her time and person so he could push more boundaries.

”Never mind. Never mind any of it.” Eulalie tried wrench free from his grasp. ”I’ll see to Georgette’s care. Go home to your wives, Isidore.” She needed time and space to think. To breathe.

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”Evidenced by my remaining here.” Isidore agreed. It was the Hell he knew. His home, for better or worse. ”Oh, it is fabricated. By the years of mental conditioning every child on these islands goes through. You literally cannot understand. You’ve never known anything but this.” He didn’t know how to make her see it either.

Preferred himself, to turn a blind eye.

He could have screamed at her about the injustices of their lives until he died from lack of air. It wouldn’t have changed anything. Maybe he should be whispering in her ears instead. That had always worked for her eunuch. Isidore bet she would stare at him with that same loathing even if she knew every word from his mouth was truth.

Hand on his chest he snorted. ”I love myself most, yes. Someone has to. No one brainwashed and castrated a pair of friends hand picked just for me.” He didn’t leave the people that counted on him to suffer alone. And he always saw his promises through. ”You don’t have to believe me, I don’t care. I’m used to loving people that wish I had never been born.”

”Oh please. If I’m disgusting then these islands are built on foul pillars. We wouldn’t be the first.” She was so uptight! It made him smile anyway. Hand soothing all the wounds she’d inflicted. He breathed in slowly, picking apart her sweet scent beneath all the others. Smile widening, lips brushing her skin. ”Their thoughts, not mine. But as you mentioned, my ego is very, very large. Being anything less than the best they’ve ever had might bruise it. So generous I am.”

His fingers twitched. Grip loosening. Eyes closing as she turned half across her shoulder to be closer. Mother Night why couldn’t she love him back even a little? It could be like this anytime they wanted. The only person in the wide world that could guess at his soul. Yet he couldn’t confide a single weakness, for fear she’d use it to ruin his life.


Her overthinking won out. Suddenly breaking out of his hold as if he had turned to fire on her back. ”Fine. Arrange it, I’ll play the cost or make a donation to the temple so you can do it with your own name. That would probably look better anyway. Mother Priestess providing a living allowance for her poor broken apprentice.” He smoothed his hair down. Not entirely enthralled with the thought of going home, to his wives. Blinking slowly he squared his shoulders. She hadn’t even lashed him dammit.

Stopping at the door before he opened it to find her Second waiting he smirked. The thought dancing up in his head. Ready to be shared. ”Could fucking imagine the greatness we would make together? The child I could plant in you.” Then he was gone. Pacing down the hall on long legs to retrieve his housekeeper. Taking the old woman on the Wind to get home. No one had seen her in or out except Morgane. Mess half cleaned. At least the screaming had been silenced.