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Title: Pushers are people too
Post by: Lillian on October 06, 2018, 08:10:00 PM

Lillian wasn’t sure how long she spent on the floor with Ilithian. Dog stretched between them, two sets of hands working through her short red hair from nose to tail tip. There had been so much to fill Ilithian in on! And so much for Lillian learn too. Nothing too personal, not with Peitar lounging in the chair beside them. But all three of them had plenty to share when it came to the people they cared for.

She’d forgotten all about her cousin once Ilithian had shut the door on him. Brushing dog hair from her dress, Lillian wished it was so easy to brush the guilt off too. Hair and wings tucked, she went in search of Konnar, hoping to find him somewhere that housed snacks too. She was dried out and empty after all the talking. Fingers grimy with dog saliva and dander, too. Neither her dress, hands, or conscience got much cleaner before she found him.

Not far of course. Never that if they were away from home.

”I’m so sorry. We got carried away.” Sighing, Lillian linked her arm with his and leant a little of her weight against his support. Craft at the ready in case he was sour enough to need it. But Lillian had other ways too of soothing ruffled male egos. It looked like giving in, but was usually getting her way. ”Did anyone feed you?” She asked in concern. Her feet started toward the kitchen where she knew they could get whatever they might want or need. Ilithian’s servants were the best.

”I think they forgot about us in there, and I certainly forgot about me.” A big meal and a long nap would set her to rights. Though she had plenty of excitement to keep her going until a proper bed time. And she supposed she would need to fill Konnar in on what had happened. Specifically the fact that she wouldn’t be going home with him. ”Come on in here, they won’t mind if we perch in the kitchen.” Less work for them, as Lillian saw it.

Title: Re: Pushers are people too
Post by: Konnar on October 06, 2018, 09:44:15 PM
He lounged with a deadly grace against the wall and waited for Lillian. He hated this place. Hated that they were in a place unfamiliar to him. He hated that Lillian could be in danger from any thing around the corner and he sorely disliked the fact the door to Ilithian's room had been shut in his face. He'd watched the look on Elessar's face and sent the boy to find an inn to stay at. He hated the shock on Elessar's face when that door shut in Konnar's, the father far more prideful than the son.

Fucking queens.

The presence and jewel of another prince appearing in that room he was barred from had his teeth gnashing and probes being sent. Not for the first time, Konnar had cursed the fact his jewels were just on this side of dark. What he could do with a jewel darker that opal. But it was what he had to work with and he knew Lillian was safe. He could feel it deep inside his bones so he'd gone to stalk the halls until her presence was felt outside.

"Its been hours, Lil," he grunted as she linked her arm with his and he could feel her craft creeping about his psyche. His warlord prince was on edge in this place that was not theirs and he walked that line, her craft was a balm to his killer's soul. "They tried and I declined," he answered truthfully, knowing full well that if he lied she'd suss it out like a badger after a gopher in the dirt. He let her lead them towards the kitchens.

He didn't argue when she made them go completely into the kitchen. His back was up, instincts and need to protect far to high, and he needed Lillian to assure him she was fine. Knowing she hadn't eaten just the same as he hadn't wasn't helping. "You'll eat something now," he insisted, "Before I do. I'm plenty fine for now. Just eat and sit a minute, Lil."

She was excited and had something to say to him, something he was already afraid he knew. But he'd let her say it as soon as she sat and ate something. He growled at the kitchen girl to get her something to eat and Konnar lead his cousin to a chair to sit, "Would you sit now?" He almost wished there was another tower to shove her out of. He sighed with the thought and breathed until he could feel his self center. "What was all this about anyway?" he asked suddenly, "Just a couple queens gossiping about old times or what Lil?"

Title: Re: Pushers are people too
Post by: Lillian on October 06, 2018, 10:39:40 PM

”Whatever for?” Lillian scolded after a couple of guilt driven pets. There was no need for him to stand around starving just because she wasn’t there to sit with him while he ate. Had it really been hours? She turned her head to look out a window and realized he was right. It had been hours. Whoops. If the angle of the light hadn’t assured her, the hollowness of her stomach would have.

No wonder why he was so tense. Her poor cousin. The large windows of the Eyrie made her nervous beside him, but Lillian felt sympathy for him at the same time. So she deepened her soothing craft and wrapped her other hand around his forearm for added comfort.

”That was why I brought us here,” she laughed. He was about in a frenzy. Lillian held tighter to him, like he was a hound about to slip the leash, shaking his arm when he snarled at a poor kitchen girl. ”I will, I will. And you’re going to sit with me and eat too,” Lillian insisted. Pliant as she could be, Lillian let him herd her into the kitchen and onto a seat. Apologizing softly for his bad manners, and trying to wave him into another seat.

”Sit with me and I’ll tell you.” She argued, asking, much more nicely than he had, for drinks. ”Konnar,” she called, directing his attention back to herself, where it was safest. Giving the leg of his chair a little kick with her foot as she tucked one of her wings back. ”Oh, there was a lot of gossip. Did you want to hear about it?” She teased him with a smile once the drinks had come. Food following it swiftly.

Lillian tucked into both before elaborating.

”She wants me to run a district in Strigavi.” Or co-run. But one step at a time was the key. Lillian pressed a roll of meat and cheese on him. ”There is a little sweet pepper in the center. Try it.” Glass half empty and three rolls devoured before she said any more. ”I’m going to go.”

Title: Re: Pushers are people too
Post by: Konnar on October 07, 2018, 11:46:22 AM

It wasn't until she kicked his chair and said his name that Konnar realized he'd ben snarling a growl the entire time it had taken the shaking little girl to get something for Lillian to eat and drink. He hadn't even realized he'd sat down beside her, doing as she bid until she'd given him a kick. Konnar started with those realizations. He'd apologize to the girl later, maybe give her a trinket to go along with the already soft apologies Lillian was giving her.

He sighed for his foolishness. He snorted, "When have I ever not listened to your silly gossip, Lil?" He would listen to her and Ilithian's gossip if he had to. It wouldn't be the first time he'd been tortured with the yammering of foolish women and he doubted it would be the last. His next growl was one of satisfaction as Lillian dug into the food in front of her. Even forgetting to eat was too much for him to appreciate. Even if it was her doing harm to herself was enough for Konnar's edge to become sharp and dangerous.

Konnar knew he was hungry and when she pressed the meat roll into his hand his stomach growled loudly. He was hungry enough that he had already torn into the roll with sharp teeth when her words sunk in. He choked and reached desperately for something to drink. Mouth suddenly dry made it hard to swallow but he finally coughed the hunk of meat and sweet pepper down his throat.

"She what?" he stuttered and thumped his chest to keep the food moving down. Run a district. Was Ilithian insane? He didn't have any doubts now. He hadn't liked that sapphire queen the first time he'd met and he definitely didn't now. Lil had no experience. She'd been eaten alive. Konnar breathed harshly at the thought of the danger that would surround his cousin in her own court and his fingers cracked around the glass he held in his hand.

Her own district.

"When do we leave?" he said harshly. No way was Konnar going to let Lillian go anywhere without him. Over his dead and bleeding body. "Elessar and I will go." He couldn't leave his boy, barely a man and not even full grown. He knew full well Elessar's warlord prince wouldn't allow him to leave his aunt no matter how young he was. Especially if his father's own instincts were screaming not to allow her out of his sight. "Don't even bother arguing, Lil," he said gruffly, "Not a word about it."

Title: Re: Pushers are people too
Post by: Lillian on October 07, 2018, 02:06:26 PM

The kitchen grew calmer when Konnar quit his growling. A sudden hush falling over the space. Lillian breathed it in and then exhaled it out, spinning a touch of craft through it to help settle everyone. The witches, who were unsettled, but not panicked, by Konnar’s snarling, and her cousin himself, who seemed to coming out his pique.

”I don’t think you actually ever listen, Konnar.” He sat there and pretended well enough, but Lillian never depended on the information she shared sticking. But at least he was kind enough to stay while she rambled. His father often walked away, missing any of the important details Lillian had to impart about the people of their district.

Laughing at his stomach, Lillian patted his knee and went back to her own eating. The cheese was pungent, mellowing the sweet burn of the pepper. Too busy relishing her own meal to realize she was rudely interrupting her cousin’s until he was choking on it. Eyes wide, Lillian slapped ineffectually at his back. She really needed to learn more than useless flailing for when people were wounded. Or preparing to choke to death.

”Konnar!” Lillian whacked him again, demanding with the strident tone she set to his name, that he damn well better cough it up breathe! Thankfully he did just that, and Lillian was spared the awful fate of having to Ellesar that his father had died. Or more frightening, her uncle that his son had. ”Thank Darkness.” Rubbing his shoulder, Lillian pressed a cool drink on him and waved the descending kitchen witches away.

”Is that what you’re sputtering about?!” Lillian was offended, hand promptly removed from his shoulder. Eyebrows puckering, Lillian was tempted to snatch the drink from his hand. Wishing she had when it crackled in his hand. ”I’m perfectly capable, you know!” She’d had all the necessary training! And more experience than they gave her credit for. She was more than prepared to beat him around the ears when he suddenly capitulated.

”You will?” She beamed. It wasn’t exactly what she’d been expecting, or what she had thought she’d wanted it. But now that he’d said it out loud, Lillian could see it was right. Elessar too! It was perfect. ”I won’t argue an inch.” Grinning, Lillian handed him another roll, waiting for him to eat it before added, [/b]”I hope you like tents. Its a rather rough place.”[/b] Excitement nearly bouncing her in her seat, Lillian giggled and finished off her glass of whatever it had been. Sweet and cold was all that had mattered.

”It’s that raider district over in Strigavi.” Lillian explained. ”Ilithian needs a queen there to help smooth the waters.” And the way for Dhemlan soldiers to get home. But Konnar didn’t need to know that part just yet. Or about Peitar. That Peitar. He was going to be a problem, Lillian could tell. But she had Ilithian on her side. Surely that was important.

Title: Re: Pushers are people too
Post by: Konnar on October 10, 2018, 08:39:19 PM
Konnar hadn't realized he'd been muttering out loud until Lillian had her outburst. He could feel that irritation through that Darkness forsaken thread at the center of his chest and knew he'd said things he probably shouldn't have. "I know you're capable," he tried to reason when the food he'd eaten had finally left his throat for his gut, "I know that. But I still don't have to like it." He hated the thought. Hated every single second she would be in danger.

"Of course I will," his tone spoke of disgusted arrogance. Did she honestly think he would ever go to any court without him? Every inch of his mind was screaming at him to just grab her, his son and run as far and as fast as he could. "Not that would do you much good, Lil," he chuckled in an attempt to sooth himself, "You know you never win anyway." Unless she turned her queen craft on him. "Elessar will be pleased," he continued and choked again when she mentioned tents.

"You've got to be shitting me Lil," he growled with outrage, "Tents? Fucking tents?" Her giggle was a balm to his ragged instincts and his own grin matched that giggle. She was ridiculous, his cousin, ridiculous and good at her craft. With him and Elessar at her side, Konnar was beginning to come to gripes with the fact Ilithian had given this precious girl a district. He sighed heavily, "I suppose I can get used to tents until we can get a proper home built." His mind was already spinning with the possibilities and ways he could help Lillian succeed.

His mind still, body preternaturally quiet when the true reason for Ilithian's need for Lillian came about. "The raider district?" he questioned. His voice was quiet, even and dangerous. "She is sending you to the raider district?" Konnar would not trust the most hardened queen to the raider district much less his own. "Is she out of her fucking mind?" So close to the edge, close enough that Konnar could swear he could see the stillness that came with the killing fields before everything died around him.
Title: Re: Pushers are people too
Post by: Lillian on October 11, 2018, 05:57:12 AM

”You don’t have to act so surprised either.” He was so rude! Lillian wasn’t sure she believed his sudden assurances that he thought her capable. He’d just about choked to death over the very idea! ”Besides, what’s not to like?” She’d finally have a measure of independence. She could be useful without feeling used. Lillian was more than ready to spread her metaphorical wings.

”Of course you will.” Lillian did not include the eye roll that so desperately wanted to go with that statement. Wrapping a little sliver of craft around his ankle, she decided to have a bit of a go at him. ”Now just don’t be expecting first circle status because you’re my cousin.” Lillian teased him with as much seriousness she could muster. ”You’ll have to earn you place same as everyone else.” She wasn’t even sure she would be allowed for form a court, Lillian realized after saying it. She would have to ask Ilithian.

”Quit being so vulgar!” She laughed. Poor Konnar and his delicate sensibilities. ”You’re much too big to shit. But yes, tents. Plenty of people sleep in them.” She never had, but she would learn. Humming with happiness, Lillian nibbled at another roll. The edge of her hunger dulled. ”We need to get everyone else houses first.” Lillian was too caught up in her own daydreams to notice her cousin slipping sideways. Not until he started muttering that way. His voice much too calm and reasonable to be anything but trouble.

The kitchen was very suddenly empty as well.

”Konnar.” Lillian crooned. Stuffing one more roll into her mouth and chewing as fast as she could, Lillian settled in her Green and slipped from her chair. As his back she could work the tension from his shoulders and drown him in enough craft to make a dry noodle soggy. ”It will be fine. Just tents and grumpy males. You’re a grumpy male and I live in the same house as you and I’m fine.” Except for when he decided to push out of towers. But that had only been once.

”Either way you shouldn’t talk about Ilithian that way. She is my friend and our queen.” Careful not to crush his wings, Lillian wrapped her arms over his shoulder and leaned her cheek against the back of his head. ”You and Ellesar will be there with me. I can do this.” They were just men. Eyrien warriors. It would be fine. She was an Eyrien queen, they were all on the same side. Friends of sorts without needing to meet.

Title: Re: Pushers are people too
Post by: Konnar on October 13, 2018, 11:02:43 AM
"I'm not surprised," he laughed, "You'll make a fine queen. It just took me by surprise is all." He shook his head slowly with a short shake, "The danger Lil. The danger. Being district queen could be dangerous." It was the danger he really worried about, he realized. He knew that Lillian would make a good queen, fair and as just as she could be, but the danger that could happen could cut that thread short and bluntly. He didn't want that. "Mhmm.. Sure, sure," he snorted at her comments about circles and places. Master of the Guard. First Escort. First circle guard at the very least. He never doubted this. Ever.

"Now who's being vulgar?" he laughed again. It always amused the hell out of him when Lillian cursed. Especially when he was the one that egged her on to do it. Prim little Lil cussing like a Glacian sailor. Warmed the cockles of his heart. "No," he said sternly, "You first and then everyone else. I won't be budged by that. Nor will any other male worth his salt and if they do then they aren't worth your craft." He was not lying when he told he would not be budged. Konnar didn't care if her home was a single roomed cabin, she would have something more than a tent. "You deserve more than a tent, Lil."

And then his vision wavered and stillness entered the kitchen.

She crooned to him, her green coated craft slipping and sliding across his shoulders as she sought to knead the killer from his mind. The raider district. Chewed up and spit out. Death and blood and tears. That was what Konnar's fear slid into his mind. His little cousin broken and bloody at the hands of some lawless raider because he was a foolish creature. Konnar had heard enough about the raiders to know some led by emotions or lack of them, without thought or consequence, making the lot of them more dangerous than three of Konnar.

"I am a grumpy man, they are killers," he said gruffly and would have laughed at his won stupid comment any other time. Konnar was a killer just the same as they were, he just wore it differently. He also knew his heartbond and Elessar tempered him into something that he might never have been otherwise. "I never actually tried to kill you, you know."

He released a breath on a sigh as she wrapped him up in her skinny little arms and leaned against him. Her craft, her jewel and her love drove away the rest of his killing edge. Damn it and damn her for her craft and his bond. "I'll speak about Ilithian anyway I chose and you can't stop me," he tossed out like a petulant Elessar. "We will be there with you, always and ever. But I do not want Elessar to need to use his gray to kill someone, Lil, even if it is to protect you. I would save him from that."

It was quiet, that wish, but spoken nonetheless. He never wanted his son to feel the agony it was to murder someone, even if that someone was trying to murder you first. He never wanted his son to feel each death he took or live in a time of blood and death and chaos. Konnar never wanted his son to be as he was. He shrugged her from his shoulders and spun around to face her. "We can do this. I will be there to help you," he told her firmly and without space for argument.
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Post by: Lillian on October 17, 2018, 08:20:11 AM

”It shouldn’t be.” Lillian told him darkly. The brooding knowledge in the dark centers of her eyes at odds with the calm she projected. Calm to keep Konnar calm. Lillian was terrified of taking up a reign in the raider district. Or half a reign. She still didn’t know where she would stand with Peitar. It should have been a safe place for her to be, surrounded by Askavi’s warriors. Should have been, but was not.

Lillian tucked a smile behind her teeth. First something surely. Because he was her cousin, and one of the few men she trusted. Maybe not implicitly, but close enough. Close as she could considering he’d nearly murdered her once.

”Hush.” Lillian blushed at herself more than his laughing. He did not laugh long. Grumping at her and issuing edicts he had no say in. Eyebrows winging upward, Lillian held her ground. If she gave in now she would forever be giving in and nothing would change. Not for her. ”You and them will do as I say. And I say houses for others first.” She was there to work with them, not lord over them like some fat old Steward. Lillian wanted to show them a queens rule was better.

Lillian had known he wouldn’t take the news well. She hadn’t either. But at least her panic wasn’t deadly, not like Konnnar’s temper. So she wrapped up quickly in her craft. They wouldn’t let her go anywhere or rule anything if he slipped into the killing fields and started a massacre in Ilithian’s own house. And Lillian wouldn’t blame them for that.

”So is most of Askavi.” Lillian was sure Ilithian had been out killing too while Lillian had hid behind her uncle. Cheek pressed to him, Lillian sighed. ”No, you just almost did.” She didn’t know what he had expected when he’d pushed her. Flight, probably, the same as everyone else since she’d become and Eyrien queen. Slower than the rest to accept the truth of the matter. Wings useless and unruffled down her back. ”You will not.” She squeezed. Ilithian would show him just how crazy she was otherwise. But Lillian suspected he would like it.

”I know.” She whispered, eyes closing. There was no escaping Konnar. Lillian didn’t know if there was any saving Elessar though. They were all Blood. ”I will be fine. So long as I don’t take any heigh walks with you I should be plenty safe, wherever I may be.” Hopefully. Hopefully neither her cousin or his son would have any need to kill anyone. They were working toward peace for Askavi, after all.

”I’m glad you’re so taken with the idea.” Lillian beamed, letting his escape her clutches now that he was behaving again. As a reward she leaned forward and gave his cheek quick peck. ”Now finish eating. We both need to change for a proper dinner with company and everything.” Sitting, Lillian watched him. Hoping like hell her cousin and Peitar would get along. Otherwise she was likely to end up with more trouble between them then she’d have with Dhemlan.