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Askavi Archives / Re: Violent Delights [cw]
« on: October 01, 2018, 04:36:49 AM »

He was shouting again. Rian’s whole body flinched at the sound. Not an unpleasant sensation just then, but she blushed as his dog started barking down in the common room. Knowing that everyone would know if they hadn’t already guessed. But there was no time to be shy, or even really embarrassed. Not with his hands working over her shoulders and pulling her down.

Fuller. Harder. Rising up to meet her and dragging her down until the rhythm changed again. Short strokes of deep and deeper. And then longer as he gripped her thighs and lifted her. Rian moaned, skin drawn tight, thighs pulled farther apart. Hips tipped so she caught pressure with every thrust. Hands kneading, quickly with her pounding heart and wild desperation.

Peitar jerked upward, sinking into her. Choking on his own laughter until Rian almost worried he was actually choking. Almost. That final thrust enough. Spear pulsing inside of her as Rian sunk down around him, grinding out her orgasm against his pelvis. Gasping and flinching as he stroke her legs and wings. Oh her wings. Rian kissed wherever her mouth had landed, hands clinging instead of petting.

She could only grunt at him in answer. Half laughing at his words but too spent to make any comment back. Besides, Rian couldn’t argue. Body languid and satisfied. She relaxed against him, drifting as she breathed his scent in, mingled now with the musk of their sex. Calm after the tumult. Some of the tension she’d been carrying around for past few weeks worn away.

Rian didn’t stir until Peitar did. Turning into his hand as he tucked her hair away. Lips brushing his palm. She stretched her wings and flattened her toes against his calves, cramped from curling tight against him for leverage. ”Alright.” She agreed, lifting herself off of his chest. Skin sticking with dried sweat. She’d need a fresh skirt too. Her current one damp and rumpled. ”We can use the one in my room.” This room too small and cheap to have its own.

Shy for a moment about the awkwardness of climbing off, Rian shook her head when she remembered he couldn’t see her anyway. She lifted her hips first and then swung a leg over, collecting their shirts for the quick trip down the hall. And taking a quick peek in the wash stand to see if the box was still there. Gone, of course. Slipping her shirt on, Rian handed Peitar his, fingers brushing his stomach as she did. ”Come on, its this way.” Surprised by the request and her own acceptance of it, Rian lead him down the hall and into her room, glad to find no scowling brothers waiting in the hallway when she did.

Askavi Archives / Re: Violent Delights [cw]
« on: September 30, 2018, 08:28:09 AM »

Rian held tight. His words making her blush, hot and embarrassed in a way the act did not make her. Encouraged to do just what she wanted. He liked it too. Liked everything. Open enough to show it to her with sounds and hands, not stoic like some she’d lain with. Or laughing as if it were all a game, nothing to be taken seriously or fretted over. The laughing had been fun. But Rian liked this raw neediness echoed back at her. To not be the only one so obviously tortured and delighted by what they were doing.

Gasping, she pulled at his wing. Nipple caught between his teeth, cushioned by his lips. A sharp sensation that ran from his mouth to his thumb, her body the conduit. It made her shiver, speeding her downward motion until her rhythm changed. Slowly upward and quickly down, back to fullness and the pressure of his hand, which fell away. Rian didn’t notice, eyes closed as she focused on the feeling of his spear slipping in and out of her body. The tight coiling in her stomach that it caused.

She noticed when his thumb returned. Back arching, Rian rocked into it. Hand slipping away from his wing and over his shoulder. The other working up over his chest until both her thumbs rested in the hollows beneath his collar bones. He liked that too. Talking to himself, or maybe her this time, head falling back until her hair brushed her ass and his thighs on a downward stroke, Rian let out a stuttering laugh that broke into a moan as he thrust up into her.

Rian held him for support, hips tilting toward him as she leaned in. Her hair tumbled over them, half caught her wing, the rest spilling past her face and down his chest. Licking sweat from her upper lip, Rian glanced down his chest, slick with sweat too, down to the point where they met and fell away over and over again. Barriers wavering along his probes, she drank in all his extra sensations, and tried to share what she saw with him. All as erotic as the way his hands had explored her face. His chest and the bouncy of her breasts hazy on the edges of her vision.

And then she closed her eyes and gave Peitar what he asked for. Breathing ragged as she rode him. Guiding his hands to her thighs until his fingers brushed the curve of her ass and the edges of her sex. Held tight and gasped into his damp curls as her stomach clenched tight, thighs quivering in warning. Arms slipping around his neck, Rian pressed against him. Chest to chest, thigh to thigh as she settled hard and heavy into his lap with a short cry. Grinding against him as she came. Breathing in that sharp tang of warlord prince, the edge to his scent that had been so tantalizing all along, under the leather, blood and camp smoke.

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« on: September 29, 2018, 05:41:10 PM »

Rian bared her teeth at his chuckling, temper stoked by the sound. He didn’t laugh for long, mouth too busy with hers for a moment. Rian sucked his tongue before drawing her own along his palate, trying to taste all of him. ”There. Rian mumbled against the corner of his mouth, her own parted as she breathed him in. Breathed herself in.

It was Rian’s turn to laugh as his stillness gave way with a groan. Head thumping against the wall. Eyes sweeping over him, Rian leaned down to suck the fluttering skin at his pulse. Then up toward his ear. ”No.” She liked it this way. Rian wrapped her lips around his lobe and sucked, tongue flicking the flesh drawn tight between them. Used the tip of his spear to spread her own wetness across her flesh. And to stroke the places wanting stroked. Ignoring Peitar’s thumbs as they dug into her hips and tried to press her down around his shaft.

There was nothing she could, however, when he clamped his arm around her and dragged her close. Rian didn’t complain, however, pressing her breasts into his chest and burying her face in his hair. He smelled so good. Felt even better as his fingers skimmed her slick skin. Shivering, Rian watched him lick the taste of her from his fingers, forehead resting against his temple.

A soft moan of pleasure as she kissed his cheek, hips thrusting toward his fingers. Rocking into his thumb and back against his spear until she was dizzy with desire and Peitar demanding with it. Hand heavy on her back. Smiling, she nuzzled his ear and sank lower into his lap.

”Oh. Was that what you wanted?” She whispered, following the curve of his ear with her tongue. She barely needed her fingers to guide him. Just her thumb to keep him from slipping too far forward as she slid down. Down. Panting against his ear as she eased herself onto him until his hips bit the backs of her thighs. She’d wrapped her fingers tight around the base of one of his wings. The other around his arm. Rian whimpered, wings wide, body full. But not quite satisfied, not just yet.

Her toes curled against his calf, heels behind his knees. Pressing she rocked upward. Then slipped down against, palm running up his arm to tuck his face toward her breast again since he couldn’t see the way she pressed then toward him.

Askavi Archives / Re: Violent Delights [cw]
« on: September 29, 2018, 07:40:56 AM »

His growling made her shiver and squirm. What should have been a warning, was not. Low in his throat with appreciate instead of violence, not a hint of snarl. Rian tightened her hand in his hair, holding it tight in her fingers. Rian’s knees dipped deep into the bed, back arching so he’d be where she wanted him quicker.

Peitar didn’t disappoint. Half worried he would set his teeth to them again and she wouldn’t like it, Rian sighed when it was his tongue instead. Pleasure melting all the tension in her body. Sigh becoming a hiss and then a moan. Each lick chasing its way down to her navel until her stomach was a knot. The pressure moved lower. Hand kneading the back of his neck, its twin searching lower.

Hot like a living coal. Rian stroked his spear, making him moan into her breast, flesh vibrating with the sound. She smiled and pet his shoulders too. Then lower, fingers digging into his flight muscles as her thumb circled the head of his spear. Breathing thready, Rian whimpered as he set his teeth to her nipple, thrusting into his mouth as he attached it with his tongue.

”Okay.” Rian gasped against his hair, kissing his scalp through his curls while he shifted them backward. Palm cupping him flush to his stomach until he’d settled them. Hands under her skirts, the restrictive pressure of his pants vanishing. Leaning into him, Rian started again, liking the way he felt in her hand. Squeezing as she went, then gentling as she rounded the tip and started back down again.

Peitar’s hands made her thighs quiver as they passed over. One settling between them. Rian ground wet heat into it, riding a knuckle in small circles. Bracing herself on the wall, Rian closed her eyes, face tucked against her arm. Rubbing herself to frustration against his hand. He did not scratch at her through her clothing like Maeve had, teasing her sensitive knot, or delve in deep like her other male lovers, to stroke her from within. He simply offered his hand for Rian to find her own pleasure from, and she didn’t know what to do with it.

It made her strangely angry.

”Move.” She demanded, nuzzling his face until she could kiss him, trying to drown her temper in sensation. Hand releasing his spear to push his away. She drew his spear upward with her fingertips, thumb hooking her panties to the side so she could glide the head of his spear along her slick folds. Twitching at the sensation, her wings rustling against his knees.

Askavi Archives / Re: Violent Delights
« on: September 28, 2018, 10:51:59 PM »

He felt good. Warm skin, shifting muscle. Strong, the way she liked her men. Hands war calloused on her body. Rian turned her face away so he could have her jaw easier, drew her hair back from her shoulders so it wasn’t in his way. She wasn’t expecting his tongue though, not there behind her ear. Gasping, Rian gripped his stomach in reflex, and then pulled on his belt.

Unexpected, but not unappreciated. Smiling, she leaned in, hips flush as she settled around him. Rian’s lips brushed his cheek before finding his mouth again, hands kneading his sides and then his shoulders. Thighs flexing as she rubbed herself against him and sucked on his lower lip. Shivering, Rian wasn’t sure if she wanted to lean into his hand, or away from it. One teasing the sensitive skin at the base of her wings, the other filling her belly button and making her squirm.

Breath catching, Rian followed the one that swam in her navel before sliding upward. Breasts full and nipples puckered tight, she squeezed hid hips with her thighs in retaliation when all he did was skim the underside of her breast. When he ducked her kisses, Rian leaned back, watching as his shirt rose over his stomach and chest, hands following it up, arrowing over his nipples and then his shoulders.

Yes, he felt very good.

”Here.” Back arching before he’d even laid hands on her. Rian’s wings twitched under his touch, shoulders fill his hands. Her own grasping a joint, and then sliding gently up, fingers brushing membrane as her hand fell away to stroke his hair. She was breathless with anticipation as he drew his lips across her shirt, rocking against the hard length if him. Starling when he bit her nipple, teeth pinching through fabric until her flesh sang.

Rian bucked and pulled his hair. More prepared the second time but still not sure she liked it. She wanted his tongue on them. Hot and wet. Tugging his head away, Rian sucked his ear and worked her own shirt loose. Air curling around her nipples as her blouse vanished. ”Here.” She said again, drawing him toward her breast before slipping a hand between their bodies again.

Rian stroked his stomach before working his pants loose, belt already undone. She lifted her hips so she could feel the length of him. Fingers curling around the base and sliding upward.

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« on: September 28, 2018, 06:10:44 AM »

”Only a little,” Rian agreed with a lie, a smirk curling one side of her mouth. She watched the way his shoulders shifted, wings drifting behind his back before coming in close. He laughed and boasted, but still needed reassurance. Quick the give compliments too, which Rian wasn’t sure what to do with. He was definitely more than a little wicked though.

”Oh yes. Very friendly. Pinning people down and rattling their teeth.” Rian imagined it had been pretty frightening for the witch. And the young warrior they’d dragged out. He’d done nothing of the sort to her. Which meant he wasn’t always wicked. Or friendly. Rian wasn’t very concerned about the others though. Too focused on the there and now as she tried to decide if she was interested or not. Knowing she was, but how much?

”You remind him of that later if he fusses.” Rian would. She loved her brother, all her brothers, but sometimes they fussed too much. Fretting away over things Rian found mundane. Attitudes shifting as she became the little sister instead of the little brother. Peitar had no such hesitations. No scolding her for coming upstairs alone or climbing into his lap. No warnings about her tongue either. He just accepted it.

”I think you’re right.” And took full advantage. Rian’s stomach quivered as his hands came up under her loose shift. Body softening in response to the deepening promise in his voice. It made it easier for her hips to be repositioned, thighs straddling one of his as he slipped it between them. Rian’s fingers flexed, digging in, arm leaning on his shoulder while she pulled her other knee over his hip and thigh until she was settled in his lap, facing him.

Skin prickling at the way he breathed her in. Pulse quick at her throat and nipples hardening against his chest. Sighed and rocked toward him when his lips, then tongue settled on her skin.

”Alright,” she whispered, eyes wide as she watched him without turning her head. Her hands kneading now, over his shoulders and the joints of his wings, the base of his neck and into his hair. Breathing quickening as his mouth cane closer until Rian couldn’t stand it and squeeze her eyes shut, leaning in when she finally reached her mouth, lips parted and eager.

There was something surprisingly erotic in the way he touched her. Distracting at first. Rian tried to suck the thumb he passed over her mouth, tongue follow it until it slipped away to feel the rest of her. Strangely gentle and inquisitive. Rian didn’t realize what he was doing until he said. Breath catching and cheeks growing warm.

”Groper.” She teased softly against his mouth, half the joke lost because she was too busy trying to taste him back. Lips brushing his cheek and jaw as he shifted, the sound of the sink hitting the floor making her wings spread. But then there was more room. Shin sinking into the mattress so she could tilt her hips into him. Room between there bodies so she could run a hand over his chest. Knuckles brushing her nipples as she did so.

She worked her fingers under his shirt. Tugging it loose so she could stroke the heat of his skin. Over his stomach then around the side so it was free half way. Belt loosened too as Rian took her turn sucking his lip, tongue soothing the freshly healed split. He tasted like camp fire and metal and wanting. Rian wasn’t sure if it was his or her own, but she supposed it didn’t matter so long as they both were feeling it.

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« on: September 27, 2018, 11:47:06 AM »

”None of us will have to look at her again.” Because of men like Peitar. And a lot more who hadn’t made it back, not at all. It made Rian frown, and want to stroke his hair. Too many good Eyrien men had been left with scars by that mad woman. It made her angry, more for them than anything she’d had to live through. Licking her lips, Rian tried to take them away from those memories. Bad enough living with them. They didn’t need talked about. Not without stiff drinks to ease the telling.

”What, you need someone to wrangle that band of misfits of yours?” She laughed at his eyebrows, but hoped he wasn’t serious. Rian didn’t much suspect her was. They hadn’t seen each other in more than a century. It would have been ridiculous. ”Did they really, though?” Too young to remember a time when men took wives at all. Not back then. At least not that she ever saw. ”I know. Hush.” Warrior. Unlike some other them, Peitar hadn’t let go. Not in the slightest. Rian stroked his shoulder, a quick pet of comfort.

”Not much.” Just a whole lot of leg, apparently. Rian would have slapped him if he’d had his eyesight. But he seemed plenty content with what he’d found so far. Probably just trying to get back at her for telling him he smelled like a dog. ”I’m no such thing. I just don’t like having my things smashed up. Same as you not liking them stole.” She reminded him, before gasping at his word choice.

She had gone soft, Rian realized.

”You’re wicked!” She laughed, feeling a little sorry for the witch Tali had rescued. ”Oooh.” Bruised ego! Poor Peitar. Rian smirked. ”Maybe she liked you and was trying to goad you into a little love play.” Or she was just stupid. Rian only teased a little because they’d marched together once, long ago. Because she remember what it was to be on of the rough boys. But she knew better than to antagonize. She’d seen what he could do.

”Maybe some rough socializing will help her learn better.” It had Rian. She’d had to relearn how to live with men when she wore a skirt instead of trousers. Luckily she’d had brothers to keep her safe while she did. ”I’ll be careful.” She tried soothing, skin chafed by his rubbing. Done with his face and ready to move on. And maybe spare her legs a rash. Or not.

At least he didn’t complain when she sat on him. Knee dropping so her seat was even. Hand settling on her without being too possessive, or rude. A hip and not her breast or thigh. Rian didn’t mind it.l, chewing her lip while she fixed up his hand. And laughing at him when he went licking his ointment like a dog. Or Dog, who he was keen to defend.

”Alright. The dog can stay.” She allowed, watching him clean his tongue and lip. Smirking at the way his mouth worked. Lip looser than it should have been. Relaxing, she let her fingers shift on his arms. Palms settling against him. Everything still as he leaned in and Rian let him. Breathing in the smell of his hair, which curled just a bit. ”Welcome.” He was crazy and blind and dangerous. And she was lonely. He also didn’t flinch from her or push or away. And didn’t seem bothered that she’d been a warlord when they’d first met.

”No. I don’t always mind the kitchen, or my brother.” Hardly ever. Rian was loathe to give up too much of the independence she had known before. She rubbed her thumb over one of the blood stains on his shirt. Hard muscle and bone beneath it. If she was distressed, Tali would come, Rian knew, weighing her choices. She didn’t want to want, but Peitar was easy to like, and the sort it was okay for her to desire, he knew.

”Not too tricky.” Rian reassured him, deciding. ”Tali knows I’ll do back whatever he does. He gets up too a lot more fun, and I have plenty of time to interrupt it.” It was their unspoken agreement. No meddling in each others private matters. They both weren’t perfect at it, but it usually worked out fine. Rian shifted until Peitar’s face was tucked into her shoulder, instead of in the space between them. Hand creeping up from his chest to his neck, and back around it. She stroked his shoulders and hair.

Why not?

”Lip still numb?” She asked against his ear, heat unfurling in her stomach now that she’d made up her mind.

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« on: September 27, 2018, 06:43:16 AM »

”So you just didn’t bother naming her at all?” Seemed strange since the animal went everywhere with him, by the sound of things. How did she travel when he flew? Rian glanced at him. Did he carry her, or expect her to run along behind him? How did he fly blind? ”I’m not bothered by it. I was just pointing it out.” That he sounded like a mad man with his random outbursts.

”Who was?” Rian murmured. Even people who hadn’t fought in the skirmishes had come out the other side different. Their lived had been normal, for them. But Rian was coming to learn that Askavi’s normal had been different from that of other places. Real different. ”Were you that close?” She shuddered, wings pulled tight against her back. The idea horrifying. Too horrifying. ”Must have been Witch’s ugly face that did your eyes in then.”

She still had nightmares of that sickening heave. Like a wave rolling through the ground and air. She felt it in her sleep, jolting awake as if she were falling from her bed. Usually she wasn’t. Just nightmares.

”That’s morbid. What would you want with jhinka heads?” Probably just trying to put her off. Rian shook her head. People were all the same. Just a little different, enough to keep them interesting, but the still the same. ”The war’s over you know.” Rian teased. It would never be over. Even if what she heard was true and they were exchanging queens. Dhemlan would always be Witch, and Witch would always be the enemy.

”What are you groping around for, then?” Rian teased, remembering the way he’d felt the wash stand with his hands. Seeing with fingertips instead of eyes. ”I don’t hide things in my skirts.” It was impractical. Skirts as whole were, actually, once Rian though about. But she wore them sometimes. ”Well thanks then, I guess.” Maybe he needed petting, now that he’d spilled his temper all over her inn. Some were like that.

”Not even if I make you put them all back together?” That would have been a sight. Making Peitar the raider baron sit down and put broke crockery back together. Rian had knew it would never happen, but the idea was still amusing, and it helped her ignore the kneading happening to her knee. It tickled a little. Just at the edges. Too methodical and firm to really make her giggle or squirm. ”Every night. And some who aren’t even drunk.” Just assfaced.

”Yes, I heard you nearly killed some poor hearth witch for being too cheeky. I was thinking of hiring her.” Talimar did steal all the women. And the men. People were drawn to him and he was drawn to people. Rian didn’t want to think about that though, not with Peitar rubbing her leg. Peitar who they’d raided with back when Rian had been someone else. Was it strange to him? It was strange to her.

”I don’t.” Rian murmured. The hands were more awkward at this height. Slapping his arm away with a wing, Rian made room for herself. ”Brace up,” she warned, before sliding onto his thigh. Here it was easier to lay his hands out in her lap and apply the ointment to them. Shoulder to his shoulder, knees to his other thigh. ”He was. A room and meals.” Come back for him? Maybe he didn’t fly anymore. Or at least not on his own.

Heaving a sigh of regret, Rian nodded as she applied the ointment. Then remembered he couldn’t see the gesture.

”She can sleep in here with you. But she better not make a mess or chew anything.” Better here than wandering Rian’s inn biting people. She turned as he jerked and swore. Outbursts again! Found him licking his own shirt and grimacing. Rian laughed. ”Well its not for eating! That’ll teach you to go licking your wounds though.” Grinning, she gave him the wet rag again, this time for his tongue. ”You can probably dab it off now. Your lip looks better.” Pink where the flesh had been pulled together.

”I am.” Not sure exactly how much. Not wanting to too much. At least with the dog in here with him, Rian wouldn’t be tempted to sneak in in the night. That didn’t change right then. Close enough to kiss. As easy as slipping her knees over his thighs instead of tucked between them. ”How do your hands feel?”

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Rian was glad he couldn’t see her blush. Or could he, eyes narrowing as she searched his. No recognition in the milky film that looked at her without quite looking. ”Thanks.” She mumbled. She’d worked hard to learn. The only real apprenticeship she’d ever had. All to learn how to hide what she was. So good she’d become what she’d pretended.

”Black Widows never joke.” Rian deadpanned, glad he hadn’t been offended by the slip of her tongue. Or at least not that one. ”If you say so.” Whatever he needed to tell himself to sleep at night, Rian didn’t need to know. Didn’t really care either. Her world had shrank after the war. Shrank and grown. The inn was her battleground now, and she couldn’t much worry about anywhere else.

Snorting, Rian rolled her eyes at him. A suggest indeed. Even his probe was being bossy now. Rian flexed her barriers, strengthening them so he couldn’t go tapping her every twitch so easily. Rude man. Rude and crazy.

”You named your dog, Dog?” Of course he had. ”You do it when you’re fighting too.” She told him, in case he didn’t know. She could see why it was just him and his dog if he was always shouting and cocky and rude. And beating up his people in bars. Grunting, Rian tried not to roll her whole body at his lecture. Delicate male ego needing to defend his split lip. ”I wasn’t insulting you. And I’d rather no more shows in my inn, thanks.” Hopefully it was just the one table and no chairs.

And that Peitar really would make good on it.

”Or your ego.” Rian huffed at him. Her mood was not sour! Most of her annoyance for the sink, but he was earning himself a good measure of it with his mouth. Rian sighed and flexed her wings, careful not to actually extend them, there just wasn’t room for it. ”There’s no room behind and I keep a solid house, thank you.” One creaky stair didn’t mean they had rotting floorboards everywhere. Grunting, Rian worked the sink loose. ”Yes.” She answered without apology or preamble.

Too breathless and contrary to admit he smelled good. Other than the faint odor of dog.

”Does that mean I’ll like what’s in there and want to keep it?” She puffed, wiping her dusting fingers and glancing back at the strong box. Neither greedy nor immoral enough to actually consider opening the box or keeping it. So far she’d only stolen from a guest once. And she did plan on giving Maeve’s leotard back. Eventually. Box found, Rian turned her attention to Peitar, and the right mess he was making of himself.

”Mhm.” Useless male. Grousing she put him where she wanted him. She didn’t feel like stretching to wipe his grinning face. He looked disgusting. Like he’d been eating the dead. It gave Rian goosebumps. ”Well, you’ll be short on riots, I’m afraid.” Rian cleaned him up, trying to ignore the hands that worked at the backs of her legs. ”What are you looking for now?” She asked, chin and cheek scrubbed clean. She’d have to find a salve for his lip.

And his knuckles. Maybe a wooden spoon for the other set.

”Soft?” Rian choked on a bit of laughter. She felt soft? ”Is that a compliment or an insult?” The groper. Rian couldn’t say she minded. Even when he leaned in and smelled her. Or rubbed the back of her knee. ”You would have been mending it with marks then. But you’re welcome anyway.” Rian let his hands go and called in a little pot of ointment from her cabinet, watching him tongue his own wound.

”It’s not pretty, but it’s not the ugliest mug I’ve seen either.” Invited to look, Rian did. Pot in one hand, lid in the other as she examined the scars tracing over his eyes. He’d been handsome before, in a sharp, fox-cunning way. Now it was something different, not unpleasant, but not the same. ”I’m going to put some of this on your lip, and its going to sting.” She warned, before dabbing his split lip with her thumb. It was thick and faintly yellow. Greasy when it went on and burned like fire, Rian knew. But it healed smart and quick.

”Want it for your knuckles too?” She questioned. ”And be careful not to go backward. You’ll bruise yourself on the sink.” She warned, its weight dipping the bed behind him.

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« on: September 26, 2018, 11:39:58 AM »

”Well aren’t you clever.” Rian teased. Woman she was, and she liked her name. She was just never sure if either was really her. ”Where would you be if I’d kept my old one?” She asked, not really expecting an answer. It was one of those logical things. As if everything she’d been between girl and now could simply be stripped away. Not a warrior, just a woman, expected to conform to a set of expectations and behaviors.

”Girls get away with it more.” She wasn’t allowed to pull knives and threaten to castrate those who were too rough. It would be seen as too much of a threat now, rather than roughshod brotherhood. And unseemly or some bullshit. So Rian hissed. And sniped. And let him have his taste. He wasn’t after anything deeper than the surface. ”That’s good. Still robbing the border blind?” Rian bit her lip and rolled her eyes at herself. Not that he seemed to mind, being hell bent on groping her as payback.

”It’s fine! You just surprised me is all.” She snapped. It just reminded her body of how long it had been since anyone had touched her. One rejected hug had been enough. Rian had put her body away along with her gifted frames. Except she had to use it and couldn’t lock it away in a drawer like the others. ”Quit telling me what to do. I’m not upset anyway.” Males! Bossy, the lot of them. Warlord princes were the worst of them all. As if they’d been born to rule over everyone. Well not her. Rian was her own woman.

”You talk to yourself a lot.” She told him, letting him cling and holding on tighter when he tried falling over himself. He’d been a hell of a lot more graceful down in the common room. ”Shut up.” She smiled. Cocky bastard. She should have let him fall on his ass. Would have served him right. ”A bit there on the lip too. I think you punched yourself, he certainly didn’t put much of a fight up.” But there wasn’t much he could have done. Peitar had been a wild bastard with eyes, Rian figured he was worse now without them.

”Well its not in the cabinet. And I don’t know about the rest of you, Peitar. You just tripped over nothing.” Rian swept the basin with her Opal, but she didn’t feel anything. It wasn’t people or poison. ”I don’t sense any webs.” But it was awfully clean... and a little crooked. ”It does smell faintly of dog in here.” She agreed, pulling out her knife and wedging it between the wood and the porcelain where she noticed some pitting. Rian grunted and pulled the false sink out, peering into the hole to see his box.

”How would you know if I am or not?” She let the basin fall into the bed, glancing at Peitar as she heaved it over the footboard. ”Mother Night.” She plucked the rag from him and pressed it over his hand. ”You’ve made a bigger mess, you idiot. You don’t rub cuts, you should know that. Sit down.” She pushed him back toward the bed, laying his hand over the rag so she get call in another, wetting it from the pitcher.

”He hid the box under the sink. Here, hold still I’m going to wipe you off. You look like a rabid dog.” Face first. Blood dried at the corner of his mouth and smeared on his chin. Rian stood between his knees and clucked, dabbing at his shirt too. ”Did you go blind from looking at yourself? Bloody mess.” Useless male. Rian checked his hand next. This one she didn’t wipe, blowing on it instead to convince the clots they wanted to set.

”Maybe aim for something softer next time.”

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”Pity.” They could have used a few more with the circus gone. The field out back was an eerie sort of empty now without the tents. Grass slowly unflattening and growing in new. Eyes narrowing, he watched the inn stir back to waking now that the fight was over. Opal battering at the probe, Talimar tried not to lose his footing. ”Should have tended it outside then, you reckless heathen.” Tables were expensive!

So were sisters. New ones could not be bought, and Rian was the only one. But Talimar couldn’t out argue her this time. Petulant and brooding as a bitch in heat since Briar’s last visit. Tali was half tempted to hunt him down and hit him again. Instead he annoyed his sister and scoffed at Peitar. ”I’d like to see you try.” She wasn’t defenseless. Not like sleeping hearth witches. ”I’ll take half of whatever he left behind!” He called after them.

Upstairs, Rian smiled as she unlocked the door.

”You don’t have to lady me.” She’d never felt like a lady, even when she felt like a woman. ”’sides, I don’t think anyone ever told you.” Not sure if Tali would have mentioned it when he and Peitar had crossed paths. It seemed unlikely, he’d been trying to rescue that woman. Rian wondered if she could be convinced to come work the inn in return for the favor. ”You’re handsier than you you were.” She commented dryly, another probe lapping at her. This one testing her outer barriers.

”I have. Have you?” A puppy. It made her smirk. Skirts rustling as he groped his way by. He smelled good. Like fresh metal and old leather. Memory scents. A lot of them had smelled that way. Maybe even herself. ”Alright, my eyes you can borrow then.” She moved to follow him in, and he turned, hand grazing the warm space between arm and body. She caught his elbow, wings lifting in surprise, and hissed back. ”Very handsy.” Voice low as she pushed his hand away and stepped back.

She was done wanting.

”There.” His hands made a shape in the air, and Rian’s eyebrows knotted. She slipped to Peitar’s side to look around the room. ”Not immediately.” Probes moved around the room, and Rian squeezed by to open the wardrobe and peer under the bed. ”Where?” She asked, turning. There was blood on the floor, drops of it like a light rain. Rian frowned, and realized he was still bleeding. Calling in a rag, she pushed him away from the wash basin and stuck it in his hand.

”You’re bleeding all over. Its a wash basin.” A little cabinet with a false sink set in it. Rian opened the cabinet door but didn’t see a chest of any sort. ”It’s not in there. Are you sure?” She asked doubtfully. He was blind, how would he even know?

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They both watched in dismay. Talimar from behind the bar, rag frozen in the counter mid-swipe. Rian from the doorway of the kitchen, tray heavy in her arms as several meals grew cold. Everyone else was rapt. The sibling were too, but they each calculated cost as the table collapsed and several dishes splintered, rather than blows.

Rian couldn’t help but wonder why he kept screaming that way. Eyebrows knotting as he seemed to continue a one sided conversation out loud. Flinching as blood splattered the floor. She wasn’t cleaning that up! It was clearly on the bar side of the inn and not the dinning room. Which made it Tali’s problem and not hers. Rian glanced sideways at her brother, watched him shrug with slow emphasis. Fuck if I know, his shoulders said.

”Fuck, Peitar.” He said aloud. It made her smile, and then frown. Squinting at the scarred face as she slid the tray onto the counter. People came to her for their plates this time, as if they were afraid for her to walk the tables. Or maybe they were just impatient. Her care had been lacking lately. Mumbling apologies to them, Rian knew now why he’d looked to familiar. Peitar. They’d met. Talimar had said something about him being blinded by Witch, not she saw what he meant.

”With what? Hearth witches?” Talimar scoffed. Rian shot him a questioning look, but no answer was forth coming as her brother looked decidedly elsewhere. She’d leave payment between them, whatever it was. They could use another hearth witch at the inn though. They’d only found a part time replacement as it was. ”How are you going to see anything, Peitar, you blind fuck?” Tali chortled, leaving off his rag holding to come around the bar, but Rian snorted, ducking out first.

”I’ll take him, you can clean up.” It was his friend making the mess. Rian was good and tired of cleaning. There was a flurry of glances exchanged, a fierce Opal threads. Tali didn’t approve, but Rian was adamant, and black widow temper won out over his brotherly instincts. She didn’t get too close, eyes on the wing-blood marring his dogs muzzle. Her own tucked in tight to her body in preemptive defense.

”No dogs upstairs, Prince.” She didn’t want that thing trailing her. Or shedding all over the rooms. Bad enough he was going to stink one up with his temper. ”Come on.” The crowd made room for them as the passed. Rian’s back tingling with Talimar’s glare and the warlord prince stalking behind her. A quick peek over her shoulder to be sure the dog wasn’t coming too.

She knew exactly which room he wanted. Lock opened with her master key, thread chasing Tali down because they’d need the boy’s copy back. ”It’s Rian, now, Peitar.” She told him, tumblers clicking before she pushed the door open. Rian moved out of his way, following him into the room to make sure he didn’t trash it too. She half leaned against the open door, feeling the knob brace against the wall behind it.

”Do you need help looking?” How blind was he? Eyes milky when she looked. It had been a lot of years since she’d seen Peitar. Not since before Witch’s fall. It always made her skin feel too loose and strange when they met with old raider friends. If you could call them friends. Like she was the wrong person when they were near. She supposed she was, having been a warlord then. She thought a lot about going back these days, to being the warlord.

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Rian opened her mouth and closed it, shrugging again. ”Okay.” She managed to get out. Then she would take it down. Rian didn’t understand at all. Was he telling her he wouldn’t be back, ever? She suspected that much. Was he afraid she would wait? Or look for him? The knuckle of her thumb pressed her lips to her teeth.

”But that’s not what I thought!” That wasn’t fair! She’d never said such a thing, or implied it! ”And not what I meant.” That wasn’t fair! Rian trembled, wings flaring in annoyance. ”I never said it was wrong. I’m sorry, I just thought...” She’d just been trying to protect him! Maybe she’d just been getting in the way instead. It was all so confusing! ”I don’t know. I’m sorry.” Weren’t they saying goodnight? Couldn’t she just go, instead of having to face him?

”Ooooh.” Rian rubbed the side of her face. Her cheeks were hot. ”You’re in love?” That was good. It had to be good. It had to be. ”Well, why can’t you? You said the nightmares don’t happen often.” She couldn’t get control of her breathing. It came quick and shallow. ”I’m sure... I’m sure... love is good. It’ll be fine.” She’d never been in love. Not even the quick passing kind Tali was always falling in.

Maybe it was a niece in the web. An adopted sort. With a briar rose for a father. Oh Mother Night why did she feel so sick?

”I can go back in, if you want. Try and find any more traps.” Had he tried? Sleeping with her? Who was it? Ilithian? Had he been practicing with Rian? She was expendable, she supposed. Unimportant. She stuttered, trying to get words out, any words. Fingers working at her lips as if she could pull the damn words out. ”It’ll be better with her! Briar, it will be. But I can’t help right now. I can’t. I’m sorry.” Wrapping herself in her wings, Rian held tight and fled, slamming into her door before she was able to get it open and fall in her room.

She was happy for him. Happy for him. All the pleasure he wanted he could have. And love! Love was good. Ears buzzing, Rian crawled to her bed and buried her face in the blankets, pulling them over her until she was shrouded in them. Dark and warm. And humid with her tears. That’s why he felt different. He wasn’t hers. Not her friend, not her bully. Just Briar.

She hoped the stupid bitch loved him back, like he deserved.

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”I don’t think life always does.” Rian’s hardly ever did. Girl to warlord to black widow inn keeper. Her life hadn’t made sense since she’d left the cradle. She’d lived too many. Too many ways. Her skin felt as unnatural as she much look to the outside world. Maybe Briar felt a little of the same.

But he didn’t want to commiserate. Her hug suffered rather than accepted. Hands cupping her elbows as if he would pull her away if she lingered too long. All the comfort she’d found in his arms before was missing now. His chest a wall instead of a shield. Rian’s eyes burned all the way down to her heart.

”Good.” She tried to smile, looking past Briar rather than at him. At least he would do that. They’d probably try and break him in the camps. Like a badly set bone. Fingering the wrinkles at her elbow, Rian nodded. ”Okay.” She didn’t have anyone to visit now, so where would she go? She had roots now. She was an inn keeper. She gave beds to the travelers, she wasn’t one, not anymore.

”It will be waiting for you.” She’d be waiting for him. Rian chewed her lip and kept that to herself. They weren’t friends anymore. He was leaving the rose behind so she’d know his season here was done. The waiting would be forever, until it wasn’t waiting anymore but memory. Another little thing left behind by the streak of lives that moved through hers.

She watched his hand take hold of the door. Ready to close it. To finish shutting her out. But there was one last thing, question pulling her eyes up to his face, pulling her wings up then down again.

”I never said that.” Had never meant that. Eyebrows puckering, she frowned. She’d never thought that either. Hardly ever commented on his sex life. She knew nothing about it, not as it was currently. Tried not to think of it ever. ”I just thought...” Lips pursed, Rian scowled as she looked for the words. ”That you’d want it with people who cared. Not just people looking for pleasure.” People wanting to use him, instead of love him.

”You deserve more than that.” He wasn’t a tool.

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”Oh. Right.” Rian recalled it stretched down his bed, rummaged through so they could both sleep in something comfortable. Something that didn’t smell of a dozen other people. ”If you want.” Reluctant to give them back now. ”I don’t carry them around with me though. They’re in my room.” As if it was too far to go and fetch them, rather than right next door to his.

”Hunting camps?” Rian’s eyes rounded, sweeping Briar from head to toe. Why would he go there? He wasn’t a warrior. Not like that. Close enough to smell him, and use a corner of the towel to wipe at a damp spot. ”You should really change.” She grumbled while trying to come to terms with his words. ”What needs figured out so badly you can’t stay for breakfast?” She probably should have just let him go the first time. He was desperate to be away. But letting him run made her stomach hurt.

”I know what last time was, Briar. It’s fine. I’m fine.” Now. Mostly. It had been a horrible night. At least that part of it. The rest had been good. More than good, really. ”You’ve never gone through the walls and hurt anyone here.” Eyes tracing his face. She needed need his next words to know this would be the last time. Something inside her knew it. Expected it. The time between his coming back had stretched and stretched. Eventually it had to stretch into forever.

She was sad she’d helped it along.

”Thanks.” Her wings rose and fell. Body on toes and then heels again. ”Goodnight.” It tasted like goodbye. Shivering, Rian swooped in past the door, arms circling his back as she hugged him. Eyes closed and cheek pressed to his chest, her wing banging the door frame. Just a quick hug, since he was leaving. Surely that was okay. ”You better take care of yourself, Briar. No one else will at those hunting camps.” He didn’t belong there at all.

She caught sight of the rose as she stepped back. Glimpsed over his shoulder because she couldn’t look him in the eyes.  Of course it wasn’t going with him.

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