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Askavi Archives / One More Shot [cw]
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:36:36 AM »

Daddy had decided to go big for the last show of the season. Everyone wore glitter and paints that glowed of their own volition when the lights were dim. The patterns traced on Maeve’s skin matched her Jewels in color. Geometric designs that seemed to distract everyone she spoke to when the show was over.

Which was everyone at the inn, really. So many goodbyes to say! Tents were coming down as she kissed cheeks and laughed at drunkards jokes. The paint on her body slightly smudged by over-familiar hands as she worked her way to the bar. Her very favorite friend would get his own goodbye later. Tomorrow everyone would be busy packing up their wagons. Maeve had not spread out much, she never did, so there were only her Peeper’s toys to find and a few odd pieces of costume to track down.

A small knot of apprehension twisted her stomach as she spoke with Talimar of just that. His only suggestion was to try the washroom. Or his sister. But Maeve had done both before and the end result had been… less than pleasant. Poor Rian. If the guilt didn’t eat her alive the heat that traced her thighs when she saw the eyrien woman would.

She had to have them, though. So she found Rian and gave her a grin that might have been shy if Maeve knew how to be. One manicured nail tracing her lower lip she tucked into the doorway of an empty room, ”Rian, dear, I hate to bother you. It’s just that, we’re moving on in the next day or two. And I never did find my green leotard. Now I’ve a pink skirt missing too. Sorry.”

Her voice held all the apology she could muster. Teeth flashing lightly. ”I’ll keep my hands to myself, I promise.” She held them up, palms flat, as if that would somehow strengthen the claim.

Of course Maeve would behave. For as long as Rian wanted her to. But she knew, too, that there was a pent up need in them both. Leftover from their last encounter. Now the shock had worn off, and she couldn’t help wondering if Rian was curious to try again. She certainly wouldn’t be afraid to encourage more kissing before time ran out. It might be seasons, or even years, before they came back! ”Tali said they might be in the wash house, but… you’re old laundry lady always gives me the stink eye. I don’t want to go alone if she’s in there.”

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