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Little Terreille Archives / Letters and Questions [COMPLETE]
« on: February 01, 2018, 09:15:06 PM »
Lili’s day had begun rather normally. She had harvested the last of the ingredients from the Healers garden, restocked a few of the brews that had been running low. Mostly brews for headaches and anxiety. All in all, it had been an average day for the Healer of Nin’s court. Until she had felt a tremor along the Sapphire. She stopped what she was doing, tending to some of the indoor plants she had sitting in the window of the Healer’s quarters, and closed her eyes to focus on it. It was Kyle. I couldn’t have been anyone else. While it seemed like he had his temper leashed, it seemed to be straining. Lilika sighed softly and shook her head. He must be talking with Ophelia. While she had not been around a long as some of the other court members, she had noticed the tension between the two. It was hard to miss. She wondered why they were talking about that had Kyle so worked up.

She didn’t have to wonder long. One minute the barely controlled vibration of Kyles temper was starting to give her a headache, and the next, he had slammed his barriers so tightly it had made Lili stumble. Then she had gotten the letter. A termination letter. Effective immediately. No notice, no explanation. Just...terminated. It took a couple minutes for it to soak in. Was she the only one who received a letter like this. Something told her the answer to that question was no. But she still wanted to know why. And since it was obviously connected to whatever happened between Kyle and their Queen, she needed to get answers.

And that's why she now found herself moving through the halls of the Queen’s Residence, her Sapphire searching out Kyles as if there were a thread that connected their Jewels. She could have gone to Ophelia, she would have been easy to find, but she had a feeling that she was the last person the Queen would want to see, other than Kyle. The Yellow ruler of Nin had never seemed comfortable around her, even though Lili had never really done anything to earn that mentality. She stopped at a corner and closed her eyes, sending out threads of her own Sapphire to search for Kyles. A small smile pulled at her lips as she found him, deep in the court's gardens.

When she stepped out into the garden, she could feel the emotions rolling off him, and if she had worn a lighter Jewel than the Sapphire, she would have found it hard to breathe. After walking for a couple of minutes, she found him in a crop of trees, his back to her. This was the first time she had seen him, for longer than passing, since she had nearly broken her Sapphire. She wanted to run away. She wanted to run towards him. Instead, she made her way into the crop slowly, making sure he knew she was there so she didn’t surprise him. Surprising a Warlord Prince that was as upset as Kyle seemed to be could be dangerous.



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