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Parbelavi / Re: Breakfast with friends
« on: June 24, 2019, 06:38:00 PM »
Fingers waggled at the apology she shook her head. ”Don’t be. Everything is fine.” She was fine. Whole. Unhurt except for a twinge of soreness she had wholly expected after seeing his spear. And that wholeness was the important part if she was to believe common opinion. She was unbroken and stronger for giving in. There was even what most considered the added bonus of Lorivar being attractive and the sex satisfying. Laughing lightly she tried to casually dismiss the rest of Lillian’s thoughts on it too. ”Oh, I suppose perhaps I might.” She had not considered future sex yet. 

Even if she had had the thing done. She was too busy battling the guilt of not feel relieved to think that Lorivar might not be suited- or willing- to be her lover going forward. In all their years together, she had never seen him take a steady woman. And there were plenty were he lived. Eyebrows lifting she nibbled at a spot inside her cheek. Speaking more without really thinking the words through. Intention to sooth her friend’s worries nearly backfiring. She corrected herself, and watched as Lillian’s twitching wings went lax once more. ”He was just being bullheaded, and I was being sensitive. No need to murder anyone, I promise.”

Unless Petey needed a quick neck wringing. Eyes bright she lead the charge upstairs. They snuck through Ilithian’s bedroom, which was noticeably empty. Bouncing on her toes in the doorway she rolled a shoulder at Lillian, ”Safe to come in, he’s left.” She had left too, she reminded herself. To find food and the company of a friend who was not sleeping off a bruised face. This leaving still felt a little strange, however. Perhaps the lurk of a psyche she had not felt in her room before. Rather than suss it out she invited Lillian to breeze through to the terrace garden instead.

Outside in the fresh air Ilithian found it easier to convince herself that she was overreacting. Without the weight of the stone walls to rebound the anxiety of several dozen eyriens at her wide open barriers. Sighing in contentment she spread her wings to catch the early morning sunshine. There was frost in the air that melted on the earth warmed stone and clung to the ladies hair as Lillian told her a little about life in the district. ”That’s fantastic. Turning a few hands to farming rather than raiding will set a good example for the rest. What crops are you considering? I think the least maintenance the better. They’ll be lazy in the start.” Taking seemed so much easier than going out and putting a few hours a day to raise corn or wheat. Until you learned that raiding was a coin toss, gambling your life for the possibility of food stuff you  might not even enjoy! They would harvest a decent bounty, enjoy the freshness of things they had grown on their own and it would set root in their hearts. Wholesome, good living.

”Oh Darkness, you poor thing! Why haven’t you had a cabin built up yet? I bet Peitar, would swap with you a bit if you like.” She joined Lillian in her laughter. Shoulders bumping as they giggled together. Ilithian’s noise making was very rambunctious with the image of Lillian rolling around to get into a dress as fuel. ”Speaaaking of Peitar… how are things going between the two of you? You said he doesn’t view women with much kindness. Should I be worried?”

Parbelavi / Re: audiences
« on: June 24, 2019, 01:54:45 PM »
Kitchen herbs and dormant vegetable made up the bulk of the greenhouse foliage. Raised beds filled with soil since nothing could grown on stone except moss. Between hearthwitches, apprentice queens, and healers’ needs the garden was well maintained without Ilithian’s intervention. It was a nice place for welcoming newcomers. More personal than the landing yard by far. And to reach the private courtyard of the court itself you had to pass through its humid halls.

At the broad archway she nodded to a guard who lounged casual but watchful against the wall. Arms crossed over his bare chest he did not much look like a guard at all. There more to feed the shield and heating spells than to stave off any actual threats. Which was Ilithian’s preference in the more intimate spaces of the eyrie. Just outside the door she stepped out of her shoes. Wings high on her back to catch the sunlight without pushing Marissian’s out of the way. ”I see.” Ilithian said with an understanding nod. People came for many reasons. Came to her for many reasons.

Marissian explained her own. Leaving the option of full details to Ilithian. This was a question she had been posed before. So her answer was ready. Light hearted and cheerfully delivered, ”I’m always glad for the counsel of webs and visions. You must know, however, I only consider them as possible outcomes. If I lived to avoid every negative outcome seen in a web I would not be here now.” They had predicted her maiming and death before, good friends with talented fingers that had seen tragedy. Tragedies that had thankfully never come to pass.

Leaving Ilithian to go on doing what everyone said was impossible.

Dancing her way to the territory throne. Pulling a scattered and scarred people together. As they crossed the stone rows of growing things the ground began to slope. A soft decent that was nearly unnoticeable. The greenhouse quiet except for their talking. Most of it done by Marissian while Ilithian nodded and made those small noises that encouraged a person to keep speaking. She could feel the restlessness of spirit many suffered easing in the black widow.

”That sounds like a long and dangerous journey. I’m sorry your respite was so tricky to find.” She said with genuine sympathy. Ilithian knew what it was to wander and wonder at your own purpose. After the war she had done the same for a few years. ”It really gives a person perspective. Seeing the territory bit by bit. You can see the war path, and the ancient villages. Get a true sense of how far we’ve come since Witch’s fall.”

That was the yardstick she measured her personal successes by. The way she decided where her attention was most needed. How much had life improved in a place or to a people since then? Who needed the most help? Where were the strong leaders and how could she help them maintain what they had achieved? Those were thoughts for her office however. Not for finally passing under the doorway that lead into the grassy lawn at the heart of the eyrie’s first floor. Her own private garden was more of an extended terrace on the second floor. She could see the bottom of the patio from where they stood.

Or rather, where she stood. Since Marissian stopped to kneel. Amused by the propriety Ilithian waited for the black widow to pose her request. They both knew the answer already. This was were Marissian belonged. But she was a queen that served by seeing the needs of her people. If this was how Marissian needed to ask then she would not judge. Even if it made her squirm a little. ”Gladly, Lady Marissian. I trust in your instinct and qualifications.”

With the formality out of the way she turned to more pressing matters. ”Since you’ve been traveling I take it you don’t have steady lodgings at present. We can speak with the housekeeper for rooming arrangements later, but for now why you don’t tell me more about your vision.”

Parbelavi / Re: Breakfast with friends
« on: June 13, 2019, 06:44:23 PM »
”Yes,” She chuckled around the rim of her coffee mug. Letting the sweet brew do its job. Shaking all her drowsy bits back to wakefulness. ”he absolutely would. Then he’d smirk in that shameless, infuriating way when if anyone shrieked at him about it.” Blinking slowly over her rolling eyes she sighed. Cup put down on the table and an edge of toast dipped into it for extra flavor. ”I think he’s hilarious, and he’s going to be important. Men like Peitar are that missing link between what Eyrien’s where and what I want them to become. In terms of how they view women- anyway. We need the link if we want to win over the old hard asses.”

Political talk was old hat, though, relaxing as Ilithian found it to be. She much rather talk about younger, nicer asses. Since the opportunity presented itself and all. ”All the time?” There was a hint of disbelief in her tone. Ilithian couldn’t imagine the other raiders would let their leader run around with his spear dangling. ”Well if it’s not bad to look at, just let him freeze his nuts off I guess.” Smirking over her bobbing shoulder she pressed out a laugh. It was easy to imagine Peitar running around half dressed, but really? Always naked?

At least he seemed to keep his pants on at the eyrie. ”How many old widows?” She asked, lips curling up in one corner of her mouth as if she were really considering the thing. It was a very short lived joke, since Lillian seemed keen to pair them off in her mind. ”Much as half broken and wholly untameable is my type, Peitar is not for me. Not as a man, or a male, or even a soldier. He answers because he’s got no one else to answer too.” Perhaps it was that they were so alike. Ilithian didn’t know. She just knew that nothing in Peitar quickened her pulse. Not even the idea of seeing his very nice backside.

”When it suits him, and only when it suits him.” She said pointedly. There were no men she trusted more than Lorivar. Which was now a frightening and unnerving fact. He had not hurt her, though, not on purpose. A broken shield was child’s play really. If the idea had been her own, she would have nothing to pout over at all. Yet still. She pouted. On the inside, where no one could see.

And flashed her teeth at her friend to defend him in the same breath. ”He’s several inches more than nothing. There wasn’t a ruler handy for me to say exactly how much. It... the sex… just wasn’t.” Mouth thining she filled it with coffee and pretended to fill it with toast. The words did not come easily. How could you describe emotions you couldn’t name or really feel? So muddled up together that it was impossible to say what was what or stemmed from where. She blurted instead, ”It was all very unexpected.” That would just have to suffice.

 With a sigh she placed her empty but uneaten plate on top of Lillian’s eggy one. ”Only half a thought?” She squealed with laughter, curls bouncing as she shook her head. ”Such a good friend! I’m glad you didn’t. Lorivar wasn’t taking no for an answer and I’d have never been able to live with myself if you had been hurt.” Then Lorivar would never have forgiven her for wishing to be saved. It would have been a mess. Better to contain that to herself. Where it could be dealt with quietly. Picked at until her heart wasn’t sore anymore. ”It went fine. And then it went fine again. Then we slept. I’m sorry you worried.”

Leaning forward she rested her chin on the table. Face drooping in concern. ”I figured it must have been something like that, Lorivar stank like a Hell pit and looked like he had been rolling around in one.” She wanted to ask who had won. But she was so sure it was Lorivar, and not sure of how attached Lillian was to either of them that she didn’t ask. Instead she addressed Lillian’s concerns with a wave of her hand. ”Doubtful. Men like that prefer to work out their issues with their fists. If they had been really upset someone would have died.”

Her worry was mild but interested Ilithian all the same. Before she could press her instinctive suspicions were answered by her friend’s next question. ”You’re always welcome to stay as long as you like.” She assured her, reaching over to pat her hand. ”Is everything alright with you? I should have asked by now.” Probes flitted, greedy for information. Checking her friend for hurts and leaked emotion. ”Let’s go up to my garden, you can tell me how things have been going in the district.”

Parbelavi / Re: Breakfast with friends
« on: June 12, 2019, 10:14:27 PM »
Oh. Ilithian’s eyed went a smidgen wider. She had been there all night. Waiting. Knowing exactly what she was waiting on. The very tips of Ilithian’s ears turned pink but they were blissfully hidden under her curls. Which were a tangled halo around her head. Sticking out in every direction from rumpled sleep… and other things.

She had sex with Lorivar. Loud, sticky, knee trembling sex. Did everyone know?

Color seeping from her ears to the outsides of her cheek bones she hid behind Lillian’s cup. Or tried to. The awful stuff an even better distraction than the act of drinking proved to be. Licking the last of the bitterness from her lips she gave an exaggerated shiver, wings flailing so that a warlord passing behind her had to duck out of the way.

Tablecloth smoothed. Plate rotated until the toast faced her just right. Fork laid straight. Ilithian was not very good at being reflective. Or buying time to think. And she very much needed time to think before the meat of the conversation got to flowing. So she tried to aim it in a more comfortable direction. ”Because Peitar is half crazy and entirely feral! I don’t have time to keep leashes on a man like that. Besides the optics are terrible, people would think he’s running everything behind the scenes.” They would think that no matter who she showed a glimmer of affection for. At least Lorivar could be counted on not to take undue credit. Petey would bask in the glory then cut you down for proving the lie. But her friend had let a much more interesting tidbit slip.

Eyebrows dancing high she leaned in over her untouched toast, ”Very rude of my potential lover to go showing my best friend his backside, though. How nice are we talking?” Lillian had much more time, and proximity, to try connecting to the old raider. And they would be a much cuter couple in Ilithian’s opinion. ”I still don’t think he’s ugly, either. The scars take some time to get used to but I mean… the story is enough to balance it out I think.” He was something else. Something that made Askavi and Eyriens strong enough to withstand ages under Witch without losing themselves.

”Stop it. You didn’t cause any trouble. Lorivar doesn’t practice enough sense or self restraint.” She said, rolling her eyes. Toast still untouched. Until Lillian brought the conversation full circle again. At which point she stuffed half a slice into her mouth. Taking her time to chew. Hoping that the dismissive shrug of her shoulders and shake of her head would be answer enough. When it was clearly not, she swallowed hard. Washing it down with hot coffee more to her taste. ”The sex wasn’t bad. I- well. It’s nothing.” She said, the back of her neck tingling as half a dozen ears strained to catch the conversation. Smacking the table she laughed instead, “I think you’re officially the only woman left in Askavi that hasn’t had his spear. He’s still in my room if you want to find out for yourself.” She teased with a sharp smile.

Suddenly her empty stomach felt too tight for fitting more food. The same as her body had felt too tight for fitting more Lorivar. Before it had. Blushing she picked the crust from her toast without putting more in her mouth. Plucking up pieces that touched her lips where it was vanished into her cabinet. So that the men wouldn’t worry, and the witches wouldn't be disappointed she had not enjoyed the meal. ”You didn’t really come all this way to apologize? You know I wouldn’t be upset with you for any of this.”

Parbelavi / Re: Breakfast with friends
« on: June 09, 2019, 02:44:27 PM »
Blinking in the soft filter of sunshine Ilithian slide towards the end of the mattress quietly. A heavy arm rolling off her shoulder as she went. Lorivar mumbled as it fell to the bed. Making her turn as she sat up to see if it woke him. Whatever his lips were smirking at was in his dreams, though. Freeing her to wrap tight in an oversized sweater and pad down the long corridor to the dining room. Relief flowed at her from various faces as she passed them. Calming craft staining the walls in her wake.

At the tale she was surprised to find Lillian. ”When did you get in?” She asked, finding a return question aimed at her just as quickly. How was she? Stealing Lillian’s coffee cup for a long draught Ilithian turned the question around mentally. A shoulder rolling while she thought and swallowed down the warmth. Bare feet happy to lift up off the cold stone tiles as she sat down. ”I’m alright.” She answered finally, lips smacking around the bitterness of the drink. Not nearly enough sugar. ”Ugh, how are you drinking that! What are they doing to you out there? Mother Night. I’m sending a barrel of sugar back with you.”

A hearth witch came scurrying over with a fresh carafe almost before she could finish the thought. Toast powdered in cinnamon and a ceramic mug set at the table for her. The coffee poured while she sifted sugar and cream to the mix. With a test sip she sighed again. Fingers lacing around the heat the mug provided. Question still echoing in her chest despite having answered.

She didn’t know how she was. Didn’t know how she felt. Good- physically. Not any different really aside from some pleasantly sore spots that made her draw her knees together. Something had changed, though, in a less good way. A something she couldn’t put her finger on, or just didn’t want to name. Mostly she was just tired. When the exciting bits were over she had laid in bed beside Lorivar. Body finally sated. And very exhausted. But her eyes stayed open for a very long time. Trying to find sleep, and finding all the parts of herself that had been forced to compromise over the years instead.

Finding questions she couldn’t answer. They called her queen. They bowed nicely. Took what they needed of her Craft and presence. Just for those closest to her to decide what was in her best interest. Pushing back the lines she had fought so hard to give other women. It made her… ashamed? Maybe that was it. Was she changing anything at all, or just pretending to be a trailblazer? Toying with the bottom lip she stared at her toast for too long before she realized she had. Sweeping a curl behind her ear she shoved the worries deep. Covering her own feelings with a playful smirk as she slapped Lillian’s hand.

”Peitar? Of all the awful shits Askavi has to offer? How could you even think such a wild thing you goose.” Her laughter was pure, and it eased the way for her personal thoughts to fall quietly into the background.

Parbelavi / Re: audiences
« on: May 15, 2019, 07:22:08 PM »
”Just Lady or Ilithian, or any combination of the two will do.” The queen said with a grin as the serving man stepped into the backdrop once again. It had been years since she used the name of her father. Remembered, but shed, because that was what she wanted for the women of her nation. A rise to their rightful place, without giving undue credit to the men that created them. Her foot kicked lightly with unspent energy as Marissian stood in a half daze. Words dripping from her mind but not her tongue.

It was a look Ilithian was very familiar with by now. There was nothing but to wait it out. Let the bond form, and the bondee either accept or reject what was. Marissian stepped closer. In the corners of the room the men tensed. Imperceptible, but Ilithian could read them like open books. Knew them each by name and deed. She did not scold their protective instinct, but she did tip her head back in challenge at the strongest of them. An eye brow lifting in playful dare.

This was her room. And this was her Lady now. They could defend her some other time. ”Naturally. The broadening of your own purpose is no small feat. So I’ll welcome you home this time.” Skirts rippling around her knees as she stood Ilithian took the two short steps from dais to floor in one short bound. ”Come. Tell me what brought you along, and I’ll show you the courtyard.” She offered.

Arm linking with the Lady’s she plucked and tested the new attachment. Silent, intangible link. ”Where is it you’ve come from?” She asked, once the Lady had explained her reason from coming. They walked, not very far, but out into the private courtyard enjoyed by long term guests and residents. None of the gardening was her own. But she enjoyed the space nonetheless. Seeping a touch of Craft into its growth she attended the words of the woman at her side.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi [cw]
« on: May 09, 2019, 01:16:49 AM »
Damn him for being right this time. It wasn’t too much. Even when it was. Ilithian knew now, beyond the shadow of any doubt, why it was called a spear. Penetrating without piercing, an aching buzz coursing from cunt to breast as he filled her over and over. He did all the work while she clung to him desperately. Breath short and sharp anyway. Echoing back at her as he covered her mouth in kisses before tucking back to her ear.

Pressing cheek to cheek she trembled around him. Bodily, as those low muscles flinched and clenched, learning to accommodate this new intrusion. Along her psyche too, barriers reeling against the foreign sensation of two building orgasms. Even her arms trembled around his neck. The cusp of release was so close she could feel it making her teeth itch. Grinding them together she gasped as he gave her what she didn’t know she knew to ask for.

Arching up with knees on his hips for leverage Ilithian reached for the ledge behind her back. Wings snapping wide as he stole her nipple, and what felt like half her soul. Palm on the stone she used that for leverage too. Keeping it from scraping down her wings or spine as he measured exactly how much spear to give on every thrust. Hand clamped around her leg to pull her back to every inch. She butted against his wrist and wished it gone. Heels spurring the backs of his thighs like a faithful old horse until he held her more loosely.

She felt like condensed sensation. A bubble of pleasure waiting to burst. Body aching with the exertion of riding to the edge of climax. It was the sort of sweet agony you got from wiggling a loose tooth or popping a stiff knee. Her own flexing hard now that he only held her by the hips. Her own body providing the momentum as she jerked up until only the very tip of his spear remained inside. Barreling back down to the base where the soft, wet impact of cunt to abdomen sent an electric jolt through her body. Gripping his wing with her free hand she leaned in to rain kisses over his forehead. Eyes following his gaze down.

It was… something. She couldn't watch anymore. Eyes clamped tight as the rest of her contracted to a pin prick of need. He backed her to the wall of the tub. Cursing in victory as he sank into her like a sword in a sheath. The crushing in her center was an odd pain that made her shout too. Petting his hair she slithered a hand between their bodies. Rubbing and panting until she could join him on the other side of satisfaction. ”Ugh, Mother Night I can’t feel my legs.” She laughed, feeling them with kneading fingers to make sure they were still attached. Even the press of her hands was numb. She could only tell that they shook, sending ripples up through the water, which Ilithian was thankful hid the mess she would have made otherwise. ”Are you alright?” She soothed with kisses and caresses over his tense shoulders and wet curls.

Parbelavi / audiences
« on: May 03, 2019, 08:45:46 PM »
Ilithian wore shoes. Soft soled leather ones. They fussed and nagged if she went into court audiences without them. Plus the clutches of winter were on Askavi. At least it was this high in the mountains. Eyrie made warm with the Craft of clever hearthwitches, but the stone held a chill no amount of power could completely dispel. So she covered her toes.

Legs half bared by the cut of her skirts she lounged gracefully in the throne room. All of Askavi’s history was laid out in that room. Weapons on the walls. Ornamental tapestries covering the walls. Her guards at either hand, and her empty escort’s seat to her side. Today Lorivar was playing Warlord of Undavi. She had kept him long enough after the unceremonious rupture of her chastity. This was, in point of fact, the first time she had been seen in public since her Virgin Night. The secret that she had even needed one a humorous riple that moved through the territory.

They liked her trickery, the old warriors and the young women too. Could overlook her deception and the risk she had put their tentative peace under because it had a good ending. Now that the news was spread, she was ready to face them. Her people. A day listening to their complaints and concerns. Their praises and joys. From settling the disputes of land boundaries to kissing newborn babies. She made her way down the list of appointments until it was the turn of a Black Widow with strong Jewels. If a reason for the appointment had been given, Ilithian forgot. And none was listed on her agenda. Only that there was to be one.

”Welcome to Ligure,” She greeted as the woman entered. Her wings gave a short twitch, exposing her curiosity. ”have you been offered refreshments during your wait?” A footman stepped forward, tray of glasses ringing a pitcher of water. Ready to do as bid if he were.


Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi [cw]
« on: April 11, 2019, 01:28:32 AM »
Thumb wicking away the wetness from his face Ilithian looked back at Lorivar. Tentatively exploring their connection along the psychic plane now that she could really concentrate. It was not what she had imagined. Intimate and deep but not invasive in the ways she had expected. Lorivar’s feelings, physical and emotional, resonated along the thread, but she couldn’t read his thoughts. Perhaps if hse had sifted through his barriers she might have tried. And she could see the bubbles of memories in the back of his conscious while he ate her with his eyes now that his mouth had done it’s work.

When being on display became too overwhelming she joined him in the water. Between their bodies his spear pulsed, she could feel the ache. Similar to her own, but opposite too. She tipped her face so their lips could meet. Tongue slipping over a flavor that was not his. It was wetter than water, or spit. She sucked it from his lower lip. Groaning in disappointment when he shifted her towards the ledge again. She didn’t want back up. She wanted to climb him instead.

Especially as his mouth pinkened her throat and rose goosebumps across her shoulders. Shivering her nipples into painful little puckers of skin that pressed into his warm chest. Fingers flexing on his shoulders Ilithian pulled up, letting him guide her legs around his hips. Ankles locking over his ass. Somehow it was more revealing than laying there with his face in her cunt. She tingled with a electric sort of anxiety. All the strands of her existence vibrating with alarm. ‘Careful, careful!’ her brain was screaming. While the rest of her was ready to turn inside out and swallow him right up.

Face buried in his neck she whimpered at her fingers. Hips twitching as she tried to catch them, but they only played around the outside. Tickling sensitive flesh. Their small fleshy pads calloused. A complete contrast to the molten silk he touched with next. Instinct said clench. And she did. Eyes, fingers, cunt. Breath ragged even though he did nothing but slip smooth skin against smooth skin. Her thoughts so wild they nearly ran away with her, throwing her towards the shimmering beacon of her Webs. Squeezing her knees at his waist she gasped as the steady pressure turned to penetration.

”Augh.” It was not pain. Just an impossible to describe sort of burning. Not just for Ilithian but for Lorivar too. She could feel the sensation, the throbbing that started at his speartip and shot through his shaft. Could feel him struggling not to bury in her to the root. And tried not to tempt him with the hollow feeling in her stomach that suggested she wouldn’t mind the ache if he tried. Petting at his hair she tried to focus less on the details of what she felt. All the little places that threatened to pinch or pull as he slipped another inch inside. Then out again. An extra added when he gave it back.

Took it away.

Gave more.

Ilithian gripped around it. Muscles quivering at the newness of the feeling. Places her fingers had never reached rubbed against. Places his fingers had never reached spread. Until it was too much, a sharp sting tempting her to flinch away. But his arm and her locked ankles kept them together. The more she relaxed, the more their bodies lay flush. The better it felt. Tracing his jaw with a hand she leaned her cheek against his. Petting the head laid on her shoulder, and the back of is neck too. His wings spread for balance while her own were tucked tight to her body. Laid over his arm, out of the way.

He shifted his weight. She rocked her hips. They slid apart, then deep again. Deeper this time as the angle changed. ”Lor!” It frightened her, held onto a spear she was sure would hurt if it went so far. But it didn’t. It was good instead. She complained against his bad ear anyway. Wordless whimpers as her pelvis wiggled in answer to his rocking. Hips driving the hard muscles of his stomach into her clit until she was panting again. All his idle noises a soft roar in her head while she clung. Trembling around him, and around his spear. Testing the way it felt to squeeze it. Eyes half more curious than her shaking hands which only petted his chest, face and wings in random order.

Peeking between them she watched the flex of his body as he leaned into her then eased once more. Over and over until the slickness was more sweat than bathwater. He was a sight in the throes of pleasure. Babbling on while he tucked his nose to her throat. All sharp reliefs and rolling muscle. Young and handsome. And shoved inside of her. Ilithian loosened her hold around his waist, letting their bodies part enough for a glimpse between them. Squealing she pulled him close again. ”It’s too much.” Him. His spear. The climax building up behind her clit and radiating out. Just out of reach, teasing from her nipples down her spine to her cervix, which begged for bruising. Or was the head of his spear just wishing it could? Not sure which were his desires and which were her own. It was all a meld of pleasure now. From one end to the other.  ”Faster.”

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi [cw]
« on: March 28, 2019, 01:33:06 AM »
It was like coming up for air after too long underwater. Fighting the sensation back down before it could crest. Ilithian shivered against Lorivar. Body calming as the tide of threatened climax eased. Gulping a burning lungful of air because she had accidentally held her breath. Her skin felt too warm, face burning most of all. Doubly so as he fussed at her for pulling away. She had curled her toes so hard they felt cramped. Once he took his finger back she realized it had been inside of her. Too caught up with his tugging tongue and rolling thumb to really pay attention before.

Now she felt it though. That empty ache turned painful. A tight throb at her core. Clitoris buzzing. So sensitive that just sitting in the water made her tingle. She thought if he touched her again just then she would scream. But his hands had both moved on. Up. Gripping her under the arms like a child. Lifting her as easily as if she were one. Baffled for a moment she struggled to cling to him. Where was he putting her? The stones had soaked in the heat of the water, and its humidity too. A soft squelch cutting through the room as her wet asscheeks met the tiles along the tub’s edge. ”You no bossing!” She argued before he tipped her back. Knees falling open as she tried to catch her balance.

Her wings slipped around the wet stones while she tried to keep from falling back and crushing them. Weight barely caught on one elbow before he bowled her over again. This time with only the touch of his mouth. A hot breath in an unexpected place the only warning she had before his head was planted firmly between her thighs. Ilithian was too surprised to react at all. Body going still as his quick suck gave way to a plunging tongue. She had to lay back so that both hands were free to clap over her mouth. There was no noise to muffle, just the clicking of her throat as she tried to remember how breathing was done. Eyes rolling shut and hips jerking she felt every inch of her skin prickle in answer to his seeking mouth. A rush of heat and wetness she couldn’t blame on the bath slickened his probing.

He said words that made her whimper. Then did things that made her grip his hair. Not sure if she was trying to pull him of or into her. She twitched and flinched. Every fick of his tongue too good to stand. It was crazy, a small voice laughed in the back of her head, she wanted to cry and to drive his tongue at her clit harder. To kick him off and rub it herself until the muscles in her thighs turned to liquid. She could feel the inside of her hips jittering and her blood pulsing against his lips. That gaping hollowness clenching with her asscheeks. Her fingers had gone from clawing his scalp to petting it somewhere along the way. Their fleshy pads pressing to the contours of his head as she gave in to the rise of pleasure this time.

Shifting on the stones she tried to lay more comfortably as he spread her wider. The fingers he exposed her with slowly turning to ease into her body. Sucking her bottom lip Ilithian helped with the distraction. One hand hooking around his ear to trace its folds, the other reaching up to palm a breast. Pushing it aside so the gap between them was a valley she could peek down to see his face. Or what wasn't hidden in the creases of her cunt, anyway. Her moans were more like groans, pried out with every wiggle of the fingers he had filled her with. Ilithian tried not to worry about how tight it felt, just those two fingers. Focusing instead on the thrumming build of another orgasm starting in the base of her spine. Lorivar brushed their psychees together, looking for another sort of entry. One Ilithian found easier to fold against.

If she had to describe it she would compare it to flying for the first time. Seeing the world from an entirely new perspective. Opening yourself to a thousand new sensations all at once. Except the world was her body, and Lorivar’s too. The same but different. Tangled comfortably together. Pleasure radiating from one to the other- both within the others grasp. She could smell the sharp tange of her own arousal through his senses. Feel the way it coiled his blood. And all the places her nails had scratched. Could show him the trepidation rooting in the pit of her stomach. And the tongue triggered quaking in her pelvis, too. ”Lori…”

More. Less. She could feel her head spinning with it. Hand trailing down the back of his head to his neck, down his shoulders to the blades between them she gave his wing joint a tug. Holding him in place with thighs that locked around his head as her toes curled around the tub’s perimeter. Ilithian held her breath again, the small of her back bowing up and her wings bruising on the floor as she came. Hissing his name the whole time. Tension and frustration leaving her in the same short gush that flowed around and between his working fingers. Hot and thick where it pooled against her ass. Eyes closed she let her legs fall open again so he could breath too, petting the arch of the wing she had tried pulling off with apologetic strokes.

The relief didn’t last long. It was a good orgasm, because she wasn’t sure there was any other sort. But it wasn’t deep. Didn’t come from the place he had stirred into aching with his fingers. Ili sat up, knees touching as she rested the soles of her feet on Lorivar’s arms. Could he feel what she was thinking while he was buried so deep behind her barriers? She asked with her eyes instead of her mouth. Bobbing back into the water so she could kiss him and taste herself first hand. She hoped he could, even if it meant he saw all the awkward, private thoughts she would rather he not see. Because thinking he should fuck her now was a lot easier than asking him to.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi [cw]
« on: February 20, 2019, 01:32:59 AM »
It moved! Ilithian felt it straining under her leg. Twitching in a way that couldn’t be blamed on his beating pulse. She hadn’t know they could do that. Erections seemed so rigid, like the shaft of the spears they were equated to. Made for piercing. Tools that could be useful, or dangerous. Too often both. But under leg Lorivar’s was warm, the skin smooth and the shape oddly pleasing. Her mind knew it was dangerous, but her body wiggled to gauge its girth. Until fingers at her breast coaxed her into sitting up enough that his jumping spear could escape.

Through their pressed bodies she could feel Lorivar’s actual pulse too. As wild as her own. Maybe it wasn’t just the newness and doubt that did it then. Maybe the quickness of her pulse was part of the lust. The healer’s brew dampened the nerves, but not the clawing neediness his tugging fingers stirred. Rising high with his pinching she inhaled deeply and let it out in a rush. The opposite of gasp as his roaming mouth got close to her nipple again. Having felt it once now her breast knew they wanted it again. Toes curling with the strain of leaning up as far as her body could go without actually arching into him. The licking was even better than the sucking had been. Soft whimpers in the back of her throat Ilithian leaned down to lick back. Tracing the shape of his ear, catching the lobe between her teeth. It slipped free as she clenched internally against another new feeling.

Fingers dipping into the crease of her sex. Gliding over delicate places. In search of one in particular. Sucked and rubbed in tandem so that hot jolts shot from both points. Tying together and knotting at her navel. A shudder ran down her spine. Almost painful in the hard rush of pleasure it evoked. Ilithian mewled at him in something equivalent to frustration. One knee temping to climb high up his side. It was good. Very good. Too good. But not enough. In her core a hollow need wrapped around nothing. Muscles clenching for something to clench at.

Ilithian knew what it wanted. Gave an exploratory pet down his body for it. And found not the promised spear but a Darkness damned club. Lorivar ignored her question at first. She was half glad. The answer wasn’t important, anyway, he had already decided to stick it in her. So if there were women it had not fit in, she probably didn’t want to know. He likely wouldn’t have been honest anyway. The curl of her eyebrows when she looked down at him suggested as much. When he did pop her nipple free the response came with a graze over more untouched places. Hips hungry they lurched at him. Eyes closing she tried to judge his size by running her hand up to the tip. Surprised to find it was less firm than the base. Fleshy with a bit of bounce when she gave it a squeeze.

Low in her pelvis Ili felt a wet heat building. Thighs parting a bit more as Lorivar went back to petting her between them. For a long minute she was still. Enjoying the tease of his fingers as they passed over the best spot then rubbed it from the side. It made her knees spasm when he skimmed it, and her grip tighten. Spear tip caught between her thumb and the side of her hand. Held as if she would pluck it from his body. But she only stroked down towards the base again. The gap in her hand pretending at cuntness. He was a liar, she decided. It was not going to fit. He would just make her fit it.

And she ached at the thought. With a hungry sort of pain. Hand stroking again from root to tip. This time she explored a bit more boldly. Soft tip thicker than the rest. If she rubbed towards the tiny slit at the very top the skin covered it again. She teased the slit with the side of her thumb pad. Listening to the way it changed his breathing when she touched and stroked. There was more than just the spear to feel too. Catching his head in the crook of her other elbow she held him still for kissing. Another try at his tongue while she felt lower down his body. Palming the skin around his balls. Feeling for a testis through the sack. Her nose wrinkled, because it was wrinkled. His skin, not his actual ball, though she supposed with half a dozen babies at home there might not have been much left in them.

Would it hurt if she pinched one? Ilithian gave a slow tug at the captured testicle. When she tried to suck his tongue again she found she couldn’t. Too short of breath. They came out raw and ragged. She realized the tension in her spine was from the crest of a building orgasm and hid again. Jerking towards his fingers so they hit the edge of her clit at just the right spot. Moaning into the crook of his neck and shoulder. Hair clinging to both of them in the damp air. It was strange and embarrassing to be so close to a climax with Lori there to watch. To be the one slicking through her curls and rubbing her to that point. She wasn’t sure she should even have one yet. Maybe she had been fighting for too long, because she fought this too. Backing down at the last second and pulling her hips away without untucking her face. ”Not yet.” She growled at him. Not… alone. She wanted him to come too, to be distracted with his own pleasure. But it might have been to late.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi [cw]
« on: February 18, 2019, 12:51:12 AM »
Fingers working a tangle from his hair Ilithian didn’t think about the hand on her tailbone. He pushed and she sat up higher. Nose finding its way to his hair, where he really did have a bit of Petair’s scent lingering on the ends. But there could have been no males left in the world for all she thought about them just then. They might have suddenly become the only two people in existance and she wouldn’t have noticed. Every inch of her was too busy drawing tight. Wishing it could fit into Lorivar’s mouth. Where warm, wet, wonderful things happened.

Gasp small and sharp she blushed; his tongue coaxing her nipple to his mouth made her hips flinch. Rolling forward until she skimmed his abs with her thighs. When he gave it a suck she failed to bite back a moan. Softening the sound into a deep sigh as he teased her flesh. Making the dark umber peak fat. It glistened with his saliva when he came up to speak. And she tightened her grip and hid her face to keep from shoving it back in his mouth. Shame he didn’t have two so she could see how having them both teased at once would feel. He'd have twice as much to say then, though, so she understand Mother Night's design choice.

”It’s not foolish.” She insisted.” And If you do it wrong there might not be a next time.” Ilithian reminded softly. There was a hint of unintentional warning in the words. It wasn’t what she meant- that this time could go critically wrong- but it was a truth on the edges of every virgin’s mind. She only wanted to tease back. If it was a tease at all. Maybe she would find someone to practice on while he was in Undavi. No doubt Lorivar wouldn’t go without. But he already wanted to do it again. And they hadn’t even really started. Had they?

Well. They might have. Giggling in his useless ear she fondled his muscle. Determined, this time, to suck his tongue when his lips parted around her own. The thought must have been on his mind too, because he wasted not a second before spearing it through her teeth. Pinching his nipple she gave it a try. Strange, slippery, and hot. It felt good to attempt to suck it down. Not as good as the ripple of electricity his groaning sent down her spine did, though. That was so nice. Reaffirming. Empowering. She did a thing and Lorivar thought it felt good. Which thing… she wasn’t sure. But he sounded pleased.

Hands curling she tucked them between their bodies. Right under their chins. Eyes clinching shut tight as she held the rest of herself very still. Pretending to think about the kisses while her mind was really between her legs. Fingertips petting tentatively at her center. It pulsed frantically. Faster than her own pounding heart even. Aching terribly on the inside with every stroke. In a place only her own exploring finger had wandered. Lorivar pet the tight curls that hid those secret pleasure points. Ilithian's body rocked of it's own accord into his hand. Clearing her throat she flushed at the unexpected rebellion in her hips.

”Ok.” She agreed, mouth suddenly tacky with dryness to the point her tongue dragged along the word. Her head felt light but the rest of her felt impossibly heavy. Knees especially as she let him pull one over his leg. Spreading her wider. Open. Settling across his lap she felt his spear in the place where her thighs lay over his. It made her curious, and nervous. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to span her fingers down its length or cry. Both seemed appropriate responses. Lorivar, once again, knew just how to turn her thoughts elsewhere.

When he touched her breast this time it was with his hand. Lifting it slightly from her body while he toyed at the tip. That hook in her tailbone dug deeper. Pulling at her groin from the inside. Making her clench muscles that didn’t have names. Every sweep of his thumbpad over her nipple tugging at her cunt. Egged on by the way he tasted her throat. Sucking there when she wished he would suck lower. She sat up higher, unpinning the hard shaft of his spear. Hoping he would trail his kisses to her breast again without prompting. Face tipped up she drank in the sensations. One hand feeling its way around the base of his wing again. Muscle there hard in a way that made her inexplicably eager to settle deep in his lap. She didn’t though. But she did reach for it. Petting her own curls before turning her palm to find his bellybutton. Below it a trail of hair thickened until it reached the base of his spear. Ilithian rested her palm there. Just above it. Trying to feel without feeling. She had seen a hundred dicks. She had never touched one.

So she took her time. Palm flat, running down the crease of his thigh until his spear caught in the crook of her thumb and forefinger. Swallowing her trepidation she took hold of it. Humming with another wave of doubts as she curled her fingers towards her thumb and found they couldn’t quite close around it. ”Has it… you. Ever.” Ilithian licked her lips. What were the words? They got lost on the way up his shaft. Measuring him blindly. Feeling the shape of veins and muscle under silky skin. She had to look now. Peeking down, she sucked her stomach in to make a gap between their bodies. The water twisted whatever view she was hoping for. Tongue ticking on her teeth she looked at his shoulder instead of his face. Such a small question so hard to ask! She had taken entire Provinces and made speeches to crowds numbering in the thousands without preparation. Now she couldn't put together a sentence for one man. He was going to laugh at her. She felt it in her bones and steeled for it. ”Have you ever not fit?” Because there was no way in Hell that thing was going to fit.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi
« on: February 17, 2019, 03:45:42 PM »
Was he annoyed? Ilithian felt Lorivar lean back a bit. Head turned towards the heavens. He often took that stance when rolling his eyes at her. At least this time he didn’t put his hands on his hips. If he was annoyed, would he leave? Thighs squeezing she tried to find the gumption to hope he would. But that gnawing emptiness at her center had an insistent pull. She didn’t want to frustrate him; didn’t want him to leave.

He didn’t disappoint her, pulling her close when he could have pushed away. She pretended it was for wanting of her, not just wanting to bed her. Because it was was nice. Being half crushed to his chest that way. Though she didn't miss the irony that having her naked body pressed to his would make her feel less exposed. Freeing an arm she turned the hold into a hug. Breathing in the scent of salt still clinging to his neck through the steam and sweat. Even her hair felt heavy.

Between their bodies the points of her breast tingled. His skin warm, and the water too when it lapped at them. Face still carefully turned into his neck she held her breath while he touched his teeth to her ear. It felt good and she pressed towards the sensation. Fondling his deaf ear with one hand and holding the root of a wing with the other. Clinging so he couldn’t unexpectedly part them. ”I know. I’m not scared of that.” She started to explain.

The words died in her throat. Because she didn’t know what to call the feeling that kept her from climbing up his face the way her body ached to do. He gave her another option. More sweet distraction in the flavor of his mouth. Kissing was always good. Swallowing down a nervous lump she traced his lips again. Sucking the lower one until they parted. Tongue venturing across to feel the shape of his front teeth. She worked the joint she had grabbed. Making the wing flex a little and sitting up straighter to reach better. His tongue flitted across the tip of her own. Silky smooth underside explored. She wanted it, she decided, trying to find the right stroke to tempt his over. And sucking at his lip in example.

She strained towards him more to escape some of the pressure of his massaging hand. It felt safer there than it had before. Mistakenly disarmed because it was behind her instead of in front. Humming into his mouth Ilithian turned again. Up higher to kiss him from above instead of below.  It was uncomfortable, twisted that way. Ever move tentative she angled more fully towards Lorivar’s front. A knee on either side of his right leg. Blood coloring her face rudy she buried her face into kissing him again. Trying very hard to think of anything other than the half of her that was above water.  And even harder of the half still below. ”I’m sorry.”

Breaking for a breath she bowed over him, cradling his head so she could pet his hair. Damp from the steam now, much like her own. ”I don’t like… not knowing what to do.” What if she wasn’t what he expected? Not as good as the harem waiting for him on Undavi? The questions swelled up around her. Making her sink down to hide on his shoulder again. But he hadn’t liked that before. So she came back again. To kiss the line of his jaw. And the ear good for keeping secrets. ”But I want to do it. With you.”

She pet him. Shoulders. Chest. Wings. Looking for his mouth again. Testing the suppleness of his lips with her teeth. Nibbling at their corners until a hand grazed one of his nipples. It was tiny and hard against the palm of her hand. She tweaked it with a finger, and gave it a pinch. Curious if his tingled the way hers did. Did her touches make him thrum the way touching hers did?

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi
« on: February 11, 2019, 11:59:07 PM »
Pretending she didn’t see his curious gaze was easier than explaining the basket. Mostly because she had no idea what Iridian had put inside. Things she thought would help, Ilithian assumed. Without the slightest inkling as to what would help and even if she had it might not have been what Iridian thought would help. She sucked air in big gulps through her nose. Letting it settle her nerves some. Hardly noticing the steady thrum of calming spell that wrapped around her ankles.

”Short pants.” She answered, pausing in their removal to tell him so. Face turned to glance at him over a shoulder. A wing fanning across her ass to keep it mostly covered until she could stand up straight again. Waiting had been a stupid thing to do. Now it was twice as awkward. Getting naked while he watched. Her stomach clenched as he relaxed in the water. Then gestured for her to join him as if she would not. Now that she was naked running away would just be ridiculous. She didn’t stand a chance of getting her robe on before he would be on her tail again.

And her legs felt like the colorful gelatin they served in the kitchen. Not the sort of things you wanted to run around damp stone with. Good for sliding along the bench though, once she had worked up the nerve. Lorivar was quiet. Nearer his normal self, which was comforting. But she could sense the maleness off him in the background. Prowling without moving at all. Itching to pounce because that was what warriors did. She just didn’t find the familiar tinges of lust as amusing as usual now that she was exposed. 

It felt dangerous. Exciting and frightening at the same time.

Her breath was heavy in the humid air. Nervous rattling in her throat as he followed the line of her arm to find her hip under the water. Skin on skin. Traveling a little higher, fingertips flexing to bring her a little closer. She sat up higher so that she leaned towards him a little more. The smooth tops of her breasts bobbing at the surface. Cleaning the struggles of his day away. ”There.” She whispered to herself. Now he looked like her Lorivar. Thumb tracing his jaw she pressed her lips together tight.

What was he asking? If he looked better? If she felt better? Both? Ilithian didn’t know how to answer so she just nodded. She didn’t fight as he arranged their bodies more to his liking. His touching made the skin behind her knees feel tight. Legs tensing to hard they nearly cramped up as he directed one over his own. Lashes batting back some strong but nameless emotion behind her eyes she covered her face with both hands. Taking deep breaths that seemed to stretch her lungs as he put his mouth on the hard bones of her clavicle. Eyes still shut tight she put her hands on Lorivar instead of over her face. One around his neck and the other on his chest.

His kisses tickled. Not in that way that made you try to wiggle free. The nice sort that made your back arch. She squirmed, not sure about the hand on her thigh but wanting nearer the warm breath he was fanning up her throat. Nipples breaking the surface as she bent to make her neck longer. Forgetting about his hands altogether when the trail of goosebumps he was making reached her mouth. Heart a molten lump in her throat Ilithian darted her tongue out to trace his top lip as he sucked her lower. She shifted closer, pulling up with the arm around his shoulders so she could get his leg under her bum. That way she could close her own. His hand in the way of clamping them tight but the pressure of her thighs meeting was good. And made the fingers so near the root of her pleasure- and her power- a little less intimidating.

A finger was nothing though, she remembered as her knees brushed his other leg. Afraid to find what was between them by accident she crossed her ankles and tried to sit still. Flushing with a fresh wave of doubts that made her pull away from his kissing to bury her face in the hollow of his neck and her arm. She had a strange wanting that felt like a hook against her tailbone. It tugged and made her feel empty. Breasts brushing his chest and feeling fuller than she thought they ever had before. More sensitive, probably because no one had touched them but Ilithian. And there was something immensely more sensual in the unplanned contact than in touching them herself.

Parbelavi / Re: The spears of Askavi
« on: February 10, 2019, 01:50:07 AM »
Their thoughts aligned. Not that either knew. Ilithian was nibbling the tip of her tongue while he tested the ends of her fingers on the edge of his teeth. Thinking if only it could be that simple. Just fucking. Did she want it to be that simple, though? It was probably for the best. He had a lot of children and lovers. And she was the Queen of Askavi. Not much time in either of their schedules for cultivating a relationship. Of course, Lorivar was missing her point again either way. ”Exactly! I shouldn’t be fucking. I should be working.” It was the middle of the day. Sex was for nighttime. Or at least freetime. It was definitely out of character for this queenling to hole up in her private quarters irregardless.

They would talk. Ilithian prefered the gossip to be about other people.

Setting her worry aside she greeted Iridian’s arrival a touch too eagerly. She didn’t try to keep from staring either. Cheeks so hot she hoped for a wild second she had somehow caught a fever and could be whisked away to the infirmary. But the look in Iridian’s eye was not one of concern. It was rather like unspent giggles. An ocean of understanding in the crisp gold. Ilithian realized that Iridian knew. Unsurprising, really, Ilithian had asked her fair share of questions. Some of them probably the sort of thing a woman of any experience would know.

Where did the man’s seed go though? And what happened if the spear didn’t fit?

Iridian had never told her. Only smiled wickedly and promised it was more fun to find out first hand. At the time it seemed like naughty advice and sated Ili’s craving to know. Now she would have rathered an explanation. Or twenty. She wasn’t ignorant. She knew the facts, but the doubt was in the details. All the little things she didn’t have a mother to ask. All the things she had never thought to ask! Did she have to take a brew before? Would it make him more likely to put a child on her? She didn’t have time for being pregnant!

Buzzing internally she charted the passing of hands and craft over Lorivar’s body. Too worried about herself to do more than pat his knee and keep the calming craft to a pleasant volume. She was tempted to drown them all in it. Perhaps they would fall asleep. She could escape with Ere and hide in the caves. Iridian could take the spear when they woke up. It would be hard to rule from there though. Not nearly as comfortable as Ligure’s eyrie.

Lost in her own thoughts she startled out of the reverie when Iridian stood up. Bottom lip growing fat between her teeth as she stared in horror at the basket left behind. Oh no. There were no excuses left. She tried to smile as the healer left them. All alone. With one another. In her otherwise empty room. But she could only muster a nervous hiccup. Surely the woman had no right to look so amused.

And Lor had no reason to give her those shiny eyes. Her body leaned towards his traveling hand. Until he pinched her face. Winning a snap of her teeth aimed for his fingertips. ”It’s… Eyrien sized.” She admitted reluctantly. Spilling over onto the floor as he stole his leg away. The tip of her tongue was raw with wanting to tell him it wasn’t Peitar she had said smelled bad. The words died on her lips as he passed from one room to another. Rising much more slowly she hovered around the basket left behind rather than follow him. Glancing sideways through the open doorway as he worked buttons loose.

She danced on the ball of on foot. The other hooked around its partner’s ankle. There wasn’t just one thing in the basket. Which was she supposed to take? All of them? Now or later? She had no idea. If she took too long he would strip without her and she would have to get naked while he sat there with nothing better to do than watch. Choosing one of two vials that matched she brought the whole basket into the bathroom. Steam already misted up over the water. Fog gripped the edges of her mirror. She looked at Lorivar through it. Flipping the cork from the bottle and swallowing the sweet mixture in one smooth motion. Bottle vanished. And Lor’s pants. She hadn’t done the latter. He had.

The trembling in her fingers stopped halfway through undressing. Anxiety quieted to raw shyness. Opposite of Lor she shed her clothes from bottom to top. Skirt uncinched at the waist. Short bloomers sat underneath, so that no one could see up them if she had to fly. Feeling overly warm and exposed she slipped them down with her back to him. Kicking them free of her ankle while her arms reached around to pull the laces of the silky blouse she wore. There was nothing under that. Nothing but umber skin with dark peaks. Wrapping her wings under her armpits she hid behind them. Standing on the edge of the tub while he got comfortable. Toes wiggling and body shivering.

It wasn’t cold. She felt warm all over, in fact. Warm and sort of dewy. Moisture weighing her curls down around her face. ”Well.” She hiccuped back. Someone had drained all the oomph from her knees. Stepping down into the warm pool without falling was almost impossible. But she managed. Sitting so low on the bench- as far from Lorivar as she could sneak- that her nose and eyes were the only bits out of the water. On the smooth stone her fingers flexed and her toes curled. There would be more kissing. And a spear. She had been naked with men before. Changed in front of Lor, even. Knowing that he wanted to touch that nakedness made her stomach feel like it was made of glass.

Beneath the jar of butterflies in her gut was a coil that tightened in longing. Blowing bubbles with her lips under the surface she grazed his knuckles with her fingertips. Scooting along the seat until their wings brushed. Calling over a towel from the rack she let it soak in the water then used it to wipe his face. Smudged blood and embedded dirt cleaned away. While she studied his face with her own tucked against her shoulder. She had too many questions and not enough nerve to ask a single one.

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