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Sør Province / Re: [cw] curiosities
« Last post by Enele on Today at 02:08:17 AM »

That was Nyree. Tearing him in two as always. This time both directions were equally enticing and all the agony involved was good agony. The blistering path her tongue danced down his shaft as she followed his bowing hips. He wanted that, more and more and more of it until he could just burst. But he wanted to hunt down the self pleasure her fingers teased at her core too.

To get and to give. To turn her over and test the strength of the floorboards against the drive of his desire for Nyree. To lay there and let her torture him to climax with nothing but an unschooled tongue and creative interest in his spear.

There was a middle ground though. One that came to him on the heady whiff of her damp fingers as they came back up to help hold him still. If he couldn’t spare his spear he’d use his tongue. And his lady clearly approved of the idea. Ample hips turning to lay out along his side. Enele kneaded every part of her his hands could reach. Coaxing her closer until she was in just the right place. Thighs spreading to curve around his head. He snaked an arm between their bodies and in front of his face. Testing her wetness as if he’d never seen it before. Blunt fingertips parting her while his mouth skimmed but didn’t dip into the familiar taste just yet. He liked it, the scent of her neediness before his tongue swirled his own smells into the mix. Saliva adding to her wetness as he tickled the edges of her cunt with the tip of his tongue.

She was working hard to pull his attention back down to his spear. It pulsed in her mouth. Tip sucked like one of the hard candies he kept in his psychic pocket to distract her from dangerous ideas. Hand stroking him, sometimes in tandem to her lips and sometimes in opposition. Now Enele could give back though. Kissing at her lips, much less tidly than he kissed her actual mouth. Warm, wet folds that parted for his plying tongue. Nose tucked in so close he could have pressed it into her too if he tried. But then it would be hard to breath, or he’d breath in too much of her and need her in his lap instead of on his face.

At his hips she made strange noises. Struggling or singing, he couldn’t really tell. The nails she dug into his ass cheeks the only confirmation he had that she was alright. Content with his spear slipping deeper towards the back of her mouth as he tried to suck her clit right off her body. Then with a hard press that was nearly a pop she had all of him. Enele groaned lewdly, cursing into the curls that grew on the soft mound of her pelvis. Teeth pushing into the soft skin as he tried not to bite down. Or thrust, which was a temptation he thought would drive him to The Twisted Kingdom. He squeezed his eyes shut so tightly he saw pops of light when she gurgled him back up. Panting into her sex he shook his head to bury his tongue again. Lashing it over the small nub he knew would torment her right back. He tangled his wet hand into her hair. Pushing a few strands behind her ear. ”Soon.” He warned her, arm slipping back up to lock around her waist. The other joined his face between her thighs again. Not to help hold her open but to press deeper. One finger easing the way in until she was ready for another. In and out in a shorter, slower version of what he wished his spear were doing. Not that it mattered, he wasn’t sure he could last through another change in position. Not without a break to let his climax ebb. She had a crafty mouth, and brilliant little hands, his woman.
First Link / Moonlit Shadows - Mature - Mybb
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Thure Island / Re: Family Favors
« Last post by Eulalie Reneux on November 18, 2018, 09:29:45 PM »

”Spare me.” Eulalie had no sympathy for Isidore’s wounded ego. He was oversensitive. A dangerous thing to be when he was also subversive. Her eyes narrowed at his words, which sounded too much like threats. To her person and her rule, both so entwined that to sever one would sever both. Rubbing the scowl from her face, Eulalie leaned back in her seat and looked away from him.

She could sense the urge to defend herself rising like hackles on a dog. Especially when he spoke such cutting words. Eulalie scoffed softly, chin tucking toward her chin as she shifted in her chair, shoulder angled toward her cousin as if he might glimpse how he cut her heart out if she continued facing him. ”That was not how I meant it, as you well know.” But did he? Pressing two finger tips to her temple, Eulalie tried to push away the headache developing there.

Taking a steadying breath, filling her stomach up with it, Eulalie opened a drawer and pulled out a piece of parchment. She spread it out across the desk as if she would take notes. Empty gestures to help her regain her balance. She did not wish him to see how disturbed she was by his words. Hurt by his lack of faith in herself. Horrified by his accusations against Vrai.

”I apologize for not having a list of tombs to take from a library I have never seen a catalogue of.” It made her worry. It made her doubt. She knew how to fool the temple into assuming her presence. Much the same way she had fooled all of Paon into seeing her Black. It wouldn’t last long, but surely long enough for her to find what she earned for. Perhaps it was best she leave such things under the stars and content herself with her roll and her place. It just seemed to important that she go.

”That does not mean Vrai was not cut.” Eulalie did not remember that time well. Not the parts that revolved around Vrai’s cut. ”It doesn’t mean anything.” She just wanted it all to go away. To wash away everything that had happened. A baby would complicate matters. But the baby couldn’t be Vrai’s. Eulalie closed her eyes against her headache. It helped no more than rubbing her temple had.

”How? Or when?” But such questions only made Vrai seem guilty. She did not like it being called rape either. Steeling herself, Eulalie set her jaw and shook her head. ”If you’re so worried about it, have the fetus aborted. She doesn’t have the wits to raise a child anyway.” Or to complain about a bit of unwanted medical care. Really! What would or could Georgette do with a child? Nothing. Eulalie had seen her once or twice since the girl had been pieced back together.

She had doubts Georgette would ever be useful again. And more and more she regretted not sliding her slack face into the water.

Catching the memory crystal, Eulalie laid it on the empty parchment. ”I will look later, but I don’t think the temple needs anymore servants at this time.” Nor was she currently interested in fattening Isidore’s larder. She should not have expected anything good to come from calling her cousin to the temple. He neither agreed nor refused to take her to the Keep, but had certainly latched on to the opperunity to derride her and bring her ill tidings.

”Best you get on with selling your cargo. I’m sure there will be another raid scheduled soon.” Eulalie stood. Her patience worn to nothing already. She needed solitude. Quiet so she could compose herself and put away all the feelings that weakened her.

Dendrabelle Province / Re: Reunion
« Last post by Io Potamoi on November 18, 2018, 05:50:39 PM »
She felt the tension and hurt rolling off him in waves and she fought to not look away from him. His words, the first words she'd heard from him other than her name, were sharp and dripping with bitterness and Io found herself flinching. She deserved his ire, any hurt his words or tone caused. But not for the reasons he might have thought. She'd had to leave. He would have tried to protect her, to fight her family, and he would have died. Her webs were never more clear than when they were predicting tragedy, and if Mooki had fought her father, he would not have survived. So she would take his anger, and his cold bitter tone and she would hold them close to her, and wrap herself in them because at least he was alive.

She tried to force a smile when he questioned her about her escort, picking up on the unasked question. Are you alone? Are you with someone else? Have you found someone else to protect you because you didn't think I could? SShe wanted nothing more than to reach out and cup his cheek in her palm. To feel his skin against hers and offer him what comfort she could. He might be angry and hurt, but he was still Mooki, still worrying about her safety, though he would probably be worried about any woman who chose to travel alone. he briefly wondered if he'd found someone else to protect, to hold, and kiss softly in the warmth of the summer sun. Someone who would melt under the gentle caress' of large callused hands, but she pushed those thoughts away so that she could focus on answering his questions.

"I am very glad to see you, though if I'm hesitant, it's because I wasn't sure of my welcome, as justified as you would be to not want to see me again." she paused and glanced away, her delicate hands clasped nervously in front of her. "And I travel alone, have, since Nyree and I went our separate ways in Dena Nehele." Just as she was able to hear the questions unspoken in his words, she hoped he was able to hear the hidden answers in her own. There is no one else. There never was or will be. She pried her hands apart and placed one on the chair in front of her. "May I sit? If it's agreeable to you, we have a lot to talk about, and I owe you, at the very least, an explanation."
Strigavi / Re: the missing strand
« Last post by Rian on November 18, 2018, 09:38:11 AM »

She was in trouble. Rian could feel it like a pulse through the room. Drawn downstairs by the scent of Ilithian’s caste. Hoping against hope that Briar would be with the queen. It was another Red Jeweled male who accompanied the queen however. A warlord Rian wasn’t familiar with. It frightened her. Where was Briar? If Ilithian didn’t have him and didn’t know where he was, then it had to mean he was lost, didn’t it?

The room went still and Ilithian cold when Rian asked.

”I’m sorry.” There was uncomfortable shuffling all through the inn. Chin tucked down, Rian twisted her skirts in her fingers and found a lonely table for her and Ilithian to sit in. Close to the door, so it was chillier than the rest of the room, but that just a little more private since no one wanted to sit in the draft. Not that it mattered, Rian could feel a Red shield sweeping over them as they sat.

Rian fidgeted, uncomfortable at finding herself the focus of so much attention, especially from a queen. This queen in particular, since Briar belonged to her. Peering at her from beneath her lashes, Rian wondered if she was the one Briar had fallen in love with. Frightened because she was a queen and so few had done right by him. But plenty had caused him harm.

”He went to a hunting camp.” She admitted finally. ”He came just before the circus left and I haven’t seen him since.” Rian still felt lingering shame and guilt. She had done wrong by her brother, certainly. And wrong by Briar too, exposing him to the less savory parts of her private life when he’d faced enough debauchery in his life.

Strigavi / Re: the missing strand
« Last post by Talimar on November 18, 2018, 09:20:36 AM »

Everyone stared. They weren’t going to stop if she kept filling the smoke stained room with her laughter that way. They looked away slowly as it died, rain replacing the rhythm of her mirth. Her escort looked amused, and Tali felt like a drunk man despite having had nothing to drink. Eyebrows creeping upward, he cast a glance between Ilithian and her escort.

”I didn’t throw anyone from a window.” He was guilty of brawling in her courtyard however. With Briar, no less. Beside her, the warlord snorted, hearing the unspoken admittance in Talimar’s defense. Looks and probes shared as Ilithian watched. Introductions made and a psychic level that helped each male know where the other stood. Their place and rank beside Ilithian and within Askavi.

”You’re interrupting,” Lor teased, shunting away her probe. Glad she was distracted by her drink, even if she didn’t want to be. Both of them watched her with satisfaction as she drank. Talimar grinning openly, and Lorivar’s smile smaller and more private. His hand patting the space between her shoulder blades as she coughed, wings rising to shield her from those that looked yet again, this time in concern rather than awe.

All of them unsettled as Rian appeared. Lorivar moving closer to Ilithian, responding instinctually to the shift of her emotions. Talimar focusing on his sister with a frown. Rian stared back at them, fingers twisting in her skirts. Lorivar took her mug, and Rian led the way to a quiet place to sit. Talimar could do nothing but watch with concern.

Strigavi / Re: Arrogance and stupidity brought me here
« Last post by Talimar on November 18, 2018, 08:28:18 AM »

”She must be having an off day. She is usually very talkative.” Tali smiled, eyes crinkling at the edges at his joke. From the garden, Rian snorted, eyes rolling skyward as she pulled a weed from the neat row, plucking a worm from the soul around its roots and dropping it back into the ground. ”Quit eavesdropping.” Talimar shot over his shoulder, flicking his whole wing at her in annoyance.

Talimar paid her no more mind. Blind to the eye rolling and tongue sticking as he bent his attention to Meridian and ushered her back into the inn. Eyebrows rushing up at her quick assurance she wasn’t there to  pay him back. Most were quick to claim the opposite, and he wasn’t sure if she was rude or blithely honest as his lips followed his brows. Whatever she was, she was also nervous, eyes rushing about as if he were going to lead her down a hallway to a dungeon.

He made sure to give her some room. Only looking a little when she finally got up her courage to face him, sucking in a deep breath that put her rather on display.

”Oh that.” Talimar grinned and rubbed the back of his neck. That had all just been ribbing. His old hearth witch was still as wrinkled and present as ever. Talimar didn’t have the heart to tell her that though. She seemed to very tense and desperate. He would have to find a gentler way of letting her down. Or maybe the truth was gentle. He had lied mostly to save her. Or rib Peitar. Rian tapped at the back of his barriers, sibling thread so familiar no alarm was ever raised at its approach.

”My sister is a terrible cook,” Talimar told her, coming just a little closer so he could whisper to her. ”Don’t tell her I said that. But everything she makes tastes exactly the same. And always like potatoes.” It wasn’t a complete lie. Rian wasn’t a bad cook, but she wasn’t a very exciting one either. And she had a fondness for root vegetables he just couldn’t understand.

”Now, lady, I can’t pay you much, but room and board can be included if you wished to stay here rather than find a place in town.” It might do his sister good to have some company. Some feminine company.

Dendrabelle Province / Re: Reunion
« Last post by Mauki on November 18, 2018, 08:09:36 AM »

It was torment watching her come closer. In a way it was like watching her leave. Each step a reminder of all the distance that had grown between them just as they had been growing close. It made his back ache, spine straight, muscles stiff, blunt nails digging into the soft wood of the chair. Sturdy enough to hold up a person, but it gave easily to knife blades and fingernails.

Around them the room kept moving. No one seemed to notice, or care if they did. People shifted out of Io’s way with a mixture of indifference and passing curiosity. She was a beautiful woman after all, beautiful and alone, as far as Mooki or they could tell. It upset him that she was alone, out here in the backwaters of Little Terreille where she could easily be lost and never found again. Made him frown, nails scraping against the back of the chair as he let go.

”Is it?” She didn’t look the least bit happy. Surprised and maybe a little frightened. It made Mooki suspicious, suspicious and unkind. He wanted her to be happy to see him! Happy so that he could show her how unhappy he was in comparison. Hurt her back, somehow, for leaving him. Not trusting him enough to keep them both safe from whatever fears her webs had stirred up.

”Where’s your escort, Io?” Was there some man still to come down the stairs or inside from the out? He knew Nyree wasn’t with her, Nyree was with Enele, who had started this whole mess. Enele who should have kept his filthy hands off Mooki’s sister. Was someone putting their filthy hands on Io? Did she like it? Or was she being foolish and trotting around the realm alone, waiting to be... ”You should have an escort.”

Villamide Province / Re: Walking shadows
« Last post by Leon Valentin on November 18, 2018, 07:55:49 AM »

Leon found himself sharing breathes with another man upon standing. Air mingling in the small space between their bodies as the other apologized and Leon considered briefly returning to his seat; too close to embracing the stranger to simply stand there or move forward. His eyebrows ticked upward a fraction, turning in toward each other in surprise.

”That is alright, lord.” The shared caste hung heavy in the growing space between them. Bows dipping them each into the pool as Leon returned the gesture. Protocol was in high demand at the palace these days. Too many foreign tempers to take any risks. ”No harm done. I hope I did not startled you.” Leon leaned away from the servant, though his nose followed the tray hungrily. He plucked two glasses from it with a shy thread of craft and drew them near.

”Would you like one?” He offered, unable to capture both without dropping his book, he let the extra hover awkwardly in the air. ”And my seat? I was just headed outside for some air.” And some peace. A break from all the mingling bodies and eddying power. He thought it might be more of less uncomfortable for a man wearing a Rose. There was a very peculiar feel the his psychic scent, but Leon did not probe deeply, not wishing to offend.

”It is a very nice spot for people watching, if that is you preference.” He pointed to it with the spine of his book as much as his finger, the cushion fluffing back up now that his weight no longer compressed it. Book and fingers tucked against his ribs once more, Leon began sidling toward the door, eyes darting from kind of companion to the room to make sure no one was coming to drag him off somewhere. It happened on occasion. Just enough to make him fear its occurrence.

Thure Island / Re: Family Favors
« Last post by Isidore Nazaire on November 17, 2018, 12:36:33 PM »

Eyes narrowing Isidore resisted the urge to shake his head. And to shake his cousin with clawing probes. The brat. ”Perhaps to ears that are always most eager to find something wrong with me.” Same old trap. He sighed. One of these days he would outlast her defensiveness. Maybe she would never trust him. He was a warlord prince after all, and she was a great big liar. But someday she would realize their relationship needed closer, not father. ”I love you in your position, true enough. But do you really think I wouldn’t be happier with someone else in it? Someone that could trust and love me back? Someone that saw my loyalty instead of looking passed it for ways to take me down a notch?”

His Ebon-gray was independent of Eulie’s role in Paon. He would have been richer with someone else ruling. More dotted and petted on. The Darkness saw fit to put Eulie there, though, with the stipulation of Isidore matching her power. Keeping her balanced. Sacrificing both of their raw happiness to ego.

”Deal with them, she says, as if they were pests or obstacles. Is that answer in and of itself?” Paon had a healthy dose of fear for their Lady. They were a people oppressed by laws that often hurt them to their cores. Distancing themselves from beloved children. Sending them away if they were ‘lesser’. A thousand other cruelties and fears injected into their daily lives. Their faith in the righteousness of their leaders was critical. Giving them a glimmer of doubt could topple the pyramid. ”If they find out, there won’t be any going back. One rule broken will cast doubts on every law in place.”

But he did want her to break it. He might even have wanted to watch her drown in a mass rebellion. Just so he could pluck her from the center when the time was right. War didn’t frighten Isidore.

Rubbing his bottom lip with a thumb Isidore shrugged his shoulders at her quick denial of Vrai’s manhood. ”If you insist.” It was frustrating. Not having the same access to her thoughts that he did with others. Even Vrai would be difficult to gleam the truth from. If they wanted to lie then he would have to wait. There was a very set timeline for the truth to literally come out.

”Not wholly sure?” Isidore huffed, eyes rolling. ”So you don’t know how long finding what might not even be there will take? That’s rich.” She wasn’t talking about a mission at all! She was planning a fucking vacation into a place steeped in conflict just so she could have a poke around. Breaking laws she governed over in the process. ”How about you make an actual plan then get back to me.”

He still couldn’t outright say no. Not when the actual excursion could prove so much fun. When it would give him another foothold into her life. Another slip of blackmail if that was how things went.

Right now they were going sideways though. Eulie turned pensive but continued her facade of quick denials. ”Being chosen as a child doesn’t mean he filled every expectation of the role. I asked around. You know the healer that supposedly did his castration was executed. Literally the same day.” Suspicious and convenient. If she was supposed to do the cutting but was put to death first… who would be able to deny what was or was not done?

Isidore had given Vrai a squeeze when they fought in the courtyard. There was definitely something going on down there. Instead of letting her wave the fact away Isidore fed her more. ”Well the impossible is happening then. She’s pregnant, and she’s not been touched on my watch.”

Not in his care. He would know. None of those he had tasked with her care and wellbeing could hide their thoughts from his prying. Which mean that Eulie’s staunch defensiveness could only open up one conclusion. ”The only explanation then, is that your apprentice was raped twice in your temple.”

It seemed his dear lady didn’t quite grasp the fine details of conception. Somehow that surprised Isidore more than the fact that Vrai had shattered anyones jewels. ”I’ll leave educating you on the workings of sperm to a healer. If it isn’t his then you need to investigate and figure out who it is for. People will talk if I start footing the bills for a baby.” They were already talking about his sudden uptick in donations to the temple’s coffers.

”I need a week to see these slaves sold before I can take you anywhere. Which reminds me.” He flashed her the memory crystal before tossing it over. ”Let me know if any stir your fancy and I’ll send them over.”

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