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Norr Province / Re: Contemplation [cw]
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Iskra’s nose wrinkled. ”I don’t believe that.” She said of the taste. Kissing was a mostly flavorless business - if you were lucky. The rest she could believe. Stomach fluttering as he moaned, her teasing fingers pleasing them both. Pleasure for Perry and a sort of exhilarating triumph for Iskra, that felt just as good as his touch. Hip sensitive under his hands. Body humming as he ran his hand down her stomach.

It should have tickled, or been uncomfortable, but it made Iskra’s tail twitch and ass clench, lifting her up toward the pressure. It was a hard decision, full of questions she didn’t actually ask. Thumb circling the tip of his spear, fingers chasing his length. She tried to imagine it, which seemed foolish when she could have the thing and know. She really didn’t believe him about the taste. Or the five minutes. But she knew he’d stop if she asked, so Iskra gave herself over to him.

A bit of readjusting. Perry shifted his position to give his mouth to her center rather than her lips. But he left her his spear. She squinted at it, testes visible as she caught them in her hand and tried not to flinch from his hands. He spread her, thighs and labia. Sucking her lip until it bruised, Iskra blushed at the thought of what he was seeing. That he was looking at all. Muscles twitching as he kissed her thigh. Body tensing in preparation. A hint of breath first that made her clutch at his spear.

Iskra squeaked. Hips lifting up. A frisson running from the point if contact to all the other nerves in her body. ”Oh.” She breathed, loosening her strangle hold on his spear as his tongue passed over her sex. Iskra named all the places it touched in her head. At first it was just wet pressure. The same, she assumed, as if he’d licked her arm. Foreign. Strange. And then it grew impossibly good. Blood pooling to awaken all the nerves, fatten all the parts most in want of touching so his tongue could find them.

She writhed, but not in indecision this time. Hand stroking his spear when she remembered it. Body rolling toward his, hips forcing her closer to his tongue. She ended up with a knee hooked over the back of his head. Her own forehead pressed to his thigh. Spear forsaken so she could grab his ass and drag him closer. Panting and moaning and trying not to die. Iskra forgot all about the taste. Her taste, at least. Lips plucking at Perry in eager sympathy. Thigh. Testes. The thick vein at the underside of his spear. Quick kissed and darting licks punctuated by little sucks.

A little sob for the crescendo, Iskra buried her face in his thigh, quaking ears to toes, which were curled tight enough to cramp her muscles. His face held hostage between her thighs as her orgasm stormed through her body. Iskra gasped apologies, petting his spear like it was a good friend, but she couldn’t get her thighs to unlock. He’d been right. It did taste like kissing. A hint of salt but flavorless. The silken heat of his spear the perfect counterpoint to the roughness of his testes.

Panting, Iskra eased back. Tension turning to thrumming as her pulse made her muscles twitch, but release, freeing them both. Murmuring nonsense, Iskra circled her thumb in the place where spear and testes folded into one, fingers curled over his thigh as she watched him disengage. Eyeing the gleam of wetness across his lips. ”I think that was more than five minutes.” She accused, voice hoarse, wiping her own lips dry with the back of her hand. Her tail, she realized, had wrapped itself scarf like around his neck. Blushing, she flicked it away.

Character Applications / Re: Raith
« Last post by Salem on Today at 01:36:06 AM »
:3c Gonna need two more rolls birthright only for Raith~
Norr Province / Re: Contemplation [cw]
« Last post by Peregrine Runner on Today at 12:12:49 AM »
Mouth full of nipple Peregrine could only nod at her question. The invisible string that connected his balls to his spine buzzing as their weight shifted in her palm. A little rough, as she tested the firmness of the spheres inside of his scrotum. She didn’t pinch or pull the way some curious fingers did. Just felt them and moved back to thumbing over the length of his cock. It jerked in her hand, happy for the attention.

She teased the tip while he smoothed his fingers from velveteen hair to slick skin. Iskra laid back to concentrate on the sensations. Limbs and spine taut the way elastic bands were. His fingers sought out the extra sleek skin that angled down to her center. Risking a smile for the anxiety she wore so preciously since she couldn’t see him with her eyes clamped shut that way. On the inside she was less smooth- almost spongy. Impossibly hot and wet. He explored there too, running his finger pad along the ride that faced her front, looking for the spot that would complement the way his thumb dragged up and down on her clit. He chewed his cheeks, her nervousness felt down the link. Too nervous to come for him despite the twitching pleasure that made her muscles try to grasp his lone digit.

Peregrine knew ways to bring her over the edge. You didn’t go dragging virgins into orgasms they weren’t ready for, though. Everything had to be laid out. Shining light on the unknowns so that they were not only mentally prepared in the moment, but learning things they might want to explore later. He made her stretch, just a little, with the angle he fingered her from. She liked that too, and he thought it was a good time to offer a different sort of sensation. Softer but more intense. Maybe too intimate. She pulled away with sass on her lips and question in her eyebrows. Not the usual reason they complained or argued  against giving their cunts to his tongue, either. Smile wide he rolled a shoulder down at her, massaging the wetness off his fingers by kneading the join of her hip and thigh. ”Tastes a lot like kissing. Smells a bit stronger, but it’s not a bad smell.” Not on Iskra anyway, he had encountered a few he had not offered to lick. She didn’t need to know that. He wanted to taste her, ”It feels good. And making you feel good makes me feel good.”

Leaning into the slowed motion of her spear fondling. Sucking on a breath and groaning as she shifted to focus all her fingertips on just his head. He purposely shied from the thoughts flitting through her mind. Needing no temptation of his own. She would either agree or refuse. Experience told him it was a toss up as to which girls would choose which. They all knew he could make them feel good but embarrassment, attachment, and the fact that he was usually a stranger. Iskra thought it over while he pet a palms width down from her navel. Eager things inside of women lived there, things this healer queen probably had names for but Peregrine did not. They just liked the pressure of being petted. So he pet them to keep her warmed and interested. ”Five minutes,” He promised as she writhed against the floor in her indecision, ”if you don’t like it I’ll stop. Just give it a try.”

He wouldn’t even take his spear away. Side by side in opposite directions they could both reach. Bracing herself the queenling agreed without words. Just tensing and moving her tail. Legs spreading so he could both see and touch. Balanced on an elbow he laid on his side. Cupping her near thigh with one hand, and spreading her open again with the other. Two fingers to lay the lips of her sex wide. She was slick down the center, shiny in the glow of the Dreki Purler above. Kissing the contours of her thigh he worked quickly to the goal. Leaving her no time to rethink the choice before he was sucking gently on one of the lips his fingers pinned open. Then plucked at her clitoris with his tongue. It was plump, half exposed and just as rosy as her nipples. The color darkening as it flowed down to deep parts of her anatomy. Giving it all a hearty lick with the flat of his tongue he settled in to tease her to orgasm- preferably in less than five minutes.
Norr Province / Re: Contemplation [cw]
« Last post by Iskra Graves on Yesterday at 09:34:57 PM »

Red hot embarrassment that he would catch her thoughts. Agreeing to things she hadn’t voiced. The encouragement quick on the heels of his surprise. For a moment, Iskra felt sick with dread, afraid she’d misspoke and his name wasn’t Perry at all. But just a moment. Skin scalding as he let her nipple go with a smack and followed her back. Spear exposed, stretching across the pale strip of flesh between hip and thigh.

It moved with his body. Which moved over hers. Stripped down to nothing but her tail. Its protective fluff slipping between between her thighs and up over her belly making him laugh. Hand making his sigh. Grinning into his chest, she let him thrust his spear into her hand. Testing the strength of her grip to see what it changed. Skin soft, tugging when she squeezed tight, and slipping swiftly through when she held him loosely.

His pleasure her reward for her curiosity. The knowledge too. Firm. The sensation not as potent as with her own, but noticeable. Stretching out along side her, Perry made it easy to explore. Made it simple, too know, what was good and what was really good. Nothing was bad. Slick skin and greedy flesh. Greedy, greedy flesh. Laughing breathlessly, Iskra did touch those too. ”Really? Men were always whining about them! Murmuring as he stroked her nipple with his tongue, Iskra rolled them between her fingers and palm, before reaching for his spear again.

She preferred the silky skin. Thumb circling the tip of his spear as he stroked the warm heat hidden beneath her tail. Body tensing with expectation, she put her teeth to his nipple and sucked, widening the space between her thighs so he could better fit. Parting curls and damp folds of skin to slick his fingers. Moaning, Iskra laid flat against the floor, then bowed upward toward him. One hand holding fast to his spear, the other digging into the cloak until the hay beneath crackled. Eyes shut tight and lower lip sucked into her mouth. She squeezed as he slipped his finger in. Orgasm pulsing just out of reach. Too many new sensations and beads of anxiety for her to crest the ridge.

It felt good when he applied pressure to the outside. Strange when he stroked her from the inside. His fingers were broader then her own. And Danger hadn’t dared do more than test the waters. Danger! Hips lifting into his hand, Iskra clamped her tail down tight and shook her head. ”That can’t possibly taste good.” She argued, the memory of his tongue dipping into her navel stirring heat. Shivering, she exhaled and shifted away from his hand, sliding his finger out. Caressing his spear, she eyed him skeptically, all thoughts of relief fading away.

”Can it?” She questioned. His mouth certainly felt good on her breasts. Why not there? It was wet, and humid, and had a pungent aroma, but that did not mean it had to taste like it smelled. Tail loosening, Iskra considered it. Fingers milking the head of his spear. What would it taste like? Salt? Sweat? And his spear? It seemed a safe alternative to his finger, which promised wider things. Nerves bubbling upward into a sigh, Iskra bounced against the floor. And unwound her tail. It looped lazily down her thigh and draped over her knee, both of which parted.

And then locked. Heels drawn up. Toes drawn tight. She forgot all about what it might taste like.

Norr Province / Re: Contemplation [cw]
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Shoulder blades working against the tickle up his spine Peregrine smiled into a kiss. The pitch of her gasps and moans had changed. Sharp. Rich. Hungry. He could feel her sipping at his psyche while she ground at his pelvis. Rhythm unbroken he held a nipple with his teeth, tongue drawing circles on the tip. She curled up over him to keep all the places that felt good near the source of pleasure. Shoulder low so he didn’t lose her breast to his lips. Hips hitched so he could rub circles between her thighs. Which held him tight. Tail used to cling to him too.

”Ah,” Caught off guard by the name he bent his head into the handful of hair she tugged on plaintively. She must have heard Henni use the nickname. The old fool was the only person Peregrine could stand to hear call him that anymore. There was no masking the surprise, but he dampened the annoyance since it was none of Iskra’s fault. No reason to twist the mood up when she was mewling like a cat in heat. ”Yes. That.” He encouraged, link pulsing to grasp at her fleeting vision of his fingers sinking into her wetness. He would do that. As many times as she needed him to while she mentally prepared for his spear to do it instead.

A pop let her nipple loose as she leaned away. It would be raw if he didn’t stop soon anyway. Over teased so that it was plump and long instead of tight and puckered. She covered them when she sat back. Leaving Peregrine to do the actual undressing. Which he minded not at all. He started with the last of his own clothes. Giving her time to see him naked before he hooked his fingers in her waistline and dragged her trousers and underthings free of her body in one motion. Tail sneaking up between her thighs to hide her sex before he could see. Chuckling lightly he shoved their shed clothing aside. Out of the way. Out of her reach unless she was going to stretch for them.

Peregrine came up to meet her slowly. Time to flee if it was too much or too fast. She clenched her knees, opened them, wiggled nervously but didn’t run. Brushed his lips over her mouth then followed the shape of her jaw. Bodies brushing so that she could shelter against his if she needed the illusion of being less exposed. Iskra licked him, stirring up a laugh that turned to a sigh as she fit her palm to his spear. Finally an ounce of relief for the way the blood pounded through the tip. Rocking his hips Peregrine fit himself into the circle her fingers made, then pulled away again. Gentle, so she would know he could be gentle when the circle was her center.

With a moan for her sneaky tongue and clever fingers Peregrine followed her body down. Careful not to cover her as he settled his weight on one arm, body curved so she could keep exploring the length and shape of his spear. Breath fast when she toyed around the tip, and nipples nuzzles when she was firm around the root. ”You can touch these too.” He told her, cupping her hand just long enough to pass it low over his balls. Then lapping at her nipples to distract her from the first tentative touches he laid on her cunt. Velvety soft hair hid the folds. A wet line down the middle where they met. Tracing those damp hairs he stroked her open. Curled fingertips finding the lay of her intimate parts. The distance between her clitoris and her vagina. Soft lips trying to close in around his fingers. Only enough space between her front and tail to slid his hand.

Mother Night he wanted a good look at it. Harassing a nipple with short sucks and wet kisses he rolled the bead of her clitoris. Thumb pressing, ears listening to every hitch of her breath, probe pulsing with their mingled arousal. Wet, wet, wetter as he stroked and sucked, throwing glances up at her face when he could manage a peek over her breasts. It was easier than he expected to get a finger in. She’d done that before, he thought, no rabid panic just potent expectation of pleasure. Knuckle giving a bit more pressure he stroked her there too. Then tapped her clit with his thumb, ”I want to kiss you right there.”
Norr Province / Re: Contemplation
« Last post by Iskra Graves on Yesterday at 06:09:15 AM »

She would wonder later if he had more than one set of hands. But two proved to be plenty. Knuckles down her chest, passing between the rise of her breasts. Fingers sifting through the hair on her tail. Tongue caught behind her teeth with a moan. Her stomach. Her tail. His spear rising up against her. The sensations all melded together until Iskra had no way of saying or knowing which she enjoyed on an individual level, because everything felt good.

Hips chasing the movement of his spear, Iskra held him tighter. The muscles of his lower back kneaded. Neck caught in the curve of her hand while she sucked his lower lip, tongue teasing the swollen flesh. Her tail locked itself around his back, and Iskra sank against him with a sigh. The heat of his chest against her nipples making her shiver.

Iskra’s tail stroked up his back. Hand letting go so should could hold onto his shoulder. They moved. Perry leaned back, hands guiding Iskra after. Higher on his hips so that her breasts were at a good level for him to put his mouth on. Which he did, sucking a moan from her lips and filling the link between them with pleasure. He like the way his spear felt caught between their bodies. How her tail circled his back. And his teasing mouth made her gasp and moan.

Fingers in his hair again, Iskra pressed her face into his curls. They tickled her nose, but there was no laughter in her. Just a swift building of pressure. Suck. Thrust. Spear sliding against the sensitive nub of her clitoris. She sank down toward his hand. Up toward his mouth. Always over his spear. Feet hooking over his thighs to give her leverage. Fingers sliding from the round of her ass to the seam of her trousers. Iskra moaned, hips rocking toward him, shoulders angling to keep her nipples near his mouth.

Spear. Hand. Mouth. Iskra pulled his hair. ”Perry.” She complained into his scalp. She wanted to touch him. To be touched. No layer between their skin. Nothing to keep him from putting his fingers inside so she could tip over the edge of her orgasm. And she thought she might like to try his spear out unfettered in her hand. To see it, fully aroused. By her. For her.

This time she went backwards. Hay making the floor beneath his cloak soft. Her hips lofting so her trousers could be shed. Iskra’s hands curled protectively over her breasts, as if the sensation might flee if she didn’t hold it in. Her tail slid into the space left by her pants, curling between her thighs and up her stomach. Tip nestling between her hands. Iskra watched, squirming, knees touching and then parting again. She rolled when he came close. Tongue tasting the place she had thought about before. His stubble chafing her skin as she wrapped her hand around his spear.

Different hard than soft. Most usually flagged under her scrutiny. Shy of a healer’s hard gaze or shyer still of a girl’s curious one. This time she could see it all, forehead to his shoulder as she studied it. Watching its length vanish into her ring of her fingers. Shivering, Iskra made room between the curl of her tail and her body. Just enough for him to fit his hand into. Tongue darting out to taste his nipple, Iskra lay back so he could have hers.

Norr Province / Re: Contemplation
« Last post by Peregrine Runner on Yesterday at 03:09:58 AM »
Passion stained its way across Peregrine’s face. A perfect line from one ear arching across to the other. Lids low and lips barely parted as he tugged his pants lower. Watching Iskra watch. Her fear and desire sharing a scale, tipping in one direction then the other. Wanting to run as much as she wanted to crawl back into his lap. He felt it down the probe. Made a point of tensing his body so the shapes were pleasing enough to keep her attention while his hands were busy.

Some needed to be chased. And if that was what Iskra wanted he would run her down. Slow and easy was just as nice, though, and he was hoping she would stay put. When she did he got his hands back to her as quickly as he could. Knees on either side of his hips she was pliant in his arms. So he put her where he wanted her most. A perfect weight on the underside of his spear.

Iskra leaned in. Turning his face up to hers Peregrine breathed in her exhales. Listening down the probe as she spread her fingers on his stubble to feel the texture. Muscles traced by the fingers of a healer who knew their names and how they fit together to the bone. He felt the flutter through her gut. The pulse then contraction of feelings she couldn’t name. Peregrine stroked a little farther down her tail. Kiss deepened as he passed his knuckles down the center of her chest with his other hand. Tail between their bodies, wrapping around her like a belt. He pet that length of it too. Just once as he trailed his splayed fingers over all the jittery muscles of her stomach that hid under the fluff.

There were a lot of things he always wanted to tell them when they were nervous. But it never helped. If anything, it made them more upset. Breaking their focus from the physical sensations to listen to promises they didn’t know if he could keep. So he showed her instead. That he could be the steady hand against all her riled emotions. Rocks for the waves to crash against but never move. Hand finding its way back to the base of her tail he rolled his spear up to the crux of her thighs. Sharing the pleasure down the link. He pet it again, then fed it out of the space between them, leading it to curl around his back instead. He had liked that. And he liked having her whole front to his whole front.

Skin to skin, nice and warm. Laying back on an elbow he held her shoulder to make her shift with his movement. A nipple caught by his lips once he was comfortable. Weight on his elbows so that he wasn’t holding her to him anymore. Reclined and hungry mouthed as he waited for her to decide when she had, had enough of his tongue dancing between her breasts and his spear pounding at her cunt through their layers. When she relaxed into it he grabbed her ass again. To help her balance when he rocked his hips, nipple kept in place with a firm suck. He loved the way she clung to his head when had the rhythm right. The same rhythm he copied when he went from groping her bottom to petting her front. Fingers pressing through the taut fabric of her pants to see if he could feel her wetness through the layers.
Character Applications / Re: Makri, Giada
« Last post by The Darkness on May 22, 2019, 11:29:59 PM »
The Darkness has granted you...
Cut 59
Cut 24
Character Applications / Re: Makri, Giada
« Last post by Giada Makri on May 22, 2019, 11:29:22 PM »
I don't know what her family is like yet, so I just need a Random roll for this lovely darling, please  ;D
Character Applications / Makri, Giada
« Last post by Giada Makri on May 22, 2019, 11:25:03 PM »
Giada Makri

The Basics

Full Name: Giada of the Makri
Age: 19
Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Ethnicity: Tiger
Birthplace: Mathura District, Tigrelan
Current Location: Giali District
Profession: Travelling Healer

Caste: Black Widow Healer
Birthright Jewel: Summer Sky (CUT 59)
Offering Jewel: Opal (CUT 24)

Face Claim: Name of the actor or model whose likeness you’re using

The Body

Height: Taller than average
Body Type: Lithe
Hair Color: Gold highlights in amber
Eye Color: Bright gold

Inspi: Norwegian Forest Cat.
Ears: Pointed, lots of fur tufts, short fur on the backs in amber and brown dappled pattern
Tail: Fluffy, in the same color and pattern as on the ears
Mane: slight, short hair, same pattern as ears in amber and gold

Giada is all about practical elegance. Being a Healer is tricky (and often messy) work, but that's no reason to skimp on luxuries and comfort. She wears nothing that will get in the way, and always tries to strike a balance and compromise between her calling and her preferences. Travelling is challenging enough already; enjoy what you can (even just the little things) and everything will be much better in the long-run.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts

Walking the Twisted Kingdom
Chalice Healing
Healing Webs
Diagnostic Sight
Craft Weaknesses: Offensive Craft meant to harm is particularly difficult for Giada to grasp. She has limited ability in what her escort demanded she learn, but she sticks close to his side because she cannot easily defend herself.

Personal Strengths: She's very good at staying organized and planning ahead, both very useful talents to her as a traveler.
Personal Weaknesses: Giada is nosy and a bit bossy, always in other people's business and sharing her opinion and (usually unsolicited) advice. No matter how often she's told "we wish you wouldn't do that," Giada still has a hard time containing herself.

Giada has a lot of opinions, not all of them kind. She's not afraid to tell people about them, even if they might cause offense. That said, she also knows how to kindly break bad news (as she often must, as a Healer). Some say she talks too much, but Giada cannot stand too much silence. Growing up in a coven with many others constantly around her, having a single steady companion is rather lonely. She is outspoken and approaches life with a youthful naivety that has not yet been stamped out by the trials and hardships of her calling as a Healer.

She drinks her tea, when she can get it, with sugar or plain - but always hot. She has a few luxuries that she refuses to compromise on, and claims they are part of the cost of travelling. That list includes: comfortable beds to sleep in, two sets of travelling clothes, well-cooked meals at regular intervals, plenty of soap, and decent company. Luckily for her, she has an escort who refuses to leave her alone. It's not quite enough to satisfy her loneliness, but it's better than nothing.

Giada detests laziness, in others and in herself, and has a hard time keeping her nose out of other people's businesses when she thinks they're being lazy. Wasting talent or time when Tigrelan is struggling is a horrible thing, in Giada's opinion (and she will hardly hesitate to tell you about it).

react to—and interact with—others
what they’re like when they’re happy or angry

The Backstory

Giada's family is her coven back in Mathura. Countless mothers and sisters, never alone, always warm and welcome, and definitely too many to list. She proudly bears the coven name to remember them by, and is always ready with a story about her youth spent in the coven's halls.

nickname, birthright, craft training, discovering the darkness had blessed her with Healer craft (joy), realizing she would eventually have to leave home and serve other parts of Tigrelan as a Healer (sorrow), offering ceremony, renewing her markings and reaffirming her dedication to her calling, setting out with her escort and getting traded to another district for her Healer skills.

The Writer

Player Name: Muralesca
Player Pronouns: She/her
Timezone: -6 CST
Contact: Discord or site PM
How did you find us?: Google! (many, many google searches)

Inactivity Instructions: In the event of my inactivity, please archive my characters and write them out of the plot as necessary

Roleplay Sample:
See Thara Ylvi

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