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Roeselare Province / Re: Easy Street [CW]
« Last post by Charis on Today at 06:04:43 AM »

”No!” Charis hadn’t let anyone near her doorstep while Isi had slept. She’d barely left it herself, afraid he would wake up while she was gone. Or wake while somebody was there. Worse, how did you explain an unwakable warlord prince should someone have discovered him in her room? Not that people just wandered in there when they visited. But Charis worried.

His laughter didn’t really help. He submitted almost meekly. Too amused to fight off her prying. Arms spread as he left her have her way. It didn’t last though. Charis was almost glad because it had to mean his brain was functioning. She didn’t like the shift in his expression though. It made her nervous. So she apologized again instead of answering his question. Rubbing her face against him so they would smell like each other and he would take pity on her if things got ugly.

Isi didn’t like her light, or her probing. Charis dimmed it and missed her mark as she tried kissing him. A sudden space between them as he pulled back. ”I just want to be sure, baby.” She wasn’t trying to upset him or steal his secrets. But Charis stopped. Withdrawing her probes and vanishing her witchlight with a thought while she explained. Isidore did some probing of his own. Heavy things that made her heart race and her webs shiver.

”Yes.” She answered meekly, hands trying to smooth the look from his face. One rubbing his arm while the other spread across his chest. He still felt like himself. Impossibly solid and real. ”I’m sure, baby.” Charis crept closer, leaning a side into his while he thought about it. She wondered if he could see the passage of time the way he looked at nothing. Though she supposed he wouldn’t ask of he could. ”I’m sorry.” She promised again, turning into his touch and kissing the palm of his hand.

He did yell or hit. Just rolled his eyes at her and admitted dangerous things. Nothing that Charis was a danger to him, even if she had worn something to match his Sapphire. ”It’s alright baby. It’ll go better next time.” She curled some of his hair around her fingers and let him draw her in closer. Hands warm and strong on her back. With craft she turned the heat off on the stove and slid the pan aside just before it began to burn, the changing smell warning her. Laughing, Charis licked at his teeth. He was so very wicked.

”Isi baby, you’re incorrigible.” She thought that was the word anyway. ”Sit still and I’ll feed you.” She promised, making sure his ass was planted in the seat by planting her mouth on his and her arms on his shoulders. He was so sweet. Not even a shout for her mistake. So Charis emptied all the food in the pan onto a plate for him, setting it on the counter with a cup of tea for him to enjoy. And then she knelt next to his seat, to make sure all his hungers were taken care of.

Character Applications / Re: Character Archive, Retrieval & Transfering
« Last post by Salem on Today at 01:44:06 AM »
Character Name: Elissa Alexander
Unlink Account: Y
Adoptable: N

Character Name: Fechith
Unlink Account: Y
Adoptable: N

Character Name: Baramdir
Unlink Account: Y
Adoptable: N

Character Name: Taliisia Star-gazer
Unlink Account: Y
Adoptable: N

Character Name: Kadriye
Unlink Account: Y
Adoptable: N
Character Applications / Re: Winter
« Last post by dergon on Yesterday at 10:57:23 AM »
I will take the blood open (typo leaving it cause funny) thanks
Character Applications / Re: Winter
« Last post by The Darkness on Yesterday at 10:44:51 AM »
The Darkness has granted you...
Cut 85
Blood Opal
Cut 80
Character Applications / Re: Winter
« Last post by dergon on Yesterday at 09:44:47 AM »
I bought a triple roll  ;D
Character Applications / Winter
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First Last

The Basics

Full Name: First Middle Last (Please keep in mind the naming conventions for their race)
Gender/Pronouns: How your character identifies and how they prefer to be referred to

Current Location:
Profession: Your character’s court position or skilled trade

Birthright Jewel: Jewel (CUT ##)
Offering Jewel: Jewel (CUT ##)
(NOTE: You must post below with your player or character account to receive Jewels or family rolls.)

Face Claim: Name of the actor or model whose likeness you’re using

The Body

Body Type:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs. Describe what sets your character apart on sight: any notable facial features, scars, or tattoos; how they dress; what kind of body language they use; how (or if) they display their Jewels; et cetera. Be sure to double-check and abide by the racial characteristics laid out in our lore section.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts
You have 15 points to spend in craft strengths to begin with. More can be purchased from the Shop or earned during the course of play. Replace Craft with a spell and the # points you would like in the [], up to 8 per spell. Please remove this blurb from the application.
Craft Weaknesses: Aspects of Craft your character underperforms at

Personal Strengths: A list of admirable or valuable traits or skills your character possesses (optional)
Personal Weaknesses: A list of detestable or imperfect qualities your character possesses, or skills they’re miserable at (optional)

One or more detailed paragraph(s). Bring your character to life; you can tell us about their habits, their goals, how they react to—and interact with—others, what they’re like when they’re happy or angry, and so on.

The Backstory

  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste

Please include a CW at the top of your history if necessary.

Aim for several descriptive paragraphs or a detailed timeline. This section should contain the circumstances of a character’s birth (unless they are unknown), a bit about their childhood, their Birthright Ceremony (if applicable), their Offering Ceremony (if applicable), and any other important milestones they might have encountered, like a Virgin Night, a death in their immediate family, or anything impactful that shaped them into the individual they are today.

The Writer

Player Name: What you prefer to be called OOC
Player Pronouns: How you like to be referred to
Timezone: Your timezone in GMT
Contact: How best to contact you for plots (site PM, e-mail, Discord, Skype, etc)
How did you find us?: Optional

Inactivity Instructions: If you do not log in to your player account and cannot be reached by staff for a period of three months, your account will be considered inactive. (It’s okay; life happens to the best of us.) In the event of your inactivity, what should staff do with this character? (You may answer this question with things like Archive/Retire or Put up for adoption, or you can specify how you’d like them to be written out of the plot in your absence.)

Roleplay Sample:
A sample of your writing. Roleplay samples can be from anywhere, but must be at least 200 words long and include one or more lines of dialogue. This is only required for your first character application; if you’ve already had a character accepted, you may delete this portion of the application.

Rosnay Island / Re: Sleepless
« Last post by Kashi on Yesterday at 06:28:11 AM »

It was shocking to Kashi, the way they spoke to one another. The topic a shameful dispute over lovers. The Lady Nazaire accusing and Tariq defensive. It made Kashi embarrassed, as if she were witnessing something private. And stirred her shame of so easily being one of those many, and the delusion she had allowed herself to live thinking she was not. It was shocking and hurtful, and Kashi was very glad when it was over. Both she and Tariq waved away as no consequence by the lady.

”Oh.” Kashi answered in the quiet of the house, lip chewed as she thought about it. ”Still, a wife is different than a brother.” She worried that the brother’s wrath would fall on Tariq’s head. Thinking of all the ways he might find out and react. Fretting as she took in the room and rubbed the small of her back, starting when Tariq’s fingers joined her own. High up between her shoulders. Letting go of her lip, Kashi let him. Hands moving to the front of her dress so he chase the knots down her spine and away. It made her feel lethargic and soft.

She looked out the window at the woman they discussed. She paid them no mind, attention focused on the ocean, her curls wreathed in smoke. ”I would guess being married is a big change for anyone.” Even for young women of good family destined to such things. ”Well, I hope he isn’t here for our sakes.” Or Tariq’s at least, Kashi still wasn’t sure the man would not be upset at gift bestowed on his wife. And Tariq’s fate was now linked to hers by child and ownership. She would be doubly vulnerable without him. And completely bereft.

Kashi could not bear to think of it. Or look at the mess of the house a moment longer. She found comfort in work. Idle hands had always been distressing to her. The doing let her mind quiet. ”We are guests returning a favor. Why should she be offended?” Kashi doubted she would even notice. Women like Lady Nazaire were used to someone else doing the work for them. They only ever noticed when it was not done. Sighing, Kashi looked at him, fingers sweeping his hair behind his ear because she could not help herself.

”I do not think you are one she would want to talk to.” Kashi suspected the lady lumped the two brothers too much together. Or perhaps she was just wiser in this than Kashi. The thought hurt, forcing Kashi to push away memories she did not wish to see ever again. The soap helped, given over so she could apply it to the dishes, which she did with vigor. ”Why? I am good at it.” This was easier than walking. She knew the posture of dishes, how to stand so that her back did not ache at the end. And found comfort in the task. Since it bothered Tariq, Kashi gave him a task of his own.

Just a bit, he teased. It made Kashi’s heart sink, though she appreciated the way he tried to soften the reality. It was a kinder was of saying ‘not enough’. Not with his Jewels and her pregnancy. ”I an almost done,” she argued. Kashi quickly scrubbed the last dish, body leaning as he pushed her away with his hip. She laughed, relinquishing the bowl to him and dropping the soapy towel into the sink. ”Okay, okay, you can rinse them.” She conceded, sitting down in the chair he directed to.

Instantly the feeling rushed back into her feet as her weight was taken off them. They prickled and ache, forcing Kashi to pull her sandals off with her toes and work one foot over the other to ease the sensation. ”That seems...” She trailed off with a shrug, not wanting to insult his brother. Instead she bent to the task of sorting through the food, finger circling the apples greedily. She parted them with a knife, passing Tariq the seeds to put away in his cabinet. Nose wrinkling at the cheese, she was almost glad when he used that to try and tempt his sister by marriage into the house with them and was gladder still when she refused.

Somehow Tariq ended up with most of the cheese and Kashi most of the apples. She hoped he would not notice, or if he did, would not mind. She knew her diet needed to be better but her stomach would not take the cheese again. Or her tongue. ”I am eating. Right now, see?” She bit a slice of apple in half and chewed carefully. Too fast and her stomach would rebel. Too slow and it would grow nervous waiting for the food. She ate steadily, and made sure Tariq did some of the same. No hiding behind the dishes that needed rinsing. The food kept his Jewels fed and his Jewels kept them safe.

”Eat.” She begged him softly, pressing cheese crusted bread into his hand. Wishing for a proper kitchen where she could cook him an actual meal. Take away the blade of hunger that rested at the back of both their necks. Just another worry to burden them. It would get better, she promised herself. They wouldn’t wander this way forever. Eventually he would have to let her take work. She could feed them both with her skills. ”We can save over some of the cheese for her, if you want. But you must eat most of it.”

Thure Island / Re: All A Quiver
« Last post by Jin-ae So on March 24, 2019, 11:34:52 PM »
Of all the habits that had been grown in her, the one Jin-ae was least partial to was the one that got her awake before the sun was up. In Dhemlan it had meant tending horses, cleaning house, laundry.


Jin-ae had lain in bed for what felt like a small eternity, staring up at a ceiling that hadn't been hers long enough to feel familiar, wondering what she was supposed to with all the time she had. The night bugs hadn't yet packed in their songs away, and although Jin-ae wasn't yet brave enough, or dumb enough, to attempt the outdoors at night, she'd lingered at the window. High enough up that the air was cooled, her view still clogged by trees. A vast change from the clear, flat steppes and plains.

She couldn't linger too long in that memory though, the edge of melancholy too strong. Instead she turned, surveyed the space that had been given to her. Even after unloading that which she'd felt wouldn't be terribly incriminating from her cabinet, the room was still mostly bare.

Which meant she could practice her forms without having to move any of the furniture.

Hair braided back, a pair of her new, light pants and a shirt later, and Jin-ae was falling into rhythms that she'd been moving through for decades. The movement of her body in ingrained patterns helped calm her, evened her breathing and left her worries on the floor.

The knock on her door startled her in as much as she hadn't realized how much she'd been absorbed in the sound of her own breathing. Blinking rapidly, she fell out of form and glanced to the window, trying to calculate what the change in the light meant, how long she'd been so internally focused. Muscles not sore with overwork, just warm. Not too long then. She patted her cheeks, feeling the heat of her own skin and hoping she wasn't a sweaty mess.

"Captain Nazaire," she said. She didn't know who she'd been expecting, but it made sense that it'd be him. She hadn't interacted with all that many of the staff, and certainly not enough that they'd seek her out in the early morning. Memories of their last conversation made her eyes drop to his shoes, aware that in some way she'd been projecting or failing as masking her thoughts from him. "Seconds, with Craft assistance." She'd been proud of that little trick, too, calling the lose loop to the tip of the bow arm. More accurate and requiring less thought than telekinetically trying to loop it herself, but easy to overestimate initially, to want to call it right to her hand.

Then what he'd said really registered, and it took a heartbeat to call her bow to her hand, slip-calling the string to it's notch. "Where are we going?"
Rosnay Island / Re: Sleepless
« Last post by Tariq Lamare on March 24, 2019, 11:15:41 PM »
Expression strained beneath her bitter glare Tariq lifted a single shoulder. All the guilt he felt held in the set of his eyebrows over eyes so dark they reflected the starry night sky. ”I rather not dig my own grave, if its all the same. You can’t compare my assortment of sex partners to Isidore’s… Well you just can’t compare us. He’s a very different sort of man.” Or so Tariq tried to console himself. It was mostly true. His brother used words like lovemaking and made them wives. While he… had been having fun. Heart free.

Until it wasn’t. Caught by the woman that clung to his hand now. Fingers woven together for mutual reassurance. ”Kindness is always of consequence. I won’t forget it, Lady-sister.” He had not had family before. Not really. It was strange to think of this woman he barely knew as such. It was likely she would be the mother of his nieces and nephews- unless there was more to finding her on Rosnay than he knew. She was his sister-in-law now, and he felt an obligation to be near. To look out for her, if not after her, since his brother was (blessedly) not around to do it himself. So her invitation was doubly welcome.

Their exchange brief, and the exchange within the exchange even briefer. Her wine defended on the merit of price alone. Which made Tariq bite back a grin. ”I’m sure the Lady has exquisite taste. I’m more of a gin man myself.” The cheaper the better. He had never been much of a drinker, though, since it was hard to drown his Jewels. The result usually more of a mess than it was worth. No. He much preferred the effects of good cannabis. No hangover, no vomiting, a respite from the stress. Which Salome looked like she needed. Accepting the offering with brows raised and a hand to flap them off.

He urged Kashi in silently with a hand on the small of her back. A small chuckle at her fresh worry. ”Where do you think I get them from?” Or at least, how he had gotten the first taste. Isidore had a much higher tolerance for experimenting. Whereas Tariq had found what he liked early on and never diverged from the one vice. There were seeds in his cabinet and a small plot of plants growing in the Corlay forest where only he could find them. When he had less worries he would harvest them, or plant a fresh little crop. For now he needed all of his wits sharp, no matter how much it hurt to watch his shortcomings unfold.

Stepping into one of Kashi’s sharp elbows he took over the work of loosening the tension in the muscles of her back. A touch of soothing Craft in the tips of his fingertips. No school of knowledge too narrow for Tariq to have dipped his toes into. He was a scholar that knew a little of everything while only mastering a few subjects. None of them, sadly, of the social sort. He was, he knew, a bad choice for a partner. Saw his failures in the dark circles under his woman’s eyes. Knew that he caused her more distress than he solved, all in trying to make her what she deserved to be- what all people deserved to be: free. While his mind wandered his chin rested on his shoulder. Pupils contracting his vision back into focus he turned towards her words with a sad smile. ”I cannot say. We have not spoken since the week after their wedding. I can only guess that she needed a bit of space to be on her own. They’re both very young,” He commented as if they were not younger still, perhaps that was the real beauty of their coming together. The merging of two old souls. ”Isidore has his hands in a lot places, though, beyond Paon even. So there’s no judging by geography.”

He was too busy questioning himself and pondering the possibilities to notice her eyes tracking the stack of dishes and a floor in need of sweeping. Starting at her forward motion he stood in the middle of the room another second. Then joined her in the cleaning with several long glances at the doorway. ”It won’t offend her, you think? Cleaning up?” He thought it might. It would have made his aunt livid. He could hear her the words she would screech sitting heavily behind his eyelids. Sapphire tapped into he watched, and mumbled another question. ”Should I ask? Why she’s out here alone? I don’t want to intrude, but if she needs someone to talk to.” They were family of a sort. He knew things about Isidore no one else did. Probably.

”How is what possible?” He asked, watching her search the kitchen area in confusion. Still looking over his shoulder as if Salome would charge in any second to be highly offended that they took it upon themselves to clean her house. From his cabinet he slipped free the soap she asked for. Craft knocking off a small wedge from one corner. ”You should let me do this. Rest some, we did a lot of walking.” He tried to chide. But Kashi was Kashi and did them anyway. Lathering plates turning her mind to a more pressing question.

Tariq took a mental inventory. Eyes turning up in that way of a person who was searching through unseen cargo. ”Oh I might have a bit of something.” He tried to tease. Not much. Not much at all. But he had a few apples- because the witch at the produce stall took pity on his charming smile and Kashi’s round belly when he told her it was his beloved’s greatest craving. There was half stale bread that would soften when warmed and large round of soft goat cheese too. ”Go sit down while I finish these dishes and I’ll give it all to you for sorting.” That, he hoped, would tempt her. Another task in place of the one that required her to be on her feet. Sloping up the wet runoff from the dishes he mopped the towel across the cabinets. Trying to push her towards a chair with his hip.

”He really does.” Tariq answered softly. Thinking of the people those ships had ported to the islands. It sent a sick sliver down his spine into his stomach. Staying his motion, even his breathing, for half a second before he swallowed it all away. If it wasn’t Isidore it would just be someone else. Hell, if he had been born through a different womb it might very well have been Tariq himself. At least his brother seemed to try and treat his own slaves well. It was, as far as Tariq knew, the only estate with a fully servicing infirmary available for the staff. He had even payed Tariq to teach the children to read in write a few times. Setting his rag aside he moved to set out the promised food for Kashi. ”You eat first. No arguing.” On a gentle thread he tugged at Salome too, lifting a wedge of the soft cheese when she looked. Wordlessly offering for her to join them if she wanted company.
Corlay Island / Re: Where There's Smoke
« Last post by Margot Dupuis on March 24, 2019, 09:31:56 PM »
A light hum signaled her understanding. Yes. The hunting master had a reputation. Not a very pleasant one. He was old, cantankerous, and spiteful. Their village was small in that way which encouraged everyone to know everyone's business. Or else potentially die of boredom. So everyone knew he held his position by secreting away the best boar hunting spots in the surrounding forest.

Absalon worded it perfectly. Once she was finished giggling at his reaction to the pepper and accepted the fresh wood for the oven. Bitter in his old age. ”Seems to me a man nearing the end would want to try harder to leave good memories behind.” Not everyone thought about things the way Margot did, though, she had learned early on. Sometimes it felt like she was viewing the world from a distorted lens. The spyglass curved a bit too far to the left, so that she was always just a bit off course when navigating the world. Socially and spiritually.

”That’s their right.” She said with a soft sigh. Putting away her worries for when she was alone. Not leaning on the counter of Lord Absalon’s kitchen as if it were hers. The low rhythm of her caste often want to make her forget that she had no such place entirely her own. Right now was for smiling back at the way his cheeks rose up around his eyelids when he grinned. An expression echoed on the smaller face of his boy. A person could forget little boys came from mothers when they looked at the two of them. Imri might have sprung from his father’s laughter judging by looks alone.

Absalon seemed unfooled by her attempt to tuck her feelings away. Thumbing over the edge of her worries about the future with words that she knew were intended to sooth. He was very good at that, calming nerves. She remembered with a flush of heat up the back of her neck. Palms to her cheeks to keep them from turning pink. ”Perhaps. Someday. That doesn’t change the present, unfortunately.” Or her parents harassing to see her settled down safely. ”Hopefully they’ll all skin their knees enough to keep a few coins in my pockets.”

Hip rocking slightly she bumped Imri purposefully. Her skirts swishing around his young frame. ”Not you, of course, little lordling. You’ve met your quota for hurts this year.” She teased. It was a shame though. She enjoyed the children. Maybe in a few seasons one of the little girls would prove herself a healer and need mentoring. That might be a fun change of pace. Eyes drifting from her daydreams to the eager boy she smiled. Lips curving and tongue clicking behind her teeth. Judging the food on its smell alone she gazed at the doorway and leaned in towards Imri. Waiting until his father’s gentle scolding had settled him some before taking her turn. ”By the time you get scrubbed up in the bathroom the table will be ready for setting. Then the food will be done.”

It amused her endlessly, that the size of the male made no difference in their need to be useful. Something in the human condition, she supposed. Innate and ready to rise under the right circumstances. Give a man, or a boy, a task. A job. A duty. They would be happy, even if they were miserable doing it. When he had skipped off to see the dirt scraped out from under his fingernails Margot realized just how long she had been lingering. With an awkward twist of her lips she wondered if she were overstaying her welcome. Probably. Taking over their house as if she had any say so. That didn’t send her scurrying though, despite the nagging knowledge that it ought to have. She took the pan from the oven so the food could start to cool and made sure the oven was properly put out first. Then with a clap of her hands she shrugged at the warlord shyly.  ”I should let you at it, then, Lor-Absalon.”

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