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Thure Island / Re: A New Reality
« Last post by Isidore Nazaire on Today at 12:10:52 AM »

Isidore didn’t mind her bristling. Determination was as good an emotion as any. He thought it was a positive sign she used it against him already. It made for a solid shield to hide her other feelings under. The ones he wanted her to embrace. To associate with his presence. Lust foremost, because it would be the pleasantest way to win her over. But she had to see him as her protector in this new place, and her provider always.

Or else she would keep trying to get away. Until he was forced to punish her for it, or see her punished.

Listening to her chatter was a much more amusing way to pass the time. He smiled while she couldn’t see it. Marking a small victory in the way she opened herself to his compliment. Good girls needed rewarding so he gave her another. ”Warlord Princes are often weak to pretty women. And victims to our needs and instinct. There was no time to play love games and convince you to be mine. My obligations as a Prince and protector in Paon are too great.”

If he had gone back it would have taken him months to track her again. Following memories and faint scents. No. Taking her was the best solution. Or at least the best that also gave him what he wanted.

Their chat resumed when Rochelle left them. A proud Glacian, like so many others he had met. Lineage declared in a one long breath. His face soured and his heart flinched. He couldn’t stop the hiss of disgust. So closely related to a queen! He would have to get webs created for every pregnancy to make sure she didn’t bring him such shame. At least the men of her family boasted potential. ”Then you will make me beautiful daughters and strong, warrior sons.”

He listened to the lapping of water to the floor. Skin tingling because he knew she was wet and naked on the other side of the divider. Could smell her natural oils on the steam from the bath. And still his stupid cock slept on. The blood in his veins slowed by the honey so that it couldn’t fill him to hardness.

With a sigh he told her of his own pride. ”Respectful, respectable, and leaders of  great armies. Paon is ruled by Priestesses, our political and religious head is my dearest cousin Eulalie Reneaux, the Black Jeweled Priestess.” He paused to listen for her reaction. Then went on with a smirk. ”My father was the captain of raiders to the former Mother Priestess. I took the position when he died. Mother is a celebrated healer. My aunt shares your caste, but birthing Eulalie was her greatest accomplishment. The Nazaire family is the backbone of the economy. We deal heavily in the slave trade, but I have broadened our investments to include civil and private endeavors across both realms.” Funny how it sounded impressive instead of complicated when he laid it out in such simple descriptions.
She rose another shield of emotion against him. Anger this time. That was expected. The bath leaving her sensitive and exposed. ”Where you going to put your dirty clothes back on?” He asked with a soft laugh. Expression innocent as he stood up again. Lithe despite his exhausted limbs. Back sore despite the brew and salve he had been given. With a flick of his lids he searched his psychic cabinet. A long, soft shirt pulled into existence. One of his own. Clean but not washed since he had last worn it on the short trip from house to beach. His scent stained it, but it was good for her to grow used to it. ”This will do while you eat. I will have dresses brought for you to wear. And when things start to go well between us the tailor will bring you designs to be fitted.”

He didn’t suggest that things would not go well. Or speak of what would happen if that were the case. It wouldn’t be. He could already tell. Black widows were a self-serving lot. Isidore didn’t mind, he was much the same. And it made them more willing to adapt to change. ”Here. I can help with the hair too.” He offered. Coming closer slowly to stand behind her wholesome figure. Hands smoothing down the long strands gently. Barely touching them at all. A warming spell seeing them gently dried from roots to tips. Mouth near her ear so he could ask, ”Would you like me to close my eyes while you dress?”

Sør Province / Re: Happenstance [CW]
« Last post by Loic on Yesterday at 11:19:27 PM »

Face tilting so he could breath Loic kissed the smooth stretch of neck under his lips. Chest thumping so fast it sounded like the hooves of a stampeding herd. She smelled like flowers and longing. Tickling breath stirring the micro hairs along the curve of his ear. Even that small sensation pushing him nearer the end.

A climax he wasn’t ready to reach just yet.

Muscle easing Nor embraced the very base of him. Settled flesh flush and blushing. Already the most the precious memory he’d ever made. Then she did an unexpected thing. Not unusual, but another bit of newness for Loic. Tempting him along their shared Jewel depth to enter her again. In a very different way.

He was afraid. Tentative with the link at first. Not sure what he should be expecting. All Nor’s feelings spread out for him the same as her body did. Suddenly very shy he hide at her neck again. Trying not to move as he moaned at the duality of every sensation. His pleasure for Nor and Nor’s pleasure his to taste.

Embarrassed as he realized she would know that he was hoping they could try it again. Another time. When they were both less hard up to the edge. Relieved that she was near the crest too. And wishing he would draw them both over the cliff. That was something he felt capable of. Knees sinking into the mattress he took a few long strokes. Wrist let go so he could cup her breasts. And so she could slip her hand between them if she wanted.

It was brilliant and wonderful. Quick, as he had anticipated it would be. Quicker even than expected now that he didn’t have to concentrate on every move. Better able to judge each thrust since they were of a same mind. Could feel without fear that he was not too rough. Didn’t strike too deep. Elbow lifting her legs up his back he gave her every inch he had to give. Whispering absent compliments into her ear. Beautiful Nor, sexy Nor, creative, talented, sweetest Nor.

His Nor.

Skin prickling into goosebumps as he spent himself between her thighs. A groan of release and agony riding the climax. ”So good.” He whimpered, shivering with muscle spasms he couldn’t control. Arms stiff as he looked down at her with a lopsided smile and crimson blush.

Thure Island / Re: quiet moments
« Last post by Vrai on Yesterday at 10:56:14 PM »

”That is good of him.” Vrai remarked. Wondering how often these fits of upset interrupted the lady’s work. Perhaps there was something that could be done. A brew to help his stomach, or his nerves. When next he saw one of the healers he would remember to ask.

Another flash of amusement at the way Lady Louise agreed with him. Without really seeming to agree at all. Responsibility was a heavy helm. He thought that Lady Louise seemed to handle herself with poise. Most of the time. Young still, late to her apprenticeship, likely distracted by the curiosities of a girl her age. In her learning years Eulalie had not been dissimilar. More self assured for certain, but wanting to bounce on her heels from time to time, too.

And she had been groomed from the cradle. Of course the girl many still called Georgi would need time to settle into the roles she was granted.

He didn’t dwell on how easy she was to settle. A simple hand all it took. She didn’t pull away, and he appreciated that. Some flinched off at the smallest lifting of his hand. And some had settled so firmly in their aborance to his touch his hand no longer rose for them at all. ”Poor Gabriel, I’m sure he’s sorry to be the most exciting part of your day.”

Settling at her side they walked in precise step. Vrai was very good at matching strides. Long legs giving him an advantage when he needed. ”Every man here should offer. It is the polite thing to do.” He told her softly. It was nice to be called kind though. ”So far, yes. I think there is some unpleasantness later in the day.” A gaggle of girls under the lash. Priestesses and a queen-child who had stayed to listen to a foul display done in their holy tongue. He did not make judgement, only served to deal the punishments decided. So he would put them to the lash without hesitation. But he never enjoyed the act.

He didn’t know how anyone could. Apparently some did. At least, when it was a far fairer hand making the leather sing. That was not polite conversation and he wanted to glaze over the subject altogether. ”Are you excited for the coming celebrations The Lady has planned? She has found a suitable wife for Prince Nazaire. That mysterious Lady Chant, from the family of weavers. I almost expected her to make that match with Etienne Bernard. Since they are both newly come to Thure. I think a Black Widow will serve Prince Nazaire right.”

There was no love lost between the men. One too jealous, and the other lacking the capacity to give a shit. How dare! Didn’t Vrai know everyone had to mind Isidore’s opinions? Teeth peeking in a smile he licked them still again. The nearer the got to the kitchen the more his tired mind yearned for the coffee pitcher.

Thure Island / Re: quiet moments
« Last post by Georgette Louise on Yesterday at 09:37:00 PM »

”He never does leave a mess for another soul to clean,” she recommended. Gabriel was very fastidious. Even when he couldn’t keep his lunch down. Georgi smiled, a vague uplifting of her lips as she watched Vrai untangled his hair from the chain of his Jewel setting and sweep into place in a single movement.

”Right. My second.” She tried not to look as doubtful as she felt. Mostly she kept it inside, face almost expressionless in its constance. Happy, but not too happy. Unfazed by what went on around her. But Georgi had doubts. Doubts about a second, or her place there at all. But those were all worries for the future.

Same as the virgin’s night Eulalie had scheduled for her. Marked meticulously on her calendar for four months time and then forgotten. Easier that way, than fretting about it.

”I am, thank you.” Mind made up because he was. Foolish she well knew, but it was another thing Georgi didn’t put much thought into. It was harmless. Nothing to come of it but admiration. His serenity something she aspired to. And Vrai was kind to help. His hand stilling her excess of movement. She dropped her eyes, and tried to be quiet in mind and body. ”Uneventful, aside from that.” She gestured to the door.

”The dining room would be fine, thank you.” Maybe she would eat while waiting. Turning herself the right direction, she began walking. ”You are kind to offer. Has your day been well?” The temple quiet that morning. Georgi thought it must still be half asleep.

Thure Island / Re: quiet moments
« Last post by Vrai on Yesterday at 09:13:18 PM »

With a friendly if subtle smile Vrai gave Lady Louise a low nod of his head. Hair loose it parted around his neck and caught in the links of his silver necklace. The Green it held warm at his chest, held between skin and shirt. When he stood straight again he swiped it all back into place with long fingers. Holding the door steady with the other hand and a knee. ”Poor Gabriel. The dead do not mind, and neither do I. Better he take sick out of doors than leave it for Missy to clean.”

He liked to know everyone’s names. Especially in the temple. A tall order, for a man of his height. So he called the eunuchs brother, and all the hearth witches missy.

It was not an easy thing, to face the dead. As a boy it had disturbed him too, but those were feelings long put away. ”Perhaps it will pass. Or else when you get a second, he will have a stronger constitution for the work.” That was why there were two. One was not meant to be enough. To shoulder all burdens, or be at east with all tasks. In his own triangle, for instance, it was almost always Vrai that held the whip.

”I am. Are you staying in?” In he asked, careful to manage his tone. He did not want her to feel obligated to rush after her shadow. They were an odd pairing, he still thought. Once he had tried to argue that the young priestess needed an older eunuch, a more experienced man since her training had not started on time. Eulalie made the decision. And he thought now that it must have been a wise one since Lady Louise was always very happy.

Smile returning he left the door to close behind him. A steadying hand on the bouncing girl. ”How has your day been? Would you like me to accompany you to the dining room while Gabriel collects himself?.”

Sør Province / Re: Happenstance [CW]
« Last post by Nor the Artist on Yesterday at 06:53:04 PM »

Alright! Nor didn’t know if she wanted to scream or laugh. Alright! Oh Loic! Alright. Alright indeed. Body arching into him. Nor’s thighs and calves swarming his legs before he was even half way between them. One hand catching at his hair, the back of his neck, and then up again.

”Gently,” she reminded him, his teeth making her skin prickle. Stilling under him, as he pressed, parting her. ”Loic.” So good. She held her breath, body humming, heart racing as he teased her nipple and then sank into her. Nor exhaled, fingers flexing, wrist pinned by his hand, the other buried in his hair. Perfection. Cheek pressed to his ear, Nor breathed him in. Fitted herself around him.

Such perfection. Sighing, Nor kissed his head, and lower her barriers. Summer-sky thread reaching for him, to tangle their psyches as much as their bodies. To show him the edge she rode, driven there by his body. The easy way he fit between her hips. Lips on his neck. Hand on his back. Just a little more and she would tumble over that edge. Wanted to be filled with him when she did.

Toes drawn along his thighs, Nor fitted her knees over his hips. And then a calf over his back. Ready for everything he had to give her. More than ready.

Norr Province / Re: A meeting of minds
« Last post by Anders Daggerhand on Yesterday at 06:24:38 PM »

"Next time I'll finish after I stopped bleeding on your ship Essi," he told her solemnly and worried slightly when her expression flattened. She was going to kill him and throw him overboard.

Women and their sniffing. He chuckled when she tapped the side of her head. "Are you suggesting I'm not right in the head Essi?!" he exclaimed with feigned indignation before continuing with pleasure, "I didn't know you cared about my wellbeing!" She sounded like she needed to be coddled and pet until she sighed with delight. Maybe he could get her to let him bury a hand in that luscious blonde hair.

"That I should. That I should," he murmured in agreement disappointed she didn't pet his hurt away. "I didn't bleed my body's worth of blood on the deck, can't be that hard to get up," he shrugged, braving a Hearth Witch's anger. He laughed as she slapped his hands and danced away in case she decided to slap something else. "Good to know all that hard work as an awful wretch is paying off," he laughed again.

"All you have to do is ask, Essi and I would scrub it until I bled again," he told her with all the seriousness of a mischievous boy. He gave her a sharp bow at the waist, "Your wish is my command, Lady." He flashed her a wicked grin as he sauntered down the gangplank to collect the crates she had brought with her. Craft wrapped around the smallest, he grabbed one to carry it onto the deck of the ship.

"Oof, buy out the entire market place Essi?" he demanded playfully as he set both packages down and went back for more. "See?" he asked nodding at the vanished blood, "Easy as all that." His eyes crinkled at the corner as his grinned widened. She was so easy tease.

"Let me know when you've had your fill of me Essi," he shot at her as he unloaded another package, "I promise to make using me again worth your while."

Thure Island / Re: quiet moments
« Last post by Georgette Louise on Yesterday at 04:51:58 PM »

Georgi sighed, watching Gabriel rush out the door. Away from her. Well, more from her work. At least she hoped. It would be unfair if she were to make anyone go green about the gills like that. Even a eunuch. Especially a eunuch, Georgi amended, looking away from her eunuch’s back to find the Priestess Mother’s.

”Hand Vrai!” She greeted, voice soft, but bright with happiness. ”Please excuse Gabriel. He is still not used to the dead.” She apologized for her eunuch. Not sure they would ever make a strong pair. Not when half her duties disturbed him so thoroughly. ”He will be better after he vomits.” She told him with a blush, not a thing she had meant to say. Poor Gabriel.

Undecided on just where she wanted to be, Georgi clasped her hands in front of her and smiled. ”Were you coming in?” She asked, stepping out of his way. She had no where to be.  Maybe back to her work, but a little company that did not run away - and was not dead - might be nice. She wondered if she could borrow him, Vrai, Eulalie’s left. Georgi had never seen him flustered by anything.

Fingers laced together, Georgi bounced the heels of her hands against one another. He was quite perfect, Eulalie’s left hand.

Sør Province / Re: Happenstance [CW]
« Last post by Loic on Yesterday at 04:07:05 PM »

Loic had never made a woman sound like that. Her pleasure noises made his skin buzz. Chest swelling on the inside with an unfamiliar sort of pride. Each circle of her fingers drawing teasing her butt up from the bed. It made him feel… like a man. In a way he hadn’t experienced before.

He had pleased women, sure, but it had always felt a happy accident. Something he managed while looking for his own release.

Nor was all he could think about now. Stroking her climax so she didn’t pant with all that need anymore. It was beautiful to watch. It was hot to watch. Loic couldn’t help moaning with her as she rode his fingertips. Sloppy kisses passed between them until she pulled away to ask for more.

”Alright.” He didn’t think he could wait much longer anyway. Not with the way she writhed around his hand. Or the way she cried his name. He tried her breast again as he shifted to take the spot her legs opened for him. Teeth grazing this time, tongue rolling her nipple the way he had rolled the blueberries. Sucking instead of popping them between his molars. The other given equal treatment while he parted her with the tip of himself.

One hand guiding the action the other stroking her wrist. A slow lean into her wetness. Hissing with pleasure at the pressure. Only the head in before his hips took over. Not a real thrust but heavy roll. Pouring over her Loic buried his face in her neck. Groaning with all the pent up years of need hidden in gentle friendship. Gasping and croaking when he was finally to the hilt.

He’d never stroked her with his probes but he tried that now too. Checking to make sure the way he filled her was comfortable. For him it was amazing. Almost consuming. The buzz of his blood in his ears a roar that begged him to take a deeper thrust. He fit so well, though, without her hips even tilted. There was so much Nor to sink into.

Rodgau Province / Re: Tantrums [CW]
« Last post by Catriona Blackthorn on Yesterday at 03:56:32 PM »

She squirmed against his hand, hips thrusting and her own eyes darkened to a brilliant green with her need. Teeth set into her full bottom lip as her thumbs raked across peaked nipples, circles within circles. Heat and wetness as he cupped her in his hand. A soft mewling sound came from her throat as the chill of the air met hot skin as Morgan vanished the offending material between them.

Laughter at the pinch to her bottom, mirth bright in those lust filled eyes. Thighs tightened, muscles quivering as he rode that space between her thigh and her sex. Hips moved in tandem with his and Catriona nearly moved to grip his hips and bring him more firmly to that emptiness between her legs. A moan, deep and guttural met that twirl of thumb and stroke against her heat. Catriona arched into his mouth and her gasp of delight as teeth met nipple brought a fresh pull to the center of her.

Her head thrashed as he worked her with hips and fingers, her hands buried in his hair as his mouth locked around a stiff nipple and the disappointed feeling when he released the peak to stand again, searing her body with his hot gaze. "Liked that did you," she chuckled hotly skin twitchy beneath his palm. Hands moved slow, tortuously up her torso to lay the palms against her sensitive breasts. Her back arched and she brought a low moan to her own lips.

Fingers pulled and pinched and rolled nipples between them and Catriona's eyes lit with her pleasure as her lids drooped and hooded. Face flushed and lips parted as she arched once more against her palms. She almost wanted to beg for release, to beg her husband for that sweet release but the torture was exquisite and Catriona wasn't quite ready for it to end.

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