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Sør Province / Re: Bedtime Accusations
« Last post by Arkyn Wildling on Yesterday at 02:57:45 PM »
A small sound of disagreement worked in the back of Arkyn’s throat. Head tipped towards the rise of a single shouldered shrug. Mouth pursed thoughtfully for a second before he asked, ”I think that depends on how false you want to keep those rumors…  because you could have that, if it was what you wanted.” Maybe she did. Maybe maybe maybe. There was no attempt to open the door or escape sideways. In fact she didn’t even shrink against the door.

Dark lashes sweeping low over her eyes Kirsi stared back at him with lips made rosy from the press of her teeth. An expression he recognized written in the heaviness of her lids and fullness of her mouth. For once their interest was mutual- and aligned. She did want to try a kiss. Maybe more than a kiss but life had taught Arkyn to keep his expectations very low. It made the good surprises better and kept the bad ones shallow.

Besides the length and depth of her interest were questions he could live without the answers to for now. Not knowing made things less complicated. Made embracing the opportunity instead of letting it pass him by easier. A woman who had fought the world and won was tossing him that look. If he missed this chance then he’d just be adding more ‘what ifs?’ to a life already filled by them. Hand curving around the knob he smiled as her fingertips fit in the spaces left by his own. And let a chuckle out as she reached with the other hand to fondle a spiral of his hair. Always his hair. Young, old, sour, dour, sweet, sassy. They always went for the hair first. From the girl children that tugged or spread jelly in it to the women that held fistfulls while they earned his pay and the grandmother’s that pat it down at temple service on holidays.

The fleeting touch came with a long laugh. A nervous sort of sound that made the hairs on his arm stand at attention. Contradictory as it seemed nervous was a good sign. Arkyn knew what to do with nervous. How to lead it to willing, then to satisfied. Fear and mistrust were the walls that he had never found a way to scale. Nervous, though, nervous he could handle. He let his legs puzzle with Kirsi’s while she talked about baking. Door firm at her back as he leaned in. Desire reined in by reason as he cocked another smile at her, ”Even sour apple pies.”

Palms flat he found a hip to cup and a shoulder to curve around. Fingertips at the base of her neck, thumb rubbing at the fabric of her blouse. While she plucked a line down his shirt. Subtle grooming to test the water before diving in. Arkyn waited patiently for her to make up her mind. Hands giving a gentle press when she looked up again. Ready to release her or pull her a little closer. Depending. She didn’t make him wait very long. Curious fingers gliding over the strength in his arms and rounds of his shoulder to find that spot by his neck where a wrist was easily rested. 

Fingers splayed where they held her Arkyn pulled her body flush. Smiling to himself at the strange but pleasing turn of events.

She didn’t have to rise up far to reach. No tippy toes or stretching. So he knew the way her breasts brushed his chest was purposeful. Mouth soft he tried the readiness of her lips. Kissing the lower until she let him slip it between his. Teeth skimming the swell in a measured nibble. The art in his kiss found in the steady pressure and gentle sucks. Fancy tongue work saved for placed that needed them.

His hands followed the shape of her figure from waist to ribs. Thumbs spanning over to sweep under her breasts. Tracing the curves without fondling. The twitching in his spear hidden along his thigh. A good kiss all it took to gain it’s attention. But it had learned a few life lessons too. Expectation even lower than the other sjefs.
Character Applications / Re: Stoneheart, Eira
« Last post by Jenn on Yesterday at 12:46:04 PM »
Could I get one more family roll please?
Rodgau Province / Re: There is this thing
« Last post by Catriona Blackthorn on Yesterday at 11:34:32 AM »
Fingers pulled again for good measure at his sucked in breath. Such a shit to bait her so terribly. Hips moved unbidden as he gripped her ass and tugged her forward. Terrible husband making her want, want and want some more. It was difficult to deny him when he played dirty like he was wont to do. Trapped by his legs, Catriona gave up trying to maim him by kicking. Not that she would have made contact anyway. She liked what she was aiming at far too much to actually make contact.

"Two months is not nearly long enough," she snorted, "This is an important decision and well you know it husband." She could pout and deny all she wanted but in the end, Cat knew she'd give in. There might be a struggle and there might be a fight about it but she'd give in. "I'm not," she grinned at him and knew it for truth. Her moon time would happen soon and she couldn't feel anything quickening in her womb. Little moan breathed out as he fit against her thigh and she laughed as he snapped at her fingers. "One day you'll catch a finger as a snack and then what would you do?"

"Bah," she waved her hand where it lay draped across his shoulder, "Not always, mostly I'm right and you just pretend." Grin was wicked and she leaned forward to press a hot kiss against his mouth to keep him quiet for just a moment more. "I can never have too many desks you know. I have to fill these rooms with something. Desks only to fuck on, desks only to write on, desks only for business. Every desk imaginable." Hips shifting with the motion of his kneading and Cat knew they'd end her birthday the best way. Sweaty, panting, and sated.

"I suppose if you'd like your way you'd better get started," she tilted her head back as she dragged a hand down his back and around to his front. Fingers drifting up and down the length of him trapped behind his pants, "Well? What are you waiting for? Another two months?" It was a dare, a challenge and a tease all rolled into one. Catriona was confident her brews would hold until she was ready. She might as well enjoy the ride as she decided.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries
« Last post by Iskra Graves on Yesterday at 04:18:44 AM »

She wanted to catch him half a dozen times. To press him to her. Cheeks and nose and lips skimming her body as he undressed her. The way he dragged her close by the waistbands of her skirts made heat pool between her hips. Close was just where she wanted to be. Fingers stroking her hair as he knelt to pull her layered skirts down. Knuckles sliding over her hips and thighs.

Thighs that pressed tight and hips that rocked toward him. Fingers replaced by clinging arms as he stood. Both of them turning to hide against the other until they were nearly one body interlocked. Danger laughed. A sound that made the mirror vibrate and Iskra's ears flatten. It was hard to hear the voice beneath the craft, and Iskra so wanted to. Was it deep? Sweet, like Danger himself?

*No.* Answer quick and sure. She wanted him no where that was not there with her. There where she could watch the play of muscles across his back in the mirror. Her eyes dark when she looked back at herself. Needy fingers working across his skin which grew moist beneath their tips. Humidity making the air thick and heavy. It was nearly too much. Kissing him, Iskra moved backward. Back toward the warm spray of water.

Danger just a few steps behind her. Watching her put shields up with hungry eyes before he reached out and plucked her last line of defense from her body, leaving her naked before him. It made Iskra blush. And blush harder as he rolled the rest of his clothing down his legs. Spear free to rise up and lay itself against his stomach. The way he reached up to cup his hands over his head made Iskra smile. Like he wanted her to look. To look long and hard. Which was exactly what his spear was.

*Nothing.* It was different to see it than to feel it. Now she knew and there was no way to pretend otherwise. Iskra still reached for him. Still wanted him even though the knot of anxiety in her stomach knew he'd never fit without pain. And probably a lot of it. But Iskra knew there was plenty they could do without that. They'd done it before, once. This time it would be easier. A whole lot less clothing to work around.

Hand taken, Danger followed her in. Shoulder hunching against the water, her leaned in over Iskra. More kissing, and compliments that made her curl her fingers in his hair. Any praise or thanks she might have given him yanked away as his thumb slid over her nipple. Iskra's whole body followed it. Gasping, her grip tightened, all of her swaying after his thumb as the invisible bundles if nerves that lived in her body bunched tight as one.

Lips parted, Iskra tried to breathe. And not rio Danger's hair out at the roots. *I can try.* Secondary thread hard to anchor when she was distracted. Heart pounding, stomach quivering in need. She nearly swarmed the first witch she found. Thread heavy handed and urgent, leaving surprise and amusement behind as Iskra retreated. *Done.* She panted, leaning back in so she could kiss him again. And be kissed back.

Hand sliding down his front. Fingers dipping into each swell. Stroking his side and cupping his hip. Thumb sliding between his spear and his stomach to dip into his belly button. Iskra arched toward him. Arm around his neck to keep him close and help her keep her upright. *You're beautiful too.* She told him. mouth hungry on his. Iskra sucked his bottom lip, and then his tongue, fingers circling his spear. The base of it cupped in her palm. She squeezed, and then slid her hand upward, palm rolled over the tip.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries
« Last post by Danger on July 21, 2019, 08:42:07 PM »
The room wasn’t particularly cold to Danger. So he wasn’t sure why Iskra’s shoulders gave a tremble or why she looked at him that way. Eyes giant wells of emotion he didn’t have the skillset to judge. Not a happy look, he decided. Nervous, upset, anxious. A sudden surgance of sense? This was far from a good idea. He was just about the most dangerous thing a girl could do. But it could feel really damn good if he just managed to keep his mouth shut. Which, luckily, didn’t have to equate to shutting up. If anything she looked in need of reassurance. *You can change your mind. Anytime.*

He would be careful. Gentle. Listen better to the signs of her willingness. Sex with other people did not make her ready to go that far with him. Even if she was eager to ply his buttons through their holes. Fingertips trailing down his chest as she opened the front of his shirt bit by bit. Every button stirring his spear a little more. Danger worked around her in short spurts. Nuzzling her shoulder or her cheek or whatever parts brushed by as he dipped to sweep the top skirt from her bundle. As he lifted it to her waist a dozen gauzier skirts beneath fell back in place. Fingers gathering the fabric he raised it to her hips, then up her torso. Pulling it over her head in the pause between her undoing of his last button and the shedding of his shirt. Both peeling sleeves down one another's arms. The view of her soft chemise covered by her face as she tipped towards him with hungry lips and agreement.

The shower started behind his back. Danger could feel the change in the air. Humidity that swallowed up the last tendrils of chilly winter that clung to their hair and clothes. It enveloped the room in damp heat that fueled the already titillating tensions. He could feel the way Iskra’s hands trembled. Mouth warm on its path down his throat as he arched his hips to help her shove his pants down. Toes catching the fabric to step on the hems. Working them down farther. Until he was standing there in just his undershorts. Fingers curled around the overlapping waistbands of half a dozen skirts he tugged her close. Then tugged the whole lot down. More layers than he cared to count added to the growing pile on the floor. As he bent to help her foot through the leg of her trousers he caught a glance in the mirror.

Bare backside nearly obscured by the hot fog. But it was all there. Dark hair tumbling down her shoulders. Tail raised up to whip through the air. He could feel the pressure of blood pulsing in his head. An almost sound that made him want to pop his ears. Hands itching to test the length of her tail and softness of its fur he stood up to tuck his attention into the nook of her neck but found her looking for the same hiding spot in reverse. Catching her flush to his front Danger lost control of a breathless chuckle that made the mirror rattle.

Wrapping his arms around her he breathed in the oils that the warm air pulled from her skin. Nose to her temple as he rubbed a circle in the arch of her back. *Do you want me to wait in the other room?* The question was forced down the line. He didn’t want to wait, he wanted to stay. To touch. To kiss and taste and wonder what sweet noises she was making when her expressions changed. But they weren’t in his lighthouse, where she could run away if he pushed too far. This was her house and he would crumble to pieces if she told him to leave.

Her answer was a tightened grip and a sound he couldn’t hear. Vibrations felt along his cheek before her lips turned to mark the same spot. Danger turned them so he could count the steps to the shower. They were almost there. So close that escaping water droplets fell on his hand, and the curve of her buttcheek. Greedy eyes peering over her shoulder to see. While Iskra had her turn admiring the reflection of their bodies molded together. He worked a few kisses across her shoulder heading towards her mouth, but Iskra met him halfway. A quick but passionate kiss that tied his insides into knots. They tightened to pull painfully at his balls when she stepped back.

Cupping the ache through the thin layer of cotton he drank her up with greedy eyes. Tail in her hands as she pet Craft into the fur. Massive blue eyes turned up at him under the shadow of heavy lashes. Chemise made sheer by the dampness of the steam. Reaching out he plucked it off with the help of his Sapphire. Two rudy peaks the reward for his boldness. She was the perfect image of temptation. Spear straining at its barrier Danger realized he would have been just as crazy for Iskra even without the bond. It frightened and inspired him in turn. Folding his shorts down he kicked  them away. Then let her have a proper look.

A blush deepened the color across the bridge of his nose. Not exactly shyness. Weaving his fingers together he rested them on top of his head. Body on display. Steady meals and sneaky healing craft had helped fill in the pits and valleys that didn’t belong. Danger was lean, he thought he would always be, but he wasn’t the same sorry sight he had been a week, or two, before. The muscles of his stomach rolled down into the muscles of his groin. And his spear rose up from the center to hover over his navel. Proud of itself and strong. Redder than the rest of his skin. A bed of dark hair hiding the places that throbbed the worst.

*What?* Laugh almost nervous he lowered his arms, fighting the temptation to hide himself. He didn’t know what she said. Lips moving as she slipped into the water. But he thought it must have been something good. Taking the hand she held out for him Danger joined her under the water. Shoulders rising up under the heat. He pressed in close despite the size of the shower. Mouth finding hers and sucking the water away so he could have her lip. *You’re so beautiful.*

Thumb tracing a nipple he skimmed her teeth with his tongue. Before he got too sidetracked he broke free, licking her flavor from his mouth and stealing a few more pecks. *Can you tell the kitchen to just leave it in the room without knocking? I’d feel a lot better if I could do an aural shield on your ears. Bathrooms echo.*
Sør Province / Re: Bedtime Accusations
« Last post by Kirsi on July 21, 2019, 06:49:28 PM »

Bodies nearly joining together. Twisting just outside of touching as they turned toward each other. A feast of innuendo laid out between them. Arkyn's smile was lopsided, stirring a flutter in her stomach as much as the angle of his body. "I hope you know a good healer with sweet tooth like that." She smirked before turning away from him.

Stepping over the arrogant sprawl of his legs as she went. Skirts swirling as she headed for the door. But not out of it. Something stirring her spine to strength and her tongue to sharpness. Not in spite. There was no hissing. Just more teasing as she turned to face him. Meaning richer than she meant it thanks to all the double talk.

Worse still she could not regret it. Even when she turned to find him closer than expected. Dogging her steps the door. Right up to it until Kirsi was arched over the knob, and his hand, which fought with hers over the knob. Stomach clenching she sucked her lips, tongue sliding between them. "Can't have that, can I?" Kirsi held her breath and watched him, remembering the tea that had spilled down her dress and across her front step.

Watched especially the way his tongue slipped between his teeth to cross his bottom lip. Behind her, Kirsi's hand locked with his. Door knob held between their palms. Free fingers touching the tip of a curl. She laughed. Sound low in her throat, all the air leaving her lungs with it, forcing her to suck in another breath. "Even the kind made with sour apples?" Because that was what she was.

The sort of fruit that had to be stewed in sugar and pastry to be palatable. "Because I am much better at baking those than cake." She had never made a pie either. Vegetables and meat. Vegetables and meat. But Kirsi did not want to think about vegetables and meat. She wanted to think about rainbows along mountain snow.

And what the breadth of his chest felt like under her hands. She pinched the fabric of his shirt between her fingers and stroked a crease into his shirt. Smoothed it down and slid her hand up over his shoulder, across the muscle there to his neck. It would be fine. To open her mouth under his and lift her breasts to his chest. To taste the wildness and moods on his tongue.

Why not finally be something she was accused of? Something pleasurable.

Sør Province / Re: Bedtime Accusations
« Last post by Arkyn Wildling on July 21, 2019, 05:24:06 PM »
Lips folding over his teeth Arkyn followed her gaze to his hand. The hint of worry that he was going too far yet again soothed by the fact that she didn’t pull away. At the very least she didn’t mind. Arkyn liked it though, so he pushed the line a little farther. Searching for the spot where his interest would meet her repulsion or fear. It wasn’t waiting on the other side of his teasing. Something else was. A look in her eye that made his stomach tighten and his lips part to join her soft laugh. There was a blue spark of warmth under her dark lashes that made him wish he hadn’t let go of her hand quite so soon.

”I’m sure you’d get off with a warning if you decided not to repay the kindness. Sharing pot roast spots is awfully generous.” He said, stressing the ‘awfully’ with a forward lean. Fingers inching back towards the hand she still rested on his arm, but too late to find them again. Laughter brightening the air she summed up the pleasures in his life and called them something else. Making him smile wistfully with one eyebrow curved up. Voice defeated but jovial. ”No, the cake and pot roast rarely ever get me into trouble. People that want to guess about my eating habits do.”

A smirk loped across his face as she gave him a sharp once over. Both shifting at the same moment so that their knees and hips nearly butted together. Catching his weight with one hand on the desk he set the other down as a fist on his hip. Looking down the rounds of his cheeks at her sassy pose. And sassier advice. ”I could give up the pot roast if I had to. The cake would be a hard negotiation, I think.” He said, letting himself drown in the innuendo. If pot roast were red moon houses then he thought it  made some sort of sense. Probably.

Kirsi didn’t seem to be putting nearly as much meaning behind the words. Stepping across him she headed for the door. He walked her to it with another try at goodbye. ”Right. It was good seeing you again.” He said. A sigh working up his chest as he squared his shoulders to get back to work. Ready to catch the door once she was through it. Eyes laughing she turned around instead. Knob held and eyes on Arkyn. Baiting him for a reaction. Flashing teeth in a rare smile he shook his curls and wagged a finger at her. ”Careful,” The gap between their bodies nearly gone he reached behind her to feel the cool metal of the door knob for himself. Fingers almost tangled in with hers. ”or that’s going to sound like an invitation.”

From his spear up it certainly sounded like one. Heart a lump in his throat he stepped closer rather than risk anything as bold as a kiss. It was one thing to poorly read signals. Another entirely to molest a woman who had given him the cold shoulder until… well right then and there. Treading the line with all the care of a prowling hunter he looked for more clues in her body language. Tongue taking its time as it slid between his top teeth to wet his bottom lip. Maybe a last round of teasing would tip him off to her intent. ”You know, I like pie too.” 
Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries
« Last post by Iskra Graves on July 21, 2019, 08:22:52 AM »

His mouth lingered over hers. Lips closed but soft. Iskra was careful to keep her face still while she unbuttoned her coat so the contact wasn't broken. *Whatever we want.* Answer vague but not elusive as she worked her arms free of her coat. Danger's hands like his interest, flowing down her body to help. Lips parting on a sigh, Iskra rose on her tip toes to wrap her arms around his neck.

Danger leaned in. Hands traveling down her spine and then up to cup her ears. They twitched under his palms, flattened against her skull as she felt rather than heard his groan. Like a soft breeze through the room created by an opening door. No damage done, and his pleasure made her toes curl. Tongue sliding across his lip until he drew it into his mouth. Iskra arched. Nipples tightening and thighs squeezing together. It was like a lightning strike. Pins and needles down her body.

Elbows tucked over his shoulders, Iskra chased his tongue with her own. Felt the hard lines of his teeth, and the seam along the roof of his mouth. Tasted blood and morning coffee as desire bubbled up in her stomach and made her hips rocking in his hands. Glad to be pressed flush against him. Hungry for more contact. But less clothes. Danger wasn't as certain. Link twisting with nervous energy. Hand sliding over his chest, Iskra drew circles just below his throat and tried not to worry at the hesitation.

*Very.* Very, very. Gaze shy but hands less so as she opened his coat and slid if from his body. Forgotten on the floor with her own. Breathing uneven as she tried to gauge his mood without giving in wholly to her own. The worry or the lust. Eyes sweeping closed as he strokes her jaw and drew her back in for another kiss. Her fingers curled into the sides of his shirt, holding Danger to her while she drew his lower lip into her mouth, catching it between her teeth and tongue.

*Okay.* Breathless and eager, Iskra ignore the trepidation edging up her spine. The line they had been treading for days on end about to be obliterated. She held on tight, waiting in agony as he hesitated at the doorway. Eyes on everything but her. What the bathroom too much? Was she too little? Ears and tail exotic until they were full exposed. And then what were they? What was she? Did he regret being bound to a freak of a queen?

She shivered a little, waiting for him to finish judging the room. To decide if the idea was too much of a bad one to follow through with. Hand pulling her hat from her head, tail curling between her thighs and up around her waist. Hiding. When he finally looked at her, Iskra thought she might die. Cheeks flaming, smile unsteady as she searched his face for answers. Finding them in the hands he placed on her. Bossing her gently.

Sucking in a breath, Iskra nodded. Fingers fumbling with his buttons. Body humming with anticipation. There was something amazingly erotic about being undressed while she did the same to him. Slips of skin slowly exposed. No way to control which parts of her body he undressed first. All of her aching and terrified both to he exposed to him. Pulling his shirt free some his arms, Iskra leaned in to kiss him. *Okay.*

Okay. Okay. She sounded like an idiot. Craft turning the water on. Mouth trailing down his chin to his neck. Knuckles skimming his stomach as she reached for his pants. Lips crossing the scars on his neck gently, hands shaking so hard she could barely get her pants down his hips. Her body burning with every inch exposed to the air. *Danger.* Tail waving madly in agitation Iskra fought a sudden bout of violent modesty by clinging to him.

His body was like a hot coal against her own. Even in the warm steam that had begun to fill the room. Moaning against his cheek, Iskra pressed a kiss there and drew her fingers down his spine. Watching them slide down his skin in the mirror. She kissed him. Lips caught hard between their teeth by the fierceness, hands working nervously down her tail as she stepped back. Fingers stroking a shield into the fur. She didn't like how it pulled against her spine when went.

Something similar brushed up her ears as she looked him over. Heart hammering, each breath felt at the tips of her breasts. "Oh Mother." Shuddering, Iskra stepped backward into the shower, hand reaching to draw him in after her. The patter of warm water against her skin making her flinch and twitch. Eyes watching. Waiting for his reaction. Was it too much? Too different? Or did he still want her? Was it with the same stomach twisting need she wanted him with?

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries
« Last post by Danger on July 20, 2019, 06:01:13 PM »
Mouth pooling to one side Danger squinted harder at Iskra. Expression thoughtful but light. *I guess that is true.* Eydis was in charge of the whole city. If she had to rush out to do… whatever queens did when they weren’t curled up in lighthouses, then she didn’t have to tell Iskra. Didn’t have to tell anyone. He didn’t know what the rules were, if there were any. He didn’t even know how a queen was chosen in a city. Iskra might very well never be the one people reported to.

Would never need to be shared with a court of males who could do the job he was unfit for. Males he couldn’t bare to think about while she was leading him into her bedroom with that pleading look settled along her eyebrows. There was no fumbling at the door. An illusion of privacy granted by the door. Making them both breath a little bit easier. He understood why she wanted to be here. In the hub of the city, with the people she was familiar with, at home in a room where all her things sat waiting. That was natural. Just as his concern for the lives he risked by being there was natural. Lives that were easier to push farther from his mind when they were out of his sight.

Or rather, when Iskra could dominate his sight. Which she did. Turning pink at his question. Nervous hands brushing over her coat as she hedged. Relaxing again when he decided not knowing was better for them both. Why make her think of other men when they were alone together? Days of chaste petting and kisses fit for grandmothers already made him worry that there were other men on her mind. Even when she was curled across his chest at night. Both struggling to reignite the heat his tail pulling had ruined. The added potential of how far their touching could go now only complicated things more. Plentiful touches, flirting, teasing, fingers almost always linked. And he still couldn’t bring his mouth to open over hers uninvited.

An invitation that he knew was unfair to hope for from a woman still blooming up from girlhood. He thought Iskra was trying, though. At least he hoped that was her intent as she turned her face up to his kisses. That was all the encouragement he needed. Mouth closed but lingering over her bottom lip as she parted the front of her coat. *Long enough for what?* He asked with ticklish lines of interest wiggling along their thread for hints. Hands working up her back he helped peel her arms free of her sleeves. Trying the same path along her spine in reverse with less layers between them he leaned into her deepened kiss.

A groan bubbled in his throat. Prompting him to cup her ears with his hands. Shields saving them from the sound. She brushed her tongue across his lip, and he swallowed it up. Warm and strong as he coaxed it into twirling with his own. Kiss stretched but interrupted by a smile as he clung a little tighter around her waist. He sipped at her lip in small plucks as she broke free to speak. The heels of his palms kneading into her hip bones as he tried to brush by her words to get back to the kissing. They were important words though. Words that needed answering.

*...* Nervous energy swarmed the thread from Danger’s end. A shower seemed like a big step. It was a step in the direction he wanted to go, but the last time he had bounded off to chase pleasure he’d thrown them both off an emotional cliff. *Are you sure?* Sure, sure his eyes begged. Because he wanted her to be, but also didn’t want to push. Turning to his coat he let her work it down his shoulders to drop on the floor with hers. Gaze darting back to the queen-healer a thousand times. Stomach an anxious knot under his belly button.

Hands cupping her jaw he bowed down to kiss her again. *Let’s see just how big this shower is, then.* Danger agreed as she lead the way. A much shorter walk this time. Fingers woven together as he hesitated by the doorway again. Another layer of privacy put between them and the world. It really was a big bathroom. With the biggest shower he had ever seen. Nothing like the simple water spicket sticking out of his bathroom wall. He spared a few glances for the ceramic tiles, and traced the support beams with curious eyes before giving all his attention back to Iskra. This was the part where they undressed. At least his stomach curled and ached with the anticipation of nakedness.

Instead of worrying about his clothes he sidled up to help Iskra out of hers. *Do mine. I’ll do yours.* Fingers lead to the buttons on his shirt he stole a short kiss. It was easier to take someone else’s clothes off than it was to strip yourself while they watched. Especially if you were trembling to see how they reacted to your body. *Start the water first, so it’ll be just right when we get in.*
Sør Province / Re: Bedtime Accusations
« Last post by Kirsi on July 20, 2019, 04:11:18 PM »

"Not far then." Closer than many of the places Kirsi had glimpsed in her webs. Closer than the one place she had actually gone beyond them. It made gooseflesh rise on her arms. The heat of dragon fire racing up her neck. "Hmmm." Kirsi squinted at the smoky edge of the mountain side. Most would. Herself included. The tribal folk were not much seen in the city. And she'd seen even less as a girl in Reric, fewer still when she'd been living in her cave.

Her eyes drifted from the painting back to Arkyn. Arkyn Wildling. It explained a lot. Pieces she hadn't realized she'd been missing falling into place. Her gaze swept over him, as if he would suddenly look different in this new light. Eyebrow twitching, but he looked the same. A little wild, but mostly like any other man. "Never ever?" Her elbows slid out and her shoulders in. She'd not heard of a Black since Witch. Kirsi wondered if they had been more plentiful before then. "I wonder why." Good reason, probably. History was not kind to Witch.

"Pies?" She laughed. At Arkyn mostly. "I'd rather be sullen than food, I think." Sour apples. Mother Night it was not pleasant to hear. No wonder he scowled to hear similar about himself. It was different knowing you did quite fit and hearing how other people viewed or inability to be like them. But she never had fit, even as a girl. Too wild and temperamental. A bad child who had never grown to be a good woman. But how to be that had never been shown to her.

"Doesn't it though." Smile bitter sweet. Laughter turning too serious as he read more into Kirsi's comment than she meant him to. She could feel his eyes looking for answers. Intent on her face as she glanced away. Gave him a high tipped ear to examine before she smiled and shook her head. Slowly turning to face him again. "Sometimes I throw the annoying ones out. Patients, I mean." Eyes dark beneath the fringe of her lashes, Kirsi watched his tongue trace his bottom lip. Mouth strangely soft for as hard as the rest of him was.

"You what?" Kirsi flushed, laughter making her cheeks puff and her hands flutter to cover her face. She nearly choked on it. Image flashing through her mind so utterly ridiculous she couldn't help but laugh. Hard and shocked guffaws spilled into her hands. "That's..." She sputtered. Disgusting? Insane? "Deranged." Kirsi decided, laughter slowing and then giving away as he jerked away from her hand. She'd forgotten. Herself. Her place.

All the little ways she'd been treated as human tricking her into believing she had an existence outside her purpose. She only had the one. To find Rias and make right what she'd ruined. They both withdrew. Kirsi nearly apologized, but couldn't bring herself to utter the words. She hadn't meant anything by it but to free his hair. So she put her hands away so he would feel safer. Went back to teasing to help put more distance between them and the event.

"So I've noticed." He should have been married by now, the way people thought. To someone not Kirsi, who had spent so little time in his company. He had something for her before she left. Letter exchanged along with the reasons behind his actions. She'd understood them, in a way, even as it had all been unfolding around her. Peregrine angry at her doorstep. Arkyn seeing more than anyone had a right to.

The only one to ever do anything about it. His hand covered hers. The contact warm. Gentle. No expectation or demand in it. It was a hand, on hers, offering comfort and requesting nothing in return. Kirsi looked at it. Watched his thumb cross the ridges of her knuckles and turned her eyes up just in time to catch his wink. She chuckled, heat sweep from her toes up to her eyes. "Oh yes. But I owe him, you see. For fixing my fence and introducing me to good pot roast."

She laughed, slipping her hand from his arm and shaking her head at him. "Pot roast and cake seem to get you into an awful lot of trouble, Sjef." Arms sliding under her breasts, Kirsi gave him a critical look over. Hips angled toward him. "My advice would be to give up eating, if I weren't a healer." Shrugging, she stepped over his boots and finally turned toward the door. "I really should go though." Kirsi glanced over her shoulder, turning slowly to press her hands behind her back and folding them over the doorknob.

"I left a cake in the oven."

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