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Title: Of queens and broken men
Post by: Nyree on January 25, 2019, 07:50:13 PM

Nyree roused from her nap, body curled in the joints of a tree. The kitten leapt from her shoulder to a higher branch, hair fluffed up from its body. Sniffing, Nyree spit and wiped her nose, the taste of copper lingering on the back of her throat. Above her, the kitten growled deep in its chest, the sound so low Nyree almost missed it.

Sitting up, she tucked her toes over the branch, leaning forward on to her hands. There was someone below her. A slow, drunken shuffle bringing him into the clearing she’d been guarding. She was thinking of setting a second garden in it to attract more bees to the area. Sweet things with bright petals and heady pollen.  Sucking her bottom lip, Nyree drew her hair from her face and made sure her scent was properly hidden, a thread readied to send for Enele.

She had promised not to leave this spot while he was busy. She wondered if fleeing would break that promise? But first she wanted to see. Curious because the man was naked. His walk halting and uneven. She thought he might be an corithe, looking for a safe place to change. Nyree was tempted to call out to him, but something in the emptiness of his face, and the twist in his psychic scent kept her silent.

The kitten came down from the upper branch to perch on Nyree’s shoulder, big enough now that she had to compensate for the weight, leaning into it so she wasn’t unbalanced. Its rough tongue stroked her ear, growl still vibrating in its stomach.

She and Enele still hadn’t decided if it was male or female. Too much fur and too little hints. The thought drew her eyes lower, past the painfully blank face and bare chest to way lay lower. Spear limp and faintly red. Nyree’s nose wrinkled. It looked ill used, and by the way he walked with his thighs wider than they needed to be, Nyree thought maybe it was. Not realizing until he stumbled and turned that his speared lacked companions. The redness on his thighs blood.

Nauseous, Nyree recoiled. The sound of scraping bark drew him to a halt. Before the man could turn her way, Nyree darted down the tree and off into brush, kitten following her with just as much agility and silence. *Enele?* Instinct sinking her into the earth while a probe raced ahead in search of him. *Enele, there is a man. I want to go home now.* She paused in the shadow of a boulder and checked behind her. Nothing followed and the kitten had stopped growling too.

Breathing deeply, Nyree raced off toward the promise of Enele. She had questions for him, and needed the comfort of his snarling.

Title: Re: Of queens and broken men
Post by: Enele on January 26, 2019, 07:10:48 PM
Hands covered in the dust of tree skin Enele flipped over the fresh sheet of bark he held to inspect the other side. Not a worm hole or termite tunnel on it. Just good healthy wood. There was a stack of similarly sized bark planks by his boots. Cleanly peeled up from the tree he was preparing to turn into actual planks. These, once treated to keep from turning brittle, would make excellent shingles. You had to use good, green on the inside bark to make it work. He liked working with it too. Liked the way it was smooth on one side and rough on the other. And that it smelled strongly of earth and musk. The feel of Nyree searching him out for a thread teased the idea of a connection. He lifted the sheet to his nose. Yes, it was almost the same scent as when he buried his nose between her thighs. A little less clean and feminine but the flavor it left in the back of his throat was the same. *I’m here.* He answered nonchalantly, smirking to himself at the tone she used. It sounded like she thought she was going to be in trouble. Naughty chit.

Dropping the bark square he took off in the direction her thread came from. *Does he see you? Can you hide? I’m coming!* A magnet! She was a damned magnet! Every lurker and lurch that set foot in the forest found their way to her eventually. Had he made a terrible mistake in bringing her out here? They didn’t seem to be doing a very good job of living in a secret place. It was maddening. And horrifying. Who else? Who else would stumble into his woman? What would this one do or want? How about the next? He had promised to keep her safe but it felt more and more like sticking her in a cage.

He should have let the bastards kill him. Spared her all of this and really set her free. Boots  quick despite the underbrush he followed the link of their thread until he found her, moving towards him at nearly the same pace. Arm hooking around her waist he yanked her to his side. Shields shooting up around them, kitten darting into the tangle of their legs to keep from having its tail knocked around. ”Are you okay?” His probes tried to find the answer before she gave it. Not even the glimmer of her psyche for him to tease against, so he washed out in a broad triangle instead. Stretching his Opal in search of the intruder. ”What happened? Who was he?” Why did she look so disturbed?

The thought of shifting crossed his mind. Time enough to do it and track the man down. If anyone ever found the body it would look like a run of the mill animal attack. Leaving Nyree alone was a bad trade off, though. A very bad one. Tugging at her hips he cocked his head towards the cabin. They could talk there, where the advantage of four walls would help slow down any attacks. The walk felt ten times longer than it really was. Every shifting shadow making him growl. Until they were back in the clearing where he was trying to build them a new life. Probes laid wide so he would know if anyone so much as sneezed in their direction.
Title: Re: Of queens and broken men
Post by: Nyree on January 27, 2019, 09:06:12 AM

*No. I’m safe.* At least Nyree thought she was. Sensed no one following her, and knew she left little to no trail behind her. Scent masked and her ability to move through the wilderness as keen as any wild beast’s. She did not hide as he demanded, moving instead. Too afraid that if she stopped the man would find her. Worried that she had made a mistake and he was an corithe, lost or wounded, or sick from changing?

Nyree wasn’t sure. But Enele would know. Unsettled still by the wrongness, she missed his approach, squealing when he grabbed her. Huffing, she buried her face into his shoulder, turning until she was tucked into him and could creep her arms up around his neck. ”I’m fine, Enele, he never even saw me.” That was worrying too. Should he have noticed her? She hadn’t been quiet coming down from the tree. Sighing, she rubbed her face against him, coating herself in his scent before peeling away.

”I don’t know who he was.” Nyree leaned against his side, letting Enele tugged her along by her hip. She felt better with him near. Arm tight around her, probes furiously scouring the area around them, and her barriers. Nyree was going to let him in, but he moved on too quickly. ”He stumbled into my bee garden. I was in the tree so he didn’t see me.” Nyree’s fingers worried over the hand cupping her hip. Stride matching his as he guided them toward the cabin. The kitten winding between their legs as they walked.

”I thought, maybe...” Nyree looked over their shoulders. No one was there, just the forest. ”Maybe he was going to shift. He didn’t have any clothes on and seem-“ Nyree pursed her lips, temple pressing against his shoulder as she tried to find the word. ”Disoriented?” It left her that way sometimes, the change. Senses too keen and different from wolf to woman. The whole world different.

She waited until he’d herded her into the cabin to tell him the rest. Curling up on a rough hewn chair, legs curling over each other. ”There was something wrong with him, but I don’t know what.” She chewed her lip and tried to decide what question to start with. She had so many. Nyree fidgeted, eyeing Enele, and the spear hiding beneath his belt.

”But maybe he wasn’t. His spear was awfully small.” She peeked up at him through the tangle of her hair before sweeping it back with her arm. She mumbled to herself, questions and questions. Was it an indication? Were an corithe males better in that way? Bigger? She remembered the sad length sticking to his thigh as he stumbled. Her nose wrinkled, hands clawing at her knees.

”Someone cut him. Enele.” She slid off the chair and pressed herself against him. ”His face was empty and someone had...” Nyree growled. She didn’t have the words for it. Not polite ones. ”Cut off his balls.” Just vulgar words she had learned mostly from Enele. She was so glad he was there. Trusting in him to know what to do. To have all the answers.

Title: Re: Of queens and broken men
Post by: Enele on January 27, 2019, 01:29:58 PM
Relief wrenched through Enele. The growls in his throat softening as she slunk her arms up around his neck. ”Good.” If he had not seen her then he couldn’t follow. Nyree rubbed against him, and her kitten did too. Tail and torso wrapping around his ankle. He thought it must have been trying to figure out if it could still fit in his boot. Separating just enough to walk he ushered Nyree towards home. Holding her tight and trying not to step on the kitten’s tail.

Frown growing deeper as he listened to her explain. A complete stranger stumbling around in the woods. Coincidence? There were an awful lot of coincidences in this supposedly far flung stretch of Glacia. They might have been better of aligning with one of the cities. Finding a queen and community to shelter with instead of hoping their solitude would be enough. But then he would have had to share Nyree. They would have had to hide their nature, lie to their neighbors as they aged at less than half their rate. It would have been messier but would it have been safer?

He glanced down at Nyree with guilt bubbling in his stomach. Fingers spreading on her hip so he could catch the nervous ones she danced over his knuckles. With a few small sounds of encouragement to keep her talking he swept the ground with probes again. This time the man was too far away to feel. Good. Good. ”Like sick? Or just confused?” So it wasn’t just a man out in the woods it was a naked man out in the woods! Just the sort he wanted his woman running into. Definitely the sort he wanted her running away from, though. He kissed her temple and opened the cabin door with Craft so he didn’t have to let go of her.

Inside he filled the kettle from their water barrel and hung it in the fireplace. Craft stoking flames to life with witchfire despite the wood being burned down to useless coal the night before. When he’d finished he crouched in front of Nyree’s chair. Arms resting on her thighs and hands on her waist. ”Wrong how?” He asked, following her gaze down to his crotch. It almost made him snap his thighs shut but he might have lost his balance if he shifted up off his heels.

Snorting he felt his face heat up. Head shaking. ”Of course that’s what you notice. Naughty.” Pinching her thigh he laid his head on her lap. Hands kneading their way up until he could feel the weight of her breast on their backs. ”They come in all sizes, Nyree.” He did not tell her where on the scale of average his own fell. Because she didn’t ask, and he might choke on his own tongue trying to explain.

Over him Nyree fidgeted. Making him sit up which gave her room to scratch nervously at her legs. Not really enough room to slip between him and the chair but he sat back until she did fit. Moving to stroke her hair as she told him about the wounds. It must have been what upset her, he thought, and then knew a second later. His own balls shot up towards his spine to hide. Making him groan softly. ”It’s alright, Bee.” Now it made sense.

Thumb resting on her temple he stretched out his legs and tucked her closer. Patting her ass until she was flush to his front. ”If he was naked, way out here, with his balls cut off then he deserved it. That’s what they do- in Little Terrielle, when a man rapes someone.” It made him hold her a little tighter. Glad that she was safe, here, and that there was little chance the man would find his way to them. Later, when it was dark he would shift and find the trail. Put the bastard out of his deserved misery. Only so that there was no possibility he stumbled into the Cervini village or any other innocent place. Then he would write Iris a letter. They ought to kill them instead of hoping Dea Al Mon would do their dirty work. ”They strip them, castrate them, and break them down to the chalice. He couldn’t have hurt you, Bee.”

Wouldn’t have even if he’d been a whole and dangerous beast. Not while there was breath left in Enele. ”You have to be more careful, though. There could be An Corithe out here.” And if they saw Nyree… He wouldn’t think about it. Growling at himself he held her tight, nose turning down to bury against her breasts.
Title: Re: Of queens and broken men
Post by: Nyree on January 27, 2019, 03:01:02 PM

Nyree wanted to laugh, but the sound wouldn’t come out. She covered Enele’s pinching fingers, petting him as he climbed into her lap. Arms, shoulders, neck. The crisp, greying hair on his head. ”It was out!” She defended, leaning into his hands. Her fingers following the column of his throat up and down. She sighed, tucking her fingers into the collar of his shirt. ”For all people?” She asked. Like breasts maybe.

But that was not the important part. Or the most important. Not even the part that worried Nyree. She would never ride that man’s spear to be disappointed in its size. It was the wound behind that troubled her. And the emptiness. It worried her right down into Enele’s lap where she could be safe. Hair petted and strong arms to shield her from everything.

”It’s not.” She protested. How could it be? Someone had to have done it. Would they come for Enele next? Nyree hooked her legs around his waist, holding on tighter. She wouldn’t let them. Enele wouldn’t let them. That male had to have been weak to be cut so, and Enele wasn’t weak. He was strong, and a skilled fighter. Nyree knew it, though she’d never seen him fight anything in her life.

Enele bounced her closer. Hand swatting her ass until they were touching from shoulders to hip. She tucked her face under his jaw. It smelled good there, and she could feel his pulse on her nose. She clung to his shirt collar, knuckles brushing his hair where it tapered toward his neck. He would need a haircut again soon. Maybe he would let her do it.

”That doesn’t seem right.” Listening despite her distraction. Nyree shivered. Rape was a thing she was unfamiliar with. A hushed word no one elaborated about in her presence, but she knew what it was and what it meant. Knew it wasn’t even something males did to witches. Sometimes they did it to each other. ”Why don’t they just kill them?” Quicker and cleaner that way. That was the emptiness she’d felt. He should have had Jewels for her to sense.

Nyree kissed the point of his jaw. ”Would it be so bad? To meet more of our people?” They could form a new pack. Maybe if there was another pack to mingle with her parents would want to come. And her brother. Nyree wondered if they were safe, but didn’t ask. She knew Enele felt guilty enough. She sighed, going limp in his arms. ”And I was careful, Enele. He didn’t even see me.” She was almost always careful.

Title: Re: Of queens and broken men
Post by: Enele on January 28, 2019, 11:52:51 AM
”For all people.” He confirmed, voice strained with unspent laughter. She was such a crazy mix of woman and girl. Catching him off guard with the things she knew, and the things she didn’t. Making him blush, or flush, with what she wanted to do with him, or let him do to her. The corners of his mouth twitched madly for a moment before he let the gravity of what had happened- and what could have happened- weigh them back into a frown.

Attempts to sooth dismissed almost petulantly. Because she didn’t understand, yet. And maybe didn’t trust him to know. Enele tried not to dwell on that. Or on any of the things that had split them up before. There was nothing he couldn’t live with as long as he had Nyree, or at least could be close enough to help keep her safe. Their embrace tightened. Folding into one another for mutual comfort. Chin resting on her head as she nuzzled into his neck. Fingers on the back of his shirt collar and grazing the nape of his neck.

Probes sweeping their clearing periodically Enele shrugged lightly. Shoulders not able to lift very high with Nyree’s in his arms. And lap. ”Right or not, it’s how they do things. They have some superstitions about Dea Al Mon, and the rumor is they people there come out to eat the rapists. I guess they just want the punishment to be terrifying enough that people won’t even consider it.” Or they just didn’t want to make a show of executing males when things were so tumultuous in the territory. Enele didn’t know why they handled things the way they did. He did know it was flawed, though. ”Thing is, men like that aren’t regular people, there’s something just twisted in them. If logic and punishment were enough they wouldn’t do it in the first place.”

Enele had spent a lot of his life thinking he was that same sort of twisted. Just by the nature of being a warlord prince. That was a line he had never crossed thankfully. Though rut had made him dream and ache for one girl in particular he knew he shouldn’t have wanted. And when it had finally happened he had taken her roughly. It was only luck that she happened to enjoy it that way. Nipping the tip of her nose as she kissed his jaw Enele growled lightly. Lips licked and eyes cutting before he answered. ”If they meet you, they’ll want you. Are you ready to be the only queen of the An Corithe? Because I’ve never heard of another one anywhere. They’ll come from everywhere to be near you.” He growled again, because he didn’t want to share! She was only just back to being his.

When she went floppy in his arms Enele threw himself backward to sprawl on the floor. ”You say that Bee, but every time I turn around you’re running into someone- hungry wolves, weird kindred wolves, Aros, Mori, naked rapists.” He squeezed her and buried his nose in her hair. Oils and salt warm against her scalp. She was as terrible as she was wonderful. ”If something happened to you I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.”
Title: Re: Of queens and broken men
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Nyree didn’t like it. This business of cutting men and breaking Jewels. That their crimes were worthy of their punishment disturbed her more. It wasn’t just violence. Both side went beyond that into something Nyree could not grasp, so she shivered and clung to what she did know. Enele.

”Do they come and eat them?” She asked by way of distraction. She knew little of Dea al Mon. Spoken of less than their neighbors Little Terreille. She had traveled through neither on her way to Dena Nehele. And only a little of Little Terreille while journeying to Glacia with Enele. It had not been pleasant. ”I don’t think its working.” Not if there was one such man wandering Nyree’s woods. But who were they to say so? Nyree doubted Lady Crag would listen.

Not that Nyree wanted to talk to her anyway. ”That place is broken.” She told him. The men. The land. All of it was broken. Nyree heaped most of the blame on its queen, only because she did not like her.

She nuzzled in close. Wanting to touch all of him. Hands and mouth both claiming him in small ways. Clinging, petting, fleeting kisses. She laughed when he snapped at her and kissed him again. His growling easing the tension from her spine rather than heightening it. She was safe with Enele. Always safe. Even when he talked horrors and nonsense.

”No!” She was not and did not. Nyree pouted. ”There must be more somewhere.” She didn’t have the craft to help the an corithe. She was a tree queen, a mud queen. Her soul was for the land. She loved people but she could not calm or bind them. They would be disappointed in her like so many before. ”They would not stay. Not unless they liked weeding the garden.” She missed the sense of community though.

Together they made a heap on the floor. Enele stretching across the planks he’d fitted, and Nyree tumbling across him. She let go of his neck to tuck her arms along his ribs, nose digging into his chest as she rubbed her face on the front of his shirt. ”None of that was my fault! Except maybe Aros.” She complained, teeth finding his nipple through his clothing. ”I’m careful. And I always call for you!” Nyree used her elbows and knees to slide up so she could look him in the eye.

”I’m safe and careful, Enele.” She kissed his chin. She did not want him to worry so much. It made him grumpy. ”Want to go for a run tonight, just you and me and a couple of paws between us?”

Title: Re: Of queens and broken men
Post by: Enele on February 12, 2019, 08:18:26 PM
Enele’s shoulders rose and fell again in a deep shrug. ”Doesn’t look like it.” He said in answer to her question and her remark. Did Iris know? She seemed too smart to believe in invisible horrors. In all his travels Enele had not met a soul from Dea Al Mon. Or anyone who could prove they had been over the wall of trees and back again. Old pack stories said they had come from there once. Ages before the realms were linked. So there could certainly be men capable of eating others in the closed off territory. But Enele didn’t believe that was what was happening.

Clearly Nyree didn’t either. Arms tangling and bodies close he tried to comfort her with soft grumbles. He would protect her. From the sick people and the sick land. Whether she liked it or not. ”I know. It’s why we’re here.” Glacia had a wealth of unexplored terrain. Untouched soil for his wild queen to roll around in. Trees that had never known the touch of a human for her to scale. Good timber to build her a home to flourish in. All of his dreams were about Nyree. And all of his fears too. It made him pensive and grumpy which made him afraid she would leave again. Cycle vicious and unyielding. One he didn’t know how to break. She laughed though, this time. Making him count his blessings and huff a hot breath in her ear. Fingers pinching at her ass in punishment.

”Not a single one anyone can remember.” Enele was more welcome between packs than standard. Mostly because he had a reputation for never staying. He didn’t want to get caught up in their politics or mating shenanigans. Just wanted to touch base for information in new places. Avoiding trouble by making his presence known to their leader women. ”Oh they’d stay. Trust me. Weeding gardens is worth it. All these gray hairs too.” He half whined.

They would stay, or they would take her. Wrap her up in their weird mating ceremonies and hope for a dozen more wolf-queens. It made him shudder and cling tighter. Reminding her once they had spilled over in front of the fire, that she had already had plenty of close calls. Every person on his list a person that could have brought harm on her. ”Didn’t blame you. Just saying, you have a way of attracting trouble- when you’re not causing it.” He pulled at her hair with his teeth, giving her a tight squeeze when she caught his nipple. ”What if I’m too late? Or too far away?”

One day it could happen. He would do his best to never let it, but her idea of careful didn’t line up with his own. Stroking her sides while she lifted up to sit over him. He wished she would put her ass against his spear again. It was drowsy but always half ready to be hard. Thankfully she rarely made him go without. ”I don’t know…” He traced her bottom lip with his. Fingers flexing and legs suddenly restless with the thought. ”It’s early enough we might get a few miles in before dawn if you start now.” Enele chuckled.

He rolled them. Pinning her under his hips and nipping the skin on her neck. ”Or we could stay in. Let the always-wolves clean up Little Terreille’s mess before we go trotting around out there.” It made him hesitant to go. The stranger so close. What if something really did cross the border to eat him? Would it challenge them to? Could Enele beat it? He didn’t know. He was always ready to stretch his second skin under the moonlight, though. Just the thought made him itch for it. But he could numb that need by teasing another. He bit at her pulse, sucking the skin of her neck between his teeth.
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He did not answer her question, not really, and Nyree wondered if it was because Enele did not know, or did not want to say. He did not that sometimes. Everyone did. Small things they tried to hide from her because they did not think she should know it. Or needed to know it. Conversations that stopped abruptly when she appeared, or made others blush and stammer when they realized she’d been there the whole time.

But she learned interesting things that way.

”I am glad we’re here. Together.” Jealousy still a hard stone in her heart. A small pebble the pumping of her blood smoothed and shined. She did not like Irisviel Crag because she used what was Nyree’s. Worse, she reached in his head and summoned him across territories. Nyree clung tighter, remembering how he’d snapped and snarled but answered that call anyway. Like a moth drawn to the shining darkness of a dark Jeweled queen.

Nyree hated her.

”Maybe they are hiding too.” Close guarded secrets like she was. No one had come to look for her on her leaving though. Or if they had, she had seen nor sensed none of them. When she was alone and the shadows were long, Nyree imagined they had been relieved. Nose pressing tight to Enele’s skin, Nyree breathed him in. He’d almost always been happy to see her, she consoled herself, huffing a laugh against his warmth. ”Is that why you cut it all off?” She teased him, fingers running through the close cut salt and pepper of his hair.

Had she really done that to him?

”Wait. You never weed my garden!” Her laughter breaking into a sigh as they sprawled. All of her tangling with the length of him. He tugged her hair and scolded, but Nyree couldn’t be upset by it. He was right enough and she was too happy in his arms to be unhappy with his words. ”I don’t cause trouble.” She wasn’t sure she attracted it either. So far only the wolf had tried to eat her. Nearly everyone else had proven a friend.

Sobered, Nyree kneaded the ball of his shoulder.

”Never you.” Her trust in him implicit. Nyree did wonder sometimes what would happen when the marks ran out or the urge struck him and Enele returned to work. It involved traveling and a lot of it from the stories he had brought home. Would he take her with him or leave her behind? And with who? Not alone, she was certain. She supposed it was best to worry those worries when their time came, teeth flashing at his tracing finger.

”That’s mean!” Nyree whined. But probably half true. Her second shape was always slow to come to her, and then slow to leave. The woman came easier but not much faster. It had always seemed unfair to don a skin her brother couldn’t, however, so she had left it mostly alone. She was quicker on two legs anyway, and better at climbing trees. She loved running beside Enele, but she always felt slow and sloppy compared to his easy grace as a wolf.

Squealing as he rolled them over, Nyree ran her hands down the muscles of his arm. Her fingers curling around his elbow as her back bent her body toward his as he broke gooseflesh across her skin with his teeth. ”Trotting? That sounds awfully fast.” She tried not to laugh, smile tugging at her lips until she sucked them into her mouth, purr muffled as he sucked on her neck, skin drawn between his teeth. A promise but not a real bite. It still drew the invisible line between her breasts and her navel tight and made her squirm.

”I hope they don’t get sick from him. Come here, Enele.” Thighs riding his pinning hips, Nyree cupped his face in her hands and bit his lip before kissing him. Unfair to have to choose, she was glad she could have both. Enele’s spear and then a run through the woods. Sometimes she wondered if there were truly be both, but was always too shy to ask. Greedy, she worked his shirt up his back and over his head, hips wiggling beneath his.

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Well, her squirming sealed the deal. There couldn’t not be sex after that. Spear roused as she wiggled against him. Practically tearing the shirt up over his head. Not even a madman would say no. Enele knew, because he was the madman. It didn’t look or sound like the lovemaking most couples shared. Nyree was loud, and they bit one another until the skin was purple underneath. Sometimes she raked clawmarks down his back. They both ignored the kitten watching with narrowed, judgmental eyes. Face made twice as chubby because it was sticking out of the end of his kicked off boots. Body barely managing to squeeze inside.

Afterwards Enele didn’t bother to dress. With a few tender kisses to sooth the raw marks he left on her throat and chest he stood up from their nest on the floor. Wiped clean with his discarded shirt he offered it to Nyree next. Smirking, because she still looked well pleased and rosy from the climax. ”Sure you still want to go for a run?” Maybe the sex had made her tired. She had napped, though, so maybe not. Enele decided he would go either way. For how long depended entirely on if she would still come along.

Of course, after they evening they had had she didn’t want to be apart. Enele gave her privacy to shift. ”I’ll go pick up my tools and make sure the horses are stalled up for the night. Take your time, but not too long.” He gave her a wink and set out to the nearby clearing he had abandoned in his hurry to find her. Covering the wood in tendrils of his Rose to keep it from bloating with moisture now that it was exposed. He put his things back in his cabinet. Saws and chisels, an empty waterskien. Then he checked the horses. Gave each a snack and let them into the same pen. He leaned on the gate for a minute watching them nuzzle. ”Keep a good eye out, old boy. Trouble in the woods today.”

It had been long enough, he thought, for Nyree to be near done. To keep from upsetting the horses he shifted out of their line of sight. Laying down on a layer of packed earth as a man. Then writhing for ten minutes until he was something else. Lighter, sleeker, furrier. Senses blaring hot while they adjusted. Ten minutes after coiling his bone to liquid then back again Enele staggered out of the barn on four paws. Half blinded by the change to his eyesight, and twitching his tail after distant sound. Sticks creaking in the wind and birds rustling in the branches. Tree songs and animal noises. The scent of the horses more pungent. Moonlight easier to see by. He flexed his toe pads into the dirt.

*How’s it going in there?* He asked, spear to distaff. Searching her out with probes in case she couldn’t answer yet.
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She ached. A dozen little places that throbbed in time with her heart. Thighs still liquid and quivering, Nyree rolled onto her side and curled into a ball. Knees to her breasts and heels pressed to her ass while she tucked her hands beneath her head and into the unholy mess that was her hair. ”Yes.” Nyree answered, eyeing his spear. Though running sounded absolutely awful just then she did want to wear her second skin and explore the forest with Enele.

Who would probably want to run.

Yawning and stretching, Nyree nodded agreement as she rolled onto her back. The orgasm driving pain of Enele’s teeth was not at all the same as the pain she was about to dive into. The experience lengthened by her inability to hasten it. It took too much concentration. She was always afraid she would miss some vital part if she hurried and end up stuck not quite one or the other. Enele understood, finding chores to manage while she managed her body.

From back to stomach, she hunched over herself and willed herself away. And her other self in. No tangle of brown hair but sleek fur. Arms for legs. Ears that could hear a rabbit breathing in the grass. The fat of her thumb bloodied as she kept from screaming. And then she had no thumb, and teeth too fierce to dare sink into herself. It felt like hours. An eternity of pain. But at least it wasn’t dark. The landscape shifted with her eyes, but Nyree still existed.

Panting, she lay trembling on the floor. Toe nails clicking against the wooden plants as she prepared to stand. Rose, and sank down again to lick her foreleg and prepare to try again. Tail thumping, she cocked her ears toward the door. *I’m done. Can you get the door?* Her craft as sloppy as her legs until she adjusted. Tail first, Nyree got her legs under her again, all four of them. Toes spread wide for balance.

Outside Nyree sniffed the air, and rubbed her body down the length of Enele’s, teeth snapping at his tail. Her own batted at his face. The world was muted this way. Shades of grey with bright points of color. The dim light making everything stand out stark against a black background. All the color and little details in her nose and ears. They swiveled, one bent at the tip but still good. She could hear Enele’s heart beat and the horses shuffling in the barn.

And she could smell everything. Nyree stuck her nose in Enele’s ear, and then licked the side of his furry face. *I’m ready.* And she was. Legs no longer trembling. Earth singing between the pads of her paws. Yipping, she bit at his fur and then followed him out into the wilds. Ignoring the way she tripped over her feet before finding her stride.

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Enele flitted probes through her tail fur. Glad that there was a tail. It meant she was probably finished. Probes harassing her gently he tried to tease her into readiness. Sometimes getting passed the pain was hard. The span of a deep breath before she answered. Chuckling along their thread he slid the door bolt back. It was so level the door sat in place until he butted it with a paw. It tried to swing in, but the hinges didn’t turn that way, so with a groan the moment carried it outward instead. He dodged around it to peek his head inside the cabin. *You alright?*

She hobbled when she walked. A lot like a newborn foal. Legs splayed just a bit too wide. But she managed to get outside. Running their bodies by one another as she did. Nose to the sky for a moment before she caught the end of his tail in her teeth. With a yip he wagged it free and swatted it over her nose. Making no effort to escape the same treatment by her back end. In fact he turned into her wagging. Nose sneaking towards the join of tail and body. Tongue testing the air coming from her. Different in this form. Less potent, in that spear calling sort of way, but it told him more. If she had been ripe for child making he would know, or if she were ill or near her moontime. It was harder to disguise the claim he had put on her when the scent of their sex lingered, too.

In a pack these were all things others would have noticed. But it was just the two of them. And the sniffing was just for fun. And to needle her. He touched the warm spot with his muzzle before turning towards her, licking the flavor from his nose. Wheezing in wolf laughter as the red rope that was his tongue curled by a nostril before retreating back into his mouth. Nyree nagged back. Dipping her cold nose into his ear and lapping his cheek. He leaned his weight against her, more even now than no two legs. *Keep up then, FurBee.

Enele trotted off. Deft-footed while being careful not to put any distance between them. She got off to a staggering start. Trying to match his pace. By right of caste or nature Enele was as easy in one form as the next. Not as fast at taking the learned one as he was the born one, but no less graceful no matter how many feet he had. *Let me show you a spot.* He told her to encourage a pick of speed. They wove through the trees, or over fallen ones. Not stopping, but slowing down to roll in a pile of leaves and howl at the moon in a clearing. The place he wanted to show her was a few miles from the house. On his own he could get there and back in an hour.

Tonight the pace was much more leisurely. He scared a small flock of sleeping birds from a bush. Snapping at their tail feathers. And clambered into a gopher hole up to his shoulders to see if anything lived inside. Following his nose, always making the round back to Nyree. If there were other wolves, of any sort, in the area they had not met them. Only the starved one he had put to rest. They met none tonight either. Enele leading the way in a broad half circle until they reached a low cliff that jutted out over a lake. *See? Sort of like the one back in the pack lands.* A little higher. And not shaped to make climbing back up its front easy. He had jumped off of it a few times anyway.

Sitting he licked a rock from between his footpads. It was a really nice view at night. The lake so placid you could count the stars reflected in its surface. Shaped almost like a large footprint it reached out to their right a little. To the left it curved into a small hamlet where a few tiny lights glinted from behind curtains and window panes. *Aros’ people. And Aros himself probably.* Enele had not gone to the other prince’s home. Or met the wife. They had come across one another in the forest. Exchanged fish for meat. Which Aros would only take if it were cleaned already. He was a funny sort, the antler crowned male. If it had its head on he couldn’t look at it.

He could have reached, he thought, if he wanted. To the village with his Opal. But it was getting late. And they had not heard from him in a few days. Perhaps the child had come.
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*Yes. I think.* It was hard to tell when her body was no longer hers. A few moments spent in between possession before she claimed her second self. Settled into the fur thick skin. Longer still to remember how to use all the extra limbs. Leaving the work of managing the door to Enele. Nyree wasn’t ready to try craft and existing just then. Ears flicking at the inaudible sound of his laughter.

Outside Nyree tucked her tail down over his nose. The hair along her spine rising as she snorted his tail from her muzzle. Hot breath and cold nose where she was not as ready for it to be as she had thought on other occasions. They turned into each other. Side by side, weight to weight as his tongue dug into a nostril and hers into his ear. It tasted like dust and body heat. And something bitter. *Bees have fur, did you know?* She asked as she stumbled after him.

Nyree thought that might be how the pollinated plants. Collecting pollen like dust on their body and carrying it with them.

Sniffing the air, Nyree followed Enele’s trail. The world was a muted place through the eyes of her wolf form. It lacked the same array of colors she was used to. But her nose was distracting. A whole new world of smell awaiting her. Enele made circled around her progress, never straying far and never lost because Nyree could smell him. And everything else. Seedlings and mushrooms. A little home of mice beneath a stone. Nyree never knew which way to turn her muzzle to catch the best smells. Tilting it toward the sky to see what the wind carried. The scent of birds and far away places.

She joined Enele in the leaf pile, rolling her body into his until they were a tangle of legs and ears. Biting the thick fur around his neck and shaking him playfully. She leaned in close. Shoulders more even in height in this form, and sang wordless songs with him to the sky. Before sticking her tongue in his ear again, and sneezing. All around her the world was alive in different ways than it was to her human form. Sounds and smells dominating over sights. But beneath her paws was the same song that sang beneath her feet.

The land did not change no matter how she walked on it. Though digging in it was much easier as wolf.

Panting happily, Nyree joined Enele on the outcropping of rock. The lake an inky sort of blue beneath them. Almost black in the darkness. Nyree wasn’t sure if she saw the color or just knew it should be there. Hints of it around the edges. Picked out in reflected light from the sky and the village across its expanse. *Can it be swam in?* Nyree asked, unable to mask the pang of longing she felt. Not for the swimming itself, but for the place she had learned to do so.

It would be nice to have a place to swim again, even a new place. She missed her family and her tree, especially her bees, but Nyree was also content here, with just Enele. Knew she could be happy almost anywhere so long as it was with him. She chewed a bur from his shoulder and snaked her muzzle under his jaw. *Do you think the baby has come?* Nyree asked, thoughts following Enele’s. She was excited to meet it, and maybe, if she was allowed, to hold it. Her tail swept a broad arch of ground clean behind her.

*Maybe tomorrow I will go and see. Or the day after.* Enele could take her to the edge of the village. Nyree could manage the rest of the way on her own, and then he wouldn’t scare the cervini. Too much. Nyree butted him with her head. Poor fearsome Enele, terrifying the world. *I love you.* She told him suddenly, before trying to tug his head from his head. *Chase me.*[/color] Aros and his people could wait until tomorrow. Tonight was for her and Enele.