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Roeselare Province / buttons up
« on: June 02, 2019, 12:26:54 PM »

Charis looked up. Shop tidy, tall shelves full of pots, jars and various glass bottles. Vials lined up nicely in little holders. Fancy scroll work up the sides and along the fronts. Cabinets carved with various healing plants, leaves and blooms broad and detailed. She'd tipped Kite with a kiss when he'd finished them for her. And Isi had supplied the marks for their purchase.

Behind the counter, she was filling out her books. A tidy list to go with her tidy shop of things she would need to order. All of them mundane. Safe for curious eyes to peek at. Hand spreading across the page to hold the book open, Charis put her pen down and smiled at the man who entered. Soft healer probes checking for caste and Jewels.

"Welcome in, Prince." Her life was so full of big men lately! At least this one didn't wear Jewels dark enough to make her soul quake. Green was a good, steady Jewel, just dark enough to command respect rather than have to really earn it. But not so fretful as a Sapphire or Red. Nor as terrifying as anything darker than that.

Hair an elaborate braid around the secret of her antlers, Charis wore a full, pleated skirt, and fitted sweater, the beading on her corset just visible against the stretch of the fabric. Pen slipped in the crease of the pages, she closed her book and tilted her head at him sweetly. "What can I help you with?" She asked, eyes wide and smile friendly.

Roeselare Province / Fancy that
« on: October 21, 2018, 02:44:12 PM »

Charis bounced on Isidore’s knee. Knife and fork skittering across the plate as she tried to cut her food through the jostling. It didn’t work, metal screeching across porcelain at a pitch that made her ears ache. Laughing, she gave up, utensils clattering as she dropped them to cling to him. The shallow rise of her nose brushing his cheek, antler scrapping the back of his chair. She wore flowers and chains woven through them.

”I’ll be hungry forever if you keep that up.” At least her stomach would be. Charis doubted Isidore would keep much of anything else wanting. He was insatiable. In the short time Charis had come to know him, Isidore had broken her bed, her table, and a sitting chair, though the last had been an accident. And replaced all of them with furniture twice as nice. Hands behind his knees, Charis rode out the bouncing. It really wasn’t unpleasant.

Leaning back, Charis tried to decide just how hungry she was - and how long she could go without food before becoming weak - when someone knocked on the door. The candles on the table flickered, and Charis’ hands tightened on Isidore’s thigh where they had worked their way upward, nearly tucked under her own where they straddled him.

”Who is that?” She asked, as if he would know, wide eyes turned toward him in surprise. Isidore looked no more knowledgable than Charis herself, but twice as dangerous. He was so very big. And very scary. But he was handsome, rich, and very good in bed. Rocking on him, Charis patted his knee. ”I’ll go see! You pour more wine.” Her hair rose, winding through her antlers so that they were hidden.

”Oh!” Door opened, she grinned, head tipped back so she could look up at Peregrine. Two big men for dinner tonight it seemed. ”Hello Runner. You can come in, but you must behave, hmm? And have some wine.” Twirling, Charis lead the way back to the table. Empty bottles and food spread across the once crisp white table cloth. She kicked her seat out for Peregrine and settled back in Isidore’s lap, arm looping around the back of his neck.

”Runner, Isi.” She waved the space between them and giggled. ”Aren’t I lucky. Have a drink Runner, there’s food still too if you’re hungry.” She leaned into Isi and whispered in his ear, lips pressed against its curves and voice low so Peregrine couldn’t eavesdrop like the wicked thing he was. ”Runner brings me opium.” She explained, hand stroking the hard muscles of his chest. She didn’t know what sort of jealousy Isidore possessed, and did not want to find out.

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