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Askavi Archives / Re: toto, we're not in kansas anymore
« on: December 17, 2018, 06:02:32 AM »

Starling had replaced Kirsi with Kite as quickly as she could. Knuckles still tender where she had bruised them against the other healers shoulder blades. All but pushing Kirsi through the gate, and then pushing her in earnest when Kirsi had stopped. Kite made her feel safer any way. His arm taken over as soon as they had Peregrine settled on the ground. Which was more like dropping him. Too big and heavy to be carrier properly.

”A dozen reasons.” She shivered, pressing in closer. Terror kept exhaustion at bay. But now she didn’t have the immediate healing of Peregrine to keep her mind from thinking on what she had seen so the shock had set in. ”His leg. That demon he woke up and set on us. Everything.” She hissed with an edge of hysteria before burying her face in Kite’s shoulder. She had strange visions behind her eyelids of Peregrine’s lover turning into the dragon while he tried to make off with the baby and its maid.

No one else seemed to care. Cooing over the baby like a prize. Starling came closer because Kite went, and not at all because Peregrine called them. Summoned and then held off by a ghost of his Sapphire. Starling huffed until he dropped it, then let go of Kite to crouch beside Peregrine. ”I’m sure I was much cuter.” She defended, curling into her brother and eyeing the round cheeked baby eating her own hands. ”She’s definitely yours at that size.”

At least this one actually existed. Starling had her doubts about the other. She looked for Kirsi but found her missing, a fact that stirred relief and unease in her stomach. ”I think she’s hungry.” She guessed, not terribly sure. She wasn’t a baby healer. Tentatively, Starling stroked one soft cheek, the maid agreeing with her. Hungry and milkless. The dragon had burned up the goat along with the house, though she didn’t put it quite that way. Just that there had been a goat. ”What about the mother?” Starling asked with a healer’s curiosity and a girl’s ignorance.

Glacia Archives / Re: Sisterly Troubles
« on: May 08, 2018, 08:54:16 AM »

”Short’s the same as skipping,” Starling decided with a sniff. Rolling her eyes, she tilted her head toward him. ”Of course I remember, mother was in a snit about it.” And Starling had gotten to listen to her mother go on and on. Starling hadn’t, still didn’t, understand any of it. Why the headboard couldn’t stay outside under a shield, or why their mother had kicked up such a fuss about it being inside.

They’d probably done it just to annoy Starling herself with their bickering.

”Well Meols makes plenty of trouble, might as well start there when new crops up.” Starling leaned in too, tickled by her brother’s eagerness. It wasn’t often they got to go off like this. She missed him especially when her brothers were away. ”Little Terreille, hmm?” She wanted to see it! The things she had heard. ”Is their Dark Gate really guarded by tiny fury people?” Starling asked, marginally less interested in the plight of oranges than she should be.

Certain her brothers would see them all fed.

”Oh phaw. Peregrine won’t boss me any, he knows better than that.” She wrinkled her nose at the very thought. She didn’t care if he ran the whole ship single handed. She wouldn’t be ordered about like some deck hand. ”Their loss,” she defended stoutly, squeezing at his elbow. ”They picked the wrong brother, for sure. You might have been good at it though.” Lots of lady herding, she’d heard. Kite would have made a great escort, but Starling was glad she didn’t have to share him.

”Meols.” Starling rolled her eyes again, watched as her brother ate, picking at her own orange. One small slice at a time, chewed until Kite had worked his way through two bites. He was like a starving man at each meal! Starling wondered if it was his caste. She never had met another warlord prince, though she heard they were much different from her brother, and more like her other brother. Which meant they were moody and unpleasant bosses.

”Probably needs a discreet healer,” Starling sniffed, elbows on the table as she leaned over her plate to drink her coffee. She just had one truffle left. For Kite when he was done. ”Where should we go next?” Half tempted to suggest Meols to spy on Peregrine, but Kite had promised a trip to the smithy.

Glacia Archives / Re: Sisterly Troubles
« on: February 28, 2018, 01:15:19 AM »

”I do!” Not at all ashamed. As cheerful and sassy as anything. Unconcerned with her brother’s caste or his tapping finger. ”Advertisements!” Starling scoffed, eyes rolling. ”Fund a paper to print that one and I’ll pay. Her grin was small and fierce. No need for teeth or excessive smiling. Star managed it all with just the right amount of twitch.

Wasn’t worried an inch! That spot was as good as hers. Starling could tell by the softness in Kite’s smile, and the cunning in his eyes. Thinking of ways to work Peregrine into agreeing. Starling had faith in him. Kite was very good at managing all sorts of things. And if he had trouble she’d just have to ply Perry with some calming spells and a good patting.

Sometimes the sister in Starling overrode the healer and she felt the itch to give him a good whack upside the head rather than a pat.

”But enough, hmm?” Starling chided as she slipped through the door Kite held for her. ”You shouldn’t be skipping. Especially breakfast.” Fasting all night during his sleep, then depriving his body of food when it woke. Or worse yet getting into mischief in the dark! Hopefully nothing too terrible. Peregrine was more than enough trouble.

”I had my breakfast,” she sniffed at him. ”Besides I hear we won’t have any oranges soon.” Starling picked at the table clothe. Sending a small crumb flying away with a sweep of her hand. ”I hear they are using them all up in Meols. Special spring additive.” Forgot exactly where she heard it. No! It was that girl who had a necklace for every day of the week. Star remembered now. Just not her name.

”I am! Quite done being bossed all the time, let me tell you.” She rubbed a napkin over her silverware. Never mind she wouldn’t have any need for it with her order. ”I can see why you both made off without. And I didn’t much bother with the court training. Seems the dullest sort.” Double the bossing. Starling planned on doing as she pleased!

Within reason of course. Hard to get away with much when you had two brothers. She reached out and patted Kite’s hand, as if she could sense his inner thoughts and upset.

”Where is Perry anyway?” Run off to the red moon house probably.

Glacia Archives / Re: Sisterly Troubles
« on: February 23, 2018, 12:11:47 AM »

Starling was all smiles and fluttering lashes for the soft pets. She enjoyed being fussed over by her brothers. Less so any others, their mother included. Happy to be the favorite pet. Center of all the attention.

”Maybe they need someone onboard better educated!” Never above taking advantage. Of a good mood or a slip of the tongue. ”Fabrics are important and useful.” And some even expensive. Obviously Starling would have to teach them these things, a cheeky grin tossed Kite’s direction.

”We’ll find out together then, shall we?” Excitement making her more forgiving toward the sad lumps of fabric on display. Not enough to buy any, however. Especially with that look around her brother’s eyes. It meant he was buying, which meant Starling could get something good for once.

”None of that now.” Such dramatic sighing! She leaned in close once he was done helping her put things away. A bit of a tug bringing his cheek within kissing distance. ”Ooh. The smithy! I haven’t been there since I got my Jewel set!” Eyes bright and eager. Starling squeezed his arm close, bobbing in excitement, and agreement. The diner would be a nice stop too.

”I’ll hold you to that!” She teased. Half serious. She would hold Perry to it too, if Kite couldn’t convince him. She would be useful! Sure that other ships had healers and that her brothers ought to have her. ”Are you very hungry? I didn’t see you for breakfast.” Couldn’t let him get away with skipping meals. Or skipping out on sharing those meals with her. He was so often gone!

Inside the diner, Starling peeled her coat off, laying it over the back of her chair rather than vanishing it. It couldn’t be admired in her cabinet! Half giddy with the promise of food, and full giddy with the idea of the smithy, Starling perched and tried to find something eaten quickly. While also trying to decide which chocolate coffee she was going to have today.

”I haven’t tried the white chocolate one. Maybe with a side of truffles and orange slices.”

Glacia Archives / Re: Sisterly Troubles
« on: February 20, 2018, 10:26:59 PM »

Starling looked up, batting her eyelashes at the almost-gold eyes that had turned toward her. Finishing her sentence right along with her. Maybe she had made that complaint already. Starling couldn't really remember. (She could, she just chose to make it anyway, and expected her brother to accept it for what it was).

"Maybe too cozy. All these ships floating about, you think something new would sneak in." Or fall over dockside. Sighing, Starling let him drag her away from that which offended her, squeezing his arm tight and watching the world spin a little. She liked having him to herself. No mother to compete with, or Peregrine to keep from burning everything down. This was much more restful and pleasant.

"Those are okay." Just okay, voice as listless as a lost kitten. She smoothed the sleeve of his jacket and gave them a proper look though, just to placate him, since he'd tried. Not too bad at all, Starling decided, giving a couple bolts a poke. Mittens vanished so she could feel the fabric properly. She wanted something new!

"Do you think so?" She wheedled, turning big blue eyes on him. She held a bolt of clothe in her hands, half lifted from the table. Nearly as long as she was tall. Awkward things to manage. Starling propped an end on one of her shoulders, no help for it, and giggled. "Fuzzy shiny warm stuff? What is that even supposed to be?" With a sigh, she gave up and heaved the fabric back onto the table.

"None of this either." Especially with the hint of other places on the horizon. "My apprenticeship is all over now." Maybe she would get a tattoo to celebrate. She hadn't decided on any yet.

Glacia Archives / Sisterly Troubles
« on: February 20, 2018, 05:01:01 PM »

She wore boot all the way up her thighs, over thick woolen leggings. Fur cuffs folded over. Insulation against the cold. Not that anyone would know, covered as all of it was by an abundance of skirts. Three, in fact, the last being outfitted with a bustle, her jacket, a tight-sleeved, long flowing thing, cut in the back to make room for it.

It buttoned tight over her stomach, but was open in the front of her skirts. Black lace trim parting as she walked, exposing glimpses of the skirts beneath. She rustled as she walked, heels loud too, on the sidewalk. Starling liked it. The noise. Rustle, tap, rustle, clack. Scarf pulled up around her chin and ears and tucked down under her coat buttons.

Warm as could be. It helped that there was a spell around her. Around the whole city, really. And quite content to cling to her brother’s arm. Except she was bored. Painfully bored.

”It’s all the same stuff it was last week,” she complained to Kite, pillowing a frustrated head against his shoulder. ”And the week before that.” Her fingers tugged at the hem of her sleeve. Barely felt through her mittens. So boring! ”That fabric is at least ten years out of date!” She was sure of it. Never mind she had a dress in just that pattern, only got some six months before hand. Still, she pointed an accusing finger at the fabric.


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