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Rodgau Province / Re: On the surface
« Last post by Ina on Yesterday at 08:41:59 PM »

"You'll find," she said resisting the urge to shake her finger at him, "That I am not most women." Which was true enough. Hadn't her brother told her repeatedly that she was one of a kind? She'd never had a reason to think Kanoa would lie to her. It didn't matter that he was probably telling her things that a brother was obligated to say about his sister, even if she was his favorite sister. "Really though," she said again, "I won't beggar you." Even if it came close she had no problem replacing it.

"No need to get all snarly about it. He won't have the use of that hand for a day or two," she said, still quite pleased she'd managed to break several bones in his hand. She was small and she looked far weaker than she actually was so it had been no real surprise that the former had attempted what he had. But her brother had taught her well and a unconcealed bloodthirsty grin curved her full lips when she remembered the surprise on his face.

"If you don't mind," her brow puckered, "I don't want to intrude." She was thankful he offered the small room to her, the room she had let at a nearby inn was nearly done. She hadn't the marks to pay for further lodging and she had no desire to screw the proprietor for the use of it. Better she stay here where she didn't have to worry about such things. When she'd decided to leave Nharkava and go on an adventure, Ina hadn't imagined she come across the problems she had so far.

"Equinox. Equinox," she said quietly, testing his name out and liked the sound of it, "I do, yes. Why? Are you hungry?" He probably was. Her father and brother always seemed to be hungry and the only thing Ina could attribute to it was the fact they were male. Of course, Vaite was always hungry too. Maybe she was the oddity there.

Marketplace / Re: Transactions
« Last post by The Darkness on Yesterday at 08:06:57 PM »
Player Name: Dergon
Relevant Link:
Transaction: Character Approval: Morgan Blackthorn (+25)

Marks Awarded
Rakuta Province / Re: The sideways mare
« Last post by Uma on Yesterday at 01:37:34 PM »
There was something in the rhythmic drum of hooves on packed earth that stirred Uma’s soul. Made her want to daydream about romantic adventures and daring rescues. Forearms resting on the weathered surface of the paddock she watched Pallav work the mare and tried not to make him the hero of her fantasies. That, she worried, might be too cliche.

Better to pay attention to the job.

Eyes going nearly out of focus she looked passed the short, soft coat of fur. Through the thick hide that protected the beauty, down to the muscle that made her so graceful. It was harder, on a moving subject, to use her diagnostic sight. Uma had to practice regularly. And even then she couldn’t rely on that skill alone.

Stepping up to the bottom rung Uma leaned over the top rail to see from a better angle. The sun warmed wood pressing into her stomach. Worn leather boots balancing as the fabric of her loose cotton pants moved in the wind the mare created as she hurried by.

There! On the turn Uma’s eyes narrowed. Caught the hard way the mare’s lithe movements tensed to keep the weight off her front leg. By the time Pallav finished and met her at the fence Uma had made her assessment. Dropping back to the ground she swept between the posts to join him on the other side. ”I did.” She assured him. It was no trick of his eyes or mind.

Of course no one could read a horse like Pallav did. He didn’t call her to tend perfectly healthy animals like some of her clients tended to do.

”Always best to check.” The last thing she wanted was the wrath of Savitr Tamboli on her head. Or Pallav full of guilt for ignoring something that might have been an early sign to a more serious problem. This time, she was sure, it was just a strained muscle. Uma gave him a smile before turning to rub her hands over the muscles along the mare’s shoulder. Feeling the way they flinched and moved under her hand. The mare turned to stick her nose in Uma’s hair but didn’t so much as twitch. Down to the knee then back up again, she took her time inspecting the limb. ”It’s not swollen and it doesn’t seem to hurt to the touch. I don’t think its anything serious. Did it start today?” 
Rakuta Province / The sideways mare
« Last post by Pallav on Yesterday at 04:30:41 AM »

”Tst, tst.” Pallav shook the halter against his thigh, leather and buckles singing the horse into a quicker pace. Tail high and ears pricked forward the mare traced the path of the ring. Round and round she went, Pallav pivoting in the center and watching her. Careful steps shifting him closer to her flank. Blowing she moved from trot to canter. Expression never changing, Pallav tracked her.

”Ssst.” He stepped toward her head, driving her around. Wheeling toward the fence she spun low on her hocks and moved out in the opposite direction. Pallav nodded, shaking the halter again and asking for more speed until her tail and mane were banners trailing behind her. Unspooling the lead line, Pallav changed her direction again, lips pursing.

”Enough.” Pallav relaxed, holding the halter open. Blowing and snorting she wandered into the center of the ring, head low and ears eager. Pallav rubbed their delicate curves and slipped the halter over her muzzle. He whispered to her, voice too low to understand, gravel over sand. Hands working their way down to the bone of her jaw. A quick scratch and Pallav lead her to the fence, hooking an arm over the top.

”You see how she is stiff just in that direction?” He gestured to the mare, lead line following the movement. He rubbed her neck, she did well, quiet and attentive beside him. ”I think pasture squabbles, but still, best to check.”

Parbelavi / Re: Summer glass
« Last post by Briar on June 19, 2018, 08:14:48 PM »
Stomach rolling Briar tried not to flinch as Rian barred her psyche against invasion. Woven pits and snapping Craftwork that would make any who pressed on recoil. He didn’t have to touch them, or even turn an eye to them for the effect to work. Mind traps stank. They made the scars along his own barriers itch and left a terrible taste in the back of his mouth. These, in particular, made him angry. He wanted to be enough protection! Didn’t want her to need protecting at all. If he could he would have stripped them away. It was too dangerous though, a delicate job that needed more care than he could give currently.

Too busy trying not to die. So he ignored the fear and emotion mind traps stirred in his chest. For now. Plenty of distraction between ripping through the tree and not being able to trust Eremiar.

Other fathers would have come running to find out if their kid was alright. One day, Briar decided, he would do that sort of thing. Show this sod how it was done!

Those were concerns for later. For in private between the two men when Rian was safe. Briar had to fight the urge to wrap her fingers around his skin. Tuck her back against him where she was safest. Especially as she slipped along his frame. Half clinging as she made her way down. Too late to stir him or make his blood hot, adrenaline had already seen to that. Hardness so familiar it went unnoticed by the warlord prince. All his focus pouring out in more shields as the tree trunk shivered with impact. ”Well we can’t live in here forever.”

He didn’t want to get down either. ”Stop that. We’re fine Eremiar!” Something told him the older prince didn’t care if Rian was fine or dead or any measure between. But Briar did! More than he had a right to, probably. Arm tensing around her waist as he crouched on one of the limbs holding his weight. Request for more space falling on deaf ears as he read his probes. Traced his father’s path before meeting her eyes. Doubt doubling at her next remark.

”Worse than me?” His shoulders hitched up defensively. Wounded more by the suggestion that he was something she found distasteful. Not as bad as his father, but bad nonetheless.  He ignored the prying thread his father beat them over the shield with to scowl at the hissing witch. Maybe she was right. She knew him, inside and out. An unbiased spectator to the secrets he kept shoved down deep. All the more confusing that she leaned in to his side after such a comparison.

Licking his lips Briar turned back to the most pressing problem. Let a spear thread connect with Eremiar. Masking craft heavy in the air around him from his treetop perch. *She’s my friend. I’m fine. You can go.* He didn’t need him. Didn’t need to be babysat or judged. ”Well he’s just as stubborn as you so we might need to make dinner arrangements.”

The bat’s movement caught his eye and Briar watched turn into the sky. Thoughts jumbled and body confused. Tense and annoyed and annoyed at being tense. For a second he considered asking Rian what she’d meant. Instead he turned back to the tentative link he had given his father. *You can’t go raging at the world over something a small portion did to you, Ere. When I needed help Rian gave it. She’s my friend. She’s important to me.* He didn’t make comparisons, though it crossed his mind. What did he know about queen’s bonds anyway? He was sure Eremiar had never felt about anyone the way he wanted to feel about Rian. It just wasn’t the same. And neither could really picture it from the others perspective.
Parbelavi / Re: An Exercise in Diplomacy
« Last post by Ilithian on June 19, 2018, 11:29:44 AM »

Perhaps Allexar was not as light on his feet as his frame and penchant for fine suits suggested he should be. Ilithian did not notice. Decades in the war camps made her blind to the clunkiness of warriors. And more attuned to their inner natures. Their potentially fatal need to protect and serve.

For a warlord prince her steward was particularly docile. A trait she appreciated. There were many wounded hearts and broken tempers in Askavi. Right here in their very eyrie. Having a triangle she could rely on to control themselves a majority of the time gave her leave to soothe and fix and help heal.

The stones under her bare feet were cool and smooth. Garden radiating with residual calming craft. Ilithian so used to pouring it out a bit always seemed to float around wherever she was. Ripening vegetables painted in it from the hours she spent tending each patch of plants. It made her want to skip or lay down in the tall bits of lemongrass with a blade to chew on.

Since she was doing queenly things she refrained. Forcing herself to pay attention as Allexar’s turn to respond came. She even managed to quiet her giggle over poor darling Itzy’s feisty reputation. Patting his arm she shrugged, ”No I don’t suppose there will be volunteers. I trust the Guard will work it out among themselves. Only the escort need deal with her really. I just want some of our people there in case things don’t go as planned. I’m not familiar with most of Florian’s court.”

And she had no intentions of losing one of her charges. They may have been close in age, but Itzelian came to Ilithian for guidance, protection, and mentorship. Everyone felt like Ilithian’s responsibility these days, but the apprentice queens more so than most.

They rounded a bend in their little walk. It opened up to another bench. This one wooden rather than cut from stone. Warmer, she thought, but she didn’t sit. Walked passed it to the low parapet that enclosed the wide terrace. Beyond a steep drop that ended in a deep lake. Somewhere beneath their feet a waterfall cascaded down to supply it with water. It was a stunning scene, especially the village tucked beside the lake. In the distance, across the valley The Keep loomed from its high peak.

”Yes. Mornivar is a good choice. He’s vain enough to die trying to keep her safe, and persistent enough not to let her hissing turn him off.” In every sense of the term. She smiled wickedly at the wordplay, watching Allexar from the corner of her eyes. One hand abandoning his arm so her fingers could dance over the gravely surface of weathered stone. After a moment she returned to their previous topic with a fresh idea. ”Perhaps you should visit the Lady Florian for yourself, I think meeting her would abate some of your fears. No one will ever be completely comfortable with this exchange. But I can’t see a way forward without open lines of communication. Not one that doesn’t end in deaths that might be preventable.”
Villamide Province / Re: Tall troubles
« Last post by Marilena Ribeiro on June 19, 2018, 06:07:14 AM »

"You're disgusting." Mari snarled, attention darting between the physical him, and the physic him trying to wiggle past her barriers. Divert from the expression on his face to the skimming probes. Petting hands to prying threads. Twitched and pushed at both. Tempted to slap him again. Maybe this time she'd use a little craft when she did. Instead she grabbed the forearm that held her thigh. Trying to stop the petting he was giving it.

Bold as brass. Intrusive ass. Marilena was distracted by the petting enough that he got a good sniff in before she could even think of headbutting him. Let go of his arm to shove at his face. Which he only seemed to like. Pressing into her cupped palm, face turning toward it before he gave in and moved away. Not enough, but a little. Mari snorted, jerking her hand away.

"It's not my fault you can't control yourself." Though some of it was. Mari could have resorted to Protocol rather than what she had. But he was so very annoying. She glared as he licked his lip, as if he were tasting her. Disgusting kennel prince. She nearly pinched him. "I'm not sour when people remember how to behave." Which was below Marilena. The line of her brow hard as she glanced at him, eyes gleaming at her through too full lashes as she eased the welt on his cheek.

She should have left it.

"I don't have time for puppy training." Mari informed him, ignoring the way her skin grew tight when he squeezed her thigh. He was the most careless, disgusting warlord prince she'd ever met. He'd never even properly snarled. Groping, sniffing hound boy. Sniffing, Marilena let him help her down from the counter top. "Unlike some you have all the free time in the world to ignore their duties, mine are important." She scolded, brushing her hair back behind her shoulders.

Jabbing his shoulder, Mari held her hand out.

"Stool, before you leave, dog prince."

Rodgau Province / Re: wrong place, wrong time
« Last post by Honor Brin on June 18, 2018, 09:41:48 PM »

Honor smiled and ducked her head at his exclamation. No one had ever praised Mother Night over her presence before. She didn’t know if she should be flattered or amused. Whichever it were, it was invitation enough for Honor, who came a little closer, kneeling at the woman’s toes. Barely able to keep from howling at the poor healer prince’s that.

”Well luck is with us then, here I am to see to that.” Peeking at him, Honor thought maybe it was his comfort weighing on his mind. The woman seemed far too gone to care, and more than happy to crush his hand. What was a testing of the cervix after that? He sure did scramble away though. Happily situating himself behind the woman. As far from the baby bearing as possible. Honor grinned.

”I’m Honor, by the by. You get comfortable and I’ll sort my things.” Woman and young man having it out. Not quite able to come together or apart. ”You’re doing great!” Honor promised, picking leaves from stems in her basket. She tucked herself between the mother’s heels and helped ease her back into the healer prince. ”That looks cozy. Chew on this, it’ll help.” She tucked rolled up leaves between the woman’s lips and began rolling up her skirts.

Warm, soft blanket called in to pad the landing. Honor laid it out, slipping the end under the woman’s bottom. Folded her skirts over her thighs and smoothed them nearly. With that all sorted, Honor could have a proper look. And call in her bag. Woven from a sturdy cotton, still mostly new. Sucking her bottom lip, Honor took a look. A good and proper one that didn’t make a liar out of the young man.

”He is quite right! I am glad I came along when I did or you’d be holding your baby already.” Honor smiled at then, healer prince and laboring woman, as if they’d done all the miracle making on their own. *Soon, I think. Sometimes babies take a while. Have you never?* Honor glanced at him. All her curiosity stirred up. She had to remind herself there was a patient and she couldn’t go chasing his thread back to his person and nose about.

”Breathe with me, like this.” Honor demonstrated. ”Once you have your breathing down we can start pushing.” It was so exciting! She looked at her helper and smiled. She guessed he wasn’t very old. Maybe even younger than her. So maybe he had never done this. Oh well, firsts for everything. It he didn’t faint anyway. *Brace up, she’ll push back against you something fierce.*

Applications in Progress / Re: Peitar
« Last post by Jones on June 18, 2018, 09:22:15 PM »
I'm going to be a PITA and ask for an Opal to Sapphire, using my Full Jewel Set in the bank.
Marketplace / Re: Transactions
« Last post by Jones on June 18, 2018, 09:21:17 PM »
Player Name: Jones
Relevant Link:
Transaction: I want to use my Full Jewel set on Peitar to request an Opal to Sapphire. I also want to use the 5 Craft Point bundle in the bank on Peitar.

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