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First Link / Potter's Army
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An all ages Harry Potter RP based in the year 2030. 
For 10 years, Potter's Army has been giving players the opportunity to meet and interact with each-other and to experience the Wizarding World for themselves.

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Parbelavi / Re: Not Quite a Lamb, Not Quite a Wolf
« Last post by Erylian on Yesterday at 07:56:19 PM »
She smiled at the sound of his stomach.  "See?  More food will be good."  If he'd been a prisoner, he'd probably been starved at least somewhat.  That, at least, was something she could fix.  Her mother always said the way to a man's heart was through his stomach.  She didn't want this Warlord Prince's heart, at least not in the way her mother always mean that statement.  But she wanted him to relax and be comfortable.  Then she could work on figuring out how to teach him all the other things he'd need to know.

Like how to not startle people who came to deliver food and spill it all over the floor.

She let out an 'eep' when he swept her up, instinctively lifting her wings up so they didn't get pinned under her as he plopped her down on his bed.  Before she could worry about being put in such a symbolically vulnerable position he was pressing on her barriers offering to share more of his memories with her.  Carefully she opened her outer barriers to him and gasped as she took in the memory he offered up to her.  Compared to the earlier maelstrom, it was so amazingly mundane.  And gave her what she needed to know.  "Eremiar," she said, testing how it sounded.  And the memory came with a smile from him in the here and now.  She felt a sudden surge of happiness that she'd been able to get him to smile.  The other women of the court were always going on about how scary he was, but here he was smiling a crooked grin at her and obviously waiting for her name as well.

"My name is Erylian.  I grew up in Dena Nehele, but my uncle and father decided that with a Queen who seems ready to take back the territory, we should return and serve and help her."  She knew they were also hoping that Erylian would be able to turn that support into rulership of a Province with them as her Steward and Master of the Guard, but that was still years away from being a worry.
The Berghi Lands / Re: time for new adventures!
« Last post by Tzirek on Yesterday at 07:29:25 PM »
There was a human down there, a little way off.  A rather oblivious human it seemed, considering how it ignored its kindred companion.  The kindred at least seemed smart enough to notice her.  She liked being noticed.  So she indulged in a bit of fancy flying before finally coming to alight on a branch that was probably high enough to avoid any casual jumps the wolf might engage in.  She tested the psychic taste of him.  Even though it wasn't an actual physical flavor, she ran her tongue along the roof of her beak.  Male, that was obvious, and deeper in the Abyss than herself.  Well that wasn't a problem in and of itself.  She had wings and he didn't if things went sour.

She was hopeful it wouldn't though.  He seemed excited and eager.  And that was always fun to play around with.  And maybe he knew this area and would be willing to tell her of it.  He obviously knew at least one of its humans.  'Hello there wolf!  My name is Tzirek.  I've been flying very far so some water would be nice."  She made sure to send a feeling of pleasant gratitude with her words.  Humans couldn't read corvian body language, there was no reason this wolf could.  While she knew better than to think she was a total expert, his body language was similar enough to that of the non-kindred dogs she'd encountered serving in the human courts to feel pretty confident in her assessment of his moods.

Are you from here? she asked.  And who's your human?
Parbelavi / Re: Not Quite a Lamb, Not Quite a Wolf
« Last post by Eremiar on Yesterday at 09:17:46 AM »

Eremiar's stomach agreed with her. Noisome thing that grumbled and gurgled as he watched her eat. Eyes following her fingers, the way her jaw worked as she chewed. Some tension eased from him. It was a thing well done, her eating. Nourishment for her small body, so she could be strong in spite of her size.

He thought about it, watching her. How strong she would need to be for the wold outside the eyrie Ilithian kept them in. A world he had no knowledge of anymore. But he had knowledge of before. And some knowledge from when he'd been caged. The world had always been dangerous. Now with the void of Witch's power to be filled, he thought it might be worse.

And there were strange things afoot in this court, he noticed.

A sigh. Eremiar shook his head at her apologies, sending soothing tendrils around her. Cool, calm blues. Soft greens like fresh grass. The thick kind, he had only experience ever, once. Blades as wide as his thumbs. Her shared the memory with her, pressing it against her barriers with gentle violence. A rumble in his chest as she leaned down.

Leaned down and swooped her up. Around they went, Ere turning on his heels, and then he set her down. Right in the middle of his bed. Pretty as a picture. Like a doll. He had seen a doll once. A grunt, and he pulled over the chair, sitting before her, wings draped over the back.

Pressure. A bid to open. An offering. He could share his name with her. And a thousand other things, but for now, just his name. Woven in with the memory of thick, too green grass. So green he had never seen anything else that same color. A swirling of bodies. Young male bodies. Eremiar, feeling his body, limbs too long, joints too large. Green, thick grass tickling his feet as he chased.

Other boys who whooped and hollered and taunted. Whistling, reed thin staves. A circle of bare chested youths chanting. 'Eremiar, Eremiar!' As he struggled, body and wings pinned down into that impossibly soft grass. Teeth bared as he grappled with a larger boy, who had wings like gold and hands wider that Eremiar's face. Eremiar before he'd met his Red. Before his wings had been half pulled from his back.

Witch barely a dream then. He wrestled and fought, struggling, body straining. And he won. Skill, cunning. The other boys screaming in jubilation and leaping upon him. Pressing him down onto his heavy opponent in a pile of excited youths.

Eremiar lifted an eyebrow at her, grin crooked. He opened his palm, gesturing to her. It was her turn now, to tell him her name.

Marketplace / Re: Transactions
« Last post by The Darkness on Yesterday at 08:05:19 AM »
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The Berghi Lands / Re: time for new adventures!
« Last post by Atlas on November 22, 2017, 09:44:21 PM »
Fat gray muzzle crinkling up around his teeth Atlas sniffed. *Smell someone.* He told his man friend. But the prince was preoccupied doing more strange people things. All people liked to hurry. It was strange. They had so many years, but still rushed through them. Atlas thought naps in the shade and swimming were much better than picking flowers or fixing broken limbs. But this people needed Atlas, needed his goodboy shields for making safe!

The NewSmell was strange too. Not a people. Not really a smell. Like a psychic scent that tickled his nostrils. He panted to see if the smell would leave a taste in his mouth. It did not. Something familiar in the strangeness. Kindred. Not canine, like himself, something different.

Atlas twitched his ears forward. Listened to the sound of the wind as it changed. Bird warnings. Something smarter than them was coming. There were no other Kindred for a long way. Tail wagging he stood up, turning to his psychic tools. An unfamiliar Purple-Dusk tinted the air. His tongue lapped out, wetting his nose. Swallowing the air in giant gulps. Female.

Bristling slightly at the warning of her caste he rose slowly to oversized paws. His man did not notice as he wandered to the base of a tree. Big tree! He could climb trees. When he wanted to. Craft let him jump high! Excitement made his tail wag harder, drumming against the ground while he waited nicely. Paws on the grass. Waiting for the white not-cloud to find a good branch for landing on. The closer she came the more he wagged until his whole furry rump wriggled against the ground. *Hi bird! Hi! Where you coming from?! Want water? We have water!*

They did! A nice shiny little pond of it! There were golden fish inside. If Atlas was fast he could snap them up out of the water. But he was too big to be fast.
Parbelavi / Go Away Please
« Last post by Cyprian on November 22, 2017, 07:42:51 PM »
Nighttime settled over the eyrie. Heavy but soothing. A balm on the weary souls within. Cyprian liked the dark. When she could be alone. Safe, mostly, from the nagging of her queen or compatriots to leave the infirmary. Tricksy Ilithian was always trying to send her out. Make her talk. Make the others talk to her.

Quiet was nice. And if Ili came creeping in the dark then Cyprian could feign concern and press a sleeping brew on the chit. It was what she would do to anyone that disturbed her.
No one slept in the infirmary tonight. Silence was not the same as quiet. And Cyprian did not like the silence. The aloneness. It was the reason she slept on a flat traveling mattress in the infirmary to begin with. They took her clothes when they had been cleaned and stuck them in a room down the hall. A room they said was for her, but really it was a waste. She couldnít sleep there. Had never had a proper bed and felt strange in it. Stranger even than when she climbed into Mornivarís from time to time when the coil in her stomach needed snapping. Gross boy. But there were worse, and he didnít make her talk.

Instead of the room she slept tucked into a dark corner beside a broad counter in the common space of the healing suits. There were exam rooms on the other side of the big room. She closed those doors and laid boundary alarms across them. So that things didnít come through while she slept and get her. Or people. People sometimes tried to get you too.

Fully clothed, always, she curled up under a thin knitted blanket. It smelled like its maker but he was hurt all the time so his scent was familiar instead of abrasive. A too big shirt over skin tight leather pants, so common among her people. Feet still clad in a pair of boots- black once but now faded to a soft obsidian blue. She read a book about a girl that loved a boy who didnít love her back and thought about it was sad you couldnít fix a broken heart as easily as broken ribs.

Too bad.

Then she felt a person in the hall. Stopped by the open door. She put out the witchlight she read with. They came in anyway. Cyprian slipped the blanket down around her shoulders so that she could peek a single golden eye around the counter. People and there always needing things. She felt tears well up behind her eyelids and bit back a pout. Maybe it was a guard on patrolÖ maybe if she was still and quiet they would go away again.
First Link / the future can't all be dark ;
« Last post by Embrace These Chains on November 22, 2017, 03:45:13 PM »

Brand New! Just one week old! Many canon positions open and So Much to do with many subplots and surprises to come!

vamps x weres x shifters x witches x rebels x monsters x the wild x slaves x master x kink x blood x lust x cookies

Don't be shy, feed your wild side! We welcome to all types of writing styles, are LBGTQ friendly, have no character or word limit. We invite and encourage you to be yourself and explore your fetishes. ;)
First Link / Modern Nights, An Original World of Darkness RP
« Last post by Squeeji on November 22, 2017, 01:46:00 PM »

London's darkest nights are upon it.  Monsters have awakened from their slumber, and turmoil has taken over its minions.  Hunters are hunted as the very Earth dies beneath them.   These are the end times, how will you survive before the light snuffs out?

-Adapted classic World of Darkness Rules
-Werewolf the Apocalypse and Vampire the Masquerade
-JCINK Premium
-Rated 3-3-3
Applications in Progress / Re: Iridian
« Last post by Jones on November 22, 2017, 09:25:45 AM »
A+ looks great to me

Welcome to Witchlight

We are an AU Black Jewels RPG that is taking the world that we all know and expanding it by combining the old lore with new lore to truly make it our own. Come join us and play in our sandbox!

We are officially open! We are looking forward to the wonderful stories our members create and welcoming any newcomers to the site.

We have an RPG Rating of:


Summer - AW101

Please keep the season in mind while posting. The seasons will change on 01/01.

Wanted Spotlight

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