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Rodgau Province / Re: When You Need Me
« Last post by Wren Cloverbridge on Yesterday at 09:37:54 PM »

Wren shook her head in answer. Voice lost to the swell of emotion. To prove it she relented to his anxious probes. Wren tried not to fight the frantic inspection. Physically she was calm. Slipping into the warmth of his arms. Face pressed to his shoulder as he clung to hers. In that pocket of space her breathing sounded harsher. But the smell of him was stronger there too.

On the inside she was rattled. By the weight of all that had happened in the last few weeks; all that bottled emotion. And by his shuffling too. Barriers vibrating as he tossed her for damage. Saved from causing any by his own shields.

Curling her fingers against his chest Wren tried to settle. All of herself. ”I’m sure. I’ve just... it’s been a lot on my mind. And that was...” Words! What words could she possibly use to describe that? They were hardly finished and she already wanted to hide from him forever. All the parts of her he had seen. Touched! Darkness have mercy. ”helpful. It was helpful.”

True enough. She felt better. Less heavy even though none of her problems had changed. Shuffling closer a bit she closed her watery eyes. Now that he had said the word she realized how tired she felt. ”Maybe. For a little while. I don’t think anyone is getting near this inn until we leave though. If you want to rest.”

Just a little while. Then she needed a bath. They would both need feeding. And she had no idea if there was anything in the kitchens they might manage on their own.
Sør Province / Re: A Picture From a Thousand Words
« Last post by Shy Laurens on Yesterday at 09:29:10 PM »

Laurens scoffed, insult flashing across his face. Of all things to accuse him of! This girl! Wretched kitchen witch of a girl. Laurens had never met a girl so horribly rude. Frowning, he kept on. Might as well or she’d be blaming him for that too.

”I would never!” He defended himself, lips pouting, cheeks hot. Worse because he had to touch her. Hand cradling her face, eyes critical as he looked her over. Searching for hurts. Trying to ignore everything else. ”Really!” He muttered to himself.

This was why he preferred brews. Healing from a distance. Safe from all this contact with people. Such a trial. Wearing him down, exhausting him. Confusing him too. He really wished she would quit looking at him while he was about it.

”Good, good.” Still holding on to her as the craft unwound, power seeping back into his own body. The healing down. Glad when she wiggled free of her own accord. Frowning, Laurens rubbed his hand on his thigh, letting go of the last of his craft and looking around the storeroom.

He glanced at her, Chatty Dagny, rude girl, ready and waiting with her notebook. His lips twitched before smoothing, shoulders tucked up around his ears as he got to work. Listing everything he touched. Vanishing supplies away into his cabinet. Not too much as to seem greedy, but whatever the ship needed. Marking things off his own list.

And adding those few things he needed.

”Mm?” Hard to remember he had company. The soft scratch of her writing fading into the background noise. Laurens’ head tipped back, eyes searching the ceiling. ”No. Too crowded.” He knew a lot of the men from the boat liked to go. He’d tried once and nearly suffocated from the sheer amount of bodies rather than the steam.

”Do you?” He coaxed the question out. He’d been taught manners. It was just hard. Not sure if he really wanted to know. Not sure if he didn’t. Feeling flushed and faint. So he vanished a few more things, naming them for her.

Niwlen / Re: Pretty Things
« Last post by Connor Ardelia on Yesterday at 07:18:05 PM »

Having grown up in Dena Nehele Connor as well acquainted with snow. There were places with worse winters of course, but this land saw a hard cold season. You had to plan and prepare! Be stocked up on firewood and food. Especially in the back country where freezing or starving to death was a damn near possibility. It wasnt just good politics that took Caleb and Connor out to those mountain camps. Neither brother wanted to see people suffer through the harsh season. Or worse. Perish from it. Unlike Caera he knew snow and what it brought all too well. ”You will soon enough” the warlord prince murmured, voice losing a bit of the amusement. At least the woman would experience her first Dena Nehele winter in the shadow of grayhaven. Safer then some isolated stretch at the edge of the province. ”It’s pretty in the mornings but otherwise the stuffs wretched”

Well, that wasnt entirely true. Throwing snowballs at your siblings for instance could make even the drudgery of shoveling a bit of fun! Though the white stuff also slowed down the movement of supplies and people. Sometimes on those cold winter days it felt like the whole territory fell asleep at the coldest part of winter. Or maybe he was just prone to a bit of sulking when full winter hit. Connor had always hated being trapped indoors. Whether from a blizzard or a rainstorm.

The black widow brought up a good point. A valid point! A true one even…. Not that the man was going to admit it. His reputation was a carefully cultivated thing. Mainted with the same care a soldier showed his sword and armor. And just as useful against his opponents. Even if they weren't usually met on the battlefield. Usually. Instead Connor just gave a great one shoulder shrug. Far more interesting things to talk about! Like….keeping warm! And how practical! Unsurprisingly the dark haired black widow seemed keen to pass on his subtle advance. Though her mention of dirty books did earn an arched eyebrow. And a more genuine grin.

”Oh really? I don’t suppose you’ve read any of those wilder books have you? I could use some ideas….. For a Alban Arthan gift” Riiiiiiight. Although now that he thought about it…. Maybe he could get his celibate siblings an extra something spicy this year! Their reactions alone would be worth it! Just thinking about the possibilities set Connor smirking like a boy who was knee deep in the best mischief. And really it was a fairly good assessment of the man. No matter how tall he’d grown or how deep his inner shadows stretched the dark haired man had always loved causing a little havoc.

Case in point? He gave an amused little chuckle at the widows reaction to his questions. Clearly she’d been expecting something a bit more….stern? Serious? Business? But plenty of people would ask THOSE questions. Besides people often rehearsed those predictable questions. Connor always felt you got a better sense of someone when you threw them out of their comfort zone. Case in point? Caera’s reaction and her clever little reply gave the warlord prince something much more interesting to chew on then standard questioning might. Though he did grimace-playfully-and shake his head. ”Tch! Cruel woman” Clever woman. It made him like her better.

Despite his otherwise ungentlemanly behavior the Warlord Prince gave a courteous little bow. ”A fair trade! I’m Connor Ardelia. And it is a pleasure to meet you lady” See?! His mother's nagging about good manners had not gone unheard. Just largely ignored. ”Next question then. Where are we going Caera?” And right back to normal.

Dendrabelle Province / Re: Restless
« Last post by Gideon Loch on Yesterday at 05:34:51 PM »

Ear tips red and eyes crinkling in joy Gideon apologized again anyway. Too entranced by her using his given name to notice much else. Everything seemed a bit fuzzy at the moment. He was almost certain she had never really called him anything but Lord Loch. It sounded nice; the way she smiled around his name.
And only furthered Gideon’s staunch belief that she was wrong. Surely the most precious thing in the realm was Vesa! There were other queens, of course. Equally special in their own lovely ways. Vesa was his most precious, though just by nature of accepting and valuing his care. No mysterious bonds would make his dedication any greater than it was already.

He obliged, of course, by giving up the thermos. All the better since it made room for her to hook her arm in his again. Elbow kept by his side so that she was tucked close. Laughing he followed step for step as she led the charge to dinner. Passing through the library he slowed only a bit. Long enough to take in a deep breath. There was something grand about rooms filled with books. Smelling of ink, care worn leather bindings,  and the oils of all the people that had held them. It almost felt like the knowledge had slipped beyond the page to flavor the air.

”Oomph, let me help!” Giddy chuckled, reaching for the paper. He could tuck it on the basket and make it stay with a touch of binding spell. Save them from making a mess and having to take their meal in the library. All adjusted again he followed her out the door. Picture perfect gazebo in sight. ”It will be worth the juggling I’m sure.”

And he really, truly was.

The path was clean and easily crossed. Under the lattice work and tendrils of ivy the press of coming night was stronger. Gideon set three small wisps of witchlight free to bob around the ceiling. Enough to eat and read by without breaking the spell of semi-darkness. ”Lovely.” He said, meaning the sentiment twice as much when he turned to face Vesa. Her hair was still in perfect form, but there was a flush of color in her cheeks from their rushing through the house and garden.

Clearing his throat with a grin he set the basket down. ”Here, let’s spread the blanket out.” Before her hot chocolate started to cool.
Marketplace / Re: Transactions
« Last post by The Darkness on Yesterday at 05:27:26 PM »
Player Name: dergon
Relevant Link:
Transaction: Character Approved (Keen Hawthorne) +25

Marks Awarded
Norr Province / Re: Sisterly Troubles
« Last post by Kite on Yesterday at 02:20:41 PM »
Hip settling against the next table Kite ran his free hand over Starling’s forearm. She was clinging close. Not upset, of course, he wouldn’t stand for that. Just enjoying the time together. He was her favorite escort, he knew. And she the brightest joy in his life. Baby sister that never fussed at his doting. Sweet summer child to lift his gloomy moods. They had always gotten along well, especially these days. Probably, he grudgingly thought, because they were basically close in age. Slow body taking forever to do anything properly. Letting baby brothers, and now baby sisters pass him right by. Of course it helped too that their personalities were complimentary. Starling knew the best ways to settle him, and since she was his sister there was never the stirring unrest other women caused with their petting.

”Reric doesn’t get very good trade agreements.” That was part of the reason he and Peregrine could afford to spoil her as they did. Providing a bit of the luxury items the city wasn’t getting in. Made them well liked locally. Not everything could be sold for the best prices close to home, though. And it would bring suspicion down on their heads eventually. Smile almost mischievous he added, ”And the ones that do the sneaking, sadly, don’t deal much in things they don’t know about. Like fabric.”

His own eyes widened as she ran her little fingers over his forearm. Pouting, perfect as anything while she tested the texture of several bolts. Stepping back as she swung around to give him those shiny blues in earnest. He didn’t like to promise without taking it up with Peregrine first. But...

”I do.” If he was careful he could make Peregrine think it was his own idea. They both hated leaving her behind anyway. When confronted with his lack of knowledge he shrugged. Smile sheepish as he tried to explain. ”It’s soft and fuzzy. I’m not sure what it’s called.”

There was none at any of the tables either. Helping her lower the tall spool of fabric back down he sighed more deeply. None of this. He would have to buy her something to cheer her up. ”We could go by the smithy?” She liked jewelry as much as the next girl. Plus the silver smith would let him trade on credit, so he could the marks in his pocket to get her something else. Like a coffee. Tucking her arm back in place around his own Kite nodded in the direction of a small diner. It was wedged between the much larger tattooists shop and an alleyway. ”It is. I’ll talk to Peregrine, and we’ll take you when we go again. Promise.”

Spoiled rotten little darling.
Dendrabelle Province / Re: Restless
« Last post by Vesa Reed on Yesterday at 09:46:25 AM »

Of course he wouldn't. Vesa felt a little guilty as suspecting Gideon of anything so insidious as skipping the dinning room on purpose. Dipping her chin in acceptance of his promise, Vesa let go of her guilt and went to check on her other court members. Gideon hadn't taken offense, everything was fine. Of course, he couldn't really be harmed by her inner thoughts.

He was very good escort.

Laughing as he nearly trod on her again, basket swinging at his side. Vesa's hand stopped it from thumping against her leg in his haste. Side stepped his eager toes, and smiled as he pushed his hair from his face and help up the basket for her approval."It's alright. And the basket is lovely." She peeked under the lid quickly, before letting it fall closed and slipping up to Gideon's side.

Helpfully, Vesa took the thermos from his arm, sliding an around around his, now that it was free.

"I'll carry this then."
She hefted the thermos in her hand, eager to have it open for drinking. But they still had a library to get through, and a gazebo to find. Not too far. "You keep the basket. It has the most precious cargo," she flashed a smile at him, more than pleased with the bounty, "brownies." And her cook made the best. She wasn't sure what the woman did, but it had to be magic.

"Come on, lets go!" Infected by his own excitement, and the siren song of chocolate. Brownies to go with her hot chocolate. And of course, whatever sort of dinner the ladies of the kitchen had packed for them. She tugged at him gently, steering him toward the library doors. Inside she took them for a detour past her favorite reading chair, grasping a blanket as they went by with her fingertips. Arm suddenly full.

She laughed, letting go of him so she could arrange all the things she was suddenly carrying. Careful not to drop the paper lest it fall to pieces everywhere.

"Goodness. Who thought a last minute picnic would be so much work?" She laughed, though, opening the outer door with a bit of craft so neither of them had to worry about it. And there it was, just on the other side of a tidy path, white and glowing in the deepening twilight. "Almost there!"

Character Applications / Re: Ready for Review
« Last post by dergon on Yesterday at 08:45:29 AM »
Character Name: Atticus Fletcher
Link to App:
Applications in Progress / Re: Fletcher, Atticus
« Last post by dergon on Yesterday at 08:43:13 AM »
@Mae for DN things
First Link / Over the Line
« Last post by Cia on Yesterday at 01:12:12 AM »

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