Bordering Glacia, most of Little Terreille’s lumber comes from this province. This province is timber heavy and home to the tributary that feeds Lohr Lake. It is probably the least populated province in the territory, and most who live here work in some part of the timber industry. From cutting to turning pulp into paper. Places of Note: Alace, Redgrove.
The Askavi border of Little Terreille is probably as well guarded as the Territory’s Dark Gate. The light lumber lands at the border give way to wide plains suited best to growing grains; such as wheat and rye. Much of Little Terreille’s water comes from Rodgau, the rivers and streams often originating in the Askavi mountains. Places of Note: Mira, Rush Water, Fort Blackthorn.
The grasslands of Roeselare are perfect for grazing. Sheep, goats, even horses; nearly all of Little Terreille’s livestock is grazed on these plains. Nearly all of Little Terreille’s livestock is grazed on these plains. The coastline is long, the cliffs of Shahllene fading to proper beaches, one point very nearly touching a spear of land from Sceval, though the opposite shore is barely visible. To the east lies the Nharkava border. Places of Note: Rosenheim, Goth, The Glass Coast.
Shahllene’s coastlines are mostly comprised of sheer, white bluffs. Home to seabirds and and a few lighthouses. Farther inland the province gives way to farm land and a more rural feel, orchards especially. Near the coast though the land is heavily developed and the population highly concentrated. Especially around Walcourt. Still, even the capital's streets boast fruit trees. The Dea al Mon border along western edge of the territory is heavily wooded. Places of Note: Walcourt, Lohr Lake & Township, The Dark Gate.


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