A Matter of Honey Cakes

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A Matter of Honey Cakes
« on: May 28, 2017, 10:25:20 AM »
There was no other worse feeling in the world than the feeling of starving. That feeling of ones stomach turning over its self, begging for something to fill it, but finding nothing in hand to do so was horrible. Sleep was hard to come by too when ones stomach was growing so loud and all the dreams a person could have were of food. Now, Caera could have returned home and avoided this altogether. However there was a lingering dark cloud over her head that kept her from going anywhere near Rhat yet. Hellsfire, Mother night! The Darkness knew she wanted to return back home and burn the bastards up that had done this to her, just there was no feasible way for her to do it. Vengeance could easily turn against the goal she had destroying her push to have Rhat separate from Little Kaeleer. This whole situation was a delicate one- one that Caera was going to have to suffer through in order to make her goals more obtainable. What better else than to play the victim when she really was the victim?

She hoped in the long run the suffering she was going to put herself through was worth it.

Her travels had taken her up through the Shalador countryside until she had come to the province home city. While she didn’t agree with theft, sometimes it had to be done, and in her case at the moment there was no way around it. Everything Caera had taken was never more than she needed when it came to cloths on the line or the smallest foods in the patch. While her gathering skills still needed some work she at least knew the differences in what foods were edible in the wild and what weren’t. That at least she could thank her mother for if nothing else.

Shalador was new to her. Caera knew enough to get herself in trouble when it came to their cultures and festivals but she was still learning. She liked the people there and knew Rhat would do much better in the hands of these Queens than the ones who lead Little Kaeleer- those bitches were more concerned with lining their own pockets than what the people needed. That was one of the reasons her home had been so poorly taken care of: Rhat was not a tourist place thus did not need the financial input to fix it up. Bastards. Every single one of them. Seeing the signs of spring and the festival that was popping up around it made her smile because here, at least, the people had reason to celebrate with everything they had. Back home there would be little celebration over what few fare could be spared.

Walking through the vendor stalls her eyes instantly went to one particular stall that made her stomach shift in protest. Honeycakes! Caera could smell them miles away over anything else because these were her weak spot. While she generally wasn’t too keen on sweets the little cakes were exactly what she craved ever since she was a child. Her mouth watered, her stomach begged, and there was little she could do as her feet took her closer to the stall. Instantly her eyes fell upon the sweets and she nearly swooned. If only she had the coin to buy them… this sort of theft she would ask the Darkness to forgive her for, a small penance in the grander scheme of what she was trying to achieve, that hopefully everyone would understand.

Cae waited until the vendor was busy before making sure there were no visible eyes upon her before sliding out the smallest of the cakes that were in easiest reach. Once she had the coin she would pay the man back enough to cover this one cake and a dozen more. It was just going to be a matter of time before she could do it. Quietly she walked away holding the little cake out of sight. Now she just needed to find just as quiet a place to devour the evidence before moving on.


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Re: A Matter of Honey Cakes
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2017, 11:24:13 PM »
Isabella Narvaez
@Caera Reid  

It wasn't often that Isabella got out and got to venture into town, but she had come once again to restock some of her supplies. She knew she could send others but she wanted to get out and see the people that she ruled over. A queen who was never available was a Queen who was no respected. That was her opinion anyway and so far it had not lead her astray.

This time however she had learned her lesson, before venturing out into the city she had asked her a few members of her Court to join her so that she wasn't alone. She knew that there was danger just because she was a Queen but she thought her Court made too big of a deal over it, she really didn't think that anyone would murder her, not in the middle of the street. But she cared for everyone in her Court and if having an escort put their minds at ease, she would do that.

With her escort ready they headed out into the city. It took some time before Isabella reached the shops that she wanted but many wanted to stop and talk to her and Isabella stopped every time, she always had time for others. There were so many people looking at her, that Isabella was sure that the vendor missed seeing when a cake went missing from his table, but Isabella certainly didn't. The girl was easy to spot, she obviously wasn't from around here. Finishing up her conversation Isabella excused herself before following the young lady.

She followed her for a minute or two, long enough that the baker was out of earshot. "You know, most people don't take being stolen from lightly around here." The girl looked young and Isabella wanted to hear what she had to say before she condemned her to some unfair fate.

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Re: A Matter of Honey Cakes
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2017, 07:19:30 PM »
It would feel good to eat. Caera hadn’t eaten much the last few weeks- the darker the jewels the more fuel was required. While Cae had always picked at food like a bird she at least ate her fill and nothing more which some people didn’t understand. But being in a position where food was not an option all the time… well it had taken its toll on the Widow. Her cheeks were sunken in, the cloths on her already willowy form fit to lose, and she was slowly learning to ignore the pain of her stomach complaining it was hungry. So what if she nicked a few bites of food? Caera never went for the best or the biggest pieces of what she took. Look at that honey cake. It had been the smallest on the table, easy to misplace or ignore.

Or so she had thought.

When the feeling of being followed hit her, Cae chided herself for not eating it quick enough. She didn’t have the jewel strength to vanish it, let alone even call her jewels in to check them. To be honest she didn’t know what hurt the most: starving or not knowing how bad off she was with her jewels. There was no hiding it now. Even when the woman spoke to her she made a quiet little face before shifting out of the way of traffic. If they were going to talk then it wouldn’t be an obvious conversation to others.

Holding the honey cake in her left hand so not to ruin the already dirty bandage more, the Widow gave the woman an even, yet highly tired, look. Yes. Queen. She wasn’t too tired not to catch that particular scent from the woman. It was just her luck even though Caera outranked her in Jewels- that mattered little when it came to Caste. “I’d every intention on repaying when I could,” the Widow said softly, surprised at how raspy her own voice sounded. The frown that crossed her face showed her own concern. Clearing her throat slightly she gave an apologetic smile- not at taking the cake but for the sound she had previously made. “Unfortunately that will be an undetermined amount of time.

She needed her strength, she needed to know the status of her jewels, and she needed her hand to stop throbbing. If she could call a purse in then she could pay- but food was required and an actual place to rest. Resting hadn’t exactly been an option since she had been tossed out in to the ocean with everyone’s intent on her dying. Caera needed her feet back under herself and fast.

@Siera @dergon

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Re: A Matter of Honey Cakes
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2017, 10:44:03 AM »

He'd thought she'd been abrupt, but Abel assumed it was something more along the lines of exhaustion rather than this. Isabella had been pushing herself too hard, as far as Abel was concerned. It hadn't been that long since they had been required to sacrifice their blood at the temple. Not nearly enough for her to be fully recuperated, especially when she kept going about her day like normal.

But since none of the other males in her triangle had seemed concerned, Abel had left it alone.

This was different however. Confronting a foreigner in such a manner. Abel loomed, wedging himself between those who had been foolish enough to fill the gap between queen and warlord prince. The woman was a slip of a thing. Not much more than skin and jutting bones. Still, he'd have to remind Isabella later about the danger of strangers. For now he focused on the end of the conversation, which was all he managed to catch.

Not very apologetic for a thief. Abel crossed his arms his chest, and spoke one word only.


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Re: A Matter of Honey Cakes
« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2017, 08:18:55 PM »
Isabella Narvaez
@Caera Reid @Abel Suero   

Isabella watched the young girl carefully. She knew that she was weak at the moment, but she also knew that Abel was around and he would protect her if something were to happen. She didn't expect the young lady to do anything though, she just had a feeling and more than not her feeling ended up being right.

She didn't take her eyes off the young girl, so when she moved the cake to her other hand Isabella noticed the bandage. She froze for a moment, because despite the fact that she stole Isabella couldn't ignore the fact that she was likely injured. Moving her gaze up from the bandage to the girls eyes Isabella had to stop herself from moving towards her. It was a flaw that the males in her court hated but once Isabella saw someone who was injured she couldn't help but do something.

Taking a quick look back at Abel, Isabella smiled softly at him, knowing that he would like what she was about to do next. Turning back Isabella indicated to the girls hand. You're hurt. I'm a Healer, do you mind if I take a look at it?" The bandage was dirty and that alone made the Healer in her cringe. But Isabella could also tell that the girl didn't have the ideal circumstances in her life. Isabella cared about her people and she wanted to help whoever she could.

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Re: A Matter of Honey Cakes
« Reply #5 on: October 08, 2017, 05:30:31 PM »

Perhaps. Cae didn’t speak up on the matter since she had no real dog in that race. After all she had taken the smallest cake she could with intentions on paying the baker back when she was strong enough to call coin in. She wasn’t a liar and never forgot things- or at least she tried not to. Like the faces of men who had done this to her. While she hadn’t seen them all, she had seen enough, and one day they would go and meet their Maker.

Dark eyes flickered back to the woman, the Queen, that was standing in front of her questioning the need to take the cake. It wasn’t hard to see why she taken it. The darker the jewel the more food was needed in order to sustain ones self and their power. Even though Cae ate like a little bird she managed to always keep herself up… until now. Licking her lips she hesitated, eyes flickering away from the woman and man to the people around them who watched. While the majority might not have stopped, a few did. Who amongst them were from Rhat? Who amongst them would let it be known back home she wasn’t dead?

So Caera shook her head, taking half a step back and eying the people around them. She had every reason to be paranoid. “Not here,” the Widow replied slowly, “Not here. It’s….” Complicated? A brand of embarrassment? Darkness help her, was she even still considered a widow after this? Cae didn’t know and that worried her. It would take her being back to full strength of the Red and weaving a web before she knew for herself. “It’s bad,” she finally finished looking back to the Healer Queen. Would her escort even allow them to go somewhere out of public view?

Cae had tried taking care of it, she really had, but there was only so much that she could do and it hurt.

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Re: A Matter of Honey Cakes
« Reply #6 on: October 22, 2017, 09:53:58 AM »

Abel quirked a brow at Isabella's smile. Internally he sighed, shoulders twitching. He knew what was coming without being told. He'd served her long enough to recognize that smile. Jaw setting he reached for his power and readied a shield, just in case. It wasn't like he'd be able to stop her.

Damn Healer Queens.

Isa advanced and the Black Widow retreated. Nervous, twitchy. Abel's temper rose.  Black Widow's didn't tend to be to furtive unless they were up to no good. Or there was danger about. Even in Shalador where dislike and distrust still lingered. Queen Killers. His teeth ground together.

"Lady. We did set you up a small pavilion." Abel reminded his Queen. "It isn't far, and would be much more sanitary than an alley." And closer to the other court members. At least one or two guards should still be at their posts watching the Queen's resting place. Or he'd ring their necks with his Craft before the rest as a warning.

Slowly he unfolded his arms. He didn't want to frighten the woman off. Not now that Isa had taken an interest in her. Abel considered it.

"There are refreshments."
Meant for Isabella's comfort, but she'd always been one to share.

Damn Healer Queens.


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