I Am Not Waiting Anymore


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I Am Not Waiting Anymore
« on: June 20, 2017, 07:28:07 PM »
She wasn’t quite sure what had gotten into her but ever since Ismael had come back with the Darkness only knows what in his system she had been determined to prove that she could in fact have fun. Without him. But it had taken some amount of planning. Reagan wasn’t yet sure who would come with her but she had had to ensure that Ismael would be distracted so that he wouldn’t follow her. Of course, he still may find her at some point over the evening but Reagan was hoping she would at least be good and drunk by then.

Smiling Reagan hurried up and got ready, choosing a simple outfit. As much as she wanted to wear something sparkly, she didn’t want Ismael to think she was dressing up for others and being a Queen, she wanted to try and blend in. She didn’t want to stand out, after all most people did not want to see their Queen drunk. Sitting down on their bed Reagan got out a piece of paper to write a note for Ismael. She did not want to give him any real warning that she intended to go out. That would only lead to questions, questions she wouldn’t be able to answer without lying.

Ismael, I’ve gone out for the evening. I’ll be back at some point. Don’t worry, I will return to you, unharmed and in one piece. Yours, Reagan

She looked at the note for a second before crinkling it up and throwing it out. On second thought a note was a very bad idea. It would only lead to more questions or make him more curious and if he was curious he’d only be more likely to come find her. Maybe he wouldn’t even notice her absence, that would be ideal. But she doubted it. She rarely went too far without him, so her not returning to their room at a decent hour would be a clue. But he could always be in his basement room doing Widow work. She didn’t think she’d be that lucky. Moving off the bed Reagan took one last look at herself in the mirror. Once she was satisfied with her appearance and sure that Ismael was in fact still preoccupied Reagan left her room to go find an Escort for the night. She wasn’t stupid enough to go alone.

During her best to appear calm Reagan left the house and walked up to the first guard she saw. “Excuse me, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to provide me with an Escort tonight. Drinks on me.” She smiled, an innocent smile, nothing to make Ismael rightfully jealous. She didn’t know how exactly he would react to her going out without him, especially considering what she was planning on doing.

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Re: I Am Not Waiting Anymore
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Monroe had never really wanted to become part of life at Court, but considering he didn't really know what he wanted to do with his life and that didn't sit well with his parents. They wanted him to figure out what he was going to do with his life and since Liam had taken a position as a guard with this Court, Monroe figured it couldn't hurt if he got the proper training, even if he didn't necessarily want to do this in the long run. Maybe he'd be surprised though and it would be something he enjoyed after all. So far... that wasn't the case but perhaps that was only because he was the new guy and everyone kept treating him like a child... or maybe he was just bored. It could very well be the latter since it wasn't like Liam had a whole lot of time to spend with him when he was training.

Just when he thought things couldn't get interesting at Court, he was pleasantly surprised. Monroe was wandering the halls, looking for anything to kill the boredom when he saw the Queen that ruled over this Court that he now served in asking a guard for an escort that evening. It was clear the guard didn't really want to, though Monroe had absolutely no idea why since the Queen was beautiful and wanted to go out, but perhaps it had something to do with the grumpy male that was usually glued to her side. He supposed that the Black Widow Warlord Prince wasn't someone that most people wanted to cross and though it wasn't exactly what he wanted either, if the Queen he served wanted to go out, then who was he to not offer his services? He was a dark jeweled Warlord Prince after all... and he was bored to tears with all of the Protocol crap that people kept throwing at him. It wasn't like he hadn't been trained in that his whole life... he just wanted to have a little bit of fun and there was nothing wrong with that right?

"I'll escort you Lady," he responded with a friendly smile in an attempt to save the guard before he had to say no. He honestly wasn't certain that she would accept his offer, considering the fact that he was new to her Court and served in one of the lower circles but at least he had offered right?

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Re: I Am Not Waiting Anymore
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Reagan knew the changes of almost anyone says no to escort her would be slim, but she also have to try and find the right company. There were too many guards that would have been afraid of Ismael and what he might do when she was returned drunk. Not that Reagan would let Ismael do any harm to anyone, but most people did not want to tempt fate. And Reagan couldn't blame them really. Only people in her first circle were close enough to Ismael to even think about annoying him in any manner.

But the Guard in front of her seemed more reserved and Reagan was getting ready to pout when another voice spoke up offering himself as an escort. Reagan smiled widely thanking the Guard in front of her before turning on her heels as she all but skipped to the man who had offered himself up. He was younger, and new to her court, really new to her court. Reagan remembered him signing on just recently. He was just slightly taller than her but he was rather cute. Not that Reagan had eyes for anyone other than Ismael, but she knew most ladies would appreciate his good looks.

Ever confident about herself Reagan looped her arm through his as she started heading down the halls. She knew one lady in particular would she thought would appreciate his good looks, someone who needed a distraction. "Well thank you for offering to Escort me tonight." She would always thank those who served her, a little appreciate went a long way. "But there is one condition." She paused for a moment, looking at him. "I am going to get drunk, and you can't judge me for it." She smiled, hoping that this man would agree to her condition. "Oh, and I am bringing a friend along. So if we feel you are not capable of handling us both I suggest you get yourself a friend to assist" Her words were light hearted. It had been so long since Reagan had gone out and had fun by herself.

As they arrived in front of Tris's door, Reagan knocked twice before opening the door slightly. "I'll be right back" She had to the guy before she slipped into the room. "Tris? Tris come on get dressed. We are going out for a night on the town. I already have an escort." She said as she spotted Tris. *And he's pretty cute. New to the court too* She spoke over a Tiger Eye thread just to Tris. Maybe she would set the two of them up tonight. Then it really would be a great night. Reagan had never really seen her friend keep a long relationship and she truly hoped one day her friend would find love, she deserved it.

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Re: I Am Not Waiting Anymore
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i thought that i was dreaming
when you said you loved me
....and I was

The rather lazy day found Tris curled up in the window seat of her room, trying to distract herself with a book Reagan had recommended and a cup of tea. Though the tea was extremely tasty, a blend she had purchased from a local tea shop owned by a rather cute Purple Dusk hearth witch, the book was a bit of a disappointment. Oh, she could see why Reagan and just about every other woman would find it appealing, but her tastes didn’t really lean towards tall, broad-shouldered overly muscular males with long flowing hair that should have, by all accounts, blow into his face a dozen times in the first chapter alone. The heroine wasn’t too bad, but she was much too dainty for Tris’ liking. She let the male do all the ‘heavy lifting’ in the book and relied on him for everything. Tris wrinkled her nose and sighed as she leaned her head back, the book completely abandoned over her knee. Nope, she just couldn’t stand to finish it. She’d, of course, lie to Reagan and say she did, she had made it through most the book, and it would make her Queen and friend happy. Maybe she would read the last chapter, just to be safe.

As she sat up a bit and reached for the book over her knee, there was a knock on her door, and by the time she turned her head to invite the visitor in, Reagan stepped through the door. The room filled with her scent, both physical and psychic and she felt simultaneously tense and relaxed. Being around Reagan always had that effect on her. Before she could say anything to her friend, Reagan started to babble about going out and having an escort and then the Queen started to babble on a psychic thread about how cute the escort was. Tris unfolded herself from the window seat and made her way over to Reagan and placed her hand over the other womans mouth with a laugh. “Are you going to give me a chance to respond or are you going to continue to dribble words?” Reagan gave her a mischievous look before she found the palm of her hand was now wet. She yanked her hand away and glared playfully at Reagan.

“Ewwww! I know where that hand’s been!” she dramatically wiped her hand down the leg of her pant. “Now that you’ve proven just how mature you are, and as it seems I don’t have a choice, I’ll go get changed so we can go out.” she made a motion with her hand towards the door, not that the male outside could see it. “You can come on in if you want. It's a little creepy having you stand out there and listen. You might as well join the fun” that directed to male in the hall as she walked across her room, pull the shirt she was currently wearing over her head and dropping it into a basket next to her closet door. She then started pulling different things out of her closet. Once she had found what she wanted to wear, having given Reagan a once over as she had walked into the room, Tris ducked into her bathroom to chance.

“So where are you wanting to go?” Tris called out the still open door. She didn’t really care if Reagan saw her naked, and if she was honest, she didn’t care if the escort saw her either. She was an attractive woman in her prime. She had nothing to be ashamed of, which is why the door was still open. She spilled out of her ay clothing and into skin-tight black leather pants and a dark chocolate-colored leather top that was held up by a string around her neck and tied around her lower back, leaving the majority of her back bare. She used craft to give her hair a messy, just got out of bed, but in a sexy way look and applied some eyeliner and shadow before stepping out of the bathroom.

By this time the escort was also in the room, and she wondered if he had come in while she was stripping. She shrugged to herself as she made her way towards Reagan and did a twirl, the loose part of her shirt flaring to reveal a flat stomach and the top of her belly button. To appease her friend, because she knew how the woman’s mind worked, she gave the male, he couldn’t be older than 20 or 21, still a baby compared to her advanced 30 years, an appreciative look over and nodded, leaning her head close to Reagans as she hooked her arm with her Queens, even though she spoke on a distaff psychic thread. ‘He is cute, but a little young for me don’t you think?’ she glanced over her shoulder and arched a brow, the corner of her lip turning upward slightly in a smirk. ‘He looks like a puppy'


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Re: I Am Not Waiting Anymore
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Monroe had definitely had some ideas on what he thought Queens would be like at Court, but when the one he currently served practically skipped over to him and linked arms with a bright smile upon her face... well that just wasn't what he had expected really. It brought a smile to his face and for a brief moment, he wondered if perhaps his time in this court wouldn't be as boring as he had been feeling since he came. After all, the Queen certainly had a bit of a mischievous glint in her eye so maybe once he got past all the "new to court" bullshit he could stomach it. Certainly gave him something to look forward to... Liam seemed to be enjoying his time in the Guard far more than Monroe had been enjoying his. Brooklyn too for that matter... and he was just glad the three of them were able to stay together.

"No judgement from me at all, I promise," he responded with a bright smile. There was a small voice in his head that told him it would likely be bad for him if he were to get the Queen drunk... but it wasn't one he was going to listen to at the moment. Besides, he was a Green jeweled Warlord Prince so better him than someone else right? When Reagan mentioned that there would be a friend coming along, he was of course confident enough in his skills that he didn't really think he would need to invite someone along but it had been far too long since he'd been able to go out drinking with Liam so why not see if he wanted to come? "I'm sure I'm more than capable of handling you both but if you are alright with it, I will invite my friend that serves in your guard." He had a cheeky smile on his face as he spoke the first part though it was nothing more than playful banter. After all, he didn't have a death wish.

*Hey Liam... still at Court?* he reached out over the Opal spear thread to his friend and once he got a response, he continued. *Come meet me in the Court's Private wing.* It would be far easier to explain just what they would be doing once he got there than it would be over the thread... especially since he might back out then. He followed the Queen to her friend's room and waited as she slipped inside. He had planned on just waiting outside the door, as his parents raised him right, but once he heard someone beckoning him in... well he was a bit curious as to who else would be going with them. Course what he hadn't been expecting when he walked in the room was to see a shirtless woman's back as she headed into the bathroom. Yes... it was definitely going to be an interesting evening.

It was so very tempting to watch the woman change, considering the door was left open, but considering Monroe didn't want to be a creeper he turned his attention to the room itself while he waited for his best friend to join up with them. His attention only returned to the ladies when he heard the other one return. She was fully clothed this time, not that he really noticed though when he turned to look at her. She was stunning and as soon as his eyes fell upon her, there was a little voice in his head that said Mine. She was a bit older than him but that certainly made no difference to him. She had to be the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on.

It only took a second for him to cross the space, take her hand in his and gently kiss the back of it. "Hello I'm Monroe," he said by way of introduction before letting her hand fall out of his and turning his attention back to the Queen with a smile. "So where are we heading out to tonight? Did you have anywhere in mind yet?" If not, he could think of a few places that he's been to but if the Queen already had a preference then it would be good enough for him. It was at that point that he realized that Liam had made it to the hall and considering he was no longer out there waiting, it would possibly take him a moment to figure out where exactly Monroe had wanted to meet him. He poked his head out the door and saw his best friend at the end of the hall and motioned him in. "Ladies, this is Liam... a member of the guard here. He'll be your other escort for the evening," he said with a giant grin, fairly certain that he knew just what kind of look was on his friend's face considering Monroe hadn't really taken the time to explain what they were going to be doing up until that point.


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