A Lady Knows Best


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A Lady Knows Best
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A Coach rumbled onto the landing web, and then down the front lane. Not that Jaxom couldn't see himself wherever he pleased well enough, but the Prince enjoyed landing in style. And a Coach was much more stylish than a being Wind-swept. Plus it made it much easier to carry presents.

Ducking out of the low door, Jax stepped down beside the front walk of Rhat's queen residence and adjusted the fall of his jacket with a twitch of his shoulders. The driver came around and handed him his parcels. A couple pretty hat boxes and a fancy bag he thought made too darling of a picture to vanish. Plus they were small enough not to be much work.

Marks were exchanged and he saw himself to the door, a careful thread cast along the Red before he even knocked. He didn't say anything, just checked to be sure she was around. He didn't want to ruin the surprise. Well, as much as one there could be since she'd probably sensed him the moment the Coach landed. And if she hadn't, he'd have to gently chide her about the level of vigilance she applied to keeping herself safe in his absence.

He was also curious to see what he might catch her at. Or with whom.

The butler saw him in and announced. 'Prince Basterfield for the Lady Berengier.'

And there he was, coat half button, gleaming silk tie in scarlet the only splash of color in his ensemble. Presents all but dripping from gloved hands. Jaxom smirked, the left side of his mouth hitching up a bit higher than the right.

*Boo.* He teased, eyes sweeping the room. Sweeping her.

"Lady." He greeted her, with a perfectly executed bow. The bag from one of Little Kaeleer's more prominent perfumers barely swaying in his grasp. "I hope I'm not interrupting."


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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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Click, click, click As Eloise paced the heels of her beige pumps tapped rhythmically against the polished wood floors. She prowled back and forth in front of the fireplace. There was a sharp contrast between the playful bounce of her ponytail and the cross look on her face. Every so often her slender hand would lift to the mantle so that her restless fingers could drum against the stonework. A steady undercurrent rolled through the sitting room, like ripples with the Queen at their center. It pulsed outward, to the same steady beat of each echoing step, fading to nothing as they reached the walls. Annoyed as she might be, Eloise liked to keep her private thoughts private and used Craft to ensure her emotions were contained in the bubble. The other residents in the house knew better than to test her when she was in such a mood. She didn’t know- or care- where they had gone. The house was empty except for the staff, and that suited her fine.

The pacing was supposed to help. To settle her temper. Not make the blood rise hotter around her throat, making her veins itch. It was silly to get so worked up over a letter. That didn’t stop a delicate ceramic vase on the bookcase from shattering as Eloise recalled the offending line. ’He has doubled his efforts to reconcile with her since you left, he seems well- and happy to be back in the Lady’s first circle.’ Since spitting was unacceptable she let out a sharp hiss. How dare they pretend to forget her in Caedeen? A year ago the Warlord in question would have licked her boots if she asked with a pout. Either his bond with her had been false, or the one he claimed to have now was. He had claimed to be hers. That it might have been a lie made her brow twitch and lips thin to a line.

She was working herself up so much that the first hints of Red other than her own went unnoticed. It wasn’t until the carriage entered the drive that her pacing stopped, the keen blue eyes narrowing in curiosity. Eloise reached out, but there was no need to actually connect. In the second before she could even think of trying the front door opened letting the familiar, comforting scent roll in. There was no time to mask the lingering anger in the room, even though it dissipated at the soft pulse, like a tap on a door, that preceded the butler’s physical knock.

When the sitting room door opened Eloise was smiling wide in anticipation of the man. The presents excited her enough to make her bounce on the balls of her feet. Quite a risk when her heels were taken into account. ”Jax!” Squealing with delight she smiled so widely her nose crinkled at the bridge. Like a child presented with a favorite toy she clapped joyfully and glided towards him with arms open for an embrace. Where have you been? It's been ages!” Maybe not literally… but sometimes she felt certain he was the only man in Terreille that knew how to pamper a lady. It was awful they were kept apart so often.


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There was nothing quite so flattering as a woman being happy to see you. But when she was a beautiful queen? Jaxom could think of nothing better. His smile was sharp, a little sly, more pointed teeth than blunt joy. He ignored the sharp tang in the air in favor of her giddy greeting, eyes sparkling as she clapped her hands and all but rushed him.

"Oh, here and there," he laughed, catching her with one arm as he slid into her welcome. Jaxom bowed his head, inhaling the wispy hairs at her temple. The scent of her was as familiar as his own. He smelled it often in his dreams, knew it from a distance. And the feel of her so close was even more divine. He did not like parting, but their minds traveled the same path. Horses bolting down the trail of ambition.

He dropped the hat boxes on a foot stool and eased away, just a little. It was easier to look at her, take her measure, when she wasn't tucked right under his chin. It had been ages, he thought. Was she styling her hair different? Jaxom wasn't sure. Waggling the colored bag at her, Jax reached for her hand, eyes hunting a good seat.

"Come. I brought gifts and I want to see you open them." He dismissed the butler with a cool glance and sealed the door behind the man with the Red. Jax herded her toward an over stuffed chair, dragging the footstool behind with a bit of Craft. He stayed close, pulling up a chair for himself so he could sit at her knee. "Be a good girl and I'll tell you all about what I've been up to."

Of course, Jaxom's idea of good never seemed to run the same course as others.

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Suppressing a shiver from the tickle of his warm breath against her skin Eloise pressed her forehead close against his shoulder. He felt twice as good as he looked. Completely expected from her darling boyo, but still so pleasant. Being tucked in close to him was delectable. Feeling the warmth of his muscles under the palms of her hands. Wherever he had been, no matter how much he had enjoyed his time there, he had still missed her. The list of women he had held this way was small. And at the end of the day she was the only one that really mattered. That feeling alone was enough to make any common witch feel like a Queen. For Eloise it was the way she imagined a goddess must feel like.

All too soon the moment passed and Jax started to shift her, ever so slightly, away from his body. She suspected he was taking the opportunity to do a full visual assessment. After all it was the perfect opportunity to really take a hard look at one another; but there were presents. Besides, she had every intention of convincing him to make this an extended visit. There would be plenty of time to make sure he was eating enough and washing behind his ears. So her blue eyes danced at the colorful bag he wiggled in her direction as she gladly let him maneuver her to an overstuffed chair. As he reached for her hand she gave him a playful wink and vanished his gloves.

”You spoil me so!” She said gleefully, taking the seat and crossing her ankles. In truth the Lady had a small income. Gifts and favors supplied her with the essentials that way she could save her own marks. She was hopeful that her current investment opportunities would result in enough to buy an adequate townhouse. Now that Rhat was brimming with possibilities… Ah! That reminded her of the gossip she had to share. Which in turn reminded her that he had promised to tell her of his recent escapades.

The smile dazzling smile she had worn since he entered the room slipped into a more sultry grin. Eloise reached over to run her fingers along the smooth bone of his jaw, trailing down to his chin where her thumb passed over his lips for a second. ”I’m always good darling. I’m even good at being naughty. But do tell. What have you been up to, and with whom?” She trusted him to ignore the soft hint of venom in the last word.

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Skin to skin, his fingers twining with hers, never having a chance to be cold without their gloves. She was a terrible creature. Quite the delectable tease. Which happened to be one of the reasons he liked he so - and why he worried when leaving her alone. That Eloise was capable of getting into infinite trouble did not escape him. Obviously she needed Jaxom to take care of her. To keep her from too much trouble (that didn't directly involve him).

"Do I?" Jaxom made sure she found her seat without creasing her gown, or letting go of his hand until the last possible moment. He pulled his own chair closer, and summoned the footstool to her feet so the hat boxes were on hand. He'd save the other presents for later, curious to see if she'd notice that there were fewer this time than the last. She was not the only one who could tease, though his own torment was not nearly so.. hands on as hers.

His body felt like frozen fire. Jaxom went still under her touch. Careful still. His eyes drifting closed until just a hint of grey could be seen beneath his lashes. The languorous beating of his heart became the heavy, deep bass of a drum. He could feel it all the way in his stomach like an echo, or an earthquake. Something in him uncoiled, deadly and possessive, like a siren's song on the waves.

Very slowly, Jax's lips parted, his tongue tasting the trail of her thumb.

"So I see," his voice was rough. The courtier utterly slayed, split open until the only thing left was the base beast beneath. Jaxom cleared his throat and rubbed his lips together, one corner twitching. With whom. "Open the bag at least, my good girl." Jax pressed it on her, pondering just what was safe to tell her. Most of it, at the very least. He hadn't done much she would be upset to hear, even if others would have been.

"The Territory Steward is still a useless ninny." He began, sitting back in his chair and crossing one leg over the other as if nothing had just happened. He had little love for the witch employed by the Territory Queen for what should have been a man's job. "I don't know how she gets any work done with all that infernal flapping." He rubbed his thumb over his forefinger, itching for a cigarette.

"Never mind her, though. I think I've about arranged it so I can get a chance through the Dark Gate. Little Terreille is our biggest trade partner. Lady Veskovi must do them some honor," or so Jaxom had been insinuating whenever possible. He so very badly wanted to taste Kaeleer. To expand his network beyond Terreille. "But I may be able to get a posting to Shalador before then." There was suddenly a lot of interest in their shared borders.

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Of all the castes a witch might be blessed with Eloise was of the opinion Queens had the most fun. Like moths to flame the staff gender flocked to her, driven to serve. Bonds came so easily that often ‘play courts’ formed between children. From the start Eloise was fascinated, enamored even, with the careful balancing act required to maintain peace between a Triangle. Dictated by Protocol, driven by respect, and often fed by desire, a Queen’s life was a complex dance. And that was all before her coven was taken into consideration. Men were such physical creatures. The social cues and layered words that women used to battle and sooth were didn’t have the same effect on them. Sometimes a look was too much or a touch was not enough. She liked to think Jaxom was easy to read, but really they were just complimentary spirits. So alike in all the necessary ways, yet skilled so variably that as a pair they dangerous-probably more than either realized.

Much as she liked to pretend, though, the little Queen was more partner than master. Evidenced by the fine line she had treaded, and nearly misstepped. He didn’t frighten her- the shadow man beneath the perfectly tailored suit. That creature of basal instinct; whatever ‘thing’ lived in a Blood male that made him more, made him a prince. No, he thrilled her. He made silent promises and stained the walls with a feverish scent that would linger for weeks after Jaxom himself had gone. And even though she knew they were better, for now, as great friend she couldn’t help losing herself in fantasy for a moment. The firm press of the perfume bag into her hand called her back, but the ghost of every suggestive thought that had filled her head manifested in the sweet half smile she wore.

They were on then, to the distraction of the equally enticing game of gifts and gossip. ”Utterly spoiled.” She chatted, pulling a beautiful glass bottle of her very expensive favorite perfume from the bag. How well he knew her, to choose a bottle with a stopper, when spray bulbs were the common fashion. Aside from Jax no one knew that she liked to dab the floral scent on as she preened in the mirror, just as she had watched her mother do in bygone years. She found something gaudy in the act of spritzing scents around.

”You’ve brought me hats?” She asked, looking at the boxes carefully. The wicked little smirk began to fade as she tried to inconspicuously count the boxes… Well. He probably didn’t bother to count how many he brought each time. She had at least expected the same amount, though. That there were less was mildly dampening. To hide her frown she carried on to the next topic, ”She isn’t a ninny. She’s a woman doing a job that generations of experience and Protocol dictates ought to be held by a man. It churns my blood to think of all the perfectly capable  men being denied their right to serve. ”

It was idle talk, and her mind was still focused primarily on the decorative boxes. Just as she reached for the nearest one he spoke again. She felt her body tense as she struggled with the shields of every barrier she had. Useless as attempting to keep her voice neutral might be she tried anyway if for no reason other than she suspected it would annoy him. Shalador was close enough. She could make Shalador work. But Kaeleer?”Oh. I had no idea you were of a mind to go realm hopping.” Damn him for wanting to go away, double damn him for that enticing glint of ambition in his eye. How could she blame him for wanting more? ”If your not in a hurry to rush off and pack your bags I might tell you a few interesting rumors your Lady might find concerning about my corner of the territory.”


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It was rather hard not to laugh, but over the years Jaxom had grown quite good at denying the natural impulses of his body. Less so the natural impulses of his nature. Smiles were easily hidden and laughter stifled. But he could see the little gears and cogs turning as she counted the hat boxes and found them wanting in number.

"They are not all hats, but the boxes are convenient." His fingers twitched, dismissing the difference with a wave of his hand. Leaning forward, he flicked the top off of one, exposing the curled fur stole within. The head of some poor creature nestled atop its own tail. Jaxom found it rather ironic and amusing. "She's a ninny." He repeated. He looked at her side-wise, dark brow arching. "She doesn't have the nerves for the job."

All that infernal flapping.

Leaning back into his seat, Jax folded his arms over his chest and smiled blandly at her. What was that tremor in her voice? Anger? Fear? His nostrils flared, senses expanding to taste the air in a way most didn't understand. Especially those poor, pathetic creatures who walked about with their minds clouded by manure and the mundane. But she was buttoning herself up, so to speak. Jaxom's smile spread lazily.

"Why not? Connections in two realms sounds better than connections in only one." He was curious. Not fundamentally. Certainly not academically. But what was there, across the Dark Gate, that he could use? And more importantly, what, from Kaeleer, could he bring to Eloise? Every move Jaxom ever made was triple calculated. First, how did it serve himself, followed by how it would serve Eloise, and then the Territory and its Queen.

That he'd undercut two of those for the one, went unsaid. Unconsciously, Jaxom ran a thumb along his lip, much as she had.

"My girl, I haven't even been given the chance to unpack!" Jaxom teased. He reached for her hand, wanting to stroke the soft skin of her wrist, where the blood was close to the surface. "Though I was hoping too, for a night or two." He never got to stay often, and he liked to. It was painful, a taut, vibrating tension between the walls that separated them in the darkness. A pain Jax most enjoyed.

"Do tell." He goaded, eyes hot. What had she been getting up to, the little minx. "And maybe I'll let you watch me unpack. I've all sorts of things tucked away."

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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With an internal sigh Eloise fought to keep her face placid, unreadable. She was a little miffed that there were fewer gifts. It would be rude to say so. But she was also quite pleased with the soft fur stole the first box revealed, and brimming with anticipation of what else was in store. So it was a careful dance to pretend to be slightly upset, without actually acting fully upset, even though she wasn’t actually upset anymore. Being a woman had its trials. Why any self respecting witch would try to elevate herself to a role she neither deserved or needed to occupy was beyond her! A different sort of woman might have felt a bit of compassion for Lady Floss. A touch of pride, even, that Floss was willing to bend the social standard. To be frank Eloise could not care less. Her tone suddenly very suggestive she met his oblique look from under her thick lashes, ”Maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll panic herself into a fit, or otherwise humiliate the Lady. Hopefully she’ll be forced to resign before the situation gets serious. People with bad nerves have no business getting involved with the government.”

Smiling a bit she imagined Jax made no attempts to ease the poor creatures suffering. And even though she had no idea what he was thinking her own thoughts aligned marvelously.

‘I’d be an agitated, flapping mess with him hovering over me like that.’ Which would have been true, if she were someone else. As it were she rather enjoyed his hovering.

Here their minds diverged. Where he wondered what more there was she wondered what Kaeleer could possibly offer that Terreille did not. It came down to the basic instincts of survival. She was a woman. A witch. She needed her strong males close. Close enough to answer quickly if she ever had to call. He was her strongest, her closest in every sense of the word. The thought of him a realm away made her palms itch with a want to reach out and stroke his face. To slip from her seat down into his lap, look deep into his eyes and offer whatever he needed- whatever would make him stay. Of course she was too clever to behave so lowly. It would only serve to make him want to go and prove his point, and if he did stay it would be resentfully. So she conceded defeat- this time. If he wanted Kaeleer then she’d just have to give him strong reason to want to come back quickly. When he reached for her hand she casually raised it to her hair where she loosed the elastic that held it in place. Once she had smoothed it and resecured every lock she leaned slightly closer. Now that it was on her own terms she snaked her hand over to his, as if she had never noticed his attempt to touch her.

”Well since you’re staying I’ll tell you a little now.” She promised, a sharp smile showing the tips of her teeth, ”And the rest in a day, or two.”

She thought it would be worth the wait. ”But first, tell me more about your plans with Shalador. Does the Queen consider political relations well between here and there?” The rumors she had to share were closely related to that territory, after all.

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Mother Night, she was trouble.

Jaxom had known it the moment they'd first met, deep in the pit of his soul. He might have had the right word, or the understanding, for it then, but he'd known. He'd known and had still given himself over to her whole hearted.

Jaxom liked trouble. Especially the sort Eloise stirred up. Oh how many things Eloise stirred.

"Maybe she will..." The words were automatic. Learned instinct for social graces. To attend without attending, because Jaxom was no longer focused on the conversation. His hand was empty, but hers were not, and Jaxom watched each movement of every delicate finger and she loosed and repinned her hair. When she was done, he turned his hand palm up beneath her own, wrapping it in his fingers.

His body ached.

It was marvelous.

"Wicked girl." Making promises she probably wouldn't keep as she gave him nothing and demanded yet more. Jaxom smiled. Well, if he managed to get nothing from her, there were always the servants to be questioned. Carefully, and with only slightly less enthusiasm. Leaning back in his chair, Jax recrossed his legs and considered her question.

"I can't say exactly. She does not confide in me as she does others." He shrugged. That would change in time should he set his mind to it, he was sure. "But I've heard some muttering from the First Circle males. I believe the queen is planning something." Jax squinted. "I think a journey. Though I am unsure of just where." Glancing northward, Jaxom thought. "Could be she is going to check on all the precious new residents of the territory. Dhemlan and Askavi's cast offs."

"Nothing has been said of Shalador. Not to me and not in my hearing." He looked at her, lifting a brow. "I do believe my lady lives a bit closer to our neighbor's border than I." He stroked the soft skin of her wrist, warm and delicate beneath his finger tips. Would it taste like perfume if he were to lick it?

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”We both know you love it.” She returned, practically preening at the accusation. Wicked was a relative term. Besides, good girls never had any fun- or so she heard. Eloise was the last person that would know from experience. With a shameless grin she added, ”Besides, I can’t change my nature; might as well master it.”

Jaxom seemed impassive as he delivered his next statement. Tendrils slipped through the air between them. Feather soft she made no attempts to hide them as she tried to determine if he was as stoic on the subject as he seemed. If it was a veneer he was carefully hiding whatever emotions lurked beneath. Satisfied that he really was unconcerned with the treatment he received in the territory court. It miffed Eloise. How could anyone not appreciate his unique skill set? ”She should be looking closer to home.”

Leaning closer as his warm fingers played across her skin Eloise gave a small sigh. He smelled so wonderful. So male. The Rhat Queen was keeping a tight leash on her boyos. Likely because of Eloise’s reputation. She was left with a slew of weak, simpering males and boring little witches for company. It was awful. And insulting. There were younger Queens with courts in Little Kaeleer. Courts she had been overlooked to lead. Someday that would change. For now she had to play the part until they accepted her. ”Well they’ll be talking about Shalador soon enough.” She teased, the wicked smile returning.

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"As you do?" Jaxom asked, honing in on the opening. He welcomed more males to serve her. The more Eloise held in her possession, the safer she would be. Though however much he did not wish her neglected, Jaxom would tolerate no competition, and any he found to be rivals would be eliminated without hesitation. Or regret.

Which is why he liked to pop by without invitation or warning. Jaxom didn't need to test Eloise, but any and all she might decide to keep company with. Even those of the distaff gender. Perhaps even them especially. Plus he liked unnerving the queen she served beneath by reminding her that Eloise had a Red Jeweled Prince to back her.

"I can see you've mastered your nature quite well, my girl." Jaxom's grip tightened on her wrist, shifting from caress to clasp. That she leaned closer and sighed only made things worse. "Here you are, teasing me, as you've always done." He'd suffered years of her torment and schemes, and Jaxom hoped to suffer a dozen more just like them.

"Have you plans with Shalador then?" Jaxom stood, placing himself rather suddenly above her. But he pulled at her, because always wanted her close, with him. And as much as he might have pretended he liked otherwise, he did not want Eloise submissive to him. "I could help you put these things to rest in your room, you know," he purred, "and then we could go out to dinner and you can tell old Jax all about."

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Clever boy. He never missed a word, that one. It was part of what made him so useful. Though Eloise could admit his abilities alone were not what attracted her. No, there were a dozen other reasons she had to have him. The most important being that they were cut of the same cloth, a cloth that others were often too enamored of morals to acknowledge. When you were different in ways other people could never truly understand it was reassuring to find those dark qualities reflected in someone else. That he was an achingly handsome dark jeweled prince was like the cherry on a dessert. Delightfully extra. It had to be rewarded, even if just verbally, ”Until the Darkness takes me, dearest.”

”You deserve it,” She toyed as the warmth of his hand sank deeper with his firmer hold. Believing every word she spoke Eloise leaned even closer until their noses were nearly close enough to touch. ”For being away so much. You could be troubled to write me more often.” All the boyos in the world could line up for her picking but she knew, deep in the blackest part of her soul that she would never find what she was looking for in them. And she didn’t have the cruelty in her to create it. What was natural between she and Jax could never be replicated, and she didn’t have the distraction of travel the way he did.

Eloise felt her teeth sink into her bottom lip as she was swept up out of the seat. Delicious devilish boy. Before she could resist her hands slipped up around his neck, the carefully manicured nails grazing the nape of his neck. ”Alright. I can clear my schedule.” It would be an easy thing to do since her plans for the day consisted of pouting and boredom. She pulled away, letting her hand trail down his shoulder and arm until their fingers could lock again. He knew where her personal quarters were, but she liked that he let her lead the way.

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"If I wrote all the time, what would we talk about when I visited?" Jaxom taunted. Not even Eloise could bring him willingly to the writing desk. Jax would have forgone written reports to Lady Veskovi if his way of life didn't depend on him writing them. Even at this distance, her nose so close to his own Jax could practically feel her, no desire to send her love missives rose from his bleak, dark soul. Plenty of other desires surfaced, but not that one.

"I will submit to my punishment, however, since you think I'm deserving of one." Jaxom's lips twitched, half a sneer twisting his face as he suppressed the shudder that ran through his body at the feel of her nails on his nape. So many were lacking. Jaxom had yet to find another who knew how to play the game. Most were too soft or too hard. All lacked subtlety. It was the small things that bound a man. Twisting vines of intimate gestures that ensnared the soul.

Eyes drifting shut, he followed the feel of her caress over his shoulder and down his arm, fingers twining with hers.

"The lady is too kind," he drawled, the words almost half a purr. Eloise lead and Jaxom followed, vanishing the hat boxes and dropping the shield on the door before they left the room. Once in her room, Jax's Red swarmed the walls. The boxes were summoned and piled nearly in a corner as he slid up behind her. His fingers curled around her waist, nose just behind her ear.

"Are you ready for your other presents, lady?" He whispered against the delicate curve of her, his breath stirring her hair so that it tickled his face. His fingers squeezed her hand in promise of something delightful. His tongue traced his breathe as he called in the dresses and let them fall over her bed.

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The bridge of her nose crinkled as her grin widened for the briefest of moments. What would they talk about? Really? As if they had ever struggled to make conversation. If it came down to it they were the sort that would attend theater and critique every show. Or find a dinner party to sit in on where they could do even more critiquing. Clearly he was never going to mold into a dutiful little journalist. That was acceptable. She liked that there were still some parts of him that she could never change. The steady bits of his personality were nice to press against.

She let out a low hum from the top of her throat. A hovering, judgemental sound somewhere between a purr and a growl. He had tensed under her touch, almost imperceptibly. She could 0nly tell by the way his muscles hardened beneath his perfectly tailored suit. ”As soon as I find a way to punish someone that enjoys it, you’ll be first on the list.”

None too soon they had moved to a more private setting. Not that there were many who could (or would be stupid enough to attempt to) break through Jax’s Red lock in the sitting room. Still, there was something much more intimate in being surrounded by one's own possessions, in a space that was decidedly personal. Never having been the sentimental type Eloise lacked the usual trinkets and bric-a-brac that others of her gender adorned their quarters with. It was a clean, simple area, comfortable without being cozy.

Less comfortable but twice as enjoyable was the feel of his fingertips pressing against the fabric of her blouse. Catching her bottom lip between her teeth Eloise leaned back slightly. She sipped at the air when he spoke so softly, so closely. A delicious tingle started in the place where his warm breath tickled her skin, thrilled down her spine, and blossomed at her tailbone. She was only distracted from the wonderful ache it gave her by the sudden soft flap of fabric pilling over her coverlet. With a hungry growl she pulled away to prowl closer to the pretty things. Oh the pretty, pretty things.

Her pale fingers danced across the fabric eagerly as she walked the length of her bed, eyes devouring the dresses. This was the sort of terribly wonderful trick she adored him for. She might not have material gifts to reward him, but she had ways nonetheless. One button at a time she opened the front of her blouse, a pale pink brassier peering out from underneath. Unabashed in the least she leveled the full intensity of her eyes on him. The air was almost hazy with the scent of her own pleasure as she wrapped him in psychic tendrils waiting to read his every reaction. ”Pick. Which one will I wear, then, you sly devil?”

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She fitted so perfectly against him. Jaxom didn't even have to shift his weight as she leaned against his chest. When she was this close, Eloise felt like an extension of himself. Perfectly attuned and pleased to hear the way her breathing changed at his caress. Smiling into her hair, Jax let her go, watching smugly as she slunk around the bed. Her greedy approval oh his presents had his eyes gleaming and his hands sliding into his pockets.

He lived for moments like this. To delight her.

Jaxom shifted, hands pulling away from his thighs within his pockets. He watched, expression lazy, eyes hooded, and she undid her buttons. But his blood sang, lust mingling with the tendrils she wrapped around him. Jax had no defense against her, not did he want any. No, he let Eloise weasel in wherever she liked. Sucking his bottom lip, Jaxom decided, never once looking anywhere else but at the blue eyes rooting him to the floor.

"The black." He answered, voice rough. Rubbing his chin, Jax stepped over to a chair and sat. Ankle over knee he gestured for her to continue. It was a dark color for spring, but he wanted to see how her pale skin glowed against it. How her Jewel would shine against the red embroidery. How she would look, exposed, before donning it. He reveled in the savage, hungry ache in his stomach as he watched.

To look but not touch was such an exquisite torture.

He could wait. He would wait. A million years and a thousand Witches. Jaxom took as much pleasure in not having her as he suspected he would in doing so. To smell her,
 to taste her, to lay helpless and alone with walls separating them. Knowing others had delved where he had not. Jaxom loved every minute of it.


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