Tall troubles


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Re: Tall troubles
« Reply #15 on: May 30, 2018, 04:54:45 PM »

Now she fought- a little. Squirming to get free of the arm he’d laced around her knees. Nearly learning her lesson for the second time as her ass slid precariously close to the ledge. The mix of emotions subtle on her face but he could feel the hints along her psyche. Heladio pressed his probes to her barriers shamelessly. Exploring the surface, teasing the soft spots he found, and watching. Making sure he didn’t go too far. Didn’t ruin every chance he might still turn this around. Eventually.

”At least let me buy you dinner first.” He pretended to chide. Sucking his teeth to mask a smile. She was frustrated, and a little afraid. Didn’t need to taste her barriers to tell that much. Eyes narrowed but pupils wide, legs jerking then trembling. His body knew how to read the signs. The hand looped around her legs responded. Small strokes of reassurance. If he was going to hurt her, he most certainly would have by now.

A little sniffing had never hurt anyone. And it wouldn’t hurt her to let him. She wanted to win though. So every inch she gave willingly felt like a concession. Resisting the urge to taste the skin of her palm he gave in, and gave her a bit of space. ”Alright. Stop smelling nice, then.” He licked his lips, tasting the hint of oils transferred from her skin. Worth being pushed, he decided. Even if it didn’t help him hold onto his control. brat! Mother Night she had him riled.

”Would it now? That’s okay. I don’t need you to pretend. I can handle your sour little attitude.” Would enjoy it even, if there would be more of these soft seconds to balance it out. Hell was still as death. Breath tight in his chest. Barely a touch at all but he didn’t want to make her nervous. Only his eyes moving. Watching her face through his dense lashes, sun bleached like the curls on his head. When she was finished he let his lips spread in an impish grin. ”Are you offering? I’m a quick study.”

His manners were fine, he was sure. But dammit all to hell, so what the little brat.

No tight ass was worth playing guinea pig to a healer’s concoctions though. With a final squeeze of her thigh he let go. Extending the same hand to help her down instead. He did have a patrol to get back to. There was no reason he couldn’t walk by that door another thousand times before his shift was over, though.

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Re: Tall troubles
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"You're disgusting." Mari snarled, attention darting between the physical him, and the physic him trying to wiggle past her barriers. Divert from the expression on his face to the skimming probes. Petting hands to prying threads. Twitched and pushed at both. Tempted to slap him again. Maybe this time she'd use a little craft when she did. Instead she grabbed the forearm that held her thigh. Trying to stop the petting he was giving it.

Bold as brass. Intrusive ass. Marilena was distracted by the petting enough that he got a good sniff in before she could even think of headbutting him. Let go of his arm to shove at his face. Which he only seemed to like. Pressing into her cupped palm, face turning toward it before he gave in and moved away. Not enough, but a little. Mari snorted, jerking her hand away.

"It's not my fault you can't control yourself." Though some of it was. Mari could have resorted to Protocol rather than what she had. But he was so very annoying. She glared as he licked his lip, as if he were tasting her. Disgusting kennel prince. She nearly pinched him. "I'm not sour when people remember how to behave." Which was below Marilena. The line of her brow hard as she glanced at him, eyes gleaming at her through too full lashes as she eased the welt on his cheek.

She should have left it.

"I don't have time for puppy training." Mari informed him, ignoring the way her skin grew tight when he squeezed her thigh. He was the most careless, disgusting warlord prince she'd ever met. He'd never even properly snarled. Groping, sniffing hound boy. Sniffing, Marilena let him help her down from the counter top. "Unlike some you have all the free time in the world to ignore their duties, mine are important." She scolded, brushing her hair back behind her shoulders.

Jabbing his shoulder, Mari held her hand out.

"Stool, before you leave, dog prince."

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Re: Tall troubles
« Reply #17 on: July 06, 2018, 09:39:38 PM »

”I can be.” Hell said casually. Unoffended by the assessment. Didn’t all women think that about men? There was nothing wrong with his hygiene or the core of his morals. He wasn’t actually disgusting. Just making her mad enough to be repulsed. Temporarily. He would make up for it later.

She threw more insults. And he took them in easy stride. Voice turning to gravel as he gave her a short grin. ”Not my fault either.” That was the mark of the warlord prince. The knife’s edge dance of instinct versus logic. Clearly she hadn’t learned much from the last sapphire jeweled male she’d brought home. Borrowed man that he was. Or maybe she had, and the shortness of her temper stemmed from some bruise to her little ego. Dusting off and jumping back on the horse was the best remedy. ”I remember how to behave when people show some respect..”

Throwing up his hands as if he were at a loss Hell shrugged theatrically. ”Don’t get upset when your shoes get chewed them, princess.” She was funny. He couldn’t help laughing as she took the offered hand anyway. Stepping down gracefully with his arm there to bare her weight. ”If yours are important, then mine must be too since it’s to guard you.”

Before he left he let her ridiculous stool rattle back into existence. It spun as it found its legs again. Clattering lightly until a touch from his hand made it sit flat again. ”Your stool, little lady.” Eyes gleaming he made for the door. Stopping on the threshold to look over his shoulder. ”Don’t break your neck.”

Later, when his patrol had ended and the hall was sleeping he would come back. A few taps of craft would go a long way on that stool’s tiny wobble. If he was quick he might make it to the market before closing time. They sold rubber feet for chairs and such, to keep them from slipping on the floor. He had put them on his mother’s dining table and chairs so that his little cousins didn’t mark the tiles.


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