Light up the Moon

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Light up the Moon
« on: May 22, 2018, 02:47:21 PM »
There was little of Nemeia's behavior that could be called characteristic as the Winter nights turned into the slow thaw of Spring days. She had never been the sort to lie or skirt around the truth in order to gain something for herself, nor had she been the sort to forgo rules and tradition in order to put herself first. At one time, the very idea would have made her sick. In a way, it still did. It was why she had left heartsore and yet determined from her parents' house. Words spoken that she did not mean as she made reassurances that all would be well. She would speak to one of Emory's brothers about her little "problem," and there would be no more talk about Offerings made before Virgin Nights.

It had been too easy to lie that time. It had been even easier to string words together that her mother wanted to hear so that it was assumed an escort was picking her up to take her to her destination. Instead, she gave marks to a driver that would take her through the faster route of winds; determined to arrive far before there was any chance of a letter arriving ahead of her. Just in case. Nemeia had traced her fingertips along the spun threads of a small tangled web during that trip, seeking comfort in the confusing array of images that hummed a new song in her soul.

The web had taken two very different directions; one with familiar visions of a life she had always imagined for herself, but caged within the confines of fear and insecurity. It was the other that had given the young witch hope. Three birds spread their wings, tempting in their dance of freedom as their path revealed a far-off land. A flower still closed and waiting for Spring that curled its roots through a cracked chalice. Winding paths that flickered this way and that before changing again. A future left uncertain, but pulled at her until inner webs sang with hidden desire and a heart ached for glimpses of a world unseen.

Nemeia didn't know what any of it meant. She still didn't despite the impulsive dive she had made into the Darkness, trusting that fate would catch her and leave her right where she was meant to be. So an Offering had been made with no-one the wiser, comforted by the bond of friendship that had formed over a harsh Winter, and then returned from with shocked awe staring at the jewel in her hands. Nemeia still felt a sense of excited wonder whenever she called in the uncut Summer-sky from her cabinet to unwrap the beauty from its silken embrace and stare at what she had done. It would be set once she returned home, but she had been restless to stay and wait for news to reach her family and return back, no doubt by her parents' own lips.

So, she had done as the web had told her to do, or at least what she felt it was trying to tell her to do. She had set out on her own in the hopes that a few nights away from family and friends would help her to understand what would happen next. The inn she had retreated to was still in Niwlen, and perhaps that was why it had felt safe enough for no fuss to be made. Still, it was far enough from everyone she cared about for Nemeia to feel a dueling sense of relief and anxiety. It wasn't the first time she had been on her own, but the weight of her decision had finally begun to settle in with the new weight of her jewel hidden away in her cabinet and the slightly darker scent clinging to her psyche.

Fingertips brushed against the gold chain which held her Yellow around her neck, but she found no comfort in her Birthright anymore. Not in the way she once had. Her fingers itched to feel the new depth of her power under their touch, and her heart yearned to embrace what she had done with pride rather than uncertainty. Secrecy had never been her style, but it had become a game she'd learned to play in the past several months as her desires warred against the expectations of her family. Her eyes lifted to the innkeeper as she stepped inside and out of the night's chilled air, fingertips moving from necklace to hood to lower it over her hair, and she forced herself to take a steadying breath. This was her decision, and she refused to be ashamed of it.

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Re: Light up the Moon
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2018, 07:15:05 AM »

Time again to come sit. Legs stretched out under the table, a frothy mug of ale on the table in front of him. Rahul toyed with the handle. Spun the mug around in the damp ring it have left in the wood. Waited. It was still cold and wet outside. The snow was slow to leave though he no longer found himself stuck in banks of it. Taller than he was.

He had in the short days and long nights found maybe things. A lost scarf. A hat. A donkey. One cow. Two goats. An old coin. A beaded something or other he had never seen before. Nemeia over and over again at this inn. Occasionally in the road. And each time he brought her a new pair of shoes. Skeptical of those she wore. Doubting she had any at all. A strange amount of them found as he traveled. Stored in his cabinet. Not lost. Not forgotten. They did not make him itch the way other things did.

Was drinking as she entered. Eyes molten in the low burning light. The lanterns dotting the occupied tables running low on whatever oil made them burn. A smoky light that stank if you got too close. Mouth wiped clean on the back of his hand, Rahul watched her pull the hood from her hair, eyes narrowing. Called in the boots he had found. The black leather faded to grey and worn into supple softness. Set them on the table in front of her seat.

”You have done something,” he accused softly when she drew near. Did not wish to announce whatever trouble she had created to the entire room. He trusted none of them. Not even the plump innwife who had left her scent and pleasure in his bed. Only half lucid and half remembered. He’d smelled her in his sheets before ever recalling her visit.

Checked Nemeia’s feet for shoes.

”Sit. Confess.” He would find it out anyway. Search for whatever she was missing. No not missing. That was not the right itch. Rahul pushed the chair out with his boot toe. Rubbed the back of his neck and tried to place that nagging. Gold eyes darkening. A flash of green at the edges making him dirty. Rahul offered her some of his ale. The tinkle of coins drawing his psyche into shadows. Cobwebs clinging.

”What did you do?”


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