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She was too much like a child, Ozias decided. Moods shifting with the swiftness of youth. Buoyant and then deflated by turns, just as she swayed between submission and stubborn pride. It was worrying. No good could have come from such a choice in a ruler. Knowing her ushered away all doubts that she had been chosen with ill intent. He did not like it.

They sat together, across a table covered in a delicate blue cloth, Phaedra sinking her tooth into her pastry. Ozias waited with the patience of many men, all trained to be available for a lady’s pleasure. Ornaments, placeholders. How to be content while waiting. He did not even notice her licking icing from her face like a girl, since such things were impolite to notice.

”Lady, I am not fit for such a duty. Another queen should have taught you such things.” But they had not, or she had simply not learned them. Ozias did not know which. Her ignorance was astounding, and it chilled him that she would ask so plainly. But where were they to start if she was to trust him? Hw would have to answer her hard questions. Face down her inabilities. Internally, he sighed.

”I can, however, teach you to he a ruler.” What he knew of such things. How to command men. How to lead people. The things he had seen and done in his years of service that had worked and worked well. Ozias looked at her. He thought they may have picked wrong when they had decided on him as her Master of the Guard. His interest went beyond her troops to the queen herself. He had no desire to see her fall. Better that she thrive.

”We will begin tomorrow.” He decided. First with books, the list already shaping in his mind. He would have them delivered that night. Maybe with her head filled with proper works she would grow wiser.