PSA: Hosting & Nharkava
« on: June 06, 2018, 06:03:33 PM »
We're moving!
but we're not actually going anywhere

Our lovely Siera has been hosting Witchlight for this last year and some odd months. While she offered to continue hosting us despite her retirement from Witchlight (we will miss you!), we have decided to move to new hosting so we don't have to bother the busy bee Siera every time we need to upload things.

Our lovely retiree Skye (we will miss her too!) has also offered to help us with the move since she knows the forum software best. On Tuesday she will take the site offline and shift everything to our new host.

While we have back ups and Skye is very good with code, it would be wise to back up anything important you don't have saved from Witchlight. Technology is fickle and I would hate to see anyone lose their apps for favorite threads. We'll also be making a list of each person's marks, so please have them all transferred to your parent account come Monday!

One little blip on the radar, and things will continue on as they always have.

& so is Nharkava
but that's actually going somewhere

With Siera retiring, she and Skye will be taking their Nharkava lore with them. All characters from this territory will need to find new homes and the lore will be retired from play. You will not have to completely rework your Nharkava characters, but if you would like to, PM dergon and she'll move your app back to the pending forum for edits.

Otherwise, please reply to your Nharkava character's application with their new territory home so they can be resorted.