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She rode the winds comfortably. The opal had never had the same issues that the lighter winds did, Witch's death had destabilized more than just the realms. The Witchy bitch had broken winds weaker than purple dusk and from her understanding good people had died before the realized how deadly they were. From inside the opal she sigh and drifted her mind away from such thoughts. She was on her way to see her parents. Something she hadn't done in at least a decade. And she found she'd missed them dreadfully.

They'd never left the wild places of Askavi and Elian never knew why. She secretly believed her mother had woven a tangled web that whispered that they should stay there. They'd never left. Strangely Gunnar and Dorian had never left either. Elian had hoped her sister at least would find it in herself to be something more than she was. Dorian had potential to be a powerful healer but she seemed to be most content to wobble about her home in the mountains.

Gunnar... Well Gunnar was Gunnar and he was an odd boy. Maybe her parents shouldn't have had all three of them within decades of each other. Dorian was only five years younger than she was and Gunnar ten. The oddness of the three of them was perhaps the reason why the long lived races had their children so far apart. She sighed again and rolled around in the winds of power. She dropped to purple dusk and felt a ripple within it. Strange.

A sudden sensation had her reeling. What in the actual... Another movement and Elian felt like she was being torn in two. She dropped from the winds in a place she didn't know. Bewildered and bedraggled, wings flopped out behind her. What had happened? The winds had spit her out like something deadly and dangerous. Had something happened to the purple dusk? Had they destabilized?

Elian should have looked into a web seen what could have been, what might have been. Maybe then she would have just used her wings to travel home. She picked herself up off the ground, fussy the dirty from large wings and folded them against her back. She needed to find a village and some food. She needed to figure out just what was going on. But first thing was first.

Where in the name of Darkness was she?