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Site Updates
« on: June 30, 2018, 01:40:02 PM »
Oh no, what happened?!
just some stuff & things

After the retirement of Skye and Siera, Jones was promoted to staff (in case you didn't notice that someone else was rolling our your Jewels and approving your apps). Behind the scenes the staff has been busily working out the kinks of a brand new skin! Here it is, after much trial, tribulation, and an accidental vanishing of all visible forums.

Consider it an anniversary gift, some months belated!

You may have noticed a few small details changing on the site while we were doing this. From the title font, to the avatar for the Darkness account. Below are a few more things that have changed along the way:

A new rule regarding lore checks.
A Note to Territory Leaders: You have 5 days to complete lore checks before applications will be approved based on staff understanding of your lore. A second reminder that there are pending checks will be sent out on day 3.

And a change to the territory leadership rule. You may now claim two territories, and play the ruler of those territories. If you would like to alter your lore and change any apps to accommodate this new rule, please ping a staff member.

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Re: Site Updates
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2018, 08:23:13 PM »
things dergon forgot to mention
because excite

Your character's biographies will now link in the new mini profiles, so please be sure to fill those in. There is a new profile field as well: Character Titles. These are to be used to designate court positions or trade and so forth.

We're also doing away with the Territory Events pages. You will no longer need to maintain these or submit them with your lore. We will be going through and removing these pages in the next couple of days. If you wish to tag important threads in your territory, simply use the tag system built into the forum software.

Little Kaeleer Plot, for example. This will also allow you to quickly mark threads that may have gone from the mundane to the important, and will be less work (and code) for everyone involved.

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