The Thirteen Jewels
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Welcome to Kaeleer!
Welcome to the Thirteen Jewels, a unique Jcink-based website that's formatted on the Black Jewels series written by Anne Bishop. We have our own plot set 75,000 years after Witch's death and we are all holding our breath, waiting for the next Queen of Kaeleer to return.

Come into our world; discover the plains of the Centauran lands and the wild Tigrelan woods; hope that you will be safe in the misty meadows of the Dea al Mon as you cross their bridge and pray to the Darkness that you will not be snatched by an Eyrien Warlord when you cross their territory beside EbonAskavi. Perhaps it is the Keep that you seek, wanting to find out if the legend of Draca and Lorn is true; perhaps you will gain entry and see the Dark Throne, waiting and empty for its next ruler. But how will you find out if you never join us?