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« on: July 10, 2018, 10:36:26 PM »

Jayashri’s morning had been spent in the heart of the palace’s temple, quiet prayers offered to Mother Night and the Darkness. Prayers for peace, for a return to a throne that rightfully belonged to her and her sister. So many tiny prayers before she’d even started her day. Now she lounged in the shade of the courtyard with it’s endless stream of entertainment and waited. Pleasant smiles for those that greeted her, veiled promises of murder for her rivals within the palace and kisses for her dearest friends.

Such a balancing act to observe her fast and to refrain from having poison slipped to any of the particularly mouthy queens that slithered around the courtyard. Such a trial! And on the first blessed day of Khasa no less! Smothering down her agitation, Jayashri’s smile was easier as she reached for Mariam with hugs and kisses on the cheek. “Dearest sister of my heart! I was beginning to worry that you’d be delayed!” Delayed or worse. Darkness knew a queen and court going missing was far from unusual in Hayll.

“You’ve been well? No troubles in Rakuta?” No troubles anywhere if Jayashri could help it. If she could get back to the throne she could pull Hayll back from the brink. If, when.


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Re: Mirage
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2018, 11:08:21 AM »

Savitr had been thoroughly distracted. Mariam applauded her cleverness as she left him in company of the merchant daughter and sought out Jaya. Her poor Savi annoyed her queen’s consort to no end, and Mariam did not wish Ravi annoyed. At least not today. Maybe tomorrow her mind would change.

”Jayashri, sun of the sky!” Mariam smiled and returned Jaya’s kiss, cheek to cheek, lips barely brushing. The hug accompanied by a healer’s curious probes. To make sure her friend was well. And hiding no secrets. ”Not with Savitr to see me here. He promised me Winds if anything should darken our path.” Mariam would never be late to such an honor. Unless it would raise her esteem rather than lower.

”Nothing troubles Rakuta but birds! Pecking at all the seeds!” Mariam laughed. Taking her friend by the arm, she lead her away, so they could lounge in the shade by a pretty pool of water. Filled with koi just as Mariam had hoped. Pretty things with their glistening scales. ”And Savitr, hunting for a wife, as always.” Mariam was sure they made a pretty picture, she and Jaya, ensconced together, Ravi a shadow to keep lesser people at bay.

”You look well, Jaya,” Mariam sighed. ”I have missed you and the city.” Mariam loved Rakuta’s seclusion, and hated it. Trailing her fingers in the water, she watched her friend from beneath her lashes. ”Have you been as well as you look?” She asked, only a little coy.


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