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The Confidant
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The Maid

General Information:
Neha Rajani is very much the spoiled merchant's daughter. So much so she has her very own lady's maid, though she is no Worthy Lady. This maid will be Neha's closest confidant, and going with her on her new life adventures, namely, the arranged marriage to Savitr Tamboli, a rather possessive prince who needs her money to fund his horse breeding program.

Requested Caste: anything but queen

Relationship: confidant, employee. friend? betrayer?

Preferred Jewels: any

Face Claims: Naomi Janumala shown

Miscellaneous: As a female in Savi's household, she will be subject to forced lap sits from the prince of feminine possession.
 It's vibrant and cheerful, like the sky on a warm, cloudless summer day!   In addition to returns, the Darkness also happily accepts bribes. Guarantees a mid or full Descent. (NOTE: Only usable on a Birthright Jewel that is Green or lighter.)   The Darkness has a surprisingly lenient return policy! (No Birthright to Red - Darker Jewels not guaranteed.)   Pick your own! Allows you to choose a set of Light Jewels that you specify, up to a descent of Light Opal.   When cut just doesn't cut it! (Blood Opal to Ebon-gray)   Allows you to save one set of rolled Jewels for later use.  
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